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Rocking the Jungle [S3]

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  • 9
    Greater Mark of Magic Penetration (+0.87 magic penetration)
  • 9
    Greater Seal of Armor (+1 armor)
  • 9
    Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist (+0.16 magic resist per level (+3 at champion level 18))
  • 3
    Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed (+1.5% movement speed)
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For Malphite, I use a pretty standard rune set up. [highlight]Magic penetration[/highlight] marks give a little damage boost, and let's be honest, there just aren't that many great options for Malphite in reds. Since your abilities do magic damge, that little bit of extra damage will occasionally be the difference between securing a kill and watching the enemy run away with a sliver of health. If you don't like magic pen reds, attack speed is another viable option. AS reds are going to boost your clear speed and get you out into the lanes faster. If you're really focused on dominating the early game, AS may be the option for you. For seals, I like [highlight]Flat Armor[/highlight]. The bonus early helps mitigate the damage from the jungle camps since most of them do exclusively physical damage. The bonus armor also gives an ever so slight bonus to damage on Ground Slam, which is nice. For glyphs, [highlight]Magic Resist per Level[/highlight] is the best bang for your buck. Malphite has a bit of an issue with magic resist, but you don't need magic resist early in the jungle since the camps will be doing physical damage. Also, in the early game, AP champs aren't putting out too much damage. By the time magic damage becomes a serious threat, the magic resist value of your runes will be equal to or greater than what you would have gotten from flats. [highlight]Movement Speed[/highlight] Quintessences round out the package giving Malphite a nice boost in combination with the move speed masteries. The extra move speed will come in handy for ganking,escaping, closing the distance to initiate, and chasing the remnants of the enemy team after a team fight. Needless to say, I've never been in a situation where I felt I had too much move speed.

[title][img=skills/malphite/p.png] Passive: Granite Shield[/title] [number]Malphite's skin innately produces a layer of rock as a shield which absorbs damage of up to 10% of his maximum health. The shield will recharge if Malphite has not received damage in the last 10 seconds. [/number] A great passive and key to Malphites ability to jungle. This is essentially a free health potion on a 10 second cooldown. While jungling, let this refresh between camps for a 10% effective health boost. Keep in mind that the shield scales with Armor and Magic Resist. Later in the game, the shield can be used to absorb poke before initiating a teamfight or to tank a few shots froma tower. [title][img=skills/malphite/q.png] Q: Seismic Shard[/title] [number]Malphite hurls a rock at his target, dealing 70/120/170/220/270(+60% AP) magic damage and slowing them by 14%/17%/20%/23%/26% for 4 seconds. Additionally, Malphite will increase his own movement speed for 4 seconds by the same amount of flat movement speed that the target lost. Cost: 70/75/80/85/90 Cooldown: 8 Range: 625 [/number] Seismic Shard is Malphite's CC/escape mechanism. When ganking, open with this to slow the enemy and allow you and your ally in lane to catch up. Also, if something should happen and the gank fails, throw another rock and use your new found moves peed to get out safely. When team fights roll around, this is a great tool to peel enemies off your squishier allies. [title][img=skills/malphite/w.png] W: Brutal Strikes[/title] [number]Passive: Malphite's autoattacks will splash, dealing 30/38/46/54/62 percent of his attack damage to nearby enemies (radius of 200 from target). Active: Increases Malphite's armor and attack damage by 20%/25%/30%/35%/40% for 6 seconds. Cost: 50/55/60/65/70 Cooldown: 14 [/number] Brutal Strikes offers a nice bit of utility. The passive is going to help you clear the jungle by taking out the little monsters while you focus down the big guy. The passive also comes in handy late game for quickly clearing out a minion wave. The active serves a dual function. First, it gives you increased attack damage and who can argue with that? More importantly, it gives you an armor boost. Extra armor not only lets you tank more hits, but your Ground Slam also gets a nice little damage boost. In the jungle, you'll want to activate this right as you start the camp. [title][img=skills/malphite/e.png] E: Ground Slam[/title] [number]Malphite slams the ground, dealing 60/100/140/180/220(+30% total armor)(+20% AP) magic damage to all nearby enemies (Diameter of 600) and reducing their attack speed for 3 seconds. Cost: 50/55/60/65/70 Cooldown: 7[/number] Ground Slam makes AD Carries cry. Not just AD Carries though, Ground Slam is useful in myriad situations. In the jungle, you'll want to use this whenever it's up as it will slow the attack speed of the camps while dishing out a fair amount of damage. The attack speed reduction is great in ganks and lane fights as well as you can cripple the enemies damage output if they rely on auto attacks at all. [title][img=skills/malphite/r.png] R: Unstoppable Force[/title] [number]Malphite charges to the target location, dealing 200/300/400(+100% AP) magic damage to all enemies in the area (Diameter of 600), knocking them into the air for 1.5 seconds. Malphite cannot be interrupted during his charge by anything except his own death. Cost: 100 Mana Cooldown: 130 / 115 / 100 Range: 1000[/number] Unstoppable Force is simply an incredible long range initiation. Use this to initiate ganks or a team fight and the enemy will be disabled while you will be in a perfect position to start laying on your other CC's. It should be noted that Unstopable Force allows you to charge through walls for a nice surprise. Your ult can also be used to escape in an absolute last resort situation.

