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Jungle Evelynn: The Master Ganker

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    Greater Mark of Attack Speed (+1.7% attack speed)
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    Greater Seal of Armor (+1 armor)
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    Greater Glyph of Attack Speed (+0.64% attack speed)
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    Greater Quintessence of Armor Penetration (+2.56 armor penetration)
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Evelynn was once a top ban through the ELOs for her ability to not only jungle, but gank with ease because of stealth. Evelynn is commonly played as a roamer, but combined with buffs, regen, stealth and Smite, jungling and anti-jungling as well as ganking (effectively "roaming") becomes very easy. Her early game jungling is very slow but as soon as she gets Wriggles, she can stay in the jungle forever. Purchasing Wriggles in full before even boots is often the best thing to get as Evelynn, but that will be covered soon. The first thing that must be understood is that before Wriggles, Evelynn relies on disrupting lanes while waiting for Smite to be up.

Full attack speed marks allow Eve to deal damage more quickly and when paired with attack speed glyphs and Ardor, Evelynn starts off with an extra ~25% attack speed, starting at .802. The ArmPen Quintessences give Eve enough damage to efficiently jungle and deal damage to squishy champions early game. Armor seals should be a no brainer for a jungler.

[highlight]This section is going to be rather long. Early game is Eve's most devastating time until she gets her core items so naturally you as an Eve player must establish your dominance as early as possible.[/highlight] Start at Blue and level Q. Eve needs Blue to jungle efficiently. Have a teammate "leash" Blue for you. Generally, you do not want mid to do this because it if difficult to position yourself to have your Q target Blue every time if it wanders into the bush. Usually you want bot lane to leash if you're on the right side and you want top to aggro it if you're on the left side. Evelynn can handle Blue on her own without help, but saving an extra health potion when having somebody leash it. [highlight]*Remember*[/highlight]: Use a health potion IMMEDIATELY upon taking damage from Blue. [highlight]*NOTE*[/highlight]: At level 1, Smite deals exactly 445 damage to a minion. Remember this. Now you have Blue and you're level 2. Level W. Chances are you're 2 and your mid isn't there yet. At this point your Smite is down and you're ready to gank. Wait for your mid to hit 2 before going stealth. If your mid hits 2 before their mid, move quick and get an easy First Blood. [highlight]If your mid has Ignite, make sure you Ignite BEFORE stunning the enemy so you don't accidentally stack Ignites on him, allowing for more damage and an almost guaranteed kill[/highlight]. [highlight]Good mids to have with Evelynn:[/highlight] [.]Annie [.]Ryze [.]Anivia [.]Ashe [.]Ezreal [.]Karthus [.]Anybody with strong CC or a strong early game Now you just got either a kill or an assist. Good job. Now help your mid push that tower, fast. Spam Q and push that lane. Deny your enemy mid a wave or two of EXP. If they have teleport, don't push. If their jungler shows up, push it because it's better that their jungler gets levels than their mid. You want your mid to have as much of an advantage as possible, making future ganks as easy as taking candy from a baby. If you did not get a kill you can either stalk the lane a little more and harass them, possibly picking up a kill or you can go to wolves and continue to jungle. Eve has trouble with jungling early game and relies more on ganking and buying time for Smite to be up. Luckily for Eve, her ganks are so strong and easy early game that ganking should never NOT be occurring frequently after 2. Here Eve's jungle path varies. You must ask yourself a question: Is my Smite up? If yes, go to the Wraith camp and Smite the blue one and finish the camp. At level 3, put one more point into Q. This helps your jungling speed early game. Ignore this skill until you MUST level it up. If your Smite is not up, go to wolves and finish that camp. After killing a camp this is where your [highlight]MAP AWARENESS[/highlight] comes into play. Is top overextended/low? If yes then head there and gank. If no, look at bot and ask the same question. If ganking for a kill does not seem possible, go to their top solo and invoke fear by giving them some of that gank love. [highlight]*NOTE*[/highlight]: Ignore red buff until you have Madreds/HP Pots or Wriggles. Your stun is strong enough early game and it is better for you to gank early than work on red. The earlier you gank the easier it is to get kills/assists. Continue ganking/jungling until laning is over. [highlight]*NOTE*[/highlight]: Getting SLIGHTLY underleveled as Evelynn early is alright. Being a level or two behind is acceptable because you ARE roaming but getting behind by three or more means you need to take some time to quickly farm up a level or two either in the jungle or by quickly pushing a wave or two of minions then continue roaming around until you find an out of place enemy. Now I will cover how to handle the worst case scenario: losing blue due to an early team gank. In order to efficiently jungle and gank Eve needs Blue, so what happens when you lose Blue early? The best choice would be to head to your enemies Blue and take it quickly. You have two options when taking the enemy Blue: kill the entire camp and note that it will respawn in FIVE minutes after finishing the entire camp OR leaving one creep to deny him future Blues. Either is acceptable. If you leave a creep you won't hit two, so head to your Wolves and kill the camp before ganking. [highlight]*ALTERNATIVELY* You can steal a creep or two of EXP from mid to hit 2 so you can gank, either is acceptable[/highlight]. Unfortunately this slows your early gank but doesn't prevent you from ganking. If you are unable to get ANY Blue buffs for whatever reason, head to Wraiths and Smite the blue one and finish the camp then head to Wolves. If you can, gank mid. You might be low on mana so you may have to wait for 60 mana to go stealth. If this gank fails and you do not pick up the kill/assist on mid, you may need to head back to base and pick up more HP pots and a ward. Again, this REALLY slows Eve down early game but you just need to buy time and spend your mana on ganking until your Blue comes back up. The above scenario is Eves worst nightmare, but you just have to truck through it.

