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Two heads are better than one [WIP]

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Hello! c: My name is redKind and I am diamond 4 (only temporarily though, diamond 1 inc. :P) Kindred main. I am uploading videos every week, so feel free to check them out and maybe subscribe? c: This guide is showing everything I am using in my ranked matches. Remember to think for yourself though, If you feel that something is better than my build, use yours ;) Check out my recorded matches to learn how to play Kindred: Good luck and have fun!

Rule number one when playing any jungler: 1. DON'T. WASTE. YOUR. TIME. Running around pointlessly will really put you behind. Gank lanes that you know you can kill, do not force ganks on pushed lanes. You can invade enemy jungle and maybe kill them at lvl 3 - 6, but you need to know the matchups.

If you did everything right in the early game, you should have the Devourer stacked or almost stacked and Ghostblade almost finished. At this point start farming more and play more carefully if you are not fed - many champions will have more damage than you in this stage of the game.

In before no late game in season 6. At this point of the game you should be thinking what to eat for dinner and finishing your coffee. In late game Kindred are finally more powerful than most tanky champions, thanks to passive, E and items. Stay with your team at all times, secure good vision and don't get caught.

Stay behind your initiators, kill whoever comes for your carries, try not to get poked to death. Use your ult only when you have more people in it than enemies - for example you are playing 2v4, it is better to start running away and kite them than to stand still and use your ult - after your ult it will be still 4v2, miracles doesn't happen (unless you have a Katarina in your team, then go ahead and spam laugh when you just won 4v2).

Kindred are really fun to play (are, not is, they are lamb and wolf, together Kindred c: ) and can be really carrying hard your SoloQ if played correctly. They do not fit in every teamcomp though, you need atleast 2 tanks and not more than 1 other ad-carry (if your team has Vayne top and Varus bottom, do not pick another carry in the jungle). It is a high skillcap and high reward champion - practice enough and think in your games, and, in my opinion, you will be able to win every game with them.

[b]Masteries[/b] Ferocity 18, Cunning 12 Ferocity: Fury > Double Edged Sword > Vampirism > Oppressor > Battering Blows > Fervor of Battle Cunning: Wanderer > Runic Affinity > Merciless > Dangerous Game [b]Item set:[/b] [img=]

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