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SAMCRO Evelynn's guide to Diamond Elo with Eve

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Hi, i am Samcro Evelynn, playing on EUW and im a Evelynn main. i've always struggled in Platinum 5-4 to climb, but a few champions got me to platinum 1... Fiora (pre-rework) got me to Platinum 1, before dropping to platinum 3 after the reworks.. so i had to find a new main.. and there she was, Evelynn, the hidden free Elo train. [img=http://i.imgur.com/O4m26dL.png] [img=http://i.imgur.com/U9yHE7G.png] in this guide i will tell you a few things you need to know ; -What to build on Evelynn -How to counterjungle -How to carry your team -Matchups -How to get that shiny diamond border.

The early game is the most important part of Evelynn. i've found a very strong way to play Evelynn, depending on what side you start. If you start on topside(blue), ask your botlane for a smiteless gromp. you need your smite because after gromp you immediately move towards the enemy red buff. if you start on bottomside(red) ask your botlane for a smiteless golems. you need your smite because after golems you immediately move towards the enemy blue buff. this is also where your [img=summoners/ignite.png] comes into play. when you invade the enemy jungler. wait till the buff monster drops to 410 hp. smite it, after smiting it proceed to attack the enemy jungler. with ignite + your skills you can not lose this 1v1. i will add 2 video's showing how i do this a bit later. in early game, use the fact that nobody has pink wards yet. gank as much as possible. dont worry to much about clearing camps. if you can get ahead by getting kills or giving your teammates kills, you are doing your job. Eve has a hard time doing a early drake. only try a dragon when there botlane is recalled/dead. and you will need the help of your botlane/mid lane. make sure they dont know you are doing it or that they are outnumbered, because you can get easily killed during dragon.

This is where you are most likely ahead of the enemy team. focus on objectives and try to find picks. if you see the enemy adc/mid lane out of position or alone, go for a kill. with your [img=summoners/ignite.png] + your skills they wont be able to get away from you or atleast burn a [img=summoners/flash.png]

Late game AP eve falls off, this is why if you are not fed or way ahead, you should build off-tank to stay relative. if you know a game is going to head towards late game (40+ minutes) you really need to build some tank items, preferably [img=items/randuins-omen.png][img=items/banshees-veil.png]. during late game, your most important objective is to hit a 5 man ultimate for there 25% current health damage, giving your team a huge advantage in the fight.

In teamfights Evelynn can do two things : initiate out of stealth with her ultimate, or flank the enemy team to get to there squishies.

Evelynn is very viable and a extremely strong Solo-Que pick because teams co├Ârdinate poorly and you are stealthed. [img=http://i.imgur.com/ehHqgSj.jpg]

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