Oh the money sink that Eve is. If they buy a vision ward for mid take this as a blessing. They have already started to sink money into countering you thus slowing their rate of item progress. Forcing mid to buy a vision ward is better for your entire team overall. Now you get to play the mind game with mid. Vision wards and Oracles create a sense of security and dominance. Now you want to position yourself BEHIND where your enemy is, staying out of sight, unstealthed until you're ready to engage. At this point it is CRUCIAL for your mid to engage a fight and force their mid to overextend. As soon as their mid thinks they are winning, stealth and sneak up behind them and turn the tides. Ever heard of a tactical retreat? This is what your mid needs to do. As soon as you appear their mid will freak, forcing them to question their path of retreat. If you're against Kat, just understand that Kat is incredibly gay and will just Shunpo to safety so you must wait for no minions to be entering the lane. Kat is any gankers worst nightmare. The more you practice countering Oracles/vision wards the more fun Eve will be to play. From here one of two things will happen: their mid will continue to buy Oracles/vision wards and play more cautiously allowing your mid to dominate their lane in terms of CS and protecting their tower OR their mid will NOT buy anymore Oracles/vision wards and continuously die or still allow your mid to dominate the lane.

By now you need at least [imgsmall=items/wriggles-lantern.png] and [imgsmall=items/boots-of-speed.png]. Your item build varies depending on how well you move around the map. You have a choice of getting one of two early setups: Setup 1: [img=items/wriggles-lantern.png][img=items/boots-of-speed.png][img=items/sheen.png] Setup 2: [img=items/wriggles-lantern.png][img=items/boots-of-mobility.png][img=items/sapphire-crystal.png] Take setup 1 if you are good at anticipating lane pushing and are warding their jungle to keep track of their jungler. Take setup 2 if you are not good at anticipating lane pushing and randomly encounter their jungle because you are not warding or are getting unlucky/etc. Setup 1 is superior because Sheen adds stupid damage to Eve by proc'ing with Q every 2 seconds. As soon as Eve gets Wriggles, she can easily Dragon but not necessarily by herself. Have your mid and/or bot push their lanes and help out with Dragon. Dragon reduces attack speed so if possible have a tanky teammate tank it while you destroy it. Having Blue helps so you can constantly Ravage (E) it and reduce its stats. If you are getting anti-jungled and are losing your buffs frequently it is imperative that you purchase an Oracle. Ignore Sheen for now and play safe but de-ward your jungle and Dragon. If you are getting anti-jungled it is also important that you ward your own buffs and set up your jungle to protect it rather than waste time ganking/anti-jungling the enemy. [highlight]It is always dangerous to enter the enemies jungle so warding your jungle and pinging the enemies will encourage your teammates to help stop them. Entering the enemy jungle is the same thing as overextending in a lane so take advantage of this[/highlight].

