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Item builds by SirHcEz

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Skill Order
Poison Trail
Mega Adhesive
Insanity Potion
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Welcome, first of all i wanna say, i am not SirHcEz, though im a Mod on his Stream (baaalu) and i watch him ever since he started streaming. Because SirHcEz is often asked for Guides and he doesnt have one, i put all my viewer experience together into this this one masterpiece. NOTE: Item builds, Runes, Masteries etc. are not (yet) confirmed by SirHceZ, though i think im right in ~95% of all i write (this doesnt include my english grammar :D) I recently hit Diamond 5 with my smurf, mostly playing Singed, impressed by SirHceZ:[imgext=]

SirHcEz explained it alot on his stream. Alot of people are struggling as Singed vs "hard" counters like: Elise, Kennen, Kayle, Teemo or Darius. Start with a [img=items/crystalline-flask.png][img=items/sight-ward.png][img=items/health-potion.png]. Push the lane! Farm the minion wave as fast as possible, look for enemy cooldowns. If Darius just used his q for example, you have 8 seconds to farm without getting much dmg from him. Or if Kayle's "E" just ran out, you also have about 5 seconds on early levels to farm the wave. Use the potions in your flask! Teleport back, heal up and maybe rush homeguard boots so you can get back to lane fast. You should also go farm Golems or Wolves if your lane is pushed. Once you got a tear and a giants belt (you will probably be lvl 6 also) farming will get easier. If you cant farm well before lvl 6, it doesnt matter too much. As long as u manage to get the XP. Dont fall back in more than 1 lvl if possible. Proxying: If you see the enemy jungler on the bottom side of the map, you are free to proxy behind the turret. (Proxy: Farm behind turrets - sometimes your have to skip minion waves to do this) You shouldn't do this if the jungler is missing and you are not ahead of your lane opponent.

READ INVERTED COMPOSER GUIDE!!!! I will just talk about some basics: NEVER GIVE UP: Singed is one of the strongest lategame champs. Even if your team is behind in 20 kills you can win the game with a good fling on the enemy carry. MAKE THEM CHASE YOU: If the enemy turns around and doesnt wanna chase you, go back to them, spam laugh - trust, they will come again =) USE YOUR AUTOHITS: Singed has the 2nd highest basic AD. When you fling an enemy, you can lock an autohit on him (->Inverted Composer Guide). Hit them...HIT THEM...PUNCH THEM IN THE FACE! CARE FOR COOLDOWNS: If the enemy just used a spell, you will have time to farm or kill him. Don't forget your own cooldowns! If you towerdive an enemy, its often better to fling him one time into your poisen, run out of tower aggro and come back once your cooldown of "E" is ready again. Don't forget he cant go anywhere anyway. Noone outruns a Singed! ULTIMATE: The more you use it the better. Use it to farm if the enemy is zoning you, try to not fight a 5on5 teamfight when your ultimate is on cooldown! Tell your teammates about your Ulti-Cooldown!

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