• 9
    Greater Mark of Attack Damage (+0.95 attack damage)
  • 9
    Greater Seal of Armor (+1 armor)
  • 9
    Greater Glyph of Magic Resist (+1.34 magic resist)
  • 3
    Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed (+1.5% movement speed)
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Hello, im II Jelli II and welcome to my [highlight]Tiger Udyr Jungle Guide[/highlight]. The reason I chose to write a [imgsmall=skills/udyr/q.png] guide for the jungle is because I believe that its potential is enormous and the use of [imgsmall=skills/udyr/q.png] in the jungle most certainly underrated. Whilst The [imgsmall=skills/udyr/q.png] Udyr does fall behind in some areas to its counterpart ([imgsmall=skills/udyr/r.png]), I believe he still brings a lot to the team via shining in areas such as ganking, [highlight]stealing buffs[/highlight] and tanking fights while still dealing tremendous damage. Although it is common to see [imgsmall=skills/udyr/q.png] used in the top lane, I rarely see him used in the jungle which is were I believe he truly belongs. However I do not advise first picking Udyr in ranked ques as he is easy to counter with champions that can kite him easily such as [imgsmall=champ/ashe.png][imgsmall=champ/ezreal.png] and [imgsmall=champ/corki.png]. [imgext=] [highlight]Pros: [/highlight] [.] High Single target damage [.] Strong ganks (stronger then [imgsmall=skills/udyr/r.png]) [.] Excellent ability to steal buffs (Main aim of counterjungling in the current meta) [.] Decent clear time [.] Can build flat damage items and not lack attack speed [.] Huge sustain and low cd shield [.] Tanky [.] Deals damage through a mixture of physical and magical [highlight]Cons: [/highlight] [.] Easily kited [.][imgsmall=skills/udyr/r.png] clear time is better [.] A bad early game can result in horrible mid/late games [.] No aoe damage(unlike [imgsmall=skills/udyr/r.png]) [.] No ultimate [.] noticeably slower clear time without 2nd blue(either their blue or yours) [highlight]Udyr's base stats:[/highlight] Health: 427 (+99) Attack damage: 52.91 (+3.2) Health regen: 7.45 (+0.75) Attack speed: 0.658 (+2.67%) Mana: 220 (+30) Armor: 14.75 (+4) Mana regen: 6.4 (+0.45) Magic res: 30 (+1.25) Range: 125 Mov. speed: 320

[center][imgext=][/center] Udyr is a tank who provides high early and mid game damage. He can be considered to be a bruiser, however the term bruiser for me makes me feel as if I should be focusing on dealing damage instead of tanking, but as udyr this is not what you want to do because as the game progresses you want to have a mindset that you need to be the one taking the damage. But why should you play udyr as a tank? Well the main reason you should play udyr as a tank is because of [imgsmall=skills/udyr/w.png], because if you can provide your team with essentially 200 bonus hp every 5 or so seconds, you will almost always come out on top if your team mates play as they should and also if they can deal as much damage as the enemy team. Another role that Udyr plays is the role of getting your team fed. You can do this through a number of ways however the most effective way I find is to make the most of every gank, and luckily for you [imgsmall=skills/udyr/q.png] allows your ganks to have a high kill potential due to a large almost unavoidable damage over time effect. To summarize, you want to get your team as fed as possible whilst you still have a relatively high damage output and then when your team can carry you you want to tank so that your team has the best possible chance of winning.(and winning is the aim of lol)

