Nocturne Build Guide

Do you main Rengar and they banned/picked him? No problem! Assassin Noc

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Skill Order
Shroud of Darkness
Unspeakable Horror
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Hi world. I am Trapezomàntilos, a Platinum elo player in EUW, who mains Rengar. I also like Nocturne and recently, after many games and tries, I found out that he can one-shot people, same as good as Rengo. I like playing him top (yeah anti-meta, not tank, \"take tank top plz\", \"Nocturne top?????\" and stuff) and proceed with the one-shot build. SO: 1) [big][b]This is a full damage build. If you want to play Nocturne more tanky and $h1t, you are on the wrong guide.[/b][/big] 2) This build is for normal and ranked solo queue games (I assure you, people even till high Platinum don't know how to play vs this Nocturne + Solo queue = Try to CARRY alone) 3) I won't mention defensive items, cause i don't want to. 4) I know the standar Nocturne builds, as I know he is not a top-tier top laner. 5) This is MY build and how I like to play Nocturne. Nobody force you to do the same. [center][big]~~~ENJOY BOYZ~~~[b][/center][/b][/big]

Get your flask and pots, go to lane and farm. You need your tiamat and lvl6 to start your assassination efforts. Be aggressive only if you are sure you got this. If you fall behind, the game will be a nightmare.

After lvl6 everytime you have ult and the circumstances allow it, gank mid or even bot. It's better to walk all the way bot, ult, possibly grab a dragon and then TP back top, where you can farm till your ult comes out of CD and you are available to ult/gank again.

Squishes.Kill them. If you can pick someone squishy enough alone he is dead meat. ADC will burst both summoners and yet can die to you. Deep vision is the key to pick them alone. For example a deep ward outside their base around their red buff, will give you the chance to pick and kill enemy ADC.

Your target is the carries. APC will have zhonyans lategame so prioritize the ADCs. If you are not behind and you excecute the combo perfectlly they will die in an instance. Avoid initiating cause you are not tank and if you jump alone, they will turn on you at once and you will die instantly. Wait for the team to engage and assassinate the carries.

Get vision on your target > Pop Youmuu's > Ult > Q while you land on them > E immidiately > AA with passive > Hydra > AA again > If they didnt die they are too tanky > hunt them down to finish them off.

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