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[S4] Evelynn the Solo Queue Goddess

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    Greater Mark of Magic Penetration (+0.87 magic penetration)
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    Greater Quintessence of Ability Power (+4.95 ability power)
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    Greater Glyph of Magic Resist (+1.34 magic resist)
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    Greater Seal of Armor (+1 armor)
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[center][highlight]HOW TO PLAY EVELYNN GUIDE HAS BEEN RELEASED, MAKE SURE TO SUBSCRIBE AND LIKE THE VIDEO IF IT HELPED YOU! (This video is from Season 2, I'll be releasing a Season 4 Updated Guide soon, make sure you're subbed![/highlight] [/center] [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BEUq2qMLR0s&list=UUSD70bGqRX4RekXSXP1FCDQ&index=0&feature=plcp[/youtube] [center][imgext=http://i.imgur.com/3gFbDfK.jpg][/center] [center][imgext=http://i.imgur.com/jnkCK.png][/center] [center]Hey there, I'm Xvs. Now you may be wondering, who the hell is this kid? I'm a Diamond 1 Mid player and in Season 2 I discovered Evelynn. She's an amazing mid as she can get cs really easily & her roaming potential is absolutely insane. Once she gets DFG & level 6, she is able to combo down almost anyone & is really a game changer. I also have a Youtube Channel and have nearly 5000 subscribers, I post videos weekly, mainly guides & commentaries. If you have a few minutes, please check it out @ www.Youtube.com/Xvslol[/center] Here are just some pictures of stats I've acquired on different accounts, Evelynn is viable at any elo & is definitely my champion of choice when smurfing or even playing her on my main account. She really is a pubstomper and with the correct build & playstyle, she can't be shut down. [imgext=http://i.imgur.com/SOoZW.png][imgext=http://i.imgur.com/BKjy7.png] [imgext=http://i.imgur.com/978KO.png][imgext=http://i.imgur.com/Vm1N0.jpg]

Here are the pros and cons of Evelynn. PROS 1. [+] Extremely High Mobility 2. [+] Extremely High Damage 3. [+] Great Peeling Capacity 4. [+] Easy to farm with 5. [+] Great at Ganking CONS 6. [-] Vulnerable to stuns 7. [-] Very Squishy DETAILED BREAKDOWN 1. Evelynn is extremely mobile due to her W spell and the Runes/Masteries I've provided you with, pair this with [imgsmall=items/sorcerers-shoes.png] and you'll be the person deciding the fate of the game with your ganks and huge plays. 2. [imgsmall=items/deathfire-grasp.png]+Ultimate+ Q & E Spam is just too much damage for almost any champion. You can nuke down almost anyone in a few seconds. If he's not dead, no problem! Just chase him down with the shield from your ultimate and your insane mobility! 3. Evelynn combined with [imgsmall=items/rylais-crystal-scepter.png] is just a slowing beast. Not only is her Q a damage ability that is spammable, with this item you'll be slowing everyone around you. Combine that with your ultimate and the slow from that, the enemy team won't be going anywhere near your AD Carry, and they won't be escaping as long as you're on them. 4. You can literally just spam your Q once you have a blue buff and farm all day like that, who needs last hitting when you can just mash that button & proceed to farm camps, then gank your other lanes! In all seriousness, your Q is a great spell to last hit with and barely requires any mana. If you can line up your hate spike with the minion and the enemy champion, you'll be getting CS while harassing and barely using any mana. 5. Your passive is just plain overpowered, you can run by any ward (not pinks) and just gank without the enemy suspecting a thing, they won't even notice if you're in lane or not, and if you were just there they'll think you're farming a camp or something. Take advantage of your high mobility and this passive to make huge plays and get other lanes fed. 6. If you're playing Evelynn and you get out of position, chances are that you'll be dead. A single stun is much more than enough to melt you down and remove you from the fight, so make sure that you're not too close to your team and not out of position. Be in a safe spot, not too far from your team or theirs and make sure that you're in position to nuke down someone on their team. 7. Evelynn is naturally squishy, so you have to play smart and take advantage of your mobility to dodge anything you can, once you get to level 6 you should be much better off though, seeing your ultimate adds a shield that absorbs tons of damage. Make sure you hit as many people as possible with your ultimate as it is a game-changer, the slows, the damage and the shield will enable you to dive their ad carries without a scratch.

