• 6
    Greater Mark of Armor Penetration (+1.28 armor penetration)
  • 1
    Greater Mark of Critical Chance (+0.93% critical chance)
  • 2
    Greater Mark of Attack Damage (+0.95 attack damage)
  • 9
    Greater Seal of Armor (+1 armor)
  • 9
    Greater Glyph of Magic Resist (+1.34 magic resist)
  • 3
    Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage (+2.25 attack damage)
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[imgext=] "Do you need a map?" Don't worry about it because I'm here to guide you to playing a better Ezreal with some tips and tricks on perfecting him. SUP, I'm CaptAnimal and I've been maining ezreal since he was considered a "trollpick" (I'm not hopping on the bandwagon, I swear.) I finished as a diamond player in S2 and I'm currently Diamond 1 in S3. Ezreal is an attack damage caster who's really fun to play and can burst other champions down when used right. He's strongest during the middle point of the game but can also snowball in lane extremely hard. He can shift over walls and has a skillset designed for poking. And oh yeah, sniping champions and stealing baron/dragon/buffs with his ult is the most satisfying feeling ever. Random fact: Ezreal found Wriggles Lantern on one of his archeological expeditions to Kumungu. [.]Note that I'm not proclaiming that this is the only way you should build Ezreal. I'm just sharing my personal preferences that I found to work best for me and can work as good for many other players as well. ENJOY! I have just made a stream so I'd really appreciate it if you guys checked it out and follow. I try to incorporate commentary and my thought process of what I do. So come and follow for candy... or not.


[highlight]5-24-13:[/highlight] Added "Changes" section Added Barrier to summoner spells + Explanation Added Ignite explanation Finally removed boots+3pots as starting items [it's awful] Added Doran's Blade to starter items + Explanation Added Blue Ezreal section + Explanation/Tips Updated Introduction Updated League Division Picture Updated Skill order Added "What supports do I ask for?" section Added "What counters will make me sad?" section [Not finished] Added Skill order/Item build pictures Updated Masteries [highlight]5-26-13[/highlight] Added wards to item builds Minor grammar fixes [highlight]5-28-13[/highlight] Added Masteries picture in section Added more explanations to Masteries [highlight]5-29-13[/highlight] Added Ezreal Skins [Shut up Riot and take my money] Added a little more explanation for runes [highlight]5-30-13[/highlight] Added counters explanations [Graves, Draven, Caitlin] Changed support section format Added preferred "Blue" Ezreal build [highlight]6-12-13[/highlight] Switched Blue build order (Manamune before IBG)

[title]Explanation:[/title] Oh man, there are so many different runes. WHYY? After a ton of trial and error, I found this combination to work the best for me. I'll only explain my choices on the marks and quints because flat armor and mr runes for seals and glyphs are pretty standard for almost all AD carries. Since a lot of Ezreal's overall damage comes from a mixture of his auto attacks and abilities, going all in on damage or armor penetration runes is not the way to go. So I chose to fuse the two together for a perfect harmony of damage and armor pen. Flat AD quints works really well because armor penetration quints was recently nerfed while the flat AD quints remained constant. Armor Pen marks were also nerfed a little bit in season three but not enough to not reject them completely. I chose to use 6 of them with 2 other flat AD marks [not nerfed]. This gives me an easier time csing in lane while being able to damage other champions who are naturally tanky IE. Graves & Taric. Ezreal feels a little weak without armor penetration. Sooooo ya. Now here's the interesting rune, .93% crit chance mark [Malice]. This one rune can win you your lane and/or trades. There are a handful of times where I would crit the other AD carry in lane early on and then proceed to go all in and kill him. In the chance where he doesn't die, now he is forced to play defensively for a bit and it just makes life for me a lot happier :) [imgext=]

