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[center][/center] Hi I'm Qeeknique aka Börd aka Börd v2, a random poopster nobody has ever heard of. I also happen to be a Bard main who this guide is for. I was never a fan of ranked but this season i managed to climb my way to Master Tier one what was supposed to be a Bard only account but turned out to be just a Bard main account. I even got myself on to the Bard top list on I peaked at 25 LP in Master and didnt really play much ranked after that. I peaked at 8th Bard in the World on and I am currently 10th as of writing this guide. I also have over 450k Bard points across my accounts as of writing this guide. My ladder rank is 944 as of writing this guide. [img=] [img=] Bard is a utility and CC focused support who has a reasonably high skill ceiling. Bard has one of, if not the best, kits for utility. He can also be played so many ways while being very effective. I feel like a lot of people who start playing Bard have a hard time understanding how he works or how he should be played. His rather weak laning is compensated by his awesome pick potential, great mobility and roaming ability and excellent teamfighting. In lategame teamfights he can do so many things compared to most supports who focus on one thing like healing, peeling or engaging. Bard can engage, he can disengage, he can peel, he can chase, he can do good damage ( for a support ) and to some extent he can sustain. A good Bard player can completely decide the flow of a teamfight and can single-handedly win you fights with well placed Cosmic Bindings [img=skills/bard/q.png] or Tempered Fates[img=skills/bard/r.png]. This however works both ways as a bad Bard player can cost you teamfights by either using Tempered Fate [img=skills/bard/r.png] in a such a position that it prevents enemies from taking damage or dying or even worse kills your teammate by leaving them in a bad position. With this guide I hope you too will become the good kinds of Bard. [b] [center] Pros[/center] [center]- Extremely strong teamfigting[/center] [center]- Great mobility for roaming and warding[/center] [center]- Very good damage for a support [/center] [center]- Super versatile in teamfights[/center] [center]- Super fun to play [/center] [center]- Can make camping bot lane as easy as it can be with E [img=skills/bard/e.png] and R [img=skills/bard/r.png][/center] [center]- He looks goofy as fuck and you cant tilt while playing him[/center] [/b] [b] [center]Cons[/center] [center]- Relatively weak laning[/center] [center]- Extremely skillshot reliant[/center] [center]- His E[img=skills/bard/e.png] bugs out rather often and is sometimes hard to click[/center] [center]- Difficult for newer players to wrap their head around [/center] [center]- Short range on Q [img=skills/bard/q.png] and autoattacks [/center] [center]- Can accidentally tilt your ADC by roaming too much[/center] [center]- Very low base manaregen and high mana costs compared to other supports[/center] [center]- Ult is very easy to mess up as a new player[/center] [/b]

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