You've got two options when it comes down to the runes with Evelynn. Here's the first option, more ability power oriented. [imgext=http://i.imgur.com/t1qvEMT.jpg] Here's the second option, gankstyle & mobile. [imgext=http://i.imgur.com/MJDsk.jpg] They're both really good, it really depends on your playstyle, try them out and find what you like best! I tend to switch out very often and just whatever one depending on my team composition & the other teams composition. If the enemy team has lots of CC and escapes, definitely go for the movement speed runes, if they're low mobility and not very CC heavy, just go for extra ability power. The health per level runes are a must for Evelynn in my opinion because you're going to be making many plays that do involve diving and taking chances, so every bit of health counts. You also want the magic penetration marks for obvious reasons, if people build magic resist you become pretty useless. Ability per level runes just make you scale even better than you already do, so go for them! The movement speed page is definitely a lot of fun if you ask me. It may not look like much but the movement speed bonus from this page will really help you catch up to enemies and just make those ganks so much easier. It'll also help you late-game when you really need to be quick to nuke down their carry before he murders your entire team.

[title][img=skills/evelynn/p.png] Passive: Shadow Walk[/title] [number]Evelynn stealths into the shadows only being seen by nearby enemy champions or true sight. While stealthed, Evelynn regenerates 1% of her maximum mana every second. Casting spells, taking damage or dealing damage reveals Evelynn for 8 seconds. [/number] [title]Explanation:[/title] Use this to your advantage, there are many ways to actually use this. Use it for ganking, use it to surprise your lane and come up behind him. Use it to regen your mana before engaging, be creative! There are so many things to do with this ultimate. You can run by green wards without being seen and you'll have that great surpise element. You're a deadlier ganker than Shaco with this passive. If you're playing against a hard lane, you should try to hit minions only when it's required (last hitting for example). You should be in stealth mode very often if you do this and you'll be able to reduce the amount of zoning/harassing the enemy champion can do. [title][img=skills/evelynn/q.png] Q: Hate Spike[/title] [number]Evelynn fires a line of spikes through a nearby enemy, dealing magic damage to all enemy units in its path. [/number] [title]Explanation:[/title] Spam this all day long, pretty much what makes Evelynn what she is. Be careful when using it early game as you will run out of mana quickly. Max this out first and use this all game long. There really isn't much more to say about this spell, make sure you're lined up with the minions and the enemy champion when using this in lane, you'll be able to get cs while harassing the enemy. When you're in team fights you should also position yourself in a way that this spell will hit more than one person in the fight. It isn't very difficult to do and you'll definitely get the hang of it when you play Evelynn. If you're able to catch their entire team and use your ultimate, dive in there and spam this spell. You'll have amazing tankiness because of the shield from your ult and it won't be difficult to melt down the enemies. [title][img=skills/evelynn/w.png] W: Dark Frenzy[/title] [number](Passive): Evelynn's spell hits on enemy champions grant her bonus movement speed for 3 seconds. This effect stacks up to 4 times. (Active): Evelynn removes all slows affecting her and gains bonus movement speed for 3 seconds. Champion kills and assists refresh Dark Frenzy's cooldown. [/number] [title]Explanation:[/title] Use this to go fast like a jeep and get out of sticky situations. It's good to use this when going for a gank, but keep in mind that this spell will remove you from stealth. Make sure that you only use it when you're sure you can get to the enemies without them being able to disengage from the fight. Using this spell will also make Evelynn ignore any movement impairing effects for 3 seconds. This means that if you get exhausted, you can use this and you regain your normal movement speed for 3 seconds. It's also wise to use this when poking enemies in lane as they'll have quite a difficult time try to hit you (depending on who you're playing against) and you should win the exchanges in the long run. You should be using this a lot but make sure you have it up for when their