[imgext=] [title][img=skills/ezreal/p.png] Passive: Rising Spell Force[/title] [title]Explanation:[/title] Ezreal's passive is pretty straightforward. Hitting a target with any of his 4 abilities increases his attack speed for 6 seconds and refreshes with each ability hit (stacks 5 times). Ezreal uses this to its max potential later in the game since you have to be conscience of your mana during the laning phase. This also stacks with his ultimate. For example, if you hit 5 things with your ultimate, you gain 50% attack speed for 6 seconds. [title][img=skills/ezreal/q.png] Q: Mystic Shot[/title] [title]Explanation:[/title] Max this first since it the logical thing to do. Mystic shot is a low cost, long range skill shot that gives him a great harassing ability [on-hit effects apply]. This makes Ezreal strong since you can cast this in between auto attacks which maximizes his damage and allows you to cs in lane (esp. under the tower). It also reduces all of Ezreal's cooldowns (except summoners) by 1 second if it hits an enemy. This can help Ezreal kite and ultimately escape from people because it reduces the cooldown on his escape skill, Arcane Shift. It also significantly reduces the cooldown on his ultimate, Trueshot Barrage, for teamfights or to clear minion waves. You can also facecheck with this skill since it makes a "ching" sound if it his an enemy. So if the Dude Potential is high, do it. [title][img=skills/ezreal/w.png] W: Essence Flux[/title] [title]Explanation:[/title] If this can go through creeps to hit multiple champions, why not max this out before Mystic shot? First of all, this was nerfed a couple months back. It used to be imba because it slowed enemy attack speeds but it doesn't do that anymore. Essence Flux shouldn't be maxed first because it costs way too much mana to spam in lane. It cannot be used on creeps so it is not as effective in lane as Ezreal's Q. Some people max this second because the attack speed boost but I choose to max Essense Flux last because one point in this already increases your allies' attack speeds by 20%. I basically only use this skill for attack speed in fights. The more people you hit, the more attack speed you gain because of your passive. So one point in this will suffice. I'll explain more in the Arcane Shift section below. [title][img=skills/ezreal/e.png] E: Arcane Shift[/title] [title]Explanation:[/title] This skill is like a better version of flash. It saves lives and can also be used offensively to better position yourself in both teamfights and 1v1 situations. You can Arcane Shift over almost every wall on the map and makes Ezreal extremely mobile. I choose to max this second because it reduces the cooldown and increases the damage dealt. At rank 5, the cd is 11 seconds - 1 second x enemies hit with Ezreal's Q. It is important for this skill to have a low cooldown because it allows you to use this skill multiple times in teamfights. Also, it serves as a gap closer so that you can catch that one champion with one more hit til' death. [title][img=skills/ezreal/r.png] R: Trueshot Barrage[/title] [title]Explanation:[/title] Pew, pew, BOOOOOOOOM HEADSHOT. Ezreal's ultimate is a straight-line nuke that goes through all enemies in its path. The most satisfying feeling is killing a champion or stealing baron/dragon/buffs with this skill since you have to time it perfectly. It is a global ult which means that there is no limit on it's range. Using this ult to its full potential requires a LOT of practice of timing and precision (since you have to predict the champion's speed/distance traveled while considering how long it would take this ability to meet them at a certain spot). Trueshot Barrage also helps clear out minion waves and is a strong tool for pushing. In teamfights, you should be able to hit at LEAST 3 enemy champions with this skill. I prefer to use it in the beginning of teamfights because of the attack speed it gives (passive).

