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Hello, I am Plutoburns and this is my guide to Malzahar. I am a level 30 unranked player (5-2) who almost exclusively plays mid lane mages. I own most of the AP champs and have played all sorts of games. I am writing this guide because I find that none of the guides available on Malzahar go far enough in depth about how he should be played. I have a soft spot for underplayed champs and hardly anyone plays poor Malz. People think he is useless because his ultimate is countered by an item. Well, I am here to say "HELL NO!!!!". Seriously, Malzahar is a great AP champ to have on a team. He is a surprisingly good counter for some very popular AP mid champs. Read on to find out how to dominate as the floating menace.

6/20/12 grammar repair. Also fixed up the look of the items section and made a small change to masteries. 6/22/12 APPROVAL!!!!!!!! Made a small change to the mid game section in regards to a point raised in the comments. Added an example final game build. 7/7/12 BIG CHANGES with the patch I have a lot of pending changes for the match up section. Changing my suggested core item build to include rod of ages. Nerfs to the QSS! :D 7/13/12 I know these changes haven't been made, but I wanted to get a jump on the stealth rework. New stealth mechanics for Evelynn and Twitch. 7/20/12 Malz got buffed. HELL YEAH!!!!Skill improvements abound. 7/21/12 Just noticed I forgot to add Jayce. Whoops. Adding Zyra soon. 7/22/12 OVER 10K VIEWS!!!!! Wow, who'd a thought that my first guide would be my most successful. I like that me and throatslasher are the essentially best guides for AP Malz on this site. Also, I think its great that the two available Approved Malz guides are completely different builds. Variety is nice. 7/25/12 Zyra added. Rough match up added. Will update as I get experience with her. 8/9/12 Diana added. Still not finished with zyra or this matchup. 8/17/12 Acknowledging the kat changes, but not changing her ranking. 10/17/12 Added Syndra and Kha'Zix 11/2/12 Added Elise. Made changes to item section 11/19/12 Added Zed 12/5/12 Season 3 update 3/28/13 I've added lots of matchups without mentioning them. Now im adding karma rework and Zac 5/1/13 Freljord Patch. 5/8/13 Added AP kog and moved sion out of AP mid match ups. 6/12/13 Some price changes opened up some new starting options. Moved Kha'zix into the mid matchups.

[title]Pros[/title] [.]Good mana sustain [.]Damage over time skills [.]Powerful, ranged silence [.]He has a pet! [.]Excellent minion wave farming and tower pushing. [.]Good at 1v1 vs anybody, especially people who jump on him [.]Devastating Ult with suppression [.]Can melt tanky characters. [.]Sick dance moves [title]Cons[/title] [.]Prone to pushing lane [.]Pet can actually benefit the enemy [.]Low burst without his ultimate [.]His ult can be escaped, which sucks [.]Requires very careful positioning [.]Squishy with no escape spell

I group them because they are not that interesting. Malzahar is pretty straight forward. [title]RUNES[/title] Malz mostly focuses on damage, so get flat AP for early, scaling for later and magic pen. Magic pen is very good on Malz because of his damage over time. You really want the damage ticks to hurt by themselves, so counter that magic resist. If you want something else, health is also good, but I would steer clear of any tanky runes. Malz is really meant to be a glass cannon. [title]Masteries[/title] Standard caster masteries. I take improved ignite and flash and two points in minion damage. I dont really like havoc, and the extra attack damage benefits you for last hitting. I also like to take a point in tower damage, since Malz can push down towers so well. Spell blade is probably not worth it. [title]Summoner Spells[/title] [center][img=summoners/ignite.png][img=summoners/flash.png][/center] Ignite and flash for mid lane. Flash is your get out of jail free card and ignite adds a good bit of burst to your combo. Be careful with ignite. You CAN cast it while ulting. But the range of ignite is shorter than your ults max range. If you cast it while ulting at max range, you will break the channel to move forward and ignite. So watch out for that. OPTIONS: [img=summoners/ghost.png] Ghost can replace ignite or flash. Some people prefer it to flash, but I find the ability to wall jump is more important for Malz. Losing ignite hurts your combo, but makes you much more maneuverable and can help with escaping and positioning. [img=summoners/exhaust.png] Instead of ignite, this can help peel bruisers off of you. This also scales better into late game. I prefer ignite for the early burst. [title]DO NOT TAKE!!!!![/title] [img=summoners/clarity.png] Malz is not mana hungry. It doesn't take much effort to maintain good mana levels in lane. This is a waste of a spell for Malz. [img=summoners/heal.png] Its less of a base heal now, so its probably not enough to save you. And almost everyone mid lane takes ignite anyway.

[title][img=skills/malzahar/p.png] Passive: Summon Voidling[/title] [number]After casting 4 spells, Malzahar summons an uncontrollable Voidling to engage enemy units for 21 seconds. Voidlings have 200 + 50 x lvl Health and 20 + 5 x lvl Damage. Voidlings Grow after 7 seconds (+50% Damage/Armor), and Frenzy after 14 seconds (+100% Attack Speed).[/number] [title]Explanation:[/title] This is a neat passive, but its very complex. Your little voidlings come out every 4 spell casts and live for 21 seconds or until killed. It will attack enemy units and tends to prioritize whatever attacked you last. They will always attack whatever is afflicted with your Malefic Visions spell. They do surprising amounts of damage early game and can totally tower dive a champ for you. Their attack damage actually scales off of your bonus attack damage, but this is not an AD Malz guide. Beyond painting targets with visions, you can tell these guys to attack a particular target with your auto attacks. Voidlings will prioritize the target of your auto attacks. A neat trick is to click on an enemy for an attack, but then immediately break the animation. Voidling will still attack the target. Voidlings, when there are no nearby targets, will follow closely behind Malz. This is good for using them to absorb skill shots since they tail directly behind you. Towers will almost always target a voidling over other minions, so the voidling can be used to keep a creep wave at a tower longer. Voidlings also have a max operational range: they won't move more than 1200 units (roughly) away from Malz. They may try to chase a visions target beyond this range, but will always turn around at that point. Think of this as their "Leash". *UPDATE* Voidlings got a brain buff. They now path through minions better and will hide with you in the brush. Also, they will now prioritize the character you are ulting. [title][img=skills/malzahar/q.png] Q: Call of the Void[/title] [number]Malzahar opens two portals to the void. After a short delay, they fire projectiles which deal 80 / 135 / 190 / 245 / 300 (+80% of ability power) magic damage and silence champions for 1.4 / 1.8 / 2.2 / 2.6 / 3 seconds. Cost 90 / 100 / 110 / 120 / 130mana Range 900[/number] [title]Explanation:[/title] A powerful line nuke with a silence. This is Malzahar's longest range spell and a good defense and harass tool. I would not smart cast this just so you always know exactly where you can place it. The projectiles make a wall in front of Malz that looks like an Anivia or Karthus wall. At max rank, the three second silence is huge and makes Malz very good at repelling ability based champs. The best place to put this during laning is a little behind the target since most people automatically retreat when they see a threat. Later, people are more likely to run at you so lead them. This gives visions of bushes, so [highlight]never face check again[/highlight]. *UPDATE*This skill used to work as two projectiles. If you clipped an enemy, they only took half the damage. This has been removed because it was stupid. [title][img=skills/malzahar/w.png] W: Null Zone[/title] [number]Malzahar creates a zone of negative energy for 5 seconds. The zone damages nearby enemies for 4/5/6/7/8% (+0.01%) of their max health each second (damage to Monsters is capped). Cooldown 14 seconds Cost 90 / 100 / 110 / 120 / 130 mana Range 800 [/number] [title]Explanation:[/title] This is a good spell. Mechanically, its identical to Morgana's Tormented Soil, but much better. It creates a zone that damages whoever was on it immediately and then proceeds to damage anyone on it every second. This scales amazingly well into late game because the damage it deals is % of targets max health, and that % scales with AP. So at max rank with 300 AP, each tick of damage is 11% of the targets max health, and this ticks 5 times. So unmitigated damage is over half the targets health. This skills absolutely rapes high health tanks and bruisers, making Malz one of the few AP tank melters. Always try to get this under someone who wont be moving for a while. *UPDATE* Cast time has been removed. You can now lay this down while moving. Makes your combo flow sooooo much better. [title][img=skills/malzahar/e.png] E: Malefic Visions[/title] [number]Malzahar infects his target's mind, dealing 80 / 140 / 200 / 260 / 320 (+80% of ability power) magic damage over 4 seconds. If the target dies during this time, the visions pass to a nearby enemy and Malzahar gains 10 / 14 / 18 / 22 / 26 mana. Cost 60 / 75 / 90 / 105 / 120mana Range 600[/number] [title]Explanation:[/title] Malzahars best skill and what makes him such a good laner. This is targeted so it cant miss, but then it can bounce to nearby targets allowing for much higher total damage output. Naturally the best trick is to put it on a wounded minion and have it bounce to the enemy champ. This will totally clear a minion wave, and the best part is that each bounce gives you mana back, making Malz a very sustainable laner. Early on you will have to help this spell bounce by adding more damage with your auto attacks, but later when you have enough AP this can clear a whole minion wave by itself. This is also how you choose a target for your voidlings. Do note that the range is pretty short, so try not to just run up to your target and pop this on them. Always try to bounce this if you can since the bounce range is deceptively long. With cooldown reduction, you can cast two of these on multiple targets. If they end up bouncing to the same target, they do not stack and only one is applied to the target. The other vanishes. [title][img=skills/malzahar/r.png] R: Nether Grasp[/title] [number]Malzahar channels the essence of the Void to suppress the target (stuns and disables summoner spells), dealing 250 / 400 / 550 (+130% of ability power) magic damage over 2.5 seconds. Cost 150 mana Range 575[/number] [title]Explanation:[/title] This is a very devastating Ultimate that deals tons of damage and stuns for 2.5 seconds. It is also a very finicky spell that must be carefully used. The damage is applied over time, so if the tether breaks before 2.5 seconds much of the damage is lost. Once cast, you must not move at all or else the spell will break. You can't cast any other abilities while channeling or use Zhonya's hour glass; these will break the spell. Targeted summoner spells like Ignite or Exhaust can be cast while channeling, as well as Heal or Clarity, but no Flash since that moves you. This is a suppress spell, so it acts like a stun that can't be reduced by tenacity and also prevents summoner spells. No one can use cleanse to escape from this. Some champions have skills that break them out of this and the Quick Silver Sash activated effect will break this, but if none of these apply the targeted champion has no way of escaping and must rely on teammates to stop you. Stuns and silences will stop you from channeling, as will displacement CC's like a Blitzgrab, but snares will not. Do note that you don't always have to use this as a way to kill someone. Another good use is as a devastating CC so that your team can collapse on the poor person. This is a fantastic counter initiation spell as it punishes people who jump in your face. Also good for locking down tower divers under your tower.

[img=skills/malzahar/r.png]>[img=skills/malzahar/e.png]>[img=skills/malzahar/q.png]>[img=skills/malzahar/w.png] Dont let this skill order fool you. Later game, Null zone will be more useful than Call of the Void. But the thing is that it scales with enemy health. The only people with a lot of health early are the tanks, and you don't start melting them until later. Enemies wont have enough health to make Null Zone valuable until late game, so level it last. Also, leveling Call of the Void increases the length of the silence, which is your primary CC. For starters, take Call of the Void. Visions is your best move, but the range and the silence are more valuable for potential level 1 team fights. After that, focus on Visions. Best move for laning. Get Null zone at 4 so you have got your full combo and for zoning. Always level your ult when you can. The damage almost doubles from level 1 to 2.