jungler ganks you. It's really easy to die when this spell is down & you're getting ganked so make sure you have good map awareness to avoid stupid deaths! [title][img=skills/evelynn/e.png] E: Ravage[/title] [number]Evelynn slashes a target twice, dealing magic damage with each strike. Evelynn then gains bonus attack speed for 3 seconds. [/number] [title]Explanation:[/title] Just something you want to use on cooldown, always spam this and your Q for maximum damage. It also increases your attack speed so make sure you use it first for maximum damage. You should be spamming this and your hate spike as much as possible. The damage isn't so insane but it definitely adds up, obviously if you're chasing a target and you don't have any way to slow him, use this on him first because the range is extremely low. I've caught myself missing out on a few kills because I start fighting with my Q when I catch someone, and they'll just flash away to their tower. [title][img=skills/evelynn/r.png] R: Agony's Embrace [/title] [number]Evelynn impales all enemies in the targeted area, dealing magic damage equal to a percentage of their maximum health and slowing their movement speed for 2 seconds. Evelynn siphons their pain, gaining a shield that grows in strength for each enemy hit and lasts up to 6 seconds. [/number] [title]Explanation:[/title] An amazing spell, the shield is just overpowered and when you combine this with a Deathfire Grasp, you can almost one shot any AD Carry/Support/AP Mid. Use this when enemies are grouped up, when you want to run away (As it slows enemies), also use it to steal kills and finally engage with it and Deathfire Grasp to literally one-shot people. I've also managed to steal baron using this spell, I'll upload a video and show you how overpowered this really is. Use this to steal buffs, you'll look really cool when doing so.

When you're playing AP Evelynn Mid, you want to max out Hate Spike (Q). It deals the most damage and scales really well, much better than your Ravage does (E). It's spammable and doesn't affect your auto attacks, you can use it while running around & kiting and you'll be dealing a huge amount of damage. Usually what I do is get Hate Spike at level 1, Ravage at level 2, Hate Spike at level 3, Dark Frenzy at level 4 and then I'll just max out Hate Spike. Obviously get your ultimate at level 6 but other than that always get points in hate spike. When you can't do that anymore, go for Ravage and when that's down, finish off with Dark Frenzy (W). It can be a good idea for you to get Dark Frenzy at level 2 instead of getting Ravage, but it's really preference and it depends on the enemy team's composition, their play style & how you're doing in lane. If you're playing versus a difficult lane, it may be a good idea to get this at level 2 instead of 4. This skill will almost make you immune to any gank. If you have good map awareness, it will be insanely easy to avoid these ganks, unless the flash on to you and snare you (that's just something that's quite difficult to predict). All in all, I prefer getting Ravage at level 2 but it really depends on what you're doing in lane, how you're doing and what their jungler's doing. If you find yourself being zoned early on, get the early Dark Frenzy (W) as you can be much more aggressive when you get it. If you have jungler support, you might as well get the early Ravage (E) because you'll be dealing much more damage and it'll be really easy to get a kill on the enemy. Make sure you communicate a lot with your jungler, he'll probably be your best friend this game. Anyways, just to summarize this. Level 1 : Hate Spike Level 2 : Ravage OR Dark Frenzy Level 3 : Hate Spike Level 4 : If you picked Ravage level 2, get Dark Frenzy, if you picked Dark Frenzy level 2, get Ravage. Level 5 : Hate Spike Level 6 : Agony's Embrace Level 7 : Hate Spike Level 8 : Ravage Level 9 : Hate Spike Level 10 : Ravage Level 11 : Agony's Embrace Level 12 : Ravage Level 13 : Ravage Level 14 : Dark Frenzy Level 15 : Dark Frenzy Level 16 : Agony's Embrace Level 17 : Dark Frenzy Level 18 : Dark Frenzy

