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Perfect Pouncing: Fuhrer's Diamond guide to Season 5/Patch 5.3 AP Nidalee Jungle w/ Videos

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Skill Order
Javelin Toss / Takedown
Bushwhack / Pounce
Primal Surge / Swipe
Aspect Of The Cougar
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18 18 18 18 Have utilized AP Nidalee jungler with great success in normals. When S5 ranked begins I will main her in the jungle. [img=] Wow! This idiot locked in Nidalee and claims to jungle. This is going to be a great game!! Don't let the sarcasm fool you; AP Nidalee jungle is effective. However, I wouldn't say it is easy. Often you are forced to kite the jungle creeps to clear early. That being said, it is not for the faint of heart. But, if you are a player who enjoys trying new things i'd recommend testing this out for yourself.(Sample of success below) [img=] Patch 5.2 Gameplay: [vid=] Check out my youtube channel for tons of AP Nidalee Jungle gameplay:

d be instilled in your mind because they can be crucial for success.1. Red: Restores a ton of health. 2. Blue: Restores a ton of mana. 3. Double Golems: Adds a stun to every 5th attack on monsters or minions. Also inflicts true damage to towers. 4. Wight(Toad thing now): Poisons enemies who attack you. 5. Wraiths: Gives you vision to remove one ward if you come across an enemy one. 6. Wolves: Sends a wolf to watch the jungle, so if an enemy comes into the area the wolf alerts you of the champions position. [b]After level 2 spam heal to sustain yourself[/b] [b]Blue Side[/b]: Ask for a leash from bot lane. Start double golems, and smite as soon as the camp spawns. You smite early because the stun buff is very useful for mitigating the damage done to you. Then, move to the red buff. You must try your best to kite red in order to a full clear. If you cannot and clear red with low health and no potions left you can base, as you will have 350 gold to purchase [img=items/rangers-trailblazer.png]. However, if you kite the buff successfully and have a decent amount of health move over to blue. Switch to cat form and pounce there as the golem buff does not last forever. Again, as you reach blue smite at the start. Then, kite blue as you would red. If you do this successfully you should have enough health to take on the new wight. If not feel free to base. *You now need 450 gold for the [img=items/rangers-trailblazer.png], but your clear has become much much better. So do not worry about having to back after the first buff.* This is the route you should follow on blue side shown on the map:[img=] Blue side clear without a leash: [vid=] [b]Red Side[/b]: Again, ask for a leash from bottom lane. I suggest starting the wight replacement on blue side, and smite it right away. The poison buff is as useful as the stun from golems. With it the camps will kill themselves faster, and your clear will be slightly fast than that on blue side. Then, move on to the blue buff. Continue to kite the buffs as you would on blue side. After you clear blue pounce on over to red. Smite red as soon as you can. The health back will be helpful in sustaining yourself. As usual, kite the buff. Lastly, head over to the double golems and clear them. This is the route you should follow on the Red side:[img=] Red side clear without a leash: [vid=]

Farming becomes super easy once you get some ap and trailblazer. Continue to farm camps and look for ganks when possible. Also keep an eye out for drag. Vision on it is essential so if your support is lazy buy the wards yourself. FARM FARM FARM. Also never give up blues; without chalice we [b]NEED[/b] it. You can start to look for picks at this point. Lots of people will underestimate your damage.

Once you hit 6 items it is easy game easy life. Just tell your team to chill and press Q to throw javelins. Eventually you will land some and then tell your team to engage. The video below showcases how you can still be an asset to your team while behind. Consistently look for opportunities to lay damage down upon your enemies. At the start of the video I was 3/8/8. I do not remember the exact scores of the enemies, but if I recall correctly Brand was the most fed on their team. Hopefully this gives you an idea of the potential you have to assassinate enemies. The clip below also proves that Ja Rule's music promotes big plays! [vid=]

Spam Q/W in human form to mark enemies. Often you can 1 shot their carry with a javelin into cougar full combo. Try to poke with javelin until enemies are low and then switch into cougar to assassinate. Don't underestimate your damage it's crazy.

This is a sample game. Talked through my thoughts during the game. Comment any questions! Sorry the camera angles are trash, I will record another video after my mid terms and hopefully not screw it up this time xD. [vid=] Patch 5.2 Gameplay: [vid=] [vid=] [vid=]

Thanks for reading my guide! AP Nidalee jungle is probably the best jungler ever. Try it for yourself and gain some LP. Guide is sorta rushed, but will update periodically :^). If you have questions comment and I will answer. Thanks, Fuhrer

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