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The Dank Tank: Preseason 6

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Yo what up dank memers, the names Kenny Chang. I decided to make a guide on Olaf cause he got me out of bronze, and I figured you may want to be anywhere else but bronze. Alright let's get into this guide.

Olaf shines in the early games. There are many things you can do. If you get cheesed at all, you can easily recover. You should start bot side, and after you take either Krugs or Mr. Grumpy, secure your buff and take Mr. Krabs in the river. If you got cheesed at all, you have some options: either cheese gank mid or bot, continue farming, but take scuttles, or get a lvl 3 dragon. When doing drag, have both pots up, and use your pots when you use W. You should be able to solo it. When ganking, don't miss axes. Rift Herald aka mini Baron isn't bad either, but hard to solo, get some teammates to help out. Whoever gets mini baron needs to not die however.

Hopefully your team has someone else building tank besides you. If not, that's ok. Just pop righteous to go in, and save ult for until you get hit with all their cc. Smite the fastest enemy for the most movespeed, and crush their backline. Your team will follow up and take out the tanks. Keep objectives warded, and make picks.

Same thing as Mid Game, but you can do the mad jukes as well. Go for their backline, zone them out, and then flash back to your team to peel. This usually eliminates the tanks, and all thats left is a backline that has to go back. Secure drag and Baron, and win the game.

Land axes on as many champs as possible. Go for their backline. Engage for your team. Make dank plays.

Though I put many references and slipped in some dank memes, I promise you that this guide is legit. Olaf is really good, and has exceptional damage for a tank. I may not be Gold, but I still know what I'm doing, at least with Olaf. Add me @ Kenny Chang for any questions, or if you need some dank ganks to get you out of Bronze. Now back to being dank.

Be the dankest and the tankiest. Don't screw up those dank ganks, be a true dank tank, and I'll see you in Silver.

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