Malphite Build Guide

Malphite Support FTW [5.18]

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Updated 1 year ago


Play passive pre 6, you can poke their adc with lvl 2-3 Q (dont spam it, you havent got enough mana reg.) Malphite's passive let you trade some hits without risk.

At lvl 6 or higher you can kill bot easily with jungler's help.

You initiate the teamfight if you can catch an enemy carry with your R, then use E(area) to slow their attack speed. If they initiate the teamfight, you can protect your adc or apc focusing your R to enemy's bruisers/assassins.

I usually play vs gold and plats, most of the games reach the late game (35-40m) that's why i choose Malphite, he's a very nice option with his utility skills at mid/late game.

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