OK, so Malzahar is a very straight forward mage with easy itemization. I will be going through most of the viable caster options, but lets start with the opening purchase. STARTING PURCHASE: [img=items/dorans-ring.png][img=items/health-potion2.png] This is the passive start. The extra mana regen, health and AP let you just sit back and chew some minions for a while. The extra mana on kill works really well with your visions bounce. Just be careful of jungle ganks since you cant run from anything at this point without flash. [img=items/boots-of-speed.png][img=items/health-potion2.png][img=items/sight-ward.png] The more aggressive start. The boots let you maneuver better and the ward can watch for ganks. The trick to using 1 ward effectively is wait till the jungler will be looking for ganks, put the ward in either bush and hug that bushes side of the river. If the jungler comes from the other side, they have to walk across the lane. If they come from your side, you see them coming. Not a good strategy for early gankers like shaco or particularly fast ones like rammus or hecarim. [img=items/null-magic-mantle.png][img=items/health-potion2.png] OR [img=items/cloth-armor.png][img=items/health-potion5.png] This is for the gimmicky early kill lanes like Leblanc or Kha'zix. EARLY GAME CORE: [img=items/sorcerers-shoes.png][img=items/dorans-ring.png]either [img=items/blasting-wand.png]or [img=items/needlessly-large-rod.png]depending on how well you laned. Get the sorc boots for the early magic pen. Then a dorans ring. I don't stack dorans on Malz unless doing really bad. Your mana sustain is really good so more regen is kinda unnecessary at the cost of delaying your Death Cap. Get a component of the Death Cap early. BOOT UPGRADE: Boots now upgrade. Here are your choices: [img=items/enchantment-alacrity.png]Extra movement speed is always nice. A decent choice [img=items/enchantment-captain.png]Only if you want to push like a boss with faster minions. [img=items/enchantment-distortion.png]Flash is available more often. Sounds nice, but I prefer not to rely on flash. [img=items/enchantment-furor.png]No. You only have one single target spell that allows you to take advantage of this. [img=items/enchantment-homeguard.png]Possibly the best late game if you are being sieged. Also nice to get back to lane in a flash. MID GAME: Finish that [img=items/rabadons-deathcap.png] and start on your second AP item. [imgsmall=items/rylais-crystal-scepter.png] is probabaly the second best choice. Malz needs the health, but he can really make use of the passive. His visions will now be a very long slow effect as well. If you are having trouble getting the blue buff, get a [imgsmall=items/kages-lucky-pick.png]and build into a [img=items/morellos-evil-tome.png]. This is the poor mans blue buff. CDR, Mana regen and a good chunk of AP. I know I said your mana sustain is good, but thats in the laning phase. Mid game you may be roaming a lot and not find any minions to build mana off of with your Visions. LATE GAME: Finish it off with some Magic penetration and a Defensive item. Either a [img=items/abyssal-scepter.png]or a [img=items/void-staff.png]. Abyssal is good because your combo puts you in range for the debuff and gives you Magic Resist. Void staff will help you pry open those tanks. For defensive, there are really only 2 choices for Malz. [img=items/zhonyas-hourglass.png] or [img=items/banshees-veil.png]. QSS [imgsmall=items/quicksilver-sash.png] Is bad on you because you have no escape spell so getting out of one CC probably won't save you. Similarly, [img=items/guardian-angel.png]a second life will rarely help you get away from the enemy. I usually go Zhonya's simply because the passive can be so powerful in team fights. ITEM BREAKDOWN: [imgsmall=items/abyssal-scepter.png] This is a good solid item on Malz. Provides good resistance and AP as well as area MR reduction. If no one else on your team deals magic damage, however, probably just stick with Void Staff. [imgsmall=items/archangels-staff.png]NO! OK, yes it gives some of the highest AP and infinite mana, but it takes so long to build the damn thing. Malz is not built for skill spamming and doing so makes him run out of mana really quick. Dont get this. [imgsmall=items/banshees-veil.png]A good defensive item. Health, mana and resistance as well as a potentially life saving shield. No AP though, so I usually go hourglass instead. Always get this if there is a [imgsmall=champ/blitzcrank.png] on the enemy team. [imgsmall=items/catalyst-the-protector.png]A good defensive item that is worth getting early if the enemy team has a powerful early game presence. Builds into Banshees or Rod of Ages. [imgsmall=items/chalice-of-harmony.png] and [imgsmall=items/athenes-unholy-grail.png] are not needed on Malz. The upgrade actually has some good stats, but you are mostly paying for the Mana regen, and it simply provides way more mana regen than you need. Leave it to other casters. [imgsmall=items/deathfire-grasp.png]OK, I was harsh earlier saying don't get this item. I just don't like it on Malz. As Malz, you have to lay down your full combo really fast and adding this just slows you down. But its stats are solid, so if you can remember to use the activated ability, go ahead and get it after the Death Cap. [imgsmall=items/dorans-ring.png]Solid early game, but dont stack them. You can also sell it back early for extra cash if that will put you over on getting your second AP item. [imgsmall=items/eleisas-miracle.png]With the new season, there is a potentially good strategy involving this item. Skip ahead to the Season 3 section, but not a core choice for the most part. [imgsmall=items/elixir-of-brilliance.png]Always late game if you have the spare cash. Later, 250 wont set you back too far as long as you win the next team fight, and this can certainly help you do that. [imgsmall=items/fiendish-codex.png]Its a part of two suggested items, but I would suggest building the Blasting wand or Kage's pick rather than this. [imgsmall=items/haunting-guise.png]Upon further review, Liandry is not good on Malz. So there really is no reason to get this rather expensive item. Better to just get a Needlessly Large Rod. [imgsmall=items/hextech-revolver.png]I dont really feel Malz needs spell vamp because of how bursty his combo is, but this is still a solid item. Only builds into WOta though. [imgsmall=items/lich-bane.png]Nope. Not worth it. You should never be in melee range late game. Malz has to keep people at a distance. You also cant really spam spells to keep the proc up. [imgsmall=items/mejais-soulstealer.png]I have never bought this item personally, but it is worth considering if it looks like you are going to be well fed. A snowballing Malz is quite scary and hard to catch. [imgsmall=items/morellos-evil-tome.png]A personal favorite of mine. I almost never use the activated effect, but its stats are nice, especially if you can't seem to get blue buff. I mostly get it for the CDR. As Malz, you want your ult up often, but its hard to fit CDR in anywhere else in the build. [imgsmall=items/oracles-elixir.png]I would advise not getting this, even if there is stealth. As long as you have your ult, you can burst down most of the stealth champs with ease. Getting this just paints a big target on your head. If their stealth is giving you trouble, get a [imgsmall=items/vision-ward.png] instead. [imgsmall=items/quicksilver-sash.png]I dont like this on Malz, for two reasons. One, surviving one CC probably wont save you. Two, it may remind the enemy team they can get this as well. [imgsmall=items/rabadons-deathcap.png]CORE! ALWAYS GET! [imgsmall=items/rod-of-ages.png]A good item choice. All good stats, but you need to build it early because of the 10 minute charge time. [imgsmall=items/rylais-crystal-scepter.png]A very good item. Your Visions will now severely cripple move speed as well as do damage, and your Null Zone will be harder to escape. The health is nice too. [imgsmall=items/sorcerers-shoes.png]Your core boots. Easiest way to get Magic Pen for Malz. Get them early, but get some AP first. [imgsmall=items/void-staff.png]This will help you melt tanks late game. Solid AP as well as the most magic pen you can get. Dont rush it, save it for late game. [imgsmall=items/tear-of-the-goddess.png]Just like the Archangel Staff, just unnecessary and doesn't build into anything good for you. Skip it. [imgsmall=items/will-of-the-ancients.png]I would suggest getting this if there is another magic damage dealer on your team. This is an item that benefits your team, and this is a team game. A solid second AP choice. [imgsmall=items/zhonyas-hourglass.png]I love this on Malz. Gives him survive ability vs. bruisers, more AP and a great activated effect. This can help you survive divers when your ult is on cooldown. [img=items/banner-of-command.png] This item is not really meant for AP carrys, its more of a tank item. BUT, this now contains the promote command which used to be a summoner spell. If you want to go all out push mode, get this. More details in the Season 3 section. [img=items/shard-of-true-ice.png] Its a good item, but not for you. Its really for supports. [img=items/liandrys-torment.png] The upgrade of the mask has finally been made. And its not good on Malz. Its designed to work well with poke champions, which malz is not. The magic pen doesn't compensate for the relatively low AP. Malz works better stacking lots of AP and nuking people. [img=items/spirit-of-the-spectral-wraith.png] You dont want this. Its stats aren't strong enough. The bonus damage only applies to the jungle, this won't help you push lane any harder. [highlight]EXAMPLE FINAL BUILD[/highlight] [img=items/sorcerers-shoes.png][img=items/rabadons-deathcap.png][img=items/morellos-evil-tome.png][img=items/abyssal-scepter.png][img=items/zhonyas-hourglass.png][img=items/rylais-crystal-scepter.png] [highlight]SUPER HIGH DAMAGE, MONEY CANNOT BE BETTER SPENT, LATE GAME BUILD[/highlight] [img=items/sorcerers-shoes.png][img=items/rabadons-deathcap.png][img=items/rylais-crystal-scepter.png][img=items/deathfire-grasp.png][img=items/zhonyas-hourglass.png][img=items/void-staff.png]

So, the game has gotten a lot of new items and most roles have all new build strategies. But mages, for the most part, are gonna build the same things. Here are some untested strategies that you are welcome to try out. [title]Elise's Miracle[/title] [img=items/eleisas-miracle.png] No one use to buy this. It was just a waste of a slot. But now, if you hold onto it for three levels, its dissolves into you and you get its bonus stats forever without needing the item. The regen stats are just fantastic. So now you can buy a philo stone early, sit on it for the gold, then upgrade and get bonus stats. As long as you do it early enough, you can really quickly get a lot of great bonus stats for malz. But, this will delay your damage items and provides no inherent defensive stats, just sustain. I never liked the GP5 malz build, but this could potentially make for a really nice transition into late game. [title]PUSHZAHAR[/title] [img=items/banner-of-command.png][img=items/enchantment-captain.png] Pushzahar is where you forgo building extreme damage and instead focus on pushing down towers. With [imgsmall=skills/malzahar/e.png], Malz can auto push while being well back of the minion waves, allowing for greater safety. Add in the promoted minion from Banner of Command and faster minions from your boots and no tower is safe. This can be extremely fun, but make sure your team is on board. You need a very powerful front line to discourage people from attacking you while you push the tower down and your team needs to be ok with you destroying their lanes rather early. Also, make sure you have your escape route planned when solo pushing.

