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Where There's a Will, There's a Hue: Top Lane Mordekaiser

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[center][b]Every section of this guide is updated and current as of March 29th, 2015, on patch 5.6.[/b][/center] [big]About Me[/big] Hello! I am Kuralesache. I have been playing Mordekaiser since Season 1, and fully maining him since sometime in Season 2. I had about 400 games as Mordekaiser in ranked in Season 2 on an account with the summoner name \"Kuralesache\", with a peak Elo of 1650. In Season 3, I made a second account to play Mordekaiser on exclusively, with the summoner name \"nĂºmero1enBrasil\", which peaked at Diamond 3 and has over 2k ranked games played as Mordekaiser. In Season 5, I play Mordekaiser as top, mid, or bot lane carry. I don't think he is necessarily stronger in any single lane, but you have to adapt and play him differently for every lane you're in. In this season, laning is not quite as important as it has been in the past, and games tend to last much longer. It's important to farm well and play safe in every lane, but you don't have to do anything extraordinary - just makes sure you aren't falling behind in gold. This season, I have found that my builds have less variety overally, and there is a strict build path that I can follow every game. There is only one variation, and that is a matter of preference, depending on how much you like cooldown reduction. If you want CDR, you can use CDR glyphs and buy a Morellonomicon in the midgame, otherwise, you can get Magic Penetration glyphs and skip the Morellonomicon altogether. I realize that I have put a lot of information in this guide, but if you want to really master Mordekaiser, there's a lot of information that you need to know that I can not provide in the general information sections, so I recommend reading the guide through at least once, and referencing it often between games to gain insight to my playstyle - the way I believe Mordekaiser should be played optimally. If you have any questions about this guide, about Mordekaiser, or about League of Legends in general, please contact me! Stream: Facebook: Youtube: Twitter: E-Mail: You can also post comments on this guide and I will try to reply to them. [big]Who Is Mordekaiser?[/big] To help you understand this guide, here are the core tenets of Mordekaiser that should drive your build decisions and playstyle when you play him. [b]Mordekaiser has to work around his health costs.[/b] Mordekaiser's basic abilities cost health, which requires any of a number of specific adaptations in play. It is possible to get around this with careful use of your spells, by buying potions, getting a Hextech Revolver, or getting Spell Vamp Quintessences. SV Quints are the most efficient way to deal with this, because they do not use up item slots or cost any gold. [b]Mordekaiser relies on dealing spell damage to be tanky.[/b] Because of Iron Man, the best way to stay tanky and still remain threatening is simply to build damage. However, no matter how much AP you build, if you are getting CCed or bursted instantly, you will not be able to build the shield necessary to survive in teamfights, or to block poke. If you feel like it may be a problem, you must position yourself carefully, or use tank items and CC reduction options to keep yourself useful. [b]Mordekaiser does not generally scale as well with health as with resistances.[/b] Because Mordekaiser has a shield and a heal (his ultimate heals him), he has a lot of effective health in teamfights already. Building resistances will often make you tankier than building health, because the damage your shield takes will be reduced if you have armor or magic resistance. Try to itemize resistances before health items if you know what kind of damage you are going to be taking, especially in lane, when it is easy to get your shield full off of minions. [b]Mordekaiser is a burst caster.[/b] Mordekaiser can deal a lot of damage all at once, and relies on unleashing his full combo to deal damage. He is not a poke champion, and he is not a utility champion. He has some capability to poke and to protect, but your build and your mindset must be about killing squishy or high-priority targets, and doing it quickly. [b]Mordekaiser is a duelist.[/b] Mordekaiser can comfortably fight a lot of bruisers in 1v1 situations, assuming reasonably close levels of farm. This is because the shield from Iron Man, the armor and MR from Creeping Death, and the healing from Children of the Grave make him ridiculously tanky, and two of his spells work in close range, making his melee damage very high. He doesn't beat everyone, but he does much better than most AP carries, which makes him a good candidate for solo pushing lanes. [b]Mordekaiser is an area damage caster.[/b] All 3 of Mordekaiser's basic abilities can deal damage to multiple targets. You should try to hit as many targets as possible when you are in a fight, including minions, because it will build your shield and help you trade effectively. If you are fighting in lane and you are not worried about pushing your minion wave, you should aim to build shield by hitting minions with your spells whenever you trade with your opponent. In teamfights, hit as many champions as possible with each of your spells to maximize your damage and tankiness.