This section is added post-approval for [highlight]Darkshy[/highlight]. Counter-jungling is very risky for Eve early on, especially if you take only Ignite/Smite. I'd advise not to jump into counter-jungling because you assume your champion is built for it. Early game counter-jungling is far too risky for the rewards you reap (laughing as their jungler realizes their red/blue is gone with just one minion left there). Therefore, it is not advised you begin to counter-jungle until you get Wriggles and can properly ward their jungle. Always place wards where you feel their jungler might come from. For instance, if you're counter-jungling a blue team jungler and you go for their Blue, it is advised that you ward the Blue's bush on the side CLOSEST to their spawn so you can see him coming from behind, giving you enough time to get out. Here's a neat little trick. If their jungler buys an Oracle, you can play a mind game with them. If you're taking their Blue (and lets assume once again that they are blue team) place a sight ward (or Wriggles Ward) in the opening of the intersection just southwest of the Blue on the outside of the bush. As soon as they see it, they will immediately destroy it, buying you time to finish taking the buff and run. As soon as you see the jungler, you know they are going to kill the ward, so pop your ultimate, finish the Blue, Smite it, and get the hell out. Here is a picture illustrating my ward placement for an Oracle'd jungler: [imgext=http://img231.imageshack.us/img231/6295/lolmap.jpg] [highlight]*NOTE*[/highlight]: If you KNOW you are going to go and steal a buff from your opponent and are in the process of killing a camp/taking one of your buffs, DO NOT SMITE! Save Smite for when you are counter-jungling. Never, EVER counter-jungle without Smite being up. It is far too risky and you run the increased risk of being found out. Don't take that chance. [highlight]*NOTE*[/highlight]: The buffs are melee minions, meaning they will follow you if you move around (to an extent). Take advantage of positioning yourself farthest away from the anticipated route that your opponent will take. Always think and be one step ahead of your foe. The farther ahead you are the more time it takes for them to catch up. When warding Dragon don't be stingy, buy a pink ward. If they are countering by purchasing a pink ward, buy an Oracle. Eve is similar to Shaco in the sense that carrying an Oracle on yourself effectively ruins their map awareness. After all, GO GO MAP AWARENESS! [highlight]A stealth trick you should be made aware of[/highlight]: Believe it or not, Evelynn is NOT Shaco. She does not insta-stealth when you activate it. Therefore, breaking line of sight for half a second can be the difference in life and death. If you are getting ganked in the jungle or have been found trying to steal a buff, hug the wall, activate stealth, and quickly break line of sight by hugging the wall and making a sharp turn around a corner. Additionally, if there are no corners but there are bushes, learn to weave in and out of the bushes as people chase you. This is difficult to get the hang of, but as soon as you realize exactly what I am describing, you will find yourself being just as annoying as a Shaco. Just remember to dip in and out of bushes while trying to go stealthed. Just today (April 4th) I was way overextended in a Shacos jungle and got caught by him and Malzahar, but because I was near ONE small patch of bush (innuendo, anyone?!) I was able to move in and out of the bush, constantly breaking line of sight despite being ulted by Malzahar. Eve may not have as many "get out of jail free" cards as Shaco, but when mastered she can be a nuisance to anybody. DO NOT TRY TO COUNTER-JUNGLE UDYR. Udyr is the master of homosexuality (right up there with Kat) and is far to overpowered in his current state. If you see an Udyr on the other team you MUST ward your OWN jungle. If there's an Udyr, teach him a thing or two about messing with you by buying a Wit's End IMMEDIATELY after Sheen and if he is truly messing you up, buy Wit's End before Sheen. Believe it or not, Udyr SUCKS without mana. Drain that mana and you will quickly find Udyr to be Eve food.

Never engage first as Eve. Wait for the fight to be established before entering. You WILL get focused, you WILL die, you WILL get raped by Amumu's ultimate. Wait for the deadly moves to be used and head toward the back and focus that Ashe. Get the DPS off of your team, get the overall damage off of your team. If the enemy focuses you this allows your team to focus whoever they want (NOT THE F'ING TANK) and allow your DPS to obliterate theirs. If they do not focus you then you get to destroy their most deadly champions effectively winning the fight for your team. [highlight]Baron[/highlight]: With the items from the "item" section of this guide you can tank Baron! If you have another damage dealer or two or even just one other healer Evelynn can destroy Baron. [highlight]Various notes/comments[/highlight]: Wit's End makes mana reliant champions useless. I.e. Nasus, Amumu, and various other champs who love mana and don't build many mana items. Wit's End also deals the extra magic damage even if the target is mana-less! Holy crap! How useful. Bet you didn't know that. Wit's End is one of the most cost efficient items in the game. Incoming Wit's End FOTM after Wriggles' turn is over. Teemo is annoying. He alerts of your presence and lowers your HP before you even get close to him. Buy Oracles against him. Seriously. Karthus is so annoying as well. Sometimes I actually ban him in ranked because he is so easy and stupid to play. Twisted Fate counters Eve! His ult reveals you and turns a fight around (basically evening out a fight... how lame). Irelia's passive alerts her to your presence. Be careful when ganking her. At level 6, inform your teammates to CHASE under a tower if you're taking tower damage. Most people don't realize that you'll heal if you get the kill/assist. Unfortunately, most people are stupid and don't understand this so try and stick to doing premades with Eve. After getting Wriggles you should have around 100 Armor, taking 50% less damage from physical attacks. Believe it or not, you can take quite a few tower shots if you need to allow your squishy Annie to finish off the enemy with Q. Katarina can still ult if you're stealthed around her. Any champion with a "channel" can ult, such as Morgana. Evelynn's Q alerts you to stealthed things such as Teemo. If Teemo is invis and you can Q, just Q him to death. It's funny making Teemo run away with little HP. This guide will be updated as I remember things or learn new things myself.

[center][youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=grFAxWM-vyY[/youtube][/center] The above shows how to properly gank as Evelynn as well as showing how strong she is early game at level 2 (with an Annie =P). Take advantage of this strong duo queue combo and carry your games.

If you have WinRAR (or other compression software) and LoLReplay then download this if you want to watch full gameplays of me playing Eve in the jungle. Make sure you read the title because some may be boring or slow. Actually, if you wanna see what happens when Eve has a bad start, watch some slow games. http://www.megaupload.com/?d=XFCEBAI7 Current Update: April 20, 2011 - 35 Evelynn Gameplays totalling 143MB

Chapter 8 (Counter-Jungling) was added on April 4th by the request of Darkshy. April 20, 2011 - Updated LoLReplay .rar file in Chapter 11. Apriol 23, 2011 - Updated Masteries and Mastery Chapter.

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