With the release of the Howling Abyss, I think its high time I mentioned the other map modes in this game and how Malzahar holds his own on those maps. This is not an exhaustive guide on how to play malz outside of Summoners Rift. There are some pretty decent AD malz guides for dominion on this site. If you want detailed info, read those. [title]HOWLING ABYSS[/title] Oh if only you could actually PICK Malz for this mode, 'cause he rips tits. The small space makes your AOE abilities so deadly. Your Call of the Void is especially useful because of its very safe cast range. Visions are now an incredibly powerful push and zoning tool. The small space of the bridge makes it difficult for your opponents to stay out of the bounce range. You actually won't get to use your ultimate all that often, since diving back towards you will usually result in the enemies death even if you didn't use your ult. Malz is just awesome on this map: range, utility and godly burst. I sometimes find myself suiciding just so I can go back and buy items. Starting items are between getting a blasting wand for damage or a chalice so you can keep your mana up. I prefer to go with the blasting wand and load up on mana pots. Mana is tougher to get here since your usage is gonna overwhelm your mana gain from visions bounces, so be mindful of spamming. Get 1 point in Q and 2 points in E at the start. [title]CRYSTAL SCAR[/title] Again, there are far more detailed dominion malz guides on the site and they detail an entirely different build and play style. But AP Malz can certainly succeed on dominion, at least casually. Your low speed and push power relegates you to guarding the bottom lane. As long as your team keeps the pressure on the other points, you can pretty effectively handle most bot lane match ups. Its gonna be like never ending mid lane. You want to amass a giant minion wave and get it to the enemy point. Just push and zone like normal. Make sure to keep an eye on the map for any extra enemies headed your way. Once you have your ult, save it for when you know it will kill something since the cooldown is much more painful on this fast paced map. Starting items are boots and prospector ring. Its ok to recall if you have pushed enough. Going revive is totally fine here and I do approve of garrison. For a more traditional summoner spell set, exhaust-ghost is best. Start 1 Q and 2 E. [title]TWISTED TREELINE[/title] Malzahar is an underwhelming pick for this map. Don't get me wrong, all your strengths (pushing, target destruction) are good on this map. The problem is you don't bring enough utility or sustained kill power for this mode. With a team of only 3 people, your gonna have to double up roles and be self sufficient. Malz doesn't bring enough utility for 3 person teamfights. He can kill one person, but cant rely on his teammates to protect him while he does since they have to be trying to kill stuff as well. I just wouldn't play him in this mode.

Get your first point in [imgsmall=skills/malzahar/q.png] and use it two times while on the summoner platform. Then, use it to help your jungler start their route(stay on their good side so they give you blue buff later). Now you have got three spells charged up and have a snazzy disco effect under your feet. This also means that at lvl 2 when you get [imgsmall=skills/malzahar/e.png] your voidling will come out on the first cast and start doing work. Early game, just farm. Do some harass with [imgsmall=skills/malzahar/q.png] and [imgsmall=skills/malzahar/e.png] to put the fear of Malzahar into your opponent. Only last hit with your Auto Attacks. Using Visions will push the lane, and thats bad. However, if the enemy decides to push, go ahead and use Visions to push back. Early game is the best time to bounce your visions to the enemy champ. Even if they know it will bounce, most people underestimate the bounce range at first. Take opportunities to bounce this early and you can pretty effectively zone people just with the threat of a visions bounce. Dont start being aggressive until level 5. Your level 5 damage, with the voidling, is surprisingly high for having no powerful nukes. You can often surprise people with this damage. But don't chase them too far. Junglers tend to be ramping up their ganks at this time as well. Get some wards if the enemy jungler is a good at ganks.

This time starts for you after you get the Rabadon's Death Cap. Mid game is really open for Malz. Ideally, you can just farm mid lane. Your ganks are pretty devastating with your ultimate so keep an eye out for opportunities. Your mobility around the map is lacking, so push the minion wave really hard before leaving lane. If your mid lane opponent wants to go gank, keep the pressure on the minion wave and don't let them leave. If they still leave to maybe gank, Call the MIA. Then use your visions to push the minion wave to their turret. Dont follow, you can't do much if you show up late to a gank. Instead, since your [imgsmall=skills/malzahar/e.png] can now easily devour a minion wave, go ahead and push to the enemy turret. I would suggest letting your minions do most of the work, but you can land some shots yourself. Continue to ward mid lane. At this point, lanes start breaking down. Your mid opponent will probably try to leave because of how dominant your creep farming is at this point. Jungle ganks now really suck since they have their ultimate available. Continue to ward mid lane and the river if possible (I tend to have lots of spare cash). If you have been timing the enemy blue buff, go for the steal to put the enemy AP even further behind. Dragon fights will start happening now. You don't provide much damage to dragon, but are excellent for preventing steals or stealing the dragon with your ult. To be clear, you cant ult the dragon. But the suppression from your ult is especially devastating in the small team fights. Your dueling isn't terrible, so it is ok to travel alone in areas considered safe. Don't go into the enemy jungle by yourself.

This is when most people have hit lvl 15. Dragon loses importance, and Baron becomes the objective to defend. Lots of towers have fallen, and maybe even a base tower. From now on, never travel alone. Malzahar is devastating one on one, but ultra squishy and dies fast when jumped. Now towers are not the safety zone they once were and a lot more people have the ability to tower dive. Unless your team is full of Solo Que Noobs, this time is dominated by team fights. Malz is good in team fights, but I'll cover that in the next section. As an AP carry, you are no longer the main source of damage (or shouldn't be), thats the AD carry. So you can relax your shoulders a little. Now, the enemy Nexus is just waiting to die. You should have at least 2 people who can chunk that things health and your goal is to get them there. Make your way down the lanes slowly, pushing back the enemy team as you go. Try to force team fights away from their towers, but even a one man advantage can make a team dive viable. In regards to Baron, treat it like dragon. You do so little damage to it its funny, so mostly try to keep your cooldowns ready to defend from a baron steal. Wards are really important now, so spend the dough. Once you have two AP items and a Defensive item, delaying a late game item for map control is totally justifiable. One good team fight will get you tons of money, so do what you can to insure they go well beforehand.

OK, so Malz is better in teamfights than say Annie. Once you have blown your ult, you aren't useless. Hopefully, your ult helped to remove someone from the fight, but if not, they are at least missing a lot of health. Now you have to focus on how to best use your other spells. [imgsmall=skills/malzahar/q.png]is good to spam because it silences multiple people and has good range. [imgsmall=skills/malzahar/w.png]does excellent damage to high health targets, so you use it as a zoning tool. [imgsmall=skills/malzahar/e.png]dont use this if you can avoid it. Its range is very short, and you want to stay back in these team fights. If the fight is taking place near some minions, drop it on them instead and maybe it will bounce to an enemy champion. Your focus after using your ult should be staying alive and protecting the AD carry. Malzahar is actually OK at defense for an AP carry. Your silence will stop most bruisers from bursting down people and completely shut down tanks and mages. The only person it wont really bother is the AD carry. If the AD carry gets in range of you and your carry, and your team doesn't kill them, something is very wrong. With good cooldown reduction, your ult should be available for all team fights. A good thing to do with your combo is counter initiate. Most initiators are tanks who are confident in their ability to dive into the enemy team without dying. Your [imgsmall=skills/malzahar/r.png]+[imgsmall=skills/malzahar/w.png] should convince them otherwise. With your combo and good team focus, you can kill most tanks before their team even has time to react. Now normally you aren't supposed to focus the tank. But the reason for that is because it costs your team so much effort in skills and time. With a good AD carry, your combo can kill the tank with the only cooldown being blown being yours. Notable exceptions: [imgsmall=champ/ashe.png][imgsmall=champ/sejuani.png][imgsmall=champ/galio.png] Ashe and Sejuani have long range stuns that let them disable your team from a safe distance. Then their whole team just walks on in and you don't wanna ult when there are other people around. Galio is an exception because of the fact he stacks Magic Resist. He can actually tank your ult and then activate his taunt ult, making your effort to stop him laughable.

[center][img=items/quicksilver-sash.png][/center] OK so there are two reasons most people stopped playing Malz. One is that there are new AP mids with powerful nuking AND escape options, so they are safer. Two is the item pictured above. The QSS has an activated ability that lets the user escape from all CC currently applied to them. The suppression from your ult does not prevent the use of this item, unlike Cleanse which can not be activated while in [imgsmall=skills/malzahar/r.png]. This item quickly became the best way to counter the ults of [imgsmall=champ/malzahar.png][imgsmall=champ/skarner.png]and[imgsmall=champ/warwick.png], whose ults are very devastating suppression skills. But why don't people get this to escape from other CC skills that are equally devastating, Like [imgsmall=champ/ahri.png] kiss, or [imgsmall=champ/annie.png] stun? The reason is the cooldown and the cost. The cooldown on this item effect is rather long and ineffective against spammable CC. Also, it takes a valuable item slot for not very good stats. The activated effect only removes already applied CC effects, making it inferior to Cleanse which also reduces CC for a short time after. The magic resist isn't terrible, but for a game with only 6 item slots, there are much better items to take that spot for the Magic Resist. So who does buy the QSS? Well, in the current meta, you have bruiser or tank top, a jungler, an AP carry, an AD carry and a support. So lets look at who might take this annoying head band. [highlight]The bruiser's[/highlight] job is to dive through a team fight and target the carrys. They may take the QSS if they feel that there is enough CC to stop them from doing their job. But they also have to balance defense with damage and may have to opt for a more potent Magic Resist item before getting the QSS. A smart one late game will most definitely get this, but may lack it in early team fights. [highlight]The tank[/highlight] is supposed to initiate fights and soak damage. They will almost never buy the QSS. The tank wants you to CC them, it means that you aren't using the CC on the actual damage dealers. They will always get more potent MR items, hoping to live through your damage. You can prove them wrong, but they almost never buy the QSS. [highlight]The AP carry[/highlight] is squishy. They will buy the QSS if you are present. But almost all AP carrys build glass cannon going for full damage early and only building a defensive item in their last item slot. This means that your ult is totally effective on them until late game. If they get the QSS early, it puts them behind in there damage output, which makes your team happy. [highlight]The AD carry[/highlight] is like the AP carry; squishy. They will usually buy the QSS if you are present. But just like the AP carry, they will usually save it for last, focusing instead on building damage early. The big difference is that an AD carry is most effective late game. Late game is when they are scariest, when you most want to kill them and when they are most likely to have the QSS. If you can kill them early, they may get it earlier which delays their damage. Also, the QSS only provides MR, which doesn't help them survive physical damage. So once again, annoying for you but good for the team. [highlight]The support[/highlight] does not buy the QSS. Good supports get very little money, so they don't have the luxury of getting an item to specifically counter one champions ultimate. Sadly, not a good target for your ult. Mid game its ok if you catch them alone, but its a complete waste in team fights. There are exceptions, but I will cover them in the Character match ups. [center][title]SOOOOOOOO[/title][/center] As you can see, getting a QSS does not counter Malzahar, it counters his ultimate. Malzahar is not reliant on his ultimate. It is the biggest part of his burst, but his other moves do good damage and provide utility. Also, as I have shown, not every member of the enemy team gets QSS and those who do usually let it wait till late game. That gives you a window of time when you can have lots of fun with your ult. After Lvl 11, your ult hits like a truck and most people wont get QSS until after lvl 15. If they do, it delays their damage and does your team good. So when people say Malzahar is countered by QSS, just chuckle. [center][img=items/mercurial-scimitar.png][/center] This new item is an upgrade to the QSS. It provides the same stats and effect plus a big chuck of AD. This is unfortunate for you since I can pretty much guarantee that AD based bruisers will get this and maybe even the AD carry. But it is very expensive, so just get your kills while you can mid game.

