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5.15 Viktor Build/Guide A Glorius Evolution

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Hi and im a Gold 1 once Platinum 5 player who has a vast experiance in all 5 meta positions. Even though mid is not my favourite position, Viktor is the champion that i play most of the time when i play the mid position. There are not many good Viktor guides out there that provide sufficient information on how to play Viktor on different situations rather than just using one simple build and summoner spells for each and every different kind on enemy laner.

Push as hard as possible without gettting ganked and missing cs. Death Ray the entire creep line when it settles (or run up to it to settle it if enemy champion is not in lane yet while autoing the first minion out). Focus fire what your minions are hitting and every time you have an extra auto-attack while you're not csing use it on the enemy champion when possible (like when THEY are trying to CS). Try to use your Death Ray to CS and hit the enemy champion to push lane and harass at the same time whenever possible--try to overwhelm them with your poke and lane pushing the first two creep waves or so to gain an early advantage that can help snowball you to mid game. Place your trinket ward on either side of mid (wherever you think their jungle will come from) around the time the second creep wave arrives before you get ganked. If your opponent has a stronger early game, just focus farming and keeping your lane in check while rushing your Death Augment. Certain champions, i.e. LeBlanc and Zed you may opt to build defensively at first (Spectre's Cowl / Seeker's Armguard respectively) before Death Augment, but usually Death Augment always comes first on the first or second back.

In the mid game you're main role is to farm heavy and teamfight unless you have a lead over your lane matchup and you feel like you have the ability to 1v1 him again and force him off CS. It is very easy to farm in the mid game since you just have to [img=skills/viktor/e.png] E the wave and u can clear it all with maybe a Q[img=skills/viktor/q.png]. Since you have reached a point in the game where you're scaling runes are really starting to outscale flat runes which will mean that you will only gain advantages from here on out which can provide a huge powerspike with your lv5 Deat Ray and lv2 Ultimate. looking to take objectives with this immense power is ideal as you can one shot clear a wave which provides perfect siege potential. Or otherwise you could stall the laning phase longer which would be helped by having ignite. So the mid game depends on which runes and summoner spells you go for.

Viktor turns into a true terror now, late game. Continue to poke repeatedly with your 98% AP scaling Augment: Aftershock Death Ray until the enemy crumbles. Hang back until your tanks initiate or if you may need to counter-initiate with a Gravity Field. Slip in-and-out of the fight via Turbocharge. Viktor's kit enables him to be an efficient tank melter / anti-dive mechanism. Drop your Gravity Field on yourself if you get dived or on their tanks when they charge and Chaos Storm -> Death Ray so the half-second silence from Chaos Storm disrupts their possible commands and helps them get slowed by Gravity Field more, possibly enabling the stun.

Teamfights I always like to say, take what you can get--don't try to dive their squishies by yourself and get exploded. Viktor can lock down enemy tanks with Gravity Field and melt them with his churning Chaos Storm and Empowered Lich Bane Q's for tons of damage when used properly. Try to position yourself near your AD carry so you can focus down targets and drop Gravity Fields on your AD carry if he is getting dived... he'll love you long time. You and your AD carry should always try to be near each other to help each other out and focus fire on the same target--this is VERY important! Combo order: Gravity Field (if you can lock them down before they can flash out or escape) > Chaos Storm > Death Ray > Power Transfer (Gravity Field before Power Transfer if you couldn't open with Gravity Field effectively) > Empowered Q Auto Attack. Don't be impatient with your Chaos Storm--save it for something juicy, like the enemies two main tanks. What?! That's right, their tanks. In a typical teamfight without assassins, the enemy team will be positioned such that their tanks are the first things your team will run into and THEN their squishies (AD / AP carry, possibly support) in the back. Tanks are called tanks for a reason--they are the largest imminent threat to your safety in a teamfight and typically will need to be dealt with first. As such, it is your job to melt them like hot butter with your Death Ray and Chaos Storm if you are unable to hit a higher priority target (such as AD / AP Carry). If they have no tanks, what is going to stop you from pushing in with your healthier tanks?

In Conclusion thank you for reading my guide on Viktor. Also if you feel like you want to see footage of a Viktor main check out . He mains Viktor and has over 1000 games with Viktor this season alone. He also was a former Wold number 1 at Viktor reaching 6,300 LSS on the Lolskill Toplists. C'mon i know you look on there to see what rank you are -_- hehe Bearing in mind that the highest at the moment is barely 6,122.

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