Vladimir Build Guide

[5.13] Burst Assassin [Mid/Top] Most in-depth Vlad guide and up to date

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[center]My name is [b]set[/b]. I have played Vladimir for 3 years and i decided to make this guide to help out people that are interested in him. Some info on me is that i have been trying to go competitive in LoL as of late, i was Gold Season 1, one game away from Diamond Season 2, and Season 3 i reached Diamond in 3v3's, Diamond 1 in Solo Que, and Challenger in team 5v5's. Enough dick measuring lets get on to what will improve you as a Vladimir player.[/center] [center] [b][i]www.twitch.tv/set_LoL[/i][/b] [/center] [center]I really want to help out the community and be recognized more. I am putting some effort on being unique and trying to show that i am a good player and that i am genuinely committed to this game whether its helping out players or in the competitive scene. I stream usually every night and If you have questions and want see the proper mechanics to playing Vladimir then i will be doing a [b][i]special streaming day[/i][/b] where i stream all day [b]TODAY (December 9th) and TOMORROW[/b] at [b][i]www.twitch.tv/set_LoL[/i][/b] i will be doing more guides and be trying to entertain my viewers on stream so check it out.[/center] [center]Some of my credentials with Vladimir would be that Season 1 and 2 Vladimir was my 2nd most played champion. And season 3 he is my #1 most played champion. [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/snxdhAC.png[/IMG] Only 72 games played on him this season yeah yeah but i have played him plenty outside of this accounts ranked stats.[/center] [center]I have pretty solid stats with him as far my win ratio and double kills per game. Its mainly the way i play Vlad. I play him as a burst assassin. [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/QSJuOj3.png[/IMG][/center]

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