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[S4] Feel the Icy Blades of War

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Name's Mike, I'm a mid player from Quebec / Canada. I climbed the elo ladder using mostly mid champions, and realised that the best one to accomplish this task was, without a doubt, Anivia. I started playing her back in season 1, but I only understood her full potential when I carried my friend out of the \"elo hell\" on my smurf using her. This season, I got my main from Gold I to Diamond III in no time by skipping divisions, all cause of that underplayed champ. I do not play her the same way as most people do. Even though there are many other ways to build and play the bird, I've found my way to be the most successful. I played most AP casters, but she's the one that stands out the most. I've played her a lot in normals and on other accounts. [imgext=] Even though I've played her a few times in team ranked games, I usually use her to climb solo Q divisions. When you get good at playing her, it's easy to put your teammates on your back and carry them to victory. Here are my current stats in season 3: [imgext=] It is possible to carry hard at low elo when you get good at playing her. [imgext=] Best Anivia in the world, stat wise (s3 ) [imgext=] [img=] [title]Pros / Cons[/title] As all champions in League of Legends, Anivia has a few pros and cons. [highlight]Pros[/highlight] [.]High burst potential [.]Big zoning capacities [.]Very good passive (egg) [.]High range basic attacks [.]Very fast wave clear [.]Does not need tons of AP to hurt [.]Rarely banned in solo Q [highlight]Cons[/highlight] [.]Slowest base movement speed in the game (325) [.]Long cooldowns [.]Mana hungry [.]CC cancels her ultimate

Before level 6, you should adopt a passive play style. [number]Focus on last hitting[/number], even though it may be hard on Anivia. Her auto attacks are pretty slow, but they have an extremely long range. There is no real trick to give you, it's instinctive. If you play her a lot, you will learn to calculate your AAs depending on the missile speed of your minions. I know, it will be tough at the start, it was the same for me. Apart from csing, you want to[number] make good use of your mana[/number]. If your opponent is also playing passively, try landing a stun followed by your E. Having always 100% of your mana does not make good use of your mana regen. This usually stands for most AP casters. There are many tricks you can use to land your Q, even if it's slow. The most basic one is to throw it when he goes for a cs, denying it if he backs off or dealing a big amount of damage if he tries to get it. The problem with this technique, is that most diamond+ players won't fall for it. Let me list a few others that might work for you. [highlight]#1[/highlight] Do as if you were auto attacking your opponent, and right before the particle is launched, throw your Q. It might trick him because the animation is similar and will allow you to deal a nice amount of damage. That rarely works more than twice, so you will have to find some more ideas to get him out of the lane, or eventually prepare a kill at level 6. [highlight]#2[/highlight] Using your wall to land your Q should not always be the way to go because of the high mana cost of the W-Q-E combo. But when your jungler comes to gank, it is the best option. You don't want to place your wall then immediately throw your stun at the direction he's heading. In some cases, it might work, but the best method, is to use your wall to get close to your opponent. Because he has to go around the wall, it might give the opportunity for your jungler to close the gap between him, and land a cc. When he's slowed or stunned, it's easy to land a Q-E combo. If your jungler does not have a CC ability, then you should try to land yours, by getting close to your opponent. It is much easier to land it when you're right next to him than if you're at max range. Many people do not [number]use her AAs to harass[/number] in lane. But they're perfect to fill that job. Because of their long range and slow projectile speed, it allows you to throw your basic attack, then back off behind your minions. This will not proc the enemy minion aggro. Therefore, not pushing your lane. You might force your opponent to pop 1 or 2 health potions simply by doing this.

This is when you can [number]unleash hell on your opponent[/number]. Your R-E combo is devastating, it can deal more than half the health of some squishy AP casters like Karthus or Twisted Fate. As soon as you hit 6, you have 4 options to use your precious mana on: [highlight]1-[/highlight] [number]Farm[/number] until you get your main items by [number]pushing the lane[/number] with your ultimate. You want to do this when you want to prevent your opponent from roaming or know that you have no killing potential. This usually happens when your opponent start with 9+ health pots. If he uses the potions properly, you won't be able to kill him without a gank. [highlight]2-[/highlight] Use your mana to [number]poke them using R-E combo[/number], only do this if you know the opponent can't sustain all your damage through health pots. This will create opportunities to kill them. If they play safe, you can always zone them and focus on denying them CS while getting all the available creeps for you. You have to understand Anivia's damage for those clutch Flash-R-E-Ignite-AA combos. When you understand her full damage output, killing your opponent will become a piece of cake. [highlight]3-[/highlight] [number]Farm the Wraiths / Wolves[/number]. I rarely do this, but sometimes, I know that I will certainly not be able to kill my opponent and that he will probably not roam. I try to push my lane with auto attacks while last hitting, or at least freezing it. You can then grab your jungle's wraiths or wolves. Don't be a dick, only do this if you know that your jungler is not going to take them for the next 50 seconds. [highlight]4-[/highlight] [number]Roaming[/number] is an option on Anivia. Just push your wave with your ultimate, then head bot or top for a quick gank before recalling. If your opponent keeps pushing while you're gone, you can always call your jungler to cover your lane. They are usually pretty happy to do it because they can grab the extra XP that will prevent them from getting under level. If you can put your hands on a blue buff, you will obviously be able to do a lot more because of the mana regen. You will be able to spam your abilities to poke / farm / clear jungle camps. With a blue buff, don't hesitate to use your wall to land your combo because you'll be able to regen all that mana back. You also want to maximise the use of your wall, by trying to make your opponent force his flash. Without flash, he will be forced to play a lot more passive, and might not go for certain CS.