I am going to cover all matchups. But lets start with the people you will see the most of and will fight solo the most. I'll cover everybody else later, and in less detail I have not played all these matchups. For matchups I have not played, the character name will be surrounded by *. For characters I haven't played against, but regularly play as, their name will be surrounded by &. For those who just want a general idea, here is the short version. Malzahar does very well against people who have to take some time to kill you. He struggles against champs who can nuke him from 100 to 0 in no time flat. As a general rule, he does badly against people considered to be AP counters. Difficulty will be ranked on scale 1-10. 10 is you die instantly, get a lane swap if possible. [center][img=champ/ahri.png][/center] [center][title]AHRI[/title][/center] [highlight]Difficulty:3[/highlight] Ahri is very popular right now because of her mobility and the strength of her taunt. But her single target nuke is not amazing, which is great for you. Her lane sustain from her passive is good, but your mana sustain is way better. Take boots so you can dodge her orb in laning. Stay behind your minions so she can't taunt you cause that always leads into hurt. Your voidling is actually good for absorbing the taunt. Once she hits 6, she will try to dive at you to better land her taunt. Instantly ult her, she will back off. If your good, you can silence her landing spot. You pretty much dominate her all game, so have fun with that. [center][img=champ/akali.png][/center] [center][title]&AKALI&[/title][/center] [highlight]Difficulty: 5[/highlight] Akali isn't seen mid much anymore because of how weak her pre-6 game is. You will dominate her before she gets her ult. She cant even hide in her veil from you. Your void call and null zone can both hit her in the shroud, and if she attacks anything while invisible, you have enough time to land either visions or your ult (not both). After getting her ult, she nukes squishys pretty well, but she doesn't do it immediately, which means you have a time to ult her. Don't discount her burst, but your kit pretty much rapes her. *UPDATE* I have upped her ranking because I think she was a bit low for how deadly she is. The Jayce update made it more valuable to use her E spell, which does physical damage and lets her farm. You still won't see her much mid. [center][img=champ/anivia.png][/center] [center][title]ANIVIA[/title][/center] [highlight]Difficulty:7[/highlight] Anivia is a solid mid choice with no counters. She is very weak early, but ramps up quickly in mid game. Her burst is good and sustainable. She has a long range stun nuke that will give you trouble. Her wall has huge potential and really messes you up. She is also one of the few champs who can farm better than you because her ult melts minion waves like no other. She even has a way of surviving your combo with her passive. That second life will usually save her from you since you don't have much burst after your ult is used. You do have some options. Harass her early and try to get her passive on cooldown before you hit level 6. Your silence is good against her since she really needs to combo her moves for decent damage. Do everything you can to keep her from getting blue buff, she is very mana hungry, about the only thing you have against her. [center][img=champ/annie.png][/center] [center][title]ANNIE[/title][/center] [highlight]Difficulty:6[/highlight] I hate Annie. Everyone hates Annie. She is really easy to play and her damn burst is almost unavoidable. The reason she is only a 6 is because of how much you rape her most of the time. Her damage sucks without her ult and your silence out ranges her. You farm better and have better mana sustain. You even provide better team fight presence. Her most dangerous time is when she just hit level 6. She will flash in and Tibers stun you, and you will probably die. Her is how to shut her down. Push the lane and go gank. She will have to use her skills counter push, which may make her waste her stun. Get a gank early and get her to waste her flash so she cant jump you. Just survive her post 6 and go elsewhere for mid game. Don't feed her and you can win in late game. [center][img=champ/brand.png][/center] [center][title]*BRAND*[/title][/center] [highlight]Difficulty:5[/highlight] I've played a lot of brands, just not as Malzahar. I give him average because his damage is good and his range is actually better than yours. But he needs to combo, so your silence hurts him. He pushes about as well as you, but your mana sustain is better. His ult simply gives him another spell to hit you with. Unfortunately, its range is a bit better than yours, so he can potentially nuke you first. One problem for you is that your Voidling can help him bounce his ult to you, which is problematic. Other than that, don't get stunned. This mid lane will quickly become a farming snooze fest. His damage falls of late game, but his AOE is fantastic so he is still good in teamfights while you do more nuking. Never place your Visions on him directly. It puts you in range of his targeted spell which sets up the rest of his combo. [center][img=champ/cassiopeia.png][/center] [center][title]&CASSIOPEIA&[/title][/center] [highlight]Difficulty:6[/highlight] Cass is considered to be one of the best Mid APs in the game. But Malz actually does rather well against her. She does sustained burst, but unlike Anivia lacks the CC to make you cooperate. Her range is usually exaggerated, only her noxius blast has long range and the damage is pretty low. What it does do is set up her Twin fang, whose range isn't that great. Your Call of the Void out ranges her and disrupts her combo. Her ult hurts, but her combo puts you in range for your ult. Normally she wont lead in with her ult, prefering to save it for surviving ganks. A good counter for her is to push the lane. She can counter push, but it takes up a lot of her mana, which she normally doesn't have to worry about. Later, her sustained damage makes her more useful than you, but you nuke better. She is the other AP tank melter. [center][img=champ/diana.png][/center] [center][title]*DIANA*[/title][/center] [highlight]Difficulty:6[/highlight] Diana is the newest AP jungler/AP assassin. Her ganks are mediocre before her ult. Once she has her ult, be very careful of pushing since she can chase really well with her ult. As mid lane assassin, much less of a problem for you. You can keep her at range fairly easily. Her crescent move is weird to dodge, but if you do she has little combo power. Your silence and suppression are very dangerous for her. Later she can melt you fairly quick but you should still have time to unload your combo. [center][img=champ/elise.png][/center] [center][title]ELISE[/title][/center] [highlight]Difficulty:3[/highlight] I had trouble classifying Elise. Her human form is definitely a mage, but her spider form is a jump you style assassin. Covering her here. Elise's human form could actually give you trouble. Her two attacks are powerful and fairly easy to land, especially if she got you with her stun. But her spider form is made of tasty meat. She can't hide from your visions or your ult and has to jump you to finish her combo. But you will definitely have time to use EVERYTHING on her before she has time to kill you. If she came to gank you, thats a different story. But by herself, Malz is a pretty effective counter to Elise. Beware of her stunning you while you Ult someone else. [center][img=champ/fiddlesticks.png][/center] [center][title]*FIDDLESTICKS*[/title][/center] [highlight]Difficulty:4[/highlight] This guy is rarely seen mid anymore. He has 2 CC, but only the crow silence should reach you. His health sustain is annoying with Drain, but you out last him in mana. I only rank him this high because if he catches you with the fear he will hurt you. But otherwise you own this guy. His ult is never used in lane, but he will use it for ganks. Be careful if he is missing, he may be planning to gank you. [center][img=champ/fizz.png][/center] [center][title]FIZZ[/title][/center] [highlight]Difficulty:5 or 7[/highlight] The reason for the disparity is how smart the Fizz player is. Most Fizz's are very confident in their ability to tower dive like a boss. But your ult and silence seriously punish anyone who tower dives you. So its 5 if they try to tower dive you, 7 if they realize they shouldn't. Fizz is really mobile and his burst is freakish. He has two gap closer, so even though you out range him he can easily jump in your space. The range of your silence is about the point where he can jump you with a good combo. You do have some advantages over him. Early, your range over him is secure because he is melee. He can't push lane nearly as well as you. Also, your ult is very dangerous for him. A suppressed Fizz is a dead Fizz. Just make sure to dodge his ultimate. That fish is a big part of his damage combo. [center][img=champ/galio.png][/center] [center][title]GALIO[/title][/center] [highlight]Difficulty:7[/highlight] Ugh, the mage tank. He is a hard counter to most AP mids because he can stack MR and still do damage. His shield makes your Visions actually give him health. His two attacks outrange yours, but they are dodgeable. And his ult will rape you. A very unpleasant match. Two things you can do. One is push the lane. He can push back, but it will use up his mana. The other is silence him from outside of hit Ult. This will stop the channel and your Call of the void will reach him from beyond the circle if you are lucky enough to not get caught. Other than that, play it safe and try to farm. He has trouble killing one on one, but he wont die either. Definitely get Merc treads for this match. Maybe you will escape the taunt in time to interrupt his ult. [center][img=champ/gragas.png][/center] [center][title]*GRAGAS*[/title][/center] [highlight]Difficulty:6[/highlight] This is an interesting match up. He is a melee mage with really long range damage spells, a gap closer and a Stat booster that increases his tankyness. Definitely start boots to dodge the barrels, they start to really hurt when he gets AP. He has good health and mana sustain in lane. Your mana sustain is better, but if you want to harass him out of lane your gonna have to keep the pressure on. His belly charge gives him surprising maneuverability and will hurt if he hits you. Your voidling can help block that. I rate him 6 because his Ultimate has huge burst and will displace you, both of which are really bad for Malz. Watch out for that. His damage will start to drop late game. Just play smart and he shouldn't be too bad. *UPDATE* He is now tankier and faster earlier. I'll have to do some testing, but I may up his rank. Nice change for his fans, might be a problem for you. [center][img=champ/heimerdinger.png][/center] [center][title]HEIMERDINGER[/title][/center] [highlight]Difficulty:1[/highlight] I rank Heimer a 1 not because I think he sucks, I actually like the guy. I rank him a 1 because Malz counters him so hard its amusing. Heimer has a dominant laning phase with very little teamfight presence. Unfortunately, you completely screw with his laning phase. Seriously, your kit works so well on him. His goal is to slowly push lane with his turrets, clear a wave and land some missile harass. Your visions and void call both destroy his turrets while letting you farm. He lays down a turret? Hit it a bit then Visions it so it will bounce to minions restoring mana. He put is turrets close together? Call of the void them. Heck, lay down a null zone for more damage. Even the voidling helps by being another missle target. You mess his laning phase up then dominate later. If you ever catch this guy with your ult, consider him dead. [center][img=champ/karma.png][/center] [center][title]&KARMA&[/title][/center] [highlight]Difficulty:4[/highlight] Karma is an whole new character now. She really plays different from the old karma. As far as I can predict, the rework makes her much more viable in mid lane. That doesn't make her difficult for you. Her Q is now a long range skill shot that slows and her heal has been moved to her mantra'd tether. She can also root you now, allowing for