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Hello, I'm jaMx aka The unquiet mind. I'm Diamond 1 in Solo Q and this is my second time writing a guide for TSM. I hope that my guide is easy to understand and will show you guys how easy and powerful Kha'Zix really is. I got to Diamond 1 and learned the game by playing Nidalee. For a long time I played Nidalee exclusively, but during that time some champions stuck out to me as being particularly strong. Kha'Zixs was definitely one of those champions. Kha'Zhix has kill potential against most laners as early as level 2. He does Lee Sin Q damage, but doesn't require you to aim anything. I get a lot of kills everytime I play Kha'Zix. Kha'Zix can be slow to start at times, but his snowball potential is amazing! Even if you fall behind, no worries. Kha'Zix also has the ability to farm and catch up later in the game. Kha'Zix can even go invisible and run faster 3 times! He has a gigantic leap that resets on player kills. This champion is ridiculous.... because of his strength, he should be played by more summoners! Kha'Zix was nerfed in season 3. After the changes, the metagame (most popular pro strategies) didn't fit him quite as well as other champions. Riot wanted Kha'Zix to be a strong assassin, but there were too many ways to counter his stealth. In season 3, oracles and pink wards made it difficult for Kha'Zix to use all three of his ultimates. In season 4, Riot discontinued oracles and made changes to pink wards. Pink wards are no longer invisible, so it's easier to avoid using stealth near them. Some trinkets can reveal champions, but they have a very long cooldown. The point is there aren't nearly as many stealth revealing items that come from the shop, which is an indirect buff to Kha'Zix. Season 4 will be very good for Kha'Zix and I highly recommend learning him. He has high single-target burst damage, mobility, gap closers, stealth, sustain, resets and can be played in tons of different ways. It seems like Kha'Zix has been forgotten about because of the E-W nerf, but I still think he deserves to be in the competetive spotlight and will be strong for Season 4.

During the early game Kha'Zix abilities seem to use up a ton of mana. This problem definitely goes away with a blue buff, but this problem makes Crystalline Flask a strong starting item for Kha'Zix. Chances are you will be taking a lot of harass from ranged champions and spamming your abilities. Refreshing Crystalline flask 3-4 times and then selling it saves a lot of gold in the long run. Crystalline Flask does not make it impossible for Kha'Zix to play aggressively. Crystalline actually enables Kha'Zix to e-q-aa more times in lane than any other starting item. Using his abilities multiple times in lane is much better than getting the early scaling from a long sword or red pot. If you can swing a first blood with the other two because Kha'Zix definitely has early game kill potential, then go for it! Kha'Zix won't be able to help leash because he is melee. Some junglers will complain that you didn't help them, but mid lane melee champions should not help leash buffs. I usually start with Q first and start pushing my lane right away. AA each of the front line minions a few times to push your wave a little bit. The goal is to to get level 2 before your laning opponent. If you hit level 2 while they are level 1 then you definitely want to engage with E-Q and AA him a few times. With the slow from Kha'Zix passive, following E-Q, you should be able to get 1-2 AA's without tanking a tower shot. Generally, in lane you want to avoid taking auto attack harass from champions. At the same time, you want to try to use your Q-AA whenever you can. If you don't have to use your Leap to Q them that is a huge +++++++ Using your Q to harass is very good, especially if you can do it without taking any damage in return. Your basic goals of level 6 are an early kill if you feel comfortable or csing until you hit level 6.

