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Top Lane Vladimir Guide

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Vlad is a tanky Ap mage champion that scales really well into late game where he can do a huge amount of burst damage in a short period of time. The only problem is that his early game is vulnerable, but he can manage through. Pros? -High damage -Sustain -Hard to gank -Fast wave clear -No Mana Cons?- -No cc -Weak early game -Weak to poke -Countered by hard cc

Levels 1-5 you want to just play safe and harrass the other laner with your skills while last hitting with autos. The playstyle varies depending on jungler ganks and who you are laning against. Levels 7-9, if the lanes even, you should start winning against most matchups unless you mess up or get ganked.

At this point, you are probably going to splitpush and push your lane to the enemies second turret, drawing pressure towards your lane. If you think you can't get the turret or keep harassing the other laner, you can look at other lanes and see if you can make plays, like diving mid lane or securing jungle buffs or dragon.

What I usually do during late game depends on how strong I am. If I am weak, I just splitpush and draw someone strong from the other team to my lane while my team 4 vs 4. If I'm strong, I make sure to shove a lane and group up with my team to secure objectives or catch people that are overextended.

In teamfights, I usually go for the ap or ad carrys, but there are times where you can ult the frontline and just burst them down to win fights. It also depends on who the carries are and if you think you can reach them or if you already have someone going for their carries and you can just help peel.

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