more gank support. But she still can't clear as well as you and will lose the mana sustain war. She also has to come into your ult range if she wants to effectively utilize the damage on her W and E. This makes her not a difficult match up, just don't get cocky because now she does have the power the kill you. If you ever see her use her mantra, thats your chance to go for her since she no longer has her heal to save her from your ult. [center][img=champ/karthus.png][/center] [center][title]*KARTHUS*[/title][/center] [highlight]Difficulty:5 for you, 7 for the team[/highlight] You against Karthus is ok. His range is better than you and his mana sustain is OK. But you push better earlier and do more damage. His little energy burst doesn't hurt much unless he only hits you, then it really chunks. You have no reason to walk into his aura. The main thing to be careful of is his wall. This wall is a very bad debuff and he can easily place it behind you. Its cooldown is fairly long. Now, for your team he sucks with his global ultimate of Kill Steal. Always tell your team when Karthus reaches lvl 6. If you see him channeling, your silence or ult will stop him from blasting people. Later, he becomes a huge threat in teamfights. Try and keep his farm down so his damage doesn't spiral out of control. *UPDATE* His ult is on a longer cooldown. oh well. No change, but you don't have to worry about it as often. [center][img=champ/kassadin.png][/center] [center][title]KASSADIN[/title][/center] [highlight]Difficulty:9[/highlight] Ugh, a mage counter. This guy is really annoying to lane against. Your silence is longer range, but his is targetable. Later he will jump on you and unload his damn combo and there isn't much you can do. Couple things to try. His range pre-6 isn't the best, so zone him with your Void Call. He doesn't push well at all, so pushing him to his tower is a good way of slowing him down. Once he can teleport, its almost impossible to catch the bastard. Thankfully, your ultimate can definitely punish him later. In lane it wont do much good since he will silence you then just float away. But in teamfights you won't always be his target meaning you can grab him and let the team kill him. Unless fed he isn't too troubling late game, but its hard to not feed him and he is a terror mid game. Very unfavorable match up. [center][img=champ/katarina.png][/center] [center][title]KATARINA[/title][/center] [highlight]Difficulty:2[/highlight] Oh Kat, you so funny. This is a great match up for you because you just take a dump all over her. Seriously, her laning sucks and her ultimate is countered by TWO of your abilities. Plus, she is melee, putting her well in range of your skills. She can't farm at all with you around without using her bouncing blade. Leveling that up does give her ok farm and harass, but makes her shunpo do so little damage. If she jumps on you, suddenly you can land most of your stuff. Even with her ult, you have enough time to use all of your skills and ult her before her death lotus kills you. She really has no chance with you around. I rank her not a 1 because if she goes to gank other lanes she can get fed really quick. This is one of the few times I would suggest following your mid opponent to another lane. You shut her down so hard its actually pretty safe to follow her. If she does get fed, don't panic and just ult her. It really is that easy. *EDIT* Kat changes made some improvements to her kit while maintaining her playstyle. She is still a cake walk for you. Her harass is a bit better now, with three damage skills and the ability to predict where her blade will go. [center][img=champ/kennen.png][/center] [center][title]KEENEN[/title][/center] [highlight]Difficulty:7[/highlight] Keenen is tough. He has good range, farming and no mana. He is also speedy, making him tough to pin down. His shuriken outranges you, but isn't impossible to dodge. Make sure to avoid the marks of the storm, just one means he can surge you for easy damage. He is combo based, so silencing him is effective, but hard to land. He can push like a beast, but you can push back safely. Keenen doesn't have much kill power without his ultimate. Thankfully, you can ult him from outside the range of his ult, but he usually wont activate it until you are in its range. This isn't the hardest lane, but it can go wrong very quickly. If Keenen ever gets the lead on you, its almost impossible to come back. Your ultimate is very effective at stopping him, especially in teamfights. Just make sure he doesn't have [imgsmall=items/zhonyas-hourglass.png]. If he activates the effect and you ult him, you wasted it. *UPDATE* His attack range was lowered by 25 units. Doesn't sound like much, but there is a huge difference between 575 and 550. This could have a dramatic impact on his ability to apply marks of storm. Will adjust after some testing. [center][img=champ/khazix.png][/center] [center][title]KHA'ZIX[/title][/center] [highlight]Difficulty:4[/highlight] Bug boy is REALLY dangerous at level 3/4, but after that its a cake walk. His gonna jump your face, spike, slash and ignite you once he has his full combo. Do not be afraid to chug your potions to survive this. Once his ignite is spent, you own the lane. He can't jump you without eating your full combo and you push harder than him. Once you have your ult, it gets even better. He will never be able to kill you solo since the moment he jumps you, you can unload ALL your damage right in his bug ugly face. You have to be smart and not panic, but a favorable match up indeed. [center][img=champ/kogmaw.png][/center] [center][title]KOG'MAW[/title][/center] [highlight]Difficulty:6[/highlight] AP kog is rare, but deadly. Partly because people who play him know how, but mostly because of his ungodly range. Once he has his ult, he can pretty much poke beyond anyone's range. He pushes disgustingly well and can kill you without getting near you.... once he gets a bit built. AP kog is SUPER item dependent and won't deal enough damage without items. Also, he needs blue bluff like air. If you can out push him and out play him early game, you can hold onto this lane. Don't gank, he will get to your turret. He probably won't come into range of your ult. By late game, he will be well past your range of attack. [center][img=champ/leblanc.png][/center] [center][title]&LEBLANC&[/title][/center] [highlight]Difficulty:10[/highlight] This sucks. Really sucks. She is a mage counter like Kassadin, but way more bursty. Her damage is ridiculous as early as LVL 3 and rage inducing by lvl 6. She will land a sigil, distort in for the silence, land some more damage, then distort out before you can do ANYTHING! Seriously, worst match up for you because you cant even ult grab her when she jumps in like you could Kassadin. You have only one chance. PUSH LANE! Leblanc has trouble clearing minions even with her skills and using her skills makes her go out of mana real fast. Push lane like a boss, keep her at her turret and go elsewhere. I would suggest getting some early magic resist. If she doesn't kill you in one shot, she is done for a few, giving you time to back out. Everytime she tries and fails to kill someone is a success as far as you are concerned. *UPDATE* No changes to her damage which was your problem. Now she can jump more. This could actually help you. Your silence and suppression greatly hamper her escape power since she cant blink back. But these boosts may give Leblanc a big head about their escape potential vs. you. Will change ranking if I notice this being a big deal. [center][img=champ/lissandra.png][/center] [center][title]LISSANDRA[/title][/center] [highlight]Difficulty:6[/highlight] The new champ is unexpectedly difficult for you. The lane is winnable in your favor, but her utility is worlds above yours. If you want to get on her nerves, push extra hard. She will burn her mana trying to push back. The problem comes when you both get to level 6. Her ult gives her excellent gank support and survival. Her claw hop ability means she can suddenly be in your face and stun you with her targeted ult. Don't assume she is always going to warp to her claw, she can pull off some sick mind games with that thing. Once teamfights start, she will be sooooo annoying with her invuln. Its not like you will waste your ult since you can't target her, but you may still try and waste time and focus. Final verdict: winnable lane that won't really matter much once the team fights start. [center][img=champ/lulu.png][/center] [center][title]&LULU&[/title][/center] [highlight]Difficulty:5[/highlight] Not that common, but totally viable. Her skills are OK with good range and hard to dodge because they tend to come from weird angles. She farms ok, but there is no reason to push this lane. Her mana sustain isn't the best, so go ahead and bait a glitterlance if you think you can dodge it. Lulu can be surprisingly tough to kill if she has her ultimate available. Shield and speed buff plus health is quite good. You mostly outdamage her though. Two things to watch for. Her polymorph will knock you out of your ult and make you supremely killable. Be cautious who you ult with her around. The other is that she can attach Pix to your Voidling, giving her an easy firing platform for her glitterlance. All in all, an ok match up. Enjoy the exotic champion. [center][img=champ/lux.png][/center] [center][title]LUX[/title][/center] [highlight]Difficulty:6[/highlight] This is gonna be an annoying lane. She has ridiculous range and good utility with her spells. If she builds cooldown reduction, her laser can be up every 25 seconds late game. Her burst with her ult is really good and she can farm from a really safe distance. On the other hand, your kill power is better so she wont usually come in to proc her passive with auto attacks. You farm about equal, but your mana sustain is WAAAAY better. Unless she has blue buff, she won't spam her spells. In this case, dont push with Visions, instead zone with Call of the Void. You can't keep her from getting creep kils, but you can force her to use spells to do it. Your voidling is actually helpful here. She doesn't have spammy spells to kill it if it locks onto her and it can take the brunt of Light Binding for you. If you get low, always recall from a little off of lane. She will often go for a blind laser shot down lane to catch low health champs. *UPDATE* Her mana regen was increased and her mana costs were reduced. This could make her more annoying early even without blue buff. But these seem more like quality of life changes for lux players. Probably wont change anything. [center][img=champ/malzahar.png][/center] [center][title]MALZAHAR[/title][/center] [highlight]Difficulty:?