Start with your [img=items/crystalline-flask.png][img=items/health-potion2.png][img=items/mana-potion.png] and get as much cs as possible with that. When you have enough gold, go back and get your [img=items/boots-of-speed.png][img=items/haunting-guise.png] components or even the entire thing if you have enough gold. Once you have that, go back to lane and get more of the cs, you can farm wraith camp and wolf camp really easily for that CS. Your goal is to rush the [img=items/haunting-guise.png] and the [img=items/deathfire-grasp.png]. When you are level 6, gank as much as possible. This is where the fun really begins. In between the [img=items/haunting-guise.png] and the [img=items/deathfire-grasp.png], it's a good idea to upgrade your [img=items/boots-of-speed.png] to [img=items/sorcerers-shoes.png]. Push the crap out of your lane and look for a gank, you can easily dive with your ult and [img=items/deathfire-grasp.png], it's just too easy. Next items are [img=items/abyssal-scepter.png][img=items/rabadons-deathcap.png] and a defensive item such as [img=items/guardian-angel.png][img=items/rylais-crystal-scepter.png][img=items/zhonyas-hourglass.png] Why pick these items? [imgsmall=items/sorcerers-shoes.png] You'll be roaming all day with these boots while shredding through health, you should be ganking as much as your jungler when you acquire these, make sure you don't fall off on cs though! Good balance is key to success! [imgsmall=items/deathfire-grasp.png] This item is ESSENTIAL on Evelynn, you can't play Evelynn without this. It will allow you to burst down almost any champion in the game. When you get this item, the real fun begins. You become a god upon buying the [imgsmall=items/deathfire-grasp.png] [imgsmall=items/liandrys-torment.png] You'll become a bit tankier with this and the spell penetration on it is great. The damage over time will be doing so much damage too when you acquire more AP & the slow from Rylai's. [imgsmall=items/abyssal-scepter.png] You're always in melee range of your opponents, why wouldn't you build this item? It gives you a great amount of ability power & reduces their magic resist! It's great for your team & great for you! [imgsmall=items/rabadons-deathcap.png] Who doesn't like to hit like a truck? Get this item to make you burst down people even faster, this item is an absolute must. [imgsmall=items/rylais-crystal-scepter.png] You'll be slowing people for days with this, and you'll be quite tankier too! It's an amazing item and you could even get this before getting the Abyssal Scepter, depending on what the enemy team is building & depending on their ability to focus you down! [imgsmall=items/guardian-angel.png] A second life is always great, after bursting down 3 of the enemy team's players you might go down, so get this and make sure you get the last 2 players when you've revived! DO NOT FORGET TO BUY TONS OF THESE [img=items/elixir-of-brilliance.png] They give your extra ability power and cooldown reduction! CDR is absolutely amazing for Evelynn! The more CDR you have, the more you can spam your hate spike and E. It's just phenomenal, I'll usually buy a [imgsmall=items/elixir-of-brilliance.png] right after getting my [imgsmall=items/deathfire-grasp.png] because that's when the real ganking begins.

Early game is quite a hassle, your first levels can be quite rough as you don't have much mobility, no escapes and your damage is quite low. You have to play it fairly safe and try to get as many minions as possible. Always remember that you're able to gank at any point of the game. Even though you're level 3, that doesn't mean that you can't go down to bot lane get that first blood. Keep your eyes open at all times for their jungler and the enemy teams positioning/hitpoints. As Evelynn, you can sneak out of your lane and go catch the enemy jungler when he's doing a camp & get an easy kill. The chances are he won't know you're around and in the early levels his health will be pretty low from killing all the camps! I like to check out the camps when my lane is pushed or when there aren't any minions to kill. It may seem like a waste of time but it can actually be very profitable for you and your team. You can start being a lot more aggressive in lane when you hit level 4 though, you'll have your increased movement speed ability that will allow you to poke a lot more and feel safer against jungle ganks. It will also be much easier for you to dodge any skill shots so you won't have to be as scared of those pesky snares/stuns. Try and farm as much as you can & get yourself Sorcerer's Shoes when you have ~800 gold. Don't forget to get a potion or two while you're at it. Wards never hurt either, even though your movement speed is outrageous you still have to be cautious with ganks. When you hit level 6 it's much easier to duel people in lane & gank. Try and get to that level as soon as possible, you'll become the most valuable player at that point of the game. The slow from the ultimate will also help with ganks on you or ganks that you'll be doing yourself.