I start with Ground Slam for both the AoE damage and the attack speed slow. I level it again at 3 to help with my clearing speed, then leave it be until I've maxed Seismic shard. At level 2, I take Brutal Strikes for even more AoE and the armor and AD steroid. Again, the main focus here is to clear the camps as quickly and safely as possible. Once I've hit level 4, I put a point in Seismic Shard to begin ganking. I max Seismic Shard as soon as possible to increase the effectiveness of the slow and get a nice ranged damage ability. After Seismic Shard is maxed, I level Ground Slam followed by Brutal Strikes. Brutal strikes is maxed last because it is a percentage increase to armor and Ad, so becomes much more effective in the late game anyway. I level my ultimate when it's available at 6,11,and 16.

[title]Staring Items[/title] [imgsmall=items/hunters-machete.png][imgsmall=items/health-potion5.png] Starting with Hunter's Machete and 5 pots gives the damage and sustain needed to clear the jungle with enough health to start ganking. [title]Core Items[/title] [imgsmall=items/spirit-stone.png][imgsmall=items/boots-of-speed.png][imgsmall=items/glacial-shroud.png][imgsmall=items/aegis-of-the-legion.png] After the first clear and a gank, I pick up a spirit stone and some boots. From there, I will work into a glacial shroud for mana, armor, and cdr followed by an aegis for health, magic resist, and the nice aura. This combination of items will give a nice balance in survivability and allow you to adapt to whatever situation you may be up against. [title]End Game[/title] [imgsmall=items/spirit-of-the-ancient-golem.png][imgsmall=items/ninja-tabi.png][imgsmall=items/frozen-heart.png][imgsmall=items/runic-bulwark.png] These four items make up the heart of Malphite's build. Spirit of the Ancient Golem gives health, armor, regen, and tenacity, which are all great stats for Malphite and is built from an item we needed anyway. Ninja Tabi gives a boost to mobility as well as extra armor. Nothing special, but it is the best boot choice since we have tenacity from SotAG. The Frozen Heart is an old Malphite staple. It provides mana, armor, cdr as well as a nasty aura that will cripple enemy carries even more. Runic Bulwark is an amazing upgrade to Aegis that gives boatloads of magic resist as well as armor and health and then an aura on top of that to help protect the whole team. What's not to love? [title]Options[/title] [imgsmall=items/abyssal-scepter.png] Abyssal Scepter has a number of advantages. First, it gives a good amount of magic resist, which Malphite is severly lacking. The ability power is a nice touch, but damage isn't your number one priority. Then there is the aura that reduces the magic resist of nearby enemies. Since you will often find your self in the middle of the entire enemy team, this can be a great enchancement to your teams damage if they are putting out a lot of magic damage. On the flip side, if your team is heavily AD based, you may be wasting the stat. You'll want to build this if there is a lot of magic damage being thrown around by both teams. [imgsmall=items/mikaels-crucible.png] A nice new item that offers some nice benefits. Again, the big draw here is the magic resist. There's not quite as much as on Abyssal Scepter or Spirit Visage, but it makes up for it in other ways. The mana regen is nice as you should be giving your blue to mid lane after about the second clear. One of the best things about this item though is it gives an active that essentially lets you cast cleanse and heal on an ally. Is your carry locked down and about to die? Not anymore, Mikael's Crucible to the rescue. This item is great when the enemy team has a lot of cc. [imgsmall=items/spirit-visage.png] Spirit Visage has gotten a bit of a rework and it's looking better than ever. We're getting 3 stats that Malphite needs: health, magic resist, and CDR. Spirit Visage gives the second biggest boost to magic resist after Runic Bulwark, so that alone makes it a contender. The passive is ok for you. Malphite doesn't have any built in healing, but a little boost to the heals he receives is never a bad thing. This one is kind of an all arounder and really shines when your team has good healing. [imgsmall=items/randuins-omen.png] Randuin's Omen used to be a Malphite staple, but since the removal of Heart of Gold, things have changed. That isn't to say Randuin's Omen doesn't have it's place. If the enemy team isn't heavily AD focused, you may not find the frozen heart necessary and Randuin's is a perfect replacement. It provides health and armor as well as a debuff if you are attacked. The shinging star, though, is the active. You can ult into the center of a team, pop the active and you E and now the entire enemy team is crippled. It makes for a great way to start a team fight. Pick this up as an alternative to frozen heart or, if for some reason the enemy team is 4-5 champs dealing physical damage, stack it on top for ridiculous armor and disabling. [imgsmall=items/frozen-fist.png] Frozen Fist is another new item and is the tank upgrade of Sheen. This is another item that can replace Glacial Shroud in the build as it also provides mana, armor, and CDR but with the addition of Ability Power. The passive is also great to get out some extra damage and put out an AoE slow. The slow can be used just like Randuin's, just ult in and land a basic attack and the entire team is slowed.This is a great pick when you don't need as much armor and still want CDR as well as some damage. If the enemy team is heavy magic damage, Frozen Fist and Abyssal Scepter work great together to boost your teams damage and cripple the other team. [title]Boot Enhancements[/title] [imgsmall=items/enchantment-captain.png] Captain is my number one choice for boot enhancement. Once you initiate, you're entire team will get a speed boost to follow you into the fight. It's important to wait until mid-late game to pick these up because if you pick them up while you're still ganking, a sudden burst of ally or minion speed may alert the enemy to your presence. [imgsmall=items/enchantment-distortion.png] Even more CDR on your summoner spells. These work with Teleport, Flash, or Ghost making you extremely mobile. Unfortunately, since we only picked up one of these spells, it may not be the best option. As a side not, these are great on solo top Malph with Flash/Teleport. [imgsmall=items/enchantment-homeguard.png] Mostly, these amuse me to no end, but they also serve a practical purpose. Need to go to the fountain but don't want to miss out on jungling? Now you're instantly refreshed and out of the base in no time. They are also invaluable if you've been pushed back to your base. The best thing about them, though, is when they are combined with Teleport. You can teleport out to a lane and have a ridiculous speed boost for 8 seconds. It Makes for some really surprising ganks if you go that route.

