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Nocturne Carrying from the Jungle

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Nocturne is played as an auto-attack physical damage dealing jungler. His strengths are dealing a lot of damage while applying pressure across the map due to his ultimate. Buy a mix of damage and tanky items on Nocturne to play him as either an split-pusher or assassin.

[b]Trinity Force[/b] - Trinity Force is good on Nocturne because pretty much every single stat is used and scaled well. Attack Damage - Helps deal more damage to secure kills. Nocturne's AD ratios aren't the best, but they aren't the worst either so this helps increase the damage of Duskbringer and Paranoia quite a bit. Attack Speed - Nocturne has a natural attack speed steroid from Shroud of Darkness ( W ) which is doubled when an ability is spell shielded. Attack speed is good on Nocturne since he is an auto-attack based champion because he relies on his auto attacks to do damage. More attack speed gives more damage in teamfights along with faster Jungle / Baron / Dragon clear. Critical Chance Strike - This is just a luck stat. 10% chance to do 200% damage from auto attacks. Since Nocturne is an auto attack based champion, this does really well with him for surprise damage whenever you get a lucky critical strike. Movement Speed - The movement speed bonus from Triforce works so well with Nocturne if you add it along with Duskbringer and runes. Having movement speed bonuses from Triforce, runes, and Duskbringer gives amazing chasing potential which helps secure kills. Nocturne already has strong base damage from the bonus AD from Duskbringer and the attack speed from Shroud of Darkness, so being able to stick onto your enemies to constantly apply your damage is important. If you tag an enemy with Duskbringer, you can just follow the trail, and in no-time you will be able to catch up to enemies. Having redbuff to slow your enemies makes it almost impossible for them to run away which can either result in a kill or a flash burned. I've found multiple times that while split-pushing, I was able to run away because of how fast I was whenever I was being ganked. Having multiple enemies trying to chase you down can give your teammates the chance to take objectives such as towers or dragon. Ability Power - This is probably one of the most useless stats on Triforce for Nocturne, but it still isn't THAT bad. Nocturne's Unspeakable Horror ( E ) has a 1.0 ratio which is very good. Health - Health is always nice. Helps you tank more damage to prevent yourself from dying. Simple. Mana - Nocturne isn't too mana thirsty, but I've found times that I've been almost out of mana after teamfights which the extra mana prevented me from going completely out of mana. Unique Passive - Rage - This passive gives EXTREME amounts of chase potential. Since Nocturne is an auto-attack based champion, this passive is almost constantly applying during fights. With this movement speed along with the movement speed from the base stats of Triforce and the bonuses from Duskbringer, enemies can almost never outrun you even with ghost. This makes applying Unspeakable Horror extremely easy. Nocturne has high consistent damage because of the bonuses from Duskbringer, so being able to stay close to your enemies to apply the damage gives great kill potential. Unique Passive - Spellblade - Nocturne does not have many spammable spells to constantly apply this. However, this passive makes it really easy to kill squishies such as the enemy Marksmen or AP Carry because of the crazy initial burst. Duskbringer along with Umbra Blades and Spellblade creates a massive burst that people do not expect. Spellblade is not as good on Nocturne as let's say an Ezreal or Irelia, but it is still really good. This stat also increases split-pushing power because it destroys towers. Other options for attack damage is Hydra or Bloodthirster. [b]Hydra[/b] - Hydra gives massive amounts of attack damage, but it does not give attack speed. I like mixing some attack damage with attack speed to maximize damage. Attack damage is also not needed as much because Nocturne's AD ratios are not too strong. Hydra is also used mostly for waveclear, but I think Nocturne has enough waveclear from Duskbringer and Umbra Blades. [b]Bloodthirster[/b] - I don't use Bloodthirster for the same reason as why I don't use Hydra. BT does not give attack speed, and also it needs to be stacked. Investing in too much Life Steal can be bad. Life Steal is a good stat for long fights to sustain your health. You don't want long fights. You want to assassinate the enemy carries before their team can come and help them. If you're teamfighting, chances are you won't be able to constantly auto attack the enemy carries long enough to heal your health back up. If you're looking for more health, buying flat health is the way to go. A little life steal is good to regain your health after small battles by healing off of a jungle camp.

I feel like Ghostblade is only good when the active is on. If you are split-pushing, you have the options to use the active on trying to kill an enemy, attacking a tower, or running away. However, with Triforce, your damage and mobility is consistent. You can take out towers faster because you have attack speed with Triforce along with Spellblade. If you have Ghostblade and you use the Active to kill an enemy, you do not have the extra movement speed after to run away from enemies who are probably on their way, and you do not have the bonus attack speed to help attack towers. If you use your Active to attack towers, you do not have the bonuses to run away or kill an enemy. Basically, I like Triforce better because just like Ranger's Trailblazer, it's more consistent.