[img=items/deathfire-grasp.png] Deathfire Grasp + your ult = Godly. When you're in this phase of the game, you want to push your lane as hard as you can and gank when your minions are at tower (you don't have to wait for your minions to be at their tower, I'm just trying to say that you need to get as much cs as possible and look for any ganks) Don't hesitate when you're playing Evelynn. You're stronger than you think you are. You really don't have to wait for people to push to gank them. You can tower dive extremely well because of your ultimate + deathfire grasp & mouvement speed ability. Don't be scared of doing crazy things, usually they'll turn out really well and give your team quite a big advantage. You also need to act fast, you can't wait in a bush forever because that will just give your enemy mid-laner two options. The first one being to push really hard and get your tower down and the second one being (usually the scarier one) coming down to bot lane and cleaning up when your team and yourself finish diving their bot lane. Make sure you gank as much as possible, you should be ganking almost as much as your jungler is, while getting the most cs (or nearly) in the game. Get [imgsmall=items/sorcerers-shoes.png] for mobility & spell penetration, you'll be ganking more than a TF does. Something that I need to mention too is that Evelynn is more of a snowball champion. Getting assists on her is good but try and get as many kills as possible. This may sound very obvious but it's extremely important. If you don't get tons of kills, you won't be able to keep that huge advantage you have (the one where you're able to combo down anyone in the entire game in less than 2 seconds). That's why getting lots of creep score is extremely important and getting fed off who's out of position is too. Make sure you use your ultimate and deathfire grasp as much as possible. They should be used as fast as possible when they're up. The combo is usually a 100% kill so don't be scared of using it on someone who's out of position/warding/doing a camp/you know the deal.

You have so many options when it comes to late game. Try and get their jungle warded and get your team to ward it too. Wards will help you so much as you'll be able to catch people and make the game a 5v4 for quite a while. People tend to go do camps alone or just go for buffs but that's something they really shouldn't be doing against you. All you have to do is sneak up behind them, blow your cooldowns and he'll be dead. After that it's pretty much a 5v4, go get some towers/objectives. There's also always going to be that one person who is just slower than the team, you can easily catch him when he's following his team and just get out of any possible danger when he's dead by using your W ability. Just try and have the best vision possible and your job will be so much easier. Evelynn's late game isn't only good for catching people. You're an AMAZING team fighter. The shield from your ultimate is absolutely ridiculous and you'll be able to tank their team for days. Try and use this when the enemy team is grouped up and proceed to rushing in to them spamming your hate spikes. Obviously try and focus down the ad carry/ap carry on their team (or anyone who's fed). You can peel for your team extremely well seeing you should have a Rylai's Crystal Scepter [imgsmall=items/rylais-crystal-scepter.png]. You also want to be in stealth mode as much as possible. The enemy team can just focus the crap out of you with stuns and your job will be insanely difficult. You usually will want to let your team or their team engage before making an appearance (if you can engage with an ultimate on 4 or 5 people on their team, GO FOR IT!). It's also good for you to come from behind just to pick off their AD Carry if he has great positioning and your team can't get to him. Be swift, kill him and be out because chances are that their team will focus you down seeing your team is on the opposite side. If they don't turn on you, just keep destroying them! Also, your ultimate doesn't always have to be used to kill champions, I've stolen Baron with my ultimate a few times. Be confident about your choices and you should do well.