[center][imgext=][/center] 1. Put a point in ground slam, grab your machete and your pots, and head to wolves. When they spawn, land an auto attack and then immediately hit you ground slam being sure to focus the big wolf. Attack away and use ground slam until they are dead. 2. Head to Blue Golem. If you have someone to help put on damage then you can drink a potion and head on in. If you are by yourself, wait in the bushes for your shield to recharge. As it finishes, drink your potion and go in. Same deal as with wolves. AA->Ground slam and be sure to focus the big guy. When your first potion wears off, drink another here. When the camp is cleared, you'll be level 2, put a point in brutal strikes. 3. Now head to wraiths. Depending on if you had help with blue, you may want to drink another potion as you get close. You want to stand between the big wraith and bottom wraith when you start attacking. As you start your swing, hit you Brutal strikes so it applies on the first hit and follow up with a ground slam. Same formula here, keep auto attacking and use your spells when they come up. 4. Wolves should have respawned by now, so head back there and clear them in the same fashion.You may want to use another potion during this fight depending on how your jungle has gone thus far. If you didn't have help with blue, you'll need the potion. When wolves are clear, you'll be level 3, put a point in Ground Slam. 5. Now on to Red Lizard. Fight him just as you have the other camps and use your smite to finish him off. You'll want to use a pot here, but you should finish him with ease. 6. Head back to wraiths. It's a short walk, so you'll want to hang out in the bush for a second while your shield recharges. Clear the camp just as you did before and you'll be level 4. Put a point in Seismic Shard and it's time for a gank. 6 1/2. Look at mid and bottom lanes. Are they pushed back to your towers? Are the enemies at low health? Has the enemy Warded? Find out the answers to these questions and decide if you want to gank. If you succeed, good job, you have a bunch of extra gold and that lane just won the momentum. If the lanes aren't ripe for a gank, don't force it. No gank is better than one where you fail and feed the enemy carry. If no gank is available, or you just have plenty of health afterwards, head over to Double Golem. 7. Clear double golem just as you would any other camp by focusing the big guy first. The little one won't die at the same time, but 1 or 2 AA's and he's done. At this point, head back to base and buy a Spirit Stone and some wards. If your gank went well and you have the money, some boots would be nice too.

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