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Hello and thank you visiting this guide. I am from Garena SG/MY and love playing Nasus. Started playing League three years ago but still an average player. I started using Nasus after reading a guide by \"Steeleye70\". After countless of reading and times of playing using Nasus, I tried ranking with Nasus and what surprise me is I was able to get a straight 10+ win [forgot the exact number and dont have the proof though, it was way back in early season 4 and I didnt think of writing a guide at that time] . My love for Nasus started at that time and I started to do some research and experiment of Nasus gameplay which lead to this guide. Long story short, I make this guide to share my knowledge and the fun of playing Nasus . This guide is simply my opinion and how I play Nasus, you dont have to follow it 100% . Here is my Nasus rank stats. [img=]

Nasus is best defined as a tank with tons of damage at late game or mid game depending on your stacks. Even if your scores are bad but if you manage to gather at least 250+ stack by 20 minute, you should be able to pose a threat to the enemy. [center][b][big]Pros[/big][/b][/center] [center]Insane damage as a tank[/center] [center]Amazing splitpusher[/center] [center]Great passive[/center] [center][b][big]Cons[/big][/b][/center] [center]Terrible early game[/center] [center]Depends on farm[/center] [center]Kited easily[/center] [center]Weak against CC[/center]

For every matchup,[b] you should not risk killing a minion without Q[/b] [you receive damage but no stacks earned] . Be careful when your health is below 50% especially against those AD bruisers since using my runes and mastery setting will make you squishy. Try to freeze the lane so that you can gather more stacks plus surviving the lane. [b]Please do not ask a gank[/b]. A gank will attract enemy jungler, your lane will be pushed which will reduce the amount of stacks you can get before your first recall.

Always buy a ward everytime you recall so that you can splitpush better by having a vision of incoming enemy. If it is [b]more than 2 coming to gank you, tell your team to grab objective[/b] [dragon,turret, and etc] instead of saving you. Who knows maybe you are able to kill 1 or 2 enemy that came? If the [b]enemy team is pushing or trying to grab dragon instead of chasing you, always be ready to teleport into a teamfight[/b]. Never let your team outnumbered by the enemy. Of course, when you are splitpushing all the way to the enemy nexus and not a single enemy come to stop you, no need to teleport into that teamfight! lol

At this time, you are better off sticking with your team instead of splitpushing. Remember warding is still important and if an enemy is caught off guard either spotted by ward or on lane, go like crazy especially if their carries got caught . [b]Proceed with caution if the one got caught is their tank might be a trap. If it is, protect your carries at all cost, peel for them like crazy[/b].

Mid Game : Rush to the enemy carries if you are able to do so. Otherwise just peel for your carries. Late Game : [b]Peel for your carries first[/b] and try to wither the enemy ADC at the same time.

I appreciate feedbacks and opinions. This way I can improve my Nasus gameplay and this guide. Thank you for reading my guide.

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