Try and focus down the AD Carry or AP Carry, either one that is out of position. Try not to get caught because stuns will shut you down insanely easy. It's easy to get out of sticky situations with your W and your flash but it's preferable to stay away from the team while they engage. Then again, Evelynn is amazing at engaging, your ult shields & slows all the opponents, making it really easy to catch someone or catch the entire team, which will make you extremely tanky for the fight. You should be able to combo down their carry in less than 1 second (not even kidding) and when that's done, either you go for other targets are pretty low or peel for your ad carry (your Q will slow them because of your Rylai's, trust me it's unbalanced) Something else to mention is your positioning and how you play when you're at objectives (towers, dragon, baron). When you're playing as Evelynn, you cannot let yourself be caught grouped up with your team in a small area. Make sure that you have wards out and that you check your map frequently, if the enemy team initiates on your team while you're doing Baron or Dragon, you'll be in lots of trouble. Disengage from baron/dragon when you see them approaching and let your team finis the work while you slow down the enemies by ulting. Don't ever forget that you're playing an assassin and you cannot let the enemies see you & know what you're up to. Use your W ability to get out of potential fights and re-engage when the time is right. The opposing team will be grouped up when coming for baron/dragon so that's a perfect opportunity to use your ultimate and get yourself a 1500 hp shield. Now, lets talk about towers. You're a very good champion to defend towers with & also push towers. You have amazing clearing abilities & you can kite so well. If the enemy does decide to dive you, W away and use your ultimate on them, you'll be dropping their hp down to almost half with that. They won't ever want to touch you again under you tower. When you're pushing towers, you can still push minions because your Hate Spike doesn't affect your auto attacks, make sure that you're on the side of their turret closest to their Nexus & spam your Hate Spike to kill any incoming minions. If any of your opponents show up, you can easily dive then without even a scratch, the shield from your ultimate will absorb most of the damage. Also remember that fighting under/near towers is great for you because people tend to be grouped up. That means your ultimate will hit more people and your shield will be much stronger. When you're dealing with certain buffs, it's also very easy to steal them with your ultimate. Although I've already mentioned this in another chapter, I figured that it was really important and there should be more focus on it. When you're looking to steal a certain buff, put your cursor over your ultimate & check the damage that it does. Chances are it'll be more than the enemy jungler's smite, which means that you're in a great position to steal the buff they're going for, may it be baron, blue buff or red buff. So, as I said, check the damage that it inflicts, click on the objective (this requires vision) & slowly watch the hitpoints drain. Once the hitpoints are low enough for your ultimate to kill it, go for the steal! It really does work, I've stolen baron a few times like this and trust me, you feel amazing after doing so. It's really easy to make plays as Evelynn and the more you play her the more you'll understand, well placed ultimates will win games & you catching people will win them too.

To be honest, Evelynn is a really good pick at almost any time. She has amazing mobility, damage, nuking capacities and escaping. She's a really good pick against nearly any middle lane champion. There are some champions that make life very difficult for her though. Difficulty Level : REALLY HARD [img=champ/sion.png] Sion Sion is probably as scary as Ryze is for you. He'll stun you and you'll have 25% hp after his stun + shield explosion combo. Get a lane switch when playing against an AP Sion, he will just wreck you. If you're very ballsy though, you'll sit at your tower, getting as much cs as possible and farming every camp you can. Once you're level 6 with [imgsmall=items/deathfire-grasp.png] you'll have to roam extremely hard to make up for the poor laning phase you had though. [img=champ/ryze.png] Ryze Ryze will just rip you apart, his snare will completely demolish you and unless you can get a lane swap from top, your lane is pretty much lost right off the bat. (That is if you don't get any support from your jungler... Ryze is extremely vulnerable to ganks early game so take advantage of that!) [img=champ/swain.png] Swain Swain can also be a huge harm, he has a snare that is easy to dodge but the worst part is his slow and his dot. His dot will pretty much down to 50% hp if he gets if off, so be very careful when laning again him. [img=champ/fiddlesticks.png] Fiddlesticks I've never played against him yet but I can just imagine how hard he must be, his fear & life drain will really make your life difficult. Not to mention his ultimate that will just rip you apart. If you see a fiddlesticks