[b]Early Game is roughly the first 0-10 minutes of the game.[/b] -First thing you should focus on level 1 is securing at least 2 buffs. -Either start Smite Gromp --> Blue --> Smite Red, or Grubs --> Smite Red --> Blue After your first 3 camps, you should base and buy Ranger's with some pots. Look for any gankable lanes, and if you do not see any, just simply start farming again. -Farm as much as you can. Go from camp to camp. Avoid doing Gromp unless you have smite up for it because the buff you get from it is strong. Be sure to also smite Wraiths so you can detect any wards. -Take the River Crab when you feel like there are not other important things to do. It gives decent gold along with river vision. -Get to level 6 as fast as you can, but do not ignore your lanes. Cover lanes if they need it, and gank lanes when you think they are not warded. Be careful of enemy counter ganks. If you think the enemy Jungler is in the lane you are trying to gank, then do not gank it if you cannot 2v2 or 3v3. -Try to avoid ganking when enemy creep waves are too big. -Look for towerdives. If your lane has a massive wave and the enemy is low, try to towerdive them wisely. Usually, if you are planning to be the one tanking the tower, throw Duskbringer first and see if it hits. If it hits, then you have a higher chance of the gank being successful. If you miss, then you won't agro tower and you can decide if you still want to continue with the dive or not. -Try ganking from the less obvious routes. Try going through wraith entrances and going around dragon / baron pit and through the tri-bush when ganking bot lane or top lane. [b]-DO NOT GET FRUSTRATED WHEN YOU CAN'T GANK A LANE[/b] 1. Do not force ganks too hard. If the enemy is too close to the tower with high amounts of health, don't bother unless you think you can burst the enemy fast enough. Just keep farming your jungle. Nocturne has faster clear times than most junglers, so he benefits from farming more than other junglers. 2. If your lanes are losing, and you can't gank for them, just soak up exp from your lanes when they die. This helps you get more farm to carry later on. 3. Use your time efficiently. Don't wait too long for ganks. If the enemy is playing like a p*ssy then they won't suddenly go man-mode and overextend. If you go for a gank and the enemy randomly moves farther away, then it's probably warded. If you can't gank, just go farm.

When using abilities, use this spell order. The time when you use W is dependent on the situation, but W is typically used in that order. R-->R-->Q-->E-->W Most people make the mistake of doing R-->R-->E-->Q-->W It's important to use Q before E because it makes the leash harder to run away from. If you're not level 6 or your ultimate is down, use the same combo except without R. and use Q --> E --> W Smartcasting is solely based on preferences. I do not smartcast anything on Nocturne. I like being able to see the range indicator for Nocturne's Duskbringer, and I do not want to accidentally misclick my E when trying to fear enemies. The only thing I smartcast on Nocturne is item slot number 1, which I keep for Blade of the Ruined King.

[b]Roughly 10-25 Minutes into the game[/b] -This is a good time to try to secure dragons. -Gank mid or bot lane, and then either push a tower afterwards or heads towards dragon. -Try to gain access to Scuttle Crab for River advantage. -Around 20 - 25 minutes, outer towers are usually taken down, and Marksmans really like to farm which causes them to overextend. If you have Blade of the Ruined King and Triforce or parts of Triforce, you can use your judgment to see if you can 1v1 them when they overextend. Look at the Mini Map and count how many people there are to make sure that they have no one to back them up before Ulting them and attempting to fight them. -If you don't see any gank opportunities, keep trying to farm and keep getting vision control. Make sure you keep track of the Dragon timer.

25-End Game -Around this time, Baron should be extremely easy for you to do. If you are winning the game, trade your yellow trinket for a red trinket. If you are losing, keep your yellow trinket because it can be valuable to gain vision of important areas such as Baron, so you can attempt a steal. -Keep looking for stray Marksman who are farming; they're the easiest to kill. Killing someone past 25 minutes puts a lot of pressure into the lane that you are occupying. -You can attempt to split-push if you feel that you are not as useful in the fight as you should be. Split-pushing is good because it forces someone to leave their team to 1v1 you, and Nocturne is an extremely strong 1v1 champ. If you feel that you cannot 1v1 an enemy because they are under tower, then you can also look to Ult back to your team if they start a teamfight causing it to be a 5v4 because someone tried to stop your split-push. -In teamfights, decide whether diving the enemy is worth defending your own carries. Ask yourself 1. How tanky am I? 2. How much damage do I do? 3. How much damage do my carries do? 4. Which team has the stronger front line? 5. Can I kill the enemy carries before they kill mine? -When split-pushing, Use Triforce Procs to take towers faster.

As stated earlier, -In teamfights, decide whether diving the enemy is worth defending your own carries. Ask yourself 1. How tanky am I? 2. How much damage do I do? 3. How much damage do my carries do? 4. Which team has the stronger front line? 5. Can I kill the enemy carries before they kill mine? -Sometimes using Paranoia just for the vision denial is very good especially in Jungle fights. -You do not always have to use the 2nd cast of R. -Make sure to land Duskbringer. It increases your damage significantly -Save Spellshields for the more important spells if you can. -Initiating by using Paranoia and instantly using Randuins Active on an ADC or a group of enemies can be devastating.

Nocturne can be played multiple ways. Decide which playstyle is the best, and build accordingly to which decision you made

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