[/highlight] I've done this before actually. Mirror matches suck, you either stalemate or rape each other. Malzahar's kit is quite effective on himself. This will come down to who takes the initiative and who is better at landing Call of the Void. An annoying match. Ask for a lane switch if possible. Your ult loses effectiveness simply because its targeted and the range is the same, so it come down to who clicks faster. [center][img=champ/mordekaiser.png][/center] [center][title]MORDEKAISER[/title][/center] [highlight]Difficulty:7[/highlight] This is a pain. He has no mana, and his attacks give him a shield. One of the few people who pushes better than you. You out range him, but you will probably end up farming with skills for safety. Always silence this guy if he looks like he is coming in for a trade. If he doesn't have his shield built up he is rather squishy, so take advantage of that. Your ult is good on him since he can't build up shield while you do it, allowing for team focus. Honestly he is just a real pain since you cant stop his farm. Get some jungle ganks going and set him back. He is very relaint on doing good damage to scare people of since he has no escape power. [center][img=champ/morgana.png][/center] [center][title]&MORGANA&[/title][/center] [highlight]Difficulty:8[/highlight] Like Galio, she probably wont kill you but damned if she'll ever die. She has 10% spell vamp right out the gate, giving her easy lane sustain. Her snare is easy to dodge, but hurts real bad if it ever lands. Her pool gives her equal farming to yours and lowers your magic resist. The main problems are her shield and Ultimate. Her shield blocks magic damage and ALL disables, even knock up. This completely shuts you out for the duration. You can ult through the shield, but she will still be able to move and break the tether. I don't know if you suppress her if you break the shield before she breaks the tether. Her ultimate cannot be stopped once cast and will stun you, stopping your ultimate. Just a rough matchup for most mages. One thing you can do is bait her shield. The cooldown is pretty long and if you scare her into using with Call of the Void, she is much more vulnerable for a while. [center][img=champ/nidalee.png][/center] [center][title]&NIDALEE&[/title][/center] [highlight]Difficulty:5[/highlight] AP Nidalee isn't played much because its inferior to AD nid and is kind of a one trick pony. Her heals are good, but her only real damage is her spear. You farm better and have much better mana sustain. I bumped her up to a 5 because of how devastating her spears are. Honestly, those things suck. She can totally launch one from the fog of war and chunk over half your health. They aren't terribly hard to dodge, but taking even one is pretty devastating. AP Nid will mostly go panther for movement since she hasn't built attack power. Catching that cat is tough, but if you do she goes down quick with your ult. [center][img=champ/orianna.png][/center] [center][title]&ORIANNA&[/title][/center] [highlight]Difficulty:5[/highlight] Average. She has good range and her skills do hurt. Her minion clearing is good, but yours is better. She has a shield which makes a vision bounce less damaging. Her ult will displace you from your ult, but normally you shouldn't ult if she can do that. This lane goes your way because of how bad her mana sustain is. Its gotten better, but if she doesn't have blue buff you can just out last her mana and skills. Make sure to not hang around in her auto attack range, as they scale with her AP. She is more useful than you in team fights. *UPDATE* Orianna got almost completely reworked. The damage of Attack was lowered, while Dissonance was raised. Honestly, on the fence if its a buff or nerf. I'll get back to you on that. [center][img=champ/rumble.png][/center] [center][title]&RUMBLE&[/title][/center] [highlight]Difficulty:5[/highlight] Not a lot of people play this guy at all, and most go top lane. He is melee so you can harass him very easily and there isn't much he can do. He pushes lane as well as you when he gets some AP with the flamethrower and doesn't have mana, so you have to harass him out of lane. His shield is actually quite nice and he can farm with his harpoons if you zone him. You should win this lane easy. However, don't try to fight this guy. He does surprising amounts of damage and is really slippery. His ult will rapidly change the flow of a fight, solo or team. Just mess with his farm and he will be less effective later. If you do manage to silence him, you can try for the kill with your ult. Be careful of ganks, he can really mess up your escape. [center][img=champ/ryze.png][/center] [center][title]RYZE[/title][/center] [highlight]Difficulty:7[/highlight] This guy is clearly broken. He can build really tanky and still dish out loads of damage. Riot has yet to fix this. So easy to play, but you can take him. His early game sucks and you out range the crap out of him. All his skills are targeted and put him well in range for your stuff. He will lead off his combo with his snare usually, so silence him on the way in and lay down your damage. You sustain better, but he will always build lots of mana so that stops meaning something after a while. He pushes ok, but it makes him spam. If he has got a Tear of the Goddess, dont push. He wants to spam when he has that item to build it, so let him push you. Later he is really durable with spammable mid damage spells that cant be dodged. He builds durable, but will never be able to survive your full combo, and can't kill you fast enough to stop it. Annoying champ, but doable. [center][img=champ/swain.png][/center] [center][title]&SWAIN&[/title][/center] [highlight]Difficulty:7[/highlight] Swain would be a 6 if they hadn't added the new Grail item. His one big weakness was mana usage without blue buff, and this new item mostly fixes this problem; I know from experience. He tends to build rather tanky for a mage with a Rod of Ages. Pre-6 his mana sustain is good with his passive, better than yours actually since his comes from last hitting. He probably wont look for a fight until lvl 4. Even though he builds tanky, his damage is good over time with his Decrepify. His combo is pretty easy to land but the range is short. Once he hits 6, he trades mana sustain for health sustain. Don't ult him while he is a crow, he can heal off you and survive. His ult actually has a cooldown of about 10 seconds, so go for him after he heals of some minions. He gets harder to kill as the game goes on, but your damage is better. Not a good focus target for you though. Top lane Swain is kinda common, but you don't have to worry about that. [center][img=champ/syndra.png][/center] [center][title]*SYNDRA*[/title][/center] [highlight]Difficulty:4[/highlight] Well, this is interesting. Syndra actually has a very similar play style to Malzahar. Utility skills that are good in lane and massive kill power in her ultimate. But thats the thing, you do it better than her. Your ranges are similar, but her stun is difficult to land and must be comboed, where as your silence is very quick. She can toss your voidling around, but that move costs lots of mana, so you win the sustain war. Her ult is actually better than yours; it deals more damage, cant be interrupted and leaves behind spheres she can combo with. But you simply do everything else better than her and your ult is nothing to sneeze at. [center][img=champ/twistedfate.png][/center] [center][title]TWISTED FATE[/title][/center] [highlight]Difficulty:5[/highlight] Not too bad. He has good mana sustain with blue card and good farming with his card throw. In general, not much of a threat to you as long as you can dodge the sloooow moving triple cards. The main problem with this guy is that his gold card stun won't be stopped by your silence as long as he has locked in the card. Other than that, no real threat to you. Always tell your team when he hits lvl 6, so they know to watch for his teleport ganks. Don't let him push lane so he can gank. Later his damage drops since he only has two damage skills. [center][img=champ/veigar.png][/center] [center][title]*VEIGAR*[/title][/center] [highlight]Difficulty:9[/highlight] Ugh. He is less of a mage counter and more of a squishy counter. If you let him farm freely, he will build up ridiculous AP. His stun is instant and his burst is huge. You don't outrange him, but you farm more efficiently. After he hits 6, he will kill you. You will die. You can kill this guy, but in lane he really hurts you. Shut him down early if you can. One thing in your favor is that he has to farm up his Q spell, so he will often not back out of bounce range of Visions. Outside of lane, the one who dies is the one who gets caught first. Wards are your friend. I would suggest getting a banshees veil just to deal with his stun. Such a nasty lane. [center][img=champ/viktor.png][/center] [center][title]&VIKTOR&[/title][/center] [highlight]Difficulty:7 or 4[/highlight] The difference is if the Viktor knows what he is doing. If he does, this will be tricky. Viktor's laser out ranges you. His shield helps him sustain your Visions. His gravity field will zone you. His ult outranges yours and silences. His kit is very effective against yours. He does have to get some harass on you with his laser, which is dodgeable, but you would be surprised how hard it is to dodge. Your main advantage over this guy is your mana sustain. He needs blue buff to keep firing his lasers. Honestly, he will be tough for you to deal with through out the whole game since he has really good team fight presence. His biggest flaw is his speed. The guy is a snail. One of the few characters you can actually kite around. [center][img=champ/vladimir.png][/center] [center][title]VLADIMIR[/title][/center] [highlight]Difficulty:5[/highlight] He doesn't have mana and has good life sustain, but his spells cost health. Honestly, you do really well against this guy. His blood pool wont get him out of your Visions, and he won't be able to dodge your ult. He can heal off you, but his range is just too short. The trick with this guy is to be aggressive early. Don't let him get the health advantage cause he will keep it. He always pushes lane, but you push back. Try not to leave your tower for too long, it doesn't take him long to get a minion wave to your tower. His ult is dangerous in team fights, but one on one you out damage him. He gets lots of health later, so your null zone is good. Try not to clue him into the fact that you are about to do your combo. Fairly easy lane. [center][img=champ/xerath.png][/center] [center][title]*XERATH*[/title][/center] [highlight]Difficulty:7[/highlight] He has the longest range in the game. Even without his locus, his range is really good. In lane, your silence makes this a much more manageable fight. He probably will try to hit his mage chains to stun you, but if you silence him he can't follow through. He will often locus, making your silence much easier to land. Your ult will really hurt him, but he probably wont come into range for it. The reason this guy is a 7 is later. In teamfights, this guy will set up shop behind some wall and rain electric death on your team and there isn't much you can do. This makes him very annoying to deal with. Leave his death to your bruisers. *UPDATE* His Magic pen with Locus is higher and more damage on mage chains. But, he is mostly annoying because of range. Probably wont adjust his rating. [center][img=champ/ziggs.png][/center] [center][title]&ZIGGS&[/title][/center] [highlight]Difficulty:6[/highlight] A fun opponent. His main damage is his bouncing bomb, which is long range and spammable. His other skills are mostly utility. Take boots and dodge. His farm is better, but you push better. He is a 6 because of his ult. Its hard to dodge at close range and does quite a bit of damage. If you can grab this guy with your ult, he should die. His satchel charge lets him jump walls and will knock you out of your ult. An interesting thing is that if he puts his satchel under you and you ult, it will explode by itself. All in all, fairly straight forward. Warn people when he is lvl 6 because of its range. *UPDATE* His mana costs were improved. This could be a problem. Will investigate. [center][img=champ/zilean.png][/center] [center][title]*ZILEAN*[/title][/center] [highlight]Difficulty:6[/highlight] His early game is very powerful. His bombs have huge range and hit like a truck. The damage falls of later, but early it makes trading a pain. Other than that, not much. His speed boost makes him hard to catch, he can double bomb you for extra damage. He can place his bomb on your voidling, which tends to follow you. His ultimate will let him survive your ult, but you can probably ult him before he does his. Never ult him when the hourglasses are around him. Later he is more of a support. Fairly rare to see mid lane. [center][img=champ/zyra.png][/center] [center][title]*ZYRA*[/title][/center] [highlight]Difficulty: 5[/highlight] Zyra is the newest champ. Her skills all have decent range and damage, but when combined give her brutal combos. Her plants allow her to farm like a machine if she so chooses, or she can use her seeds to zone a minion wave. Her damage is nothing to scoff at, but it requires her landing her full combo, though that isn't particularly hard with her root. Against Malz though, she may struggle. Her range is not enough to catch a Malz who only farms with visions. Her ult may knock you out of yours if she cast first and her passive can get her revenge. But, malz is stronger earlier and can farm safely. I have yet to test the interaction between her plants and your visions. Wow, that took a while. More AP characters than I thought.