[imgext=] [title]Explanation:[/title] I usually start with a long sword + 2 potions because Ezreal's abilities scale on ad. Also, it allows me to cs with ease and helps me win trades. My playstyle is very aggressive so I have to have the upper hand to go all in. Dorans blade start is as much viable as the long sword route. It's extremely strong, however, it may not be the best decision against long ranged champions that counter Ezreal in lane (Caitlin, Draven, etc). However, it is an amazing starting item for any ADC who looks forward to forcing a level 2 fight against their counterparts Why no Doran Blades CaptAnimal? I used to get one or two dorans on Ezreal in season 1 and 2. But now with the new S3 patch, I can get the damage from the long sword which is the prerequisite of Vampiric Scepter >> BT. I rush Bloodthirsters depending on how much gold I have when I initially back from the lane. On the first back, you should have at least enough to get a Vampiric Scepter and boots + health potions. If I stay in lane for longer and have enough money for a BF sword, then I would buy it and proceed to rush BT w/o upgraded boots. Berserker Grieves is not as good on Ezreal than other AD carries because Ezreal can get the 20% attack speed increase by hitting his skills easily. After building BT and upgraded boots, build tons of damage (Trinity Force) starting w/ the Phage. The other two items, Sheen and Zeal, are up to you. Now, it is your choice to build Guardian Angels or Last Whisperer at this point. If you want to play a little more defensively, go buy a GA then LW. If you realize that the enemy team is not focusing you, go build a LW then GA. That simple. The last item, Infinity Edge, can be replaced with another item of your choice like Mercurial Scimitar. However, Trinity Force and Infinity Edge directly makes use of your crit masteries [Lethality and Frenzy]. At the end of your build, upgrade your Berserker Grieves w/ Furor. This helps Ezreal kite his opponents and is extremely useful for AD carries in general.

Blue Ezreal has been popular for a while now and has gained increased popularity over the past few months. It has its pros and cons but is too important to ignore, so here are my two cents on it. Blue Ezreal is pretty weak until he finally gets the Muramana upgrade. [highlight]This is because:[/highlight] [.]Forced to spend 700 on Tear instead of damage [.]No major damage items until Manamune purchase (unless you consider the ElderLizard a major item) [.]No lifesteal until later on However, if you survive the early/mid game and finally get the Muramana upgrade, Ezreal's damage spikes like no other. Blue Ez gets rid of Ezreal's mana problems (assuming that you only activate Muramana during team fights). Also, IBG provides Ezreal with tons of utility because of the AOE slow. The build provides 35%+ CDR which helps both his damage output and escapability <Is that a word? IMO, Blue Ezreal should have 21-9-0 masteries since there's no need to have mana regeneration. Rather, put 9 into the defensive tree to compensate for the lack of lifesteal early on. [highlight]Thoughts on Spirit of the Elder Lizard:[/highlight] Spirit of the Elder Lizard is a good item on Ezreal because it increases the damage on all of his spells along with his auto attacks. Also, it brings an intimidation factor since the burn effect is the same as the Red buff. HOWEVER, DO NOT PURCHASE THIS ITEM IF YOU ARE BEHIND. Please. It's not that critical. If you are behind, just focus on farming your tear and build an extra Doran's Blade. You can even build a Bloodthirster after your Tear purchase. (I know that's "cheating" but #420yoloswag) Blue Ezreal is extremely dependent on poking before engaging. Most often, you will lose the 1v1 with your counterpart unless 1) they suck 2) you don't poke them before engaging 3) you are way ahead. It's all personal preference. Personally, I still use the "Tons of Damage" route but I like to mix things up here and there.

[title]Explanation[/title] Ezreal's laning phase is really good since he can cs well under his turret or he can be super aggressive. Ezreal has the power to control the lane bushes because of his Mystic shot. What I like to do is to go into my lane bush and shoot into the other if I know the support is in there. CSing with Ezreal shouldn't be a problem (because of your runes and masteries). Remember to poke at your enemies with Mystic Shot [Q] and save your Arcane Shift [E] unless you determine that it will be a definite kill or it is perfectly safe. If you opponent is standing behind a creep, I make sure that I kill it and use my Mystic Shot [Q] instantly so that it would hit her. [.]Remember that you can use your Mystic Shot inbetween your auto-attacks. If you or your support engages on the enemy, be sure that the target it isolated so that your Arcane Shift [E] will hit them. If there are just too many creeps, then save your E. [title]In Solo Queue...[/title] As all of you may know, solo queue is a hit or miss. Communicating with your support before attacks aren't as coordinated as if in Skype or any other voice-chat program. If your support is derpy, don't follow him when he rambos in (this happens way too much). Just focus on farming as much as you can. Always keep the global timers [Baron/dragon] and remind them beforehand. Raging does not help the problem but rather aggravate it. Also, keep yourself calm while playing. Many times I would catch myself performing bad because I'm angry at my team or myself. [title]Keep calm and carry on.[/title]