and know he's going mid, try and get a lane swap as I can't see you winning the lane unless you can burst him down with your [imgsmall=items/deathfire-grasp.png]. You definitely need an early gank to win this lane. DIFFICULTY LEVEL : HARD [img=champ/leblanc.png] Leblanc Leblanc can be pretty hard for you early game, her harass with her Q with just rip through you and make it really difficult for you to get cs. As you'd do with any other Ability Power mid playing against a Leblanc, just play really safe. You can also try and outpush her but that's insanely risky as she can just combo you down and start the snowball. You scale much better than she does and at level 6 you should have no problem winning against her. Make sure you do have your [imgsmall=items/deathfire-grasp.png] and ultimate up when engaging against her because the odds are, she'll have all her cooldowns too, she'll win if you don't have these two things. [img=champ/annie.png] Annie You can do pretty good versus her before level 6 but once she's level 6 she's able to zone you out completely with her bear tibbers. Farm early game and gank after level 6, no point in staying in lane after that, get the cs you can & gank. Staying in lane versus Annie will just result in you dieing. [img=champ/gragas.png] Gragas All I have to say is that if he manages to get his body slam off with his barrel, that's pretty much 60% of your hitpoints. Try as hard as you can to dodge those and you should be fine. Once he's level 6 you need to roam a lot though, it's insanely risky to stay in lane versus him as Evelynn. Once again, get the minions from your lane and then gank, don't forget to get jungle creeps on your way though. [img=champ/katarina.png] Katarina This really depends on the skill level of the Katarina but generally it's a pretty hard match-up. Try to stay away from minions 'till you absolutely have to last hit them or her Q will just poke you down to death. Once you have [imgsmall=items/deathfire-grasp.png] you should be able to win though. Just play safe until you can get that item and you should be fine. [img=champ/twistedfate.png] Twisted Fate Like Katarina, it depends on the person playing. This should be an even match-up if you're good at dodging cards. TF is pretty easy to gank so make sure you get your jungler for an early gank. If you can get the lead on TF, you can [imgsmall=champ/twistedfate.png] and one shot him, make sure you use your passive for him and he shouldn't have time to get his yellow card off anyways. [img=champ/malzahar.png] Malzahar Malzahar can be pretty difficult, if he gets his Damage Over Time spell on you, you'll be crying for quite a while. It will lower you quite a bit so you do have to be very cautious when playing against Malzahar. You CANNOT let him use his ultimate on you. You WILL die if he gets his combo on you, so make sure that you're catching him by surprise when fighting against him. Good times to engage are when he's low on mana, he's very vulnerable to ganks and surprise attacks so use that your advantage. This lane is more about farming and getting to level 6 with [imgsmall=items/deathfire-grasp.png] and then ganking as much as possible while getting cs when you can. DIFFICULTY LEVEL : NORMAL [img=champ/kassadin.png] Kassadin Kassadin is alright, you just need to get as much farm as possible while trying not to get harassed by him. You should have more cs than him because you'll be getting wraith camp & wolf camp. At level 6 & when you have [imgsmall=items/deathfire-grasp.png], you should be able to burst him down, maybe not enough to get the kill, but enough to have him recall and not be there for a long time. It's pretty hard to kill him because of his slow (E) and his ultimate, but it is possible. Don't forget that your W spell will remove you from slows for 3 seconds, so use that after he slows you and you'll be able to finish him off really easily. [img=champ/mordekaiser.png] Mordekaiser Mordekaiser is a bit tricky, his shield can really have a big impact depending on when/how he uses it, you want to try and catch him when his spells are on cooldown and he has no shield. It's pretty easy to juke as Evelynn because of your high movement speed but it still can be difficult. You do have much more roaming ability as Eve so make sure you take advantage of that. [img=champ/fizz.png] Fizz Fizz isn't really hard, you should be able to win against him solely by harassing while getting cs with your hate spike. Do not exchange versus him in a 100-100 fight, he WILL win. You need to harass him and this isn't hard at all seeing your mobility is so high. When you're both level 6 just dodge his ultimate and you pretty much instantly win that fight, unless he's gotten fed off other lanes. Fizz will also follow you around when you're ganking (or he'll attempt to) so be very careful of that, because a fed fizz is a huge threat. [img=champ/diana.png] Diana Diana is okay to lane against, she's insanely easy from level 1-5 but after that she gets a lot harder. Make sure that you take advantage of her early game weakness and try to kill her a few times because at level 6 it will get a lot harder. She also has great