For this I am assuming that the opponent is not mid. For bruisers I will talk about how to keep them off of you in teamfights. For tanks, how to counter intiate them. For known junglers, how to survive their ganks. As for AD and support, you won't see much of them unless you gank bot lane. They dont come out to play until teamfights start happening. You cant really stop an AD carry unless you ult them, so I will talk about early countering and surviving teamfights. [center][img=champ/alistar.png][/center] He is a tank who goes bot support or jungler. He has two really nasty CC moves. If he jungles, dont push 'cause his ganks suck. He doesn't do a lot of damage though. If he is support, you wont see him until teamfights. Don't let him catch you. His ult allows him to escape from your ult so dont bother ulting him. *UPDATE* Heal costs greatly increased and his passive was weakened. This slows his jungle and hurts his supporting power. Still a rough match up because of his godly CC. [center][img=champ/amumu.png][/center] Another tank who jungles. His early jungle is weak, so maybe try to team attack him at lvl 1. His ganks are ok but get much better once he has his ult. In teamfights, his goal is to use his bandage toss to lead into his ult. If he didn't grab you, lay down the null zone and ult him before he ults. He doesn't do much damage, but his tears will start to add up. [center][img=champ/ashe.png][/center] AD carry. Her ult arrow is a good initiate and she may launch it at you from bot lane during mid game. Her damage isn't the best, but her arrow slow makes her hard to catch. Early ganks may not work with her kiting ability. If you see her scouting bird fly over, immediately retreat to safety. Her volley is her only ranged skill, and it doesn't pass through targets, so stay behind people. You may be able to sneak up on her because of her range. [center][img=champ/blitzcrank.png][/center] A very dangerous tank. His CC is legendary. He usually goes bot lane, but sometimes he jungles. His grab is really bad news and will almost always result in your death. He is also really speedy and can get into position quick or flank. Be careful for over the wall grabs. A bad tank to ult because his passive gives him a shield, but if you know its been used go for it. His damage is surprisingly good. [center][img=champ/caitlyn.png][/center] AD carry, and real bad news for you. Her range is the highest base range in the game and her piltover skill and her ult go even farther and deal really good damage. She is troublesome for you because she can totally kill you in a 1v1. Ganks are a good, but she tends to trap her lane and she has an escape. Tough for you, but her late game damage isn't the best, so try and help your team get kills in other lanes. *UPDATE* Ult range increase and a faster net firing. This gives her better gank survival. She is still a pain for you. [center][img=champ/chogath.png][/center] He actually may go mid, but mostly goes top or jungle. He is a disruptive tank whose ult makes him really hard to kill. But he is mostly a health tank, which is good for your null zone. His damage isn't the best, except for his ult which deals heavy true damage. Coordinate with your team to shut this guy down. He has a long range silence, which is really bad for you. He can feast off your voidling. [center][img=champ/corki.png][/center] An AD carry who is rather skill dependent. His auto attacks are good, but his ult gives him much more range with good damage. This makes your silence very effective. He has an escape, but ganks should still be good. If you ever see him Valkerye into a fight, ult him. He no longer has an escape spell. The range on his ult is crazy, but you can handle him. [center][img=champ/darius.png][/center] The new bruiser terror. He goes top or jungles. His ganks are pretty bad, but his damage is good. He is a bit soft for a bruiser and he can only run at you. If he does catch you it sucks, but silencing him will mess him up. Ulting is very effective on him since he has no escape spell if things go wrong. [center][img=champ/drmundo.png][/center] Almost exclusively jungles. He is a tank with bad ganks, but he does surprising damage. He tanks by having lots of health, so null zone plus ultimate is great for this guy. His ult gives him great health regen, so don't ult while he is ulting, which is rather often late game. He mostly damages by being on top of you, so run. [center][img=champ/draven.png][/center] New AD carry. He has a fairly spammable displacement skill, which is bad for your ult. His ult is global, which suck so make sure to move out of its return path if he got you. One of the more catchable AD carries since he tends to be too focused on catching axes. Very gankable early. [center][img=champ/evelynn.png][/center] So rarely played. She either jungles or roams around. Either way, her ganks are good since she will often be right on top of you. As I said earlier, once you have your ult you can mostly burst the stealth people down, so don't bother getting pink wards, they set you behind in cash. Just play it safe until level 6. She is mostly a fear factor in the game so just stay cool. *UPDATE* She has been completely changed. Her new skill set makes her much more viable while maintaining her assassin style. The stealth is now a permanent state that breaks when she attacks or gets within a short range of champs. She can bypass wards, but not the pink ones. This actually works well for you. You can silence her on the way in and nuke her. [center][img=champ/ezreal.png][/center] An AD carry, who is sometimes played AP mid. AP mid is not a problem for you. AD carry will be a bit annoying. His teleport gives him good maneuverability and his range with skills is good. Your silence will mess him up and he needs a good laning phase to do well later. His ult is global but loses damage for every unit it passes through, including your voidling. Dont recall in the middle of a lane. [center][img=champ/fiora.png][/center] Melee AD carry. She has good skills, but they are focused around countering melee characters. She will often jump on people so punish that. Her ult lets her tower dive even you, but once its over she is really vulnerable. Nothing special for you, you wont see her till a bit later in game. *UPDATE* Her ult will have a lower cooldown early game. That is a dangerous move for you, but unless she's jungling you wont see much of her early. [center][img=champ/gangplank.png][/center] Oh the parley crits. His damage is quite good and his crits can totally chunk most of your health. His ult is global. His eat orange skill lets him escape your ult on a short cooldown. This makes him unusually tough for you. A nasty bruiser, but not the tankiest one. Just play safe around him. [center][img=champ/garen.png][/center] He is really annoying. He does wicked damage early, has a silence and is really quick. He will stay top mostly, but if he comes in for you run for it. He has an execute, but you can ult him to hold him still. He falls of later, but early he is really dangerous. Dont feed. [center][img=champ/graves.png][/center] AD carry who does more damage if he jumps in your face for damage burst. He doesn't have much in the way of escapes and silencing him lowers his damage. One thing to watch for is his ult, it explodes beyond the impact point for great damage. Since he needs his skills, he falls off a bit later, but still is very dangerous. His tendency of jumping in makes ulting him more likely. [center][img=champ/hecarim.png][/center] A jungle bruiser who runs around really well. His disruption and damage in team fights is great and his CC is good. Because he relies on running around, catching him with your ult will really hurt him. His ganks are dangerous and hard to escape after he has his ult. Pretty tricky, but you can deal with him. [center][img=champ/irelia.png][/center] Better nerf her. She jumps around, has lifesteal and tenacity, deals true damage and her ult gives her range. However, she is only effective while attacking, so your suppress really shuts her down, especially since her tenacity doesn't help her get out early. You actually handle her really well as long as you have your ult. Save it for her and your team will thank you. [center][img=champ/janna.png][/center] A very dominant support. Her only heal is her Ult, but she has two displacement CC's and a powerful shield. She is a support I would suggest ulting in a team fight, before she has time to use her ult. If you kill her, her team loses a powerful skill. If you don't she will probably panic and activate it too early. She will knock you out of ulting someone else. [center][img=champ/jarvaniv.png][/center] A bruiser or tank who jungles or top lanes. His damage isn't the best, but he is hard to kill and his CC is good. His pull will knock you up and getting caught in his ult can be very devastating. However, he is vulnerable to your skills, especially if you ult him while you are outside his ult. But it may be more valuable to ignore him for other people. [center][img=champ/jax.png][/center] Top lane or jungle melee. He can jump in and cause havoc while still dealing good damage. He does take some time to burst people down and is vulnerable to your ult since he just jumped in. Very scary when fed. He isn't that survivable. [center][img=champ/jayce.png][/center] A new bruiser, who dabbles as an AD carry. He is actually very dangerous for you. His approach skill is followed up by a slow and sustained damage. You must keep him at range with your silence (very skill dependent). If you want to ult, don't let him knock you around with his hammer swing. His ranged poke is pretty good. [center][img=champ/karma.png][/center] Karma support will have less AP than solo lane Karma. Honestly, that makes her much less effective. Her lane is very open to being ganked since she only has a slow for CC. If she went solo lane, but not your lane, be careful when teamfighting since she will be much more potent. If she is making it hard to win fights, focus her down. [center][img=champ/kayle.png][/center] A damage dealing support, kinda like a karma. She deals good damage while providing good utility, especially with her immunity ult. She can burst you down rather easy if well built. Her ult will protect the person you ulted from most of your damage. Problematic champ for you. [center][img=champ/kogmaw.png][/center] AD hyper carry. Very squishy with no escape, but his ranged poke is intense. Shut him down early or else he will be really deadly late. If he ever wanders too far forward, ult him immediately. Even if you get focused, you held him still for a while. *UPDATE* His ult can stacks its mana cost more. Its still terrifying poke, but if you can dodge it you can make him go OOM. [center][img=champ/leesin.png][/center] A top lane or jungling bruiser. He does good sustained damage and is very maneuverable. His ganks are pretty scary and his ult kick stops your ult. On the other hand, he tends to not build much resistance, prefering to rely on his ability to jump around. This makes him vulnerable to your ult combo, but without your ult you are probably dead. Your voidling can intercept his Q spell. He may decide to jump to the voidling just to get closer to you but hey, you didn't take the damage. [center][img=champ/leona.png][/center] A bot lane support tank. She has two stuns, one being spammable. She doesn't do much damage, but her CC is great. Her sword throw is a very effective approach. Ulting her is probably a good idea since she isn't the beefiest and leaving her active gives her team a lot of CC. If you don't ult her, she has two ways of stopping your ult. Very annoying and scary in the right hands. [center][img=champ/lulu.png][/center] Lulu support is just like mid lulu, but with less damage. Given the amount of utility she provides, this isn't much of a problem for her. She still has many ways of screwing with your team and giving you trouble. Try not to Ult right next to your target because she can ult your target and knock you back. [center][img=champ/malphite.png][/center] He's a tank who jungles or goes top. His ganks are pretty bad until lvl 6. His ult is one of the best initiates in the game, but as long as he doesn't hit you specifically you can lay down your anti tank combo. He almost always stacks armor because it scales with his e spell. This makes him quite a bit softer for mages to kill, like you. [center][img=champ/maokai.png][/center] This tree lives in the jungle. His ganks are good with an approach snare. He does surprising damage until later when it drops off. He is very disruptive and he does have a short ranged knock back. Try not to ult while in his ult, or someone in his ult. It cuts your damage and will amplify the damage of his ult. [center][img=champ/masteryi.png][/center] He jungles or lanes, but is very easy for you to deal with in teamfights. He has to run right at your team and hopefully start killing. But he cant do that once you ult him. Your ult directly counters his ult by forcing him to hold still. If he is smart, he wont activate until the fight has become disorganized. But even then, you can ult him for tons of damage. [center][img=champ/missfortune.png][/center] An AD carry who is actually pretty dangerous mid game. She is really fast, but has no escape spell. Her range is a bit short, but her skills will probably reach you. Be very careful if she hasn't used her ult. If you ult someone, and she ults, you are going to eat a lot of damage. *UPDATE* Her slow is stronger now. This may be an issue, but probably not. [center][img=champ/nami.png][/center] Shes a support with heal and CC. She is actually really hard to deal with since she can support from surprisingly far away. She also has two ways of interrupting your ult, one on a fairly short cooldown. She will protect well from ganks, heal out your poke and prevent your ult. Just an unpleasent support to deal with who can really effectively protect her friends. [center][img=champ/nasus.png][/center] Top lane late game terror. Definitely a lane worth ganking since you don't want his early laning to go well. He doesn't have much to scare you beyond his damage, but his damage can get really crazy if he got fed. His range is short, but he has some very nice slows. His ult gives him a lot of health. Suppressing him is very effective, but he doesn't often jump in alone. [center][img=champ/nautilus.png][/center] A tank with lots of CC who mostly jungles. He has 4 CC skills, two of which cancel your ultimate. He is quite slow, but his CC makes his ganks scary. His grab draws him in and the target back, so you may not be able to take advantage of his initiate before his team shows up. He isn't the beefiest tank, so you can be helpful for bursting him down. *UPDATE* His early damage and cooldowns were nerfed. Thats ok, but he can still CC from here to next week. [center][img=champ/nidalee.png][/center] AD bruiser Nidalee is much less dangerous to you. She relies on her panther form for damage, but its range is very short. The cat is very mobile, but if you catch her she is in trouble. Honestly a very boring enemy who your ult just