Hecarim Build Guide

Hecarim Guide to Stomp Low Elo (5.24)

Uploader Flowersx17
Updated 1 year ago

Hello everyone! I am Flowersx17, a 2 time diamond player peaking at diamond 3 and a jungle main. I smurf very often and I have found ways to crush elos to platinum and beyond by abusing things that the lower tier players lack knowledge of. I have tested these by getting multiple smurfs to gold/platinum with 75%-90% winrates. Hecarim is the most recent addition to my elo crushing team of champions and id love to share the tactics i use with this champion with everyone else! If you are a bronze-gold player this will benefit you the most because this will really teach you how to crush your ranks with even low mechanical skill! As long as you take in the game knowledge you will be fine and maybe your winrate will drop at the start because of the new playstyle, but i promise you if you practice this for a few days, you will start to crush over time.

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