ganking capacity so make sure you follow her around and counter-gank. You cannot let her free farm or get fed, or she will destroy everyone in your game, you really need to shut her down early game, so ask for a gank if you think you need one, it will really help out a lot. [img=champ/cassiopeia.png] Cassiopeia This is more of a skill dependant lane, it's really easy to juke out her abilities including her ultimate. She's also extremely squishy so make sure that you burst her down and poke her down with your Hate Spike. Overall she's an easy lane but can be tricky if she manages to get fed off other people. Don't let her push her lane too much either, she can push really hard and down your turrets if you roam too hard. Always keep a good balance between ganking and farming & you'll do fine against her. DIFFICULTY LEVEL : EASY [img=champ/morgana.png] Morgana Really easy lane, you can get kills on her at any point in the game, she's extremely weak early game and if she misses a bind that's your signal to go all out and burn her down as much as possible. You should be tied in farm for the first few minutes of the game but later on you should be outfarming her pretty hard. She barely has any mobility so you can outroam her extremely hard and make your team win solely by ganking them. Morgana will always be late to the party so make sure you can get a safe escape. [img=champ/karthus.png] Karthus Even with his slows & everything he has, he's isn't a huge threat to you, he's a killable lane at all times & you shouldn't have a problem roaming and winning your lane against him. He'll probably have as much farm as you do but he won't be able to gank like you can. Be very careful though, his ultimate will shred through your hitpoints and you don't have any lifesteal/spell vampirism as Evelynn so if you can, use your ultimate on a group of enemies to get a shield as Karthus is ulting, this can save your life. Your ultimate's cooldown is really low compared to his, don't be scared to use it. [img=champ/lux.png] Lux Lux is so squishy, she literally gets one-shotted by your at level 6 with your [imgsmall=items/deathfire-grasp.png] and ultimate. Her binds are really easy to dodge and most of the time they'll be very predictable, don't be scared to use your flash to make aggressive plays against Lux. All you need is one kill against her and your lane is won for the rest of the game, she won't be able to catch up if you have burst. You'll be able to gank and she'll be scared of you all game. Lux will end up denying herself when playing against you. [img=champ/anivia.png] Anivia Anivia is really easy, it's more of a farm lane, she really won't be able to kill you and you shouldn't have any problems dodging her stun, it travels so slowly and your movement speed is so ridiculously high. She gets a bit harder at level 6 but with the proper items and your ultimate, she isn't a threat. Not to mention she will let you roam all game so you can have lots of fun just running around the map being a second jungler with the most cs in the game. [img=champ/chogath.png] Cho'Gath Cho'Gath is a really easy matchup, mostly farming 'till level 6. He can't really kill you unless he manages to get you in a knockup, which really shouldn't happen seeing your mobility is so high & it's extremely easy to dodge. All in all, you should be able to roam without a problem and get your team fed insanely easily. Make sure you don't let him free farm too much as he'll just become that late game terror that everyone hates. He's really easy to burst down with [imgsmall=items/deathfire-grasp.png] and your ultimate so make sure you do that as often as possible so he doesn't become big. [img=champ/galio.png] Galio Quite difficult to kill him but he really shouldn't be able to kill you. He also shouldn't be able to hit you with any of his spells because of your movement speed. Be careful not to get caught in his ultimate in team fights because he will tear you apart, laning phase should be really easy though and your cs should off the roof. It's also very very easy to roam when you're against Galio, he barely has any mobility. [img=champ/brand.png] Brand Really easy matchup, just dodge everything and farm, easy to roam against, overall just a no brainer lane. Probably one of the easiest lanes when you're playing as Evelynn. There's not much to say about it other than don't get stunned. You can kill him at all times & should take advantage of his low mobility & him having to cast skillshots. All other champions are pretty easy for Evelynn, if you're having any trouble send me a private message and I'll add others to the guide/give you an explanation.

[center]Hopefully you guys enjoyed this guide, it's my first one and there weren't any Evelynn guides out so I figured I'd put one out for you guys. If you care to, please check out my Youtube Channel www.Youtube.com/Xvslol Thanks for reading, this was my first guide so feedback would be appreciated! I'm looking to improve this guide as much as possible! Post your thoughts in the comments and what lanes you're having trouble with, don't be shy![/center]

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