EVOLVE Q FIRST Mid game starts when you hit level 6. Evolving Q first turns you into the assassin that kha'zix was designed to be. Evolved Enlarged Claws: Deals bonus physical damage equal to 8% of the target's missing Health (can be increased by isolation, max 200 vs. monsters). Increases the range of Taste Their Fear and Kha'Zix's basic attacks by 50. Dealing bonus damage based on missing health turns Taste Their Fear into a very strong execution ability. Don't just focus on the person you are laning against. Try to monitor the health bars of all the enemy champions. Kha'Zix is amazing at roaming and should trying to find kills once he hits level 6. Level 6 is a huge power spike for kha'zix and Doran's Blade adds to his Mid game scaling. Doran blades are inexpensive and great for filling item places. Generally, when you are playing Kha'Zix or any AD scaling mid laner you want to try to steal the other teams buffs. Kha'Zix is very strong in the jungle because of his ability to spam his passive + jump over walls for an escape. Coordinate with the jungler to contest their blue buff at 7:05. Stealing buffs puts a lot of preasure on the other team. The jungler gets behind because of the lost shared experience and the mid laner will miss out on blue buff. I usually try burst the enemy jungler down if he is overly focused on stealing the blue buff. If you have ignite at this point with evolved Q, the jungler is very vulnerable to Kha'Zix burst. Kha'Zix has a huge power spike at level 6. If you are against a soft laner like Nidalee and can get level 6 before they do, then you can probably kill them from 90% HP or lower on an all in engage. Otherwise push your lane out and roam bottom. The level 6 advantage over level 4 supports is very important. I generally roam bottom by taking the more agressive route through the jungle because it is warded less often. Kha'Zix gets another power spike at level 11 when he gets his second evolution. Choose your evolution based on the flow of the game. Leap is the best choice if the fights are close. Evolved Leap doesn't help if your team is getting steam rolled. If your team is losing and the game is spiralling out of control, then evolve Void Spikes second. Void Spikes will help you wave clear and defend your tower. Stalling out games is an effective strategy in losing efforts. Early team gold advantage is extremely important. Being ahead by an item in lane can be devastating. In team fights, being behind an item isn't that big of an issue. Your team can still chain all of their abilities together and easily pick off a target that over extends. Kha'Zix kills adcs very effectively. He is an assassin and your mindset should be to play like an assassin. Sneak through the jungle, kill the target when they are alone and stealth away.

Kha'Zix final late spike happens at level 16. Choose our third evolution. Make sure you evolve leap third if you evolved e/q first. If you evolved Q and E first then you will have to choose between evolving W and R. W, (Void Spikes) evolution is great for team comps that don't have any wave clear. It provides your team with a little bit more poke and is a good farming utility. If you prefer evolving Void Spikes, then I would recommend building Blood Thirster to do maximum poke damage. Evolving R (Void Assault) improves Kha'Zix stealth mechanic. Evolved Active Camouflage: Void Assault can be cast three times. Kha'Zix takes 50% reduced damage while in stealth. 50% damage reduction is amazing in team fights. Leap + Randuin and Active camoflage is a great way to start team fights for teams that are lacking engage. Use the leap to engage, and Q the high priority target. Use your randuin and stealth immediately back toward your team. Chances are the other team will waste a lot of abilitys that deal 1/2 the damage that they should do. This type of initiation can be very good if you can survive and re-engage to clean up the fight with resets. Late game kha'zix is extremely strong if the other team doesn't stick together. His skills can instantly take down targets that don't build any items that have armor or HP. In team fights, I generally let the fight go on for a while before joining in and assassinating 1/2 hp high priority targets. Focus the squishiest targets first. Late game kha'zix can quickly assassinate supports and switch to the ADC. I generally don't engage on another assassin champion or APC unless their abilities are on cool down. Kha'Zix has extremely high burst and can escape by taking little damage. Auto attack as many times as you can in a fight, but if you are getting focused by multiple people then escape and re-engage. Kha'Zix is a reset champion. Find the targets that die the fastest and try to kill that person before they can use their abilities. The best time to engage is when you can get a reset so you can jump again to the best position. If you are getting focused during a team fight pop your ultimate and wait as long as possible before attacking again. Recast the ultimate again for the final gap closer or escape.

Team fights can be overwhelming. There is so much going on in a team fight. Team fights are also the least practiced skill in LoL. Even in the most competetive games there might be 2-3 team fights that last 20 seconds each. It happens so so quickly! I have a few different ways Kha'Zix can effectively team fight. In team fights try to focus the ADC as your primary target. Kha'Zix does exceptionally well against ADCs because the stealth mechanic prevents ADCs from life leaching and sustaining missing health back. Kha'Zix can't be ignored by ADCs because his burst is too high. His biggest strength is fighting against ADCS. Use his stealth to give you time to use your abilities as many times as possible. Don't trade more than 1 auto attack with him between stealths to reactivate your passive and you will definitely beat an ADC in a 1v1. The stealth also gives Kha'Zix more time to wait for his skills to come off of cooldown. Use taste their fear on the lowest health target in the fight. Kha'Zix is also good against ADC's because they generally only have one escape mechanism. Ezreal for example, only has his arcane shift to get away from Kha'Zix. Be smart and try to bait the Ezreal to use his Arcane Shift before using your leap. Kha'Zix is really scary, so once you get in leap range he will probably try to jump away. If he saves his Arcane shift use your Taste their Fear and stealth until he Arcane Shifts away. Use leap to follow up the Marksmans escape mechanic and finish the kill. Kha'Zix is an assassin and does way more damage than ADCs unless they have a huge item advantage. Late game, if you have 250+ AD, you are definitely a threat to ADCs in 1v1. I don't choose the APC as my first target unless I can kill them before they deal damage. A team fight can broken down simply by looking at the total health vs total damage. If you can deny the enemy APC from dealing their 3k damage in a fight, then you have a greater chance of winning the fight. Chances are that if you engage on an APC you will both die. This isn't a terrible thing if the APC is a more valuable target and your team can win a 4v4. But, if you are a strong bug, focus the ADC because he will most likely contribute the most damage in a long team fight. Patience is the key to team fighting with Kha'Zix. The build makes you very squishy, so you will need to try to find isolated targets to execute and leap away. Kha'Zix also has a gap closer, speed boost, and procs multiple slows if you auto attack between each time you press R. His kit gives you a lot of options and ways to kill the other team. The reason Kha'Zix is playable at all divisions is because of his reset mechanic. Fighting with favorable odds is a great way to win with Kha'Zix. Evolving R is usually the right choice for a third evolution. At level 16, assuming you evolved Q and E first, only evolve W in desperate situations where it doesn't seem like your team has a chance to win. Evolving W second can slow down the pace of the game. But if you evolve W second, then make sure evolve your Leap third. The reset on Leap is too important to bypass and makes Kha'Zix very powerful. [vid=]