This is where you are able to exploit Anivia's abilities to their full potential. Her wall now has a massive impact on the game, it can easily turn the game at your favor if placed correctly. It can also do the exact opposite if you do mistakes like walling your teammates. In my opinion, Anivia shines best in late game for 3 reasons: [highlight]1-[/highlight] [number]Turtling[/number] is one of Anivia's best way to comeback from a game. With her Ultimate + Q, she can clear the whole minion wave before it hits the tower, preventing it from taking any damage. This can stall the game and allow you to make a huge comeback when the enemy team gets pissed and decides to dive your team under the turret. If you want to see one of the biggest comebacks in League of Legends using Anivia's turtling abilities, I'd recommend watching this game played at Dreamhack. [youtube][/youtube] Froggen's Anivia was completely preventing Moscow 5 from getting the inner tower. It allowed CLG.EU to beat Moscow 5 even if they were 27k gold behind. [highlight]2-[/highlight] Her [number]ability to melt tanks[/number] as an AP Carry makes her a strong pick against late game tanky compositions. Some people might under think this aspect of Anivia, but combined to Liandry's Torment, you will be able to take off a big chunk of a tank's health solely with your ultimate. You always want to fight your opponents when they're in your ultimate. Try to place it at the heart of the team fight, then watch out not to get stunned because it will cancel it. This can be extremely good when trying to keep your ADC alive. A well placed combo using your wall can completely neutralize a heavy diver like Singed. [highlight]3-[/highlight][number] Turning fights at your advantage[/number] using your wall is a key point of Anivia's late game. Using a well placed wall, can turn a dangerous 5v5, into an easy 3v5. You can also easily cut the support when he goes to ward. It can also give you that extra delay needed to finish the baron and run away. Just be creative and [highlight]make the impossible become possible.[/highlight]

[highlight]Anivia's role in team fights can change from one game to another.[/highlight] You won't always be able to run at the enemy carries and burst them down. You have to keep in mind their cc abilities, their damage output & if your ADC is worth protecting. [number]Knowing how fed is your own ADC[/number] might seem like a trivial matter, but it is mainly what makes the difference. For example, if he's overfed and can deal huge damage, then you want to set your Glacial Storm in front of him, slowing people trying to kill him. It will also allow you to land your stun + E because they are slowed. When facing an enemy team with assassins like Rengar who will probably try to catch you or your ADC off guard, you should keep your stun to pop it in his face when he emerges from his invisibility. In a situation where your ADC lost his lane, and is way behind, you will want to be able to [number]deal damage to their team as whole[/number]. Tell your team to fight in your Glacial Storm, and try to position yourself not to get CC'd. This will not only leave you vulnerable, but will cancel your ultimate. To make sure this does not happen, you can use your wall to disrupt the enemy team. If you separate them in 2, it will allow your team to focus the front line while staying safe from the back line. In these situations, I would suggest to [number]be patient using your stun[/number]. Throwing it in the middle of the fight, stunning 1-2, might be a good option in some cases. But when you're facing a Warwick, Malzahar or any hero with a dangerous channeling spell, you should consider keeping your stun to cancel it. Their objective, is to wait until everyone uses their CC, then us their channeling spell without getting disturbed. Just be as patient as they are, and you should probably come up on top. That does not apply if you're the one targeted by their spell, obviously ;). [number]Knowing their damage output & CC abilities[/number] is crucial when playing Anivia. You should know when it's better to disengage or to engage. You certainly do not want to bait your team into a fight that you will end up losing. Knowing and understanding their CCs will greatly influence the way you want to position in fights. For example, while fighting against a Malzahar, you don't want to get too close and end up suppressed. I'll repeat it once more, [highlight]you absolutely do not want to get disrupted[/highlight], because it will cancel your ultimate, and the 6 seconds cooldown is often way too long for a team fight. Missing only 3-4 seconds of your ultimate can completely turn a fight around because of its huge damage when used with Liandry's Torment.

If you want to become a good Anivia player, you must know how to correctly utilize your wall. It has an infinite amount of possibilities that can fit various situations. In this section, I will cover a few situations where the wall could be useful. [highlight]Granting vision[/highlight] We stole their blue buff after a short 2v2. [imgext=] [highlight]Setting up ganks / Blocking escape routes[/highlight] Allowed lee sin to close the gap between him and Diana. [imgext=] [highlight]Securing an escape[/highlight] We managed to avoid a 5v3 by preventing shen to ult in the middle of our team. [imgext=] [highlight]Clearing jungle camps[/highlight] [imgext=]

I will keep updating this guide and add more content to each section. I did not create this guide to prove that my way of playing the bird is the best, but rather to show you a side of her that you maybe did not know. Everyone has their own and unique way of playing Anivia, which fits their own play style. I apologize for the spelling / grammar mistakes, my first language is not English. Makes it hard for me to write such a long text (might seem short to you :P) Do not hesitate to add me if you have any questions, or simply post them here. If you want to see me play follow me on twitch ! Love you all <3 Raxxu

30/3/2013 -- Corrected many grammar / spelling mistakes 17/4/2013 -- Polished a few sentences / added more to the skill order section 19/4/2013 -- Modified the runes 10/8/2013 -- Started the Lane Matchups section, added more information in the introduction and in the item builds sections, corrected spelling mistakes 11/8/2013 -- Added a few lane matchups, added the \"Wall Placement\" section. 18/8/2013 -- Added Lissandra matchup. 10/9/2013 -- Added information on teleport 17/12/2013 -- Globally updated it's content 17/2/2014 -- Added stream link

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