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Destroying Solo Queue with Kassadin

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Kassadin is a mid lane assassin mage. He specializes in roaming, skirmishing, assassinating squishy targets, and controlling teamfights. He is probably the most mobile champion in the game, even with the recent nerfs to his ultimate. When mastered, he can carry a team very, very hard. Even after his huge rework, he's still absolutely viable, and can carry almost as hard as the old 90% banrate Kassadin could. [img=http://i.imgur.com/mfte6k6.jpg] [highlight]Kassadin's Base Stats:[/highlight] Health = 433 + (78/Lvl) Health Regen per 5 = 6.95 + (0.5/Lvl) Mana = 230 (+70/Lvl) Mana Regen per 5 = 6.9 (+0.6/Lvl) Attack Range = 125 units Attack Damage = 52.3 (+3.9/Lvl) Attack Speed = 0.64 (+3.7%/Lvl) Armor = 18 (+3.2/Lvl) Magic Resistance = 30 Base Movement Speed = 350 Pros: [.]Amazing mobility [.]Powerful in lane, hard for enemy mages to deal with despite people thinking he's weak in lane [.]Very strong AOE damage output [.]Very hard to kill post level 6 [.]Deals significant damage to front liners, and obviously squishies once he gets items [.]Massive damage reducing passive [.]AOE slow that can win teamfights, peel, or catch out enemies [.]Interrupt channels like Teleport, Katarina ult, Fiddlesticks ult channel, MF ult, and many more [.]Easy lasthitting at tower [.]Really good mana sustain Cons: [.]Lacks damage without items [.]Easily shoved into tower constantly [.]Doesn't gain MR/Lvl despite being a melee champion [.]Banshee's Veil makes killing enemies very hard [.]Only strong in lane against mages, generally abused by most AD champions in lane. [.]Ridiculous mana issues when using multiple casts of Riftwalk [.]Not nearly as much total damage output as old Kassadin [.]No silence anymore. [.]200 range reduction on his ultimate.

Kassadin's early game is pretty bad, and the thing you need to focus the most on is [b]lane spacing.[/b] What is lane spacing? Lane spacing his how you position yourself during the laning phase to get CS, potentially harass your oppponent, and remain safe from jungle ganks. Pre level 6 Kassadin is almost completely unable to outpush most other midlaners in the current meta. So, you will often find yourself pushed to your tower, getting harassed by your opponent. It is important to realize that this is simply the reality of playing Kassadin, and you aren't necessarily losing if you're getting pushed in. Avoid getting autoattacked and harassed in lane, but at the same time, make an effort to get all of the farm that you can. Your W active and Q make getting creeps at your tower pretty easy. So as long as you don't get [i]too[/i] poked down, you should be fine. Flask and 3 health potions gives you a LOT of sustain, and lets you farm up to your Catalyst nicely. Look to back at a [b]875+ gold margin[/b] so you can get two components of Catalyst or Catalyst itself. That item not only makes you tankier to survive, but lets you have more mana to cast spells and gives you a really, really useful regen upon leveling up. Kassadin has VERY low kill potential early in the game, but he can harass pretty well, especially against mages. Q your opponent as much as you can, your mana should be fine with your W. If they're melee and they get too close, w and then activate w for a lot of damage. New Kassadin IS capable of winning lane.

During the mid game, (after you hit level 6) you need to roam. Even if you're doing fine in lane and farming effectively, it is very important to help your sidelanes and create pressure around the map. I recommend going bot lane as opposed to top lane, because, simply put, it is easier to kill champions that go bot. Top lane has tanky, slippery champions that often end up being a waste of time to gank. If you snowball your bot lane, not only will you have dragon control, but overall map control that you can constantly force. It's also really easy to set up ganks in bot with support champions like Annie, Thresh, Leona, and Taric. Secure your blue buff. It is SO important to get blue buff on Kassadin. This allows you to freely cast your R to get from place to place faster. It also lowers all your cooldowns by a valuable 10%. When you do go to roam, it's important to ward the backside of the midlane. This is an uncommon yet extremely useful ward spot that spots the location of the enemy minion wave, and the intent and direction of the enemy midlaner. Use your trinket here. [img=http://i.imgur.com/Lzm3TgE.jpg] Once you hit level 6, you have a real chance to kill your opponent. When your E is up, R in and combo your opponent to chunk them down. Walk away after casting Q and E. This combo does a LOT of damage. Once you think you have the damage to kill, try to hit your R on your opponent and start autoattacking them with your W. Few people can duel you if you pick your fights correctly.

During the late game, once you have 4-6 items, you are pretty much god. You're extremely useful in teamfights, you can instantly clear large minion waves, and you can nearly oneshot most squishy enemy champions. Before you roam out of midlane, push it out with your E. Look to kill the enemy AD carry specifically. They will be a lower level than you and probably have no defensive items. Keep in mind that it is much easier to kill when your ignite is up. As for wards, the most important ward you can put down is this one. Buy a 100 gold pink ward, and drop it here. This is a disgustingly strong pink ward spot. It will literally last the entire game. Make sure you don't cut through mid lane to put it here, to make sure the enemy doesn't know you put it down. You'll thank me later for this spot. [img=http://i.imgur.com/Leb3dPI.jpg] It is very smart to splitpush with kassadin, due to his low tower sieging power (this is due to his low range and being melee). But you do clear waves instantly at this point, and few can duel you. Deeply push out a sidelane and keep an eye on the minimap at all times to see if your team is fighting.

In a teamfight, your objective as Kassadin is to at first wear down the front line of the enemy team with your crowd control suite. Stick to your AD carry in the first few seconds of a teamfight breaking out. Q and slow whoever tries to assault them. Repeatedly cast your Q and E while remaining on the outskirts of the fight. Once everyone has taken damage, go berserk on the enemy backline. You should be able to kill or at least 70% the enemy AD or AP carry if you hit your abilities. Remember to cast your Zhonya's hourglass before you take heavy focus. Kassadin can single handedly carry teamfights if you play them correctly. Try to hit E on as many people as you can, it does a lot of damage and the slow is huge and lasts for a long 3 seconds. If at any point you feel in danger, riftwalk away. You are very squishy even with your rod of ages, and you need to space yourself correctly.

[b]Finally, I'd like to say that Kassadin is still extremely strong even after his recent rework/nerfs. He has a moderate learning curve but once you begin to get good at him he is a monster that can't be stopped. He is one of those champions that is worth putting the time in to master and perfect, because the outcome is so great. \"The balance of power must be preserved.\" - Kassadin[/b] [img=http://i.imgur.com/3qtj2Tw.jpg]

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