Mordekaiser really shines as an aggressive splitpusher, but he can be very powerful in teamfights as well. Choosing one or the other is largely a matter of preference, but I recommend mastering both. [title]Splitpushing[/title] Splitpushing simply means pushing a lane while your 4 teammates are in another lane. It can seem mindless, but even while splitpushing it is very important to work with your team. You cannot push a lane by yourself if the rest of your team is not applying pressure to another lane. The reason splitpushing works is because you will draw 2 people to your lane to stop you, and the rest of your team should be able to win the 4v3 in another lane. Because you're expecting a 1v2, you need to ward carefully, and be very aware of the positions of your opponents. Generally, you want to splitpush either bot or top, because they are harder for the enemy team to defend. If you are able to take your lane opponent's first tower without much resistance, you are probably going to be able to take their second tower the same way, so you can keep pushing top. In that case, you are most likely to face the enemy top laner and jungler 1v2. Ward carefully and play safe, but be aggressive enough that you are a nuisance to the enemy team. Sometimes, it can be a better idea to switch to bot instead. Perhaps you don't feel safe taking an Inner Turret, and want to just go for the safer Outer Turret instead, or maybe your bot lane is losing and you want to give them a safe lane to farm elsewhere. Maybe you yourself are losing, and cannot push against your top lane opponent. Ask to go bot, and if your bot lane agrees, start pushing. In bot lane, you are most likely going to face an AD carry and support 1v2. At this stage in the game, you will have more pushing power than the two of them, but you probably cannot engage them. Play carefully, and focus on farming - your AD carry will have an easier time farming than theirs, and your team should win the 4v3 on the rest of the map. If the support leaves the lane, you may be able to fight the AD carry 1v1, but you must be sure. The safest thing to do is just to push and let their tower slowly whittle away. As the game keeps going, people will switch lanes around. Be sure you know who you are pushing against in a lane, and build items that help you fight them. If you are pushing an empty lane, ping your team to be careful not to start 4v5 engagements, and take as many towers as you can. If your team does begin to fight, you may be able to take an inhibitor, or perhaps you can join the teamfight if you move at the right time toward the fight. Splitpushing takes a lot of skill, but you can solo carry games if you get strong enough and take an inhibitor in a lane by yourself. People panic when they see their towers going down, and you will force your opponents to make careless plays as long as you keep applying pressure in a lane. [title]Grouping[/title] If you see a better chance for your team in 5v5 situations, you can group with your team and try to fight for objectives together. This does not mean you follow your team around constantly, but you should synchronize your actions with your teammates. Place yourself near contested objectives and farm minions or jungle camps near there. Recall to buy and heal when your teammates do, and place wards near dragon or baron if you need to. Teamfighting is mostly about setting up favorable situations for teamfights, which means that farming, warding, keeping your lanes pushed, and coordinating your team in preparation for a fight are even more important than what you actually do in each teamfight. Make sure you catch big waves before they reach your towers, and be there when you think the enemy is going to go for a tower, or for Dragon or Baron. Mordekaiser is very good for keeping enemy minions off of your towers, because he can use his shield to extend a little farther to keep the minions from hitting the tower at all.

Mordekaiser's lategame is very similar to his midgame, but splitpushing becomes less of an option as more towers go down. As it becomes more and more difficult to splitpush, you will find yourself grouping more often, and teamfights will become a bigger part of the game. Try to orient your build toward that. Be sure to know your role - is your team relying on you to start fights? If so, build some tankier items for the lategame - Zhonya's Hourglass, Guardian Angel, Rylai's Crystal Scepter. If not, you can keep your build a little more damage-oriented. Know your role, and build/position accordingly.

When a teamfight actually breaks out, you must be ready and know what to do. There are two basic patterns that you will follow, depending on how strong you are compared to the enemy team, and how tanky you are. If you are weak or you have most of the gold on your team, you must play more carefully so that you don't die without doing anything useful. Use Creeping Death on the target that the enemy team is focusing, and try to land Siphon of Destruction on whoever your team is focusing, or just on as many targets as possible. You are naturally tanky because of Iron Man, but you should still play carefully in the early stages of a fight, while Ultimate abilities and Crowd Control are still up. Once large cooldowns start being blown, you need to find low health or high priority targets and start taking people out of the fight. Use Mace of Spades, Flash, Ignite, and Children of the Grave on targets that you know are going to die. Be careful though, because using your Ultimate too early can make you useless, if you don't get a Child from it. If you are not as scared of getting instantly bursted, either because your team is stronger overall or there is less CC on the other team, your teamfight pattern can be more reckless. You can initiate with Creeping Death on yourself, and start hitting people with your spells just to build Iron Man. Whether you are playing as a carry from the backline, or as a bruiser initiator, you want to keep your focus on taking out high priority targets and on getting a good Child to use. Getting a single kill as Mordekaiser will change the game, as you can use the Child to tank a tower, Dragon, Baron, and deal tons of damage. Look quickly for objectives to take, as you have just 30 seconds to use the Child. Ping your team to keep moving, and keep your momentum going after you end a fight!

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