Kha'Zix Build Guide

Even bugs can kill

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Hello, This is my second guide. And i want to show people how I play my kha'zix. I hope you can learn anything in my guide. so Enjoy ^^

Depending on where you start your jungle route you can either start W or Q. if you start at gromp you can start q because of the Taste their fear passive will apply on him. while on golems w is better for the sustain and you can damage both of them at the same time if you place it correctly. you start either gromp or golems. move over to blue or red and then wolfes or raptors. basicly take everything on one side of your jungle. finish off with scuttle-crab. The thing with the crab is that many junglers will leave that be. so running down too check if its up can actually be rewarding. this way you can afford smite upgrade and a green ward or health pots. then you can take the other side off your jungle too get lvl 4. then look for a gank. After a gank that is succesfull you can help you lane push into enemy turret. this way you are either forcing the enemy to use tp or you make him lose minions to turrets. that way he is loosing both xp and gold too turret. you can also get some damage on that turret.

Kha'zix after getting the first item is a ganking machine. You want to have as much pressure on the map as possible. have objektice controll and ward properly. gank as much as you can without loosing too much farm. A thing you can do is look at your lanes and check if the lane is either pushed up to you turret. if so its a good chance you can gank and get a kill in that lane. create your jungle route accordingly to which lane you want too gank.

You have alot of damage at this stage. but you are also very squishy. Easy too get killed, so be carefull when entering a fight. if you can get a target isolated that is probably the best target too go for unless that target is really tanky. have baron controll and get drakes. push lanes with your team and get objektives. thats how you win games. make the best out off every situation. don't go farming in jungle after a good teamfight. push all your leads too the limit. but don't get too greedy. this way you might lose your lead. knowing what you can do after fights and ganks wins you the game.

In teamfights you want to go for the squishy targets or clean up the low targets in the end off the fight. this way you can get resets on you leap and move from target too target. you also want to go for targets that is split from their allies. that way you get taste their fear on them and can get way more damage.

Kha'zix is a very good carry champion. alot of damage and mobility but no tankiness. carefull positioning is needed to succes at kha'zix. Knowing when to go inn and not is key too victory when playing this champion. hope you found this guide usefull. give me feedback on the guide. I will be happy for that ^^ srry for bad english _P I suck at grammar XD

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