Always remember that Kha'Zix does the most damage against targets that are alone. Think like an assassin. Try to sneak around Summoners rift and find targets that are greedy farming alone. Use your passive as often as possible to do the most damage. The passive has zero cool down, so walking in and out of a brush that your enemy has no vision on will reset the passive. The passive procs more damage and a slow. It's very powerful. Don't forget about it! Using your passive effectively is very important. Against an ADC or support, use your stealth to prevent taking damage from the adc. Stealth can also be used as an escape mechanism or gap closer. Kha'Zix has a great kit and can be used in a lot of different ways. Use your Q as many times as you can, using stealth sparingly will keep you alive long enough to use Q 2-3 times, depending on the scenario.

Melee champions have a different AA mechanic than ranged champions. If you are chasing a ranged champion don't just right click him. Try to right click in the same path he is going and press A + left click when your auto attack is off of cooldown. The cooldown between auto attacks is about 1 second. Clicking around your target between auto attack will make you keep up with your prey easier. It will also make you more difficult to hit with skill shots. The optimal path for chasing will bring you through bushes so you can constantly reset your passive. Practice walking around between auto attacks on minions. I click 3-5 times between each auto attack. Just don't be excessive and cancel your auto attacks. Don't miss cs to become more mobile. This mechanic is definitely important and should be worked on by players that prefer melee champions.

Kha'Zix is extremely powerful, but his abilities are not difficult to use. He works best when fighting with favourable numbers (4v3, 3v2, etc.) His reset mechanic makes him pick up multiple kills at a time with ease after you evolved Leap, so if you are doing well prioritize the Leap evolution . Players with an assassin mindset will do the best with Kha'Zix. Assassins do not suicide. Assassins quickly kill their targets and escape. Trading kills with kha'zix is okay, but building a level advantage is the true secret to winning with Kha'Zix. Don't be afraid to dive after you evolved your leap. The leap range is very big and leap can be recast before hitting the ground. Kha'Zix is very fun and needs to be played by more people. Good luck!

When I started this game there were only 30-ish champions. It was a much simpler game with less to know. I want to share my knowledge with you about the game to help your rating go up for season 4. I have played fairly consistently for the last 3 years and know a lot about the game. I plan on writing an in depth guide for a champion once a week to help the community learn champions that are strong, but underplayed. I answer most questions on stream and appreciate all feedback that I get on my guides. Feel free to invite me to games, ask me questions on stream or just come chill with me~ I am also taking requests for guides if someone would like a reliable guide for their favorite champion. Thanks for reading! [b]Special Thanks to:[/b] Adiuva The prettiest girl-boy NA, nick, a.k.a. the meddlecat. you should name change to goldencat for your contribution.

I'll be keeping track of all changes. Look for updates, videos, and more match ups to be added! Update 11-30-2013 [.]Added Leblanc Match up [.]Added Xerath match up [.]Added passive notes [.]Rewrote mastery section [.]Added additional commentary to skill order section Updated 12-1-2013 [.]Added a lot of content to mid and late game chapters [.]Cleaned up some errors [.]Added melee mechanics section [.]Added increased damage to isolated targets chapter Updated 12-6-2013 [.]Added Boots + 4 biscuits as viable starting items

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