[title]~20-30 minutes[/title] This is your time to shine! Ezreal's midgame is freakishly amazing and fun since you can burst champions down. You should have at least a Bloodthirster and a Guardian's Angel or coming close to finishing them. Coordinate your team to take objectives and stay with your team. If everyone is still laning and trying to farm, make sure that there are enough wards on the map to ensure your safety. Buy wards when you have spare gold to help out the team. Be a good guy/girl. I will usually have the enemy's bot tower down and help my AP carry push their tower down as well (if it's not down already) to focus on objectives. Coordinate ganks and look to catch the other team off guard. What I tend to do a lot is to solo the enemy AD carry like a ninja. If the AD carry is trying to farm his lane and the dude potential is low, I would hide in a bush near them and wait. Once you have a clear and close shot of the AD carry, Trueshot Barrage [R] > Mystic Shot [Q] > Arcane Shift [E] > Essense Flux [W] > Auto attacks should be able to burst/kill him in around 2-3 seconds if not less. [.]Remember to use you Arcane Shift before your Mystic Shot hit's the champion since you will get the cooldown reduction! And remember to move after your auto attacks to close the gap between you two.

Team fighting with Ezreal is relatively the same with other AD carries. Stay behind your tanks and try not to get caught. If the enemy bruisers jump on you, Arcane shift away and kite them with your Q and auto attacks. Ezreal is particularly good at kiting since his Mystic Shot can proc Phage off your Trinity Force. I like to start off teamfights with my ultimate since it gives me a massive attack speed buff. Remember to use your Essence Flux on your allies and to use your Mystic shot inbetween your auto attacks. Also, move after every auto attack. This helps you gain better positioning and is crucial for every AD carry player to do. [.]Note that Ezreal scales off after the mid-game stage. Unless you're fed, Ezreal's damage output will become lower than other hyper-carries like KogMaw, Vayne, and Draven the later in the game it gets.

[title]Oh shoot, I lost my lane and I feel like I tickle my opponents[/title] It's really easy to fall behind if you don't stay focused or even easier if your support is not in sync with you. When Ezreal falls behind, it sucks because his late game isn't the best. The rule of thumb for AD carries is to build glass cannon if you're behind and pray that your skills are good enough to survive in teamfights. This means to skip GA and go for LW after "Tons of Damage" [tri]. Vice-versa, if you're fed and ahead, build GA after your Tri-Force since your damage output is already high compared to everyone else. When you lose lane, all you can do is farm. Just go back into your lane, ward, and continue to cs defensively. In an average game, you should have around 80+cs for every 10 minutes. Sometimes you will have more and sometimes you will have less. If you have less than that, you better have some kills to compensate... [.]1 champion kill = 20cs [approx.]