decimates. [center][img=champ/nocturne.png][/center] THE Jungler. His kit is really good for the jungle. His ult gives him one of the best ganks in the game, but even without it his speed makes his ganks dangerous for you. He deals good damage, but tends to be a bit squishy. Watch for his spell shield as that will block your ult if you are unlucky. [center][img=champ/nunu.png][/center] A bot support or jungler. His ganks are ok and that ice ball really hurts. His main threat is his ult. Your silence will stop that. I honestly wouldn't ult this guy. His threat is very little later without his ult and he doesn't provide much utility. *UPDATE* He know jungles faster and better. Also, you need to shut down his ult faster since the Damage cap when interrupted is higher. [center][img=champ/olaf.png][/center] A very powerful bruiser. His axe gives him range and he deals more damage while low on health. Never ult this guy, his ultimate lets him escape from it. He can very easily penetrate to the back line and mess stuff up. Bad match up for you. [center][img=champ/pantheon.png][/center] He has a stun, which is very bad for you. His ult lets him get way in your space, even though it is very obvious. His damage drops late game, but mid he is very scary. His shield will block a tick of your ults damage, but he is still suppressed and will take the rest of it. [center][img=champ/poppy.png][/center] Rarely seen, but very dangerous for you. She excels at getting to the squishies and dealing tons of damage. Her ult can make her immune to you, or it can make her deal more damage to you while still letting you hurt her. Ulting does work on her, but she is really quick and may roll you into a wall and chunk all of your health before you get a chance. [center][img=champ/quinn.png][/center] Hey, they finally finished the alphabet. As an AD carry, much more catchable. If she wants to stay away from you, she can. But her bird form gives her an incentive to move forward, increasing your chance to snag her. She's fairly deadly, but its mostly just another AD carry for you. [center][img=champ/rammus.png][/center] A tank who jungles with great ganks. His rolling move makes him unexpectedly speedy. If he taunts you, consider your self dead. He does have to run in, but don't ult him when he goes into defensive curl. His ball will stop your ult, but he normally starts a fight with it. [center][img=champ/renekton.png][/center] A bruiser who can jump on you, stun you and devour your health. He mostly tries for kills in his own lane. His ult gives him more health, so he may survive your combo. Later his damage drops and he becomes a stun bot. His stun is on a low cooldown, so he is rather annoying for you. [center][img=champ/rengar.png][/center] New bruiser jungler/top lane. He is bad news for you. He has a ranged slow and a leap skill, as well as good burst and sustained damage. His stealth will usually result in him jumping you. Very rough for a no escape mage. He is very skill dependent, so keep him away with your silence if you can. [center][img=champ/riven.png][/center] A bruiser or jungler. Her ganks aren't the best, but she is very mobile and deals good damage. She does have two ways of stopping your ult, but is rather vulnerable to it herself. Her shield is surprisingly powerful and her ult gives her an execute. She is actually very dependent on her skills, so your silence hurts her a lot. Very dangerous if well played. [center][img=champ/sejuani.png][/center] She almost exclusively jungles. Her ganks pre-6 are mostly slow dependent, after 6 she has a ranged stun. She has to run up to you to slow you, but once she does you probably aren't getting away. As a tank, she is primarily a health tank, so your null zone works very well on her. Just be careful of her initiate, its hard for you to deal with it. [center][img=champ/shaco.png][/center] So annoying. His ganks are hard to deal with, but if you start running early, you should get away. AP is probably more dangerous for you since the traps can really kill you. He is very vulnerable to your ult, just make sure you don't ult his clone. [center][img=champ/shen.png][/center] This guys suck for you. He does surprising damage and is really tanky. He has a shield and a taunt, but the worst part is his ultimate. Even in lane he may shield and save your target, messing you up immensely. You just don't have the CC to deal with this guy. Your tank melting combo is effective, but he may still surivive. [center][img=champ/shyvana.png][/center] A bruiser who usually jungles. Her clear speed is great, but her ganks are weak. Her only CC is her ult, which can knock you out of your ult. She is very quick and deals sustained damage. Silencing her may not work since she is auto attack dependent and usually has her flame aura active. SHe is pretty tough for a bruiser, but your combo does good damage all the same. She does tend to get a some MR though. [center][img=champ/singed.png][/center] A tank who does not die. He is very weak early, but just gets tankier as the game goes on. His flip will mess up your ult, but other than that just stay out of his poison. He is very quick, so ulting him can work well if your team can actually kill him. Most of his tankyness comes from his ult, so go for him when its down. [center][img=champ/sion.png][/center] He can stun you, but he has to walk WELL into your death range to get to you. And he can heal the damage if you don't kill him. He is an exceptionally boring foe. [center][img=champ/sivir.png][/center] An AD carry who excels at chasing. Pretty standard, but her skills give her good range. She has a spell shield, so watch for that. No escape, so early ganks are effective. [center][img=champ/skarner.png][/center] A jungle tank who is surprisingly fast. You cant shake him once he catches you and his shield makes him even harder to kill. His ult suppresses and will pull you into his team, making it very dangerous. He is vulnerable to your tank melting, and it is worth it because he deals good damage over time. Watch for his ganks, they hurt. [center][img=champ/sona.png][/center] A support. Not worth ulting. Her only CC is her ult, which you may be out of range of. Honestly, she is mostly for the very powerful early laning. Her heal just isn't enough later and her auras aren't that great. Leave her alone unless she is all by her lonesome. [center][img=champ/soraka.png][/center] A support who is more troublesome for you late game. Her ult is a global heal which can mess up your early kills. She has a passive MR buff and she can silence you. If she hasn't ulted yet, it may be worth ulting her, but her damage is pretty weak. AP mid soraka exists, but just farm safely. [center][img=champ/talon.png][/center] Hate this guy. His burst is ridiculous, and his full combo has a silence and an escape built into it. Never let this guy get fed. If he does, always focus him. His silence jump has huge range, but your silence out ranges his. Very annoying. [center][img=champ/taric.png][/center] Support tank with a heal. He is good in lane, but he is kinda like a leona with less CC. His kit seems geared towards damage and armor buffs, but in my experience his heal and stun are more relevant. NOt really worth ulting because of his low presence. Just make sure he cant stun you out of your ult. [center][img=champ/teemo.png][/center] He has a global taunt; don't fall for it. Teemo is very short range and squishy, so he has to run into danger unless you are stupid and chase him. He is very speedy, so catch him with your ult later in teamfights. The only case i would ever suggest getting a [imgsmall=items/oracles-elixir.png]. Not for his stealth, but for his mushrooms. You need the freedom of movement without worry about having your position revealed. [center][img=champ/thresh.png][/center] Oh does he become a problem late game. Try to gank and end this one fast. He has TWO CC's to interrupt and/or catch you with. So thats fun. Also a shield. Hes a big brick wall to your front lane and can fuck with your team strategy, making it very hard for you to do anything safely. Silence him if you can. [center][img=champ/tristana.png][/center] An AD carry who gets really scary late game, but has an atrocious mid game. Her jump gives her an escape an her ult will push you around. But her jump isn't the best escape and once you catch her she is in trouble. Don't let her get fed, or late game will be terrible. Her range later is huge, she can shoot turrets from beyond their range. [center][img=champ/trundle.png][/center] A jungler who can be a bruiser or a tank, depending on how he builds. As a tank, he still deals good damage, but is rather soft unless he has placed his ult on someone tanky. His ganks aren't the best, but his pillar may force your flash. He has to run into your team, so your tank melt combo is very effective. He can tower dive very well, so watch for that. [center][img=champ/tryndamere.png][/center] A melee carry who is really scary later. He can totally 1v5 your team. He may jungle, but his ganks suck. You actually do very well against him. He relies on his ult to save him, but your ult can be activated while he cant die. If you time it for the end of his 5 second cant die, it will steal deal good damage and make it very easy for your team to focus him. Or you can ult him before he ults. Either way, not to troublesome for you. [center][img=champ/twitch.png][/center] Another stealth. He is like a slower evelynn who deals a lot more damage. He can jungle or go AD carry. His ganks are scary, but he is soooooo squishy. You can ult him down really easy. He is so immobile but can slow you, so just stay and fight him, don't bother running. Again, dont get the pink wards, just melt him. His ult can be scary, but you can dodge it. *UPDATE* The stealth change to him was less than eve. He can still get right on top of you, but his duration is much shorter. An interesting change was to his slow skill. He is much more likely to lead in with it, which can be a problem if you are planning to run. [center][img=champ/udyr.png][/center] A very common jungler. He takes oodles of damage in his turtle stance and his bear stance gives him a stun. He does have to run at you though, so try to kite him. You probably cant kill him early, but he doesn't do that much damage later. Still, he has a freakishly spammable stun. Since he is so dependent on running, your ult messes him up, especially if he wasn't in his turtle stance. [center][img=champ/urgot.png][/center] An AD carry who becomes more of a bruiser late game. He can actually play any lane since his early game is so dominant. The key to dealing with urgot his avoiding his E spell. He cant target you if you dodge that. His early poke is crazy, but later he becomes more utility. Watch out for his position swapping ult. He can put you in a very bad position and mess up your ult at the same time. [center][img=champ/varus.png][/center] A new AD carry who can be played mid, though I haven't seen it. His range is good and his ult is a long ranged snare. But he relies on his skills to maximize his damage, so your silence messes him up. He also lacks an escape, so an early game gank could be very effective. [center][img=champ/vayne.png][/center] An AD late game hyper carry. If she farmed well, she can absolutely destroy your team. She has a knockback, which stuns if you get knocked into a wall. She has an escape but her tumble isn't the best escape and doesn't take her far early game. You must shut her down early. Her range is short, so your targeted spells are good against her. [center][img=champ/vi.png][/center] While she is more impressive than the underwhelming zed, I still don't see her adding much to the game. She is a decent bruiser who CAN jungle. She has a good approach and damage. But even though she has two ways of interrupting your ult, she will probably not save them for you. You can zone her and nuke her like a lot of other bruisers. No biggie. [center][img=champ/volibear.png][/center] A jungle tank. He has good ganks with his fling and does way too much damage with his execute skill. He does have to decide between being tanky, or dealing damage. His passive heals him when low, which may save him from your ult. Still, very worth ulting him if he decides to rush into your team. [center][img=champ/warwick.png][/center] Jungle bruiser, but sometimes goes top lane. He has plenty of lifesteal from his auto attacks, so silencing him may not be to effective. He is rather quick as well and can track you at low health. His ganks are weak without his ult, but its a suppression ult so be careful. Your ult will lock him out of his ult, so watch for that in team fights. [center][img=champ/wukong.png][/center] Bruiser. He jumps in, hits people, walks out with his clone escape. Annoying but not to bad. His ult has knock up, but any stun stops him. The main thing to watch for is his clone, you can Ult his clone which is a total waste. ALso, a fed wukong can be very dangerous. [center][img=champ/xinzhao.png][/center] A jungler, who either does crap ton of damage, or none but is really tanky. His ganks are dangerous if he jumps you, so try to lead your silence. He can do crazy damage. If he decides to focus you, you are in trouble, but your ult can shut him down in a bad spot. Honestly, depends on the team and the player, but potentially devastating. [center][img=champ/yorick.png][/center] A bruiser who only goes top lane. His ghouls do good consistent damage and can attack you even if you ult him. He tends to be really beefy but still can put out a lot of damage. Don't kill him or anyone he has made a ghoul of until the ghoul fades. He has no escape, so locking him down works really well, as does your silence since he is skill dependent. [center][img=champ/zac.png][/center] I have tried this guy and don't have any big insights right now. He has a ranged stun for excellent jungle ganks like amumu and his ult is a big problem for you. Don't tempt him by pushing, you don't want him coming to visit. Also, his passive means nuking him down may not be the end of him, but his four mini blobs are much easier to kill than anivia's egg, so you might still get him. [center][img=champ/zed.png][/center] AD Assassin. He doesn't have a big approach, he doesn't have great burst. He does have good sustained damage, but no decent CC. No problem for you. I haven't seen any mid lane and he makes a poor ganker in my opinion. So, you can handle him. He may jump out of your call and null zone, but he can't dodge the rest of your combo.

Man, this took forever. I had no idea making a complete guide took so long. I know there are some typos, and the item section could have been better. But I feel that the champion matchups and general tips are the most important part of any guide. Hopefully this guide will inspire more people to try out Malzahar. He is a truly viable champ who can truly help dominate a game. Good luck summoners. Keep an eye open for other Mage guides I may make. Since I have written this, latter matchup sections should be less tedious. Leave a comment about what you thought, especially if you down vote me.

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