[img=champ/sona.png] Sona is extremely good with Ezreal because of her insane poke damage and the sustainability she brings to the table. Both Ezreal and Sona are poke champions in lane and can completely bully low ranged ADCs out of lane [IE. Vayne]. Her ult synergizes with Ezreal's Trueshot Barrage amazingly and is overall a good support. [img=champ/leona.png] I love Leona. She synergizes with Ezreal like bread and butter. She bring infinite CC to the table and is capable of tanking... unlike Sona. However she doesn't have sustainability but overall, she's in it to win it. This is a kiil lane. However, don't always follow your support in solo queue because sometimes people are stupid and don't know how to play support. [img=champ/thresh.png] Thresh is amazing and broken. He adds a scary presence to the team and is extremely good in lane due to his hook. Also, his lantern greatly increases the chances of a successful gank. If you overextend, Thresh can offer you a saving grace with a fun lantern roller coaster. His utility is off the charts as he offers: Pulls, knock-backs, slows, and a shield. [img=champ/blitzcrank.png] Blitz is a hit or miss. That's all I will say on this champion. [img=champ/lulu.png] Lulu is also a good support for Ezreal because she makes lanes easy. Her ult will save you and she sets up kills really nicely. Her large array of skills is a plus. I also heard that Ezreal loves the color purple. [highlight][title]What about the others?[/title][/highlight] Just because I didn't list a certain support, doesn't mean that you won't win lane with them. These five are honorable mentions (cept maybe Blitz) and are guide worthy options. They make my day so much happier. The only support that I can think of that doesn't do well with Ezreal is probably [imgsmall=champ/nunu.png].

[img=champ/graves.png] - 8 If you take skill out of account and supports then generally Graves will destroy Ezreal. [title]Why? [/title] - Both have a strong q, graves' q being far easier to land than Ezreal's q. - Graves has an armor passive leading to him taking substantially less damage than Ezreal will - Graves' AS buff simply means he will beat Ezreal in a straight up fight. [title]What to do:[/title] -Poke him down since Graves' auto attack range is low -Dodge his Buckshot with your Arcane Shift -Ask for a support with sustain -Steal his gun. Then he'll become useless... [img=champ/draven.png] - 10 [highlight]This is the #1 counter for Ezreal[/highlight] I hate decent/good Draven players. [title]Why?[/title] -Draven's Axe gives him a 30-40 damage increase -Draven's Q is not blocked by minions, while Ezreal's Mystic Shot is. -Draven's auto attack range is longer -Draven's speed buff makes it easy to get hit by his auto attacks [title]What to do:[/title] -You can start with a red pot + 3 potions to try and win the lane at level 2 -Stay out of Draven's auto attack range (considering his speed buff) -Farm with your Mystic Shot -Shoot your Mystic shot wherever his Axes land -Ask for an aggressive support (Blitz/Leona/Thresh) since Draven has no escapes -Ask for ganks -Get barrier [img=champ/caitlyn.png] - 8 Honestly, Caitlin counters almost every ADC in lane. Amirite? :C [title]Why? [/title] -Caitlin's range surpasses Ezreal's -Her traps are annoying -She can out trade Ezreal with her headshot + EQ combo -Her Q goes through minions, while Ezreal's Q does not -Ace in the Hole is not a skillshot [title]What to do:[/title] -Punish her for being out of position -Dodge her Q with Arcane shift -Farm with your Mystic Shot -Don't play like a pussy though (Caitlin isn't too hard to beat) -Ask for an aggressive support -Get barrier -Don't get poked and you will be fine [img=champ/missfortune.png] - 7 [img=champ/twitch.png] - 7 [img=champ/sivir.png] - 6 [title][highlight]Explanations coming soon![/highlight][/title]

[title]Current S3 ELO [5/20/13][/title] [imgext=] [title]S3 Ezreal Statistics[/title] [imgext=] [title]S2 Ezreal Statistics[/title] [imgext=] [.]It's pretty consistent. KDA is not bad but the win rates are amazing.

[title]Conclusion[/title] Playing a good Ezreal requires a lot of practice since he's all about skillshots and kiting. He's not an AD carry that an average player can just pick up instantly. But playing games with him will improve your overall skill on LoL because of the amount of skillshots he utilizes. I hope you liked my guide and I hope that your skill will improve because of it. In the future, I'll add a commentary on a game playing Ezreal. This is my first guide so please like and give me your input. I want to know your opinions as well and feel free to ask me any questions that you may have. Thanks a bunch guys! <3 "It's all skill" -Ezreal [highlight]Goodluck Summoners, CaptAnimal[/highlight]

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