Now I that this is probably the biggest question on my entire guide because a lot of people will just say, ohh well [imgsmall=skills/udyr/q.png] udyr is too slow now and [imgsmall=skills/udyr/r.png] is the best, but I am here to argue that this is not in fact the case. Firstly I just like to say that picking [imgsmall=skills/udyr/q.png] over [imgsmall=skills/udyr/r.png] really just comes down to preference. When I play [imgsmall=skills/udyr/r.png] Udyr I just don't feel as if I can do as much for the team then what I think [imgsmall=skills/udyr/q.png] is able to do. Here is a comparison of Jungling [imgsmall=skills/udyr/q.png] to [imgsmall=skills/udyr/r.png]. [.][imgsmall=skills/udyr/r.png] is faster then [imgsmall=skills/udyr/q.png] [.][imgsmall=skills/udyr/q.png] is a lot more mana reliant then [imgsmall=skills/udyr/r.png] in the jungle. [.][imgsmall=skills/udyr/q.png] has stronger ganks then [imgsmall=skills/udyr/r.png] [.][imgsmall=skills/udyr/q.png] is significantly stronger late game [.][imgsmall=skills/udyr/r.png] has aoe damage whereas [imgsmall=skills/udyr/q.png] does not. [.]It is easier to carry teams with [imgsmall=skills/udyr/q.png] then [imgsmall=skills/udyr/r.png] in solo que. [.][imgsmall=skills/udyr/q.png] can easily be counter jungles whereas [imgsmall=skills/udyr/r.png] generally is the counterjungler. [.][imgsmall=skills/udyr/r.png] udyr can only really augment his strength through attack speed items because the ap ratio's on [imgsmall=skills/udyr/r.png] and [imgsmall=skills/udyr/w.png] are rather low whereas [imgsmall=skills/udyr/q.png] can easily increase his damage through flat damage items and also cap attack speed at 2.5 with 3 stacks of [imgsmall=skills/udyr/p.png], [imgsmall=skills/udyr/q.png], [imgsmall=items/trinity-force.png] and a [imgsmall=items/madreds-bloodrazor.png]. As you can see both stances have their own unique advantages and dissadvantages and as a result the decision that you choose should be based on what time you like to shine and deal damage in, whether you like to shut down the enemy jungle or whether you like to get you or your team fed. For example if you love getting kills in lots of your ganks, you don't mind not counterjungling the enemy all that much (with the exclusion on buffs as all junglers should aim to steal the enemies buffs), and you like to be somewhat useful late game then I would most certainly recommend [imgsmall=skills/udyr/q.png] Udyr jungle for you because I know that I kinda fit that discription and I definitely prefer [imgsmall=skills/udyr/q.png] over [imgsmall=skills/udyr/r.png]. Happy choosing time summoners :D [center][imgext=][/center]

[imgext=] │ [imgext=] │ [imgext=] │ [imgext=] [highlight]Greater Mark Of Strength - +0.95 Ad Each[/highlight] Explanation : Provides bonus damage on [imgsmall=skills/udyr/q.png] proc(about 15), thus leading to faster clear time and an overall higher damage output, also due to your high attack speed from both your [imgsmall=skills/udyr/p.png] and [imgsmall=skills/udyr/q.png], the bonus ad helps alot as most of your damage on jungle monsters come from your auto attacks. You can chose to run Attack speed marks(alacrity) however I would only run 6 and the other 3 would still be strength marks. [highlight]Greater Seal of Resilience - +1.41 Armour Each[/highlight] Explanation : Basically a staple for the jungle, due to monsters dealing physical damage. Helps you keep healthy in the jungle and also later game they help to reduce some of the damage by ad champions. I would not consider any other seals. [highlight]Greater Glyph of Warding - +1.34 Magic Resist Each[/highlight] Explanation : Possibly the best runes in the game, also due to the fact that 90% of the time i build [imgsmall=items/ninja-tabi.png] over [imgsmall=items/mercurys-treads.png] the magic resist helps a lot compared to the other alternatives that are Attack speed glyphs(alacrity) or Armour glyphs(reliliance). [highlight]Greater Quintessence of swiftness - +1.5% Movement Speed Each[/highlight] Explanation : Although these are awesome on Udyr, sometimes I chose not to use these if they have champions who can apply constant slows on you either because they have a slowing ability such as [imgsmall=champ/ashe.png] or because they generally build [imgsmall=items/frozen-mallet.png] or [imgsmall=items/trinity-force.png] such as [imgsmall=champ/shyvana.png][imgsmall=champ/ezreal.png] and [imgsmall=champ/corki.png] because if they do have these champions, then you will just be wasting your Quintessence slots.

[title][img=skills/udyr/p.png] Passive: Monkey's Agility[/title] [number]Entering a stance grants Udyr 10% attack speed and 3% dodge for 5 seconds. This effect can stack.[/number] [title]Explanation:[/title] Awesome passive for the jungle, just make sure that you try to keep it at 3 stacks so that you maximize it's effectiveness and therefore maximizing you clear times, unfortunately it no longer provides any dodge, so it is a little bit weaker then it used to be. [title][img=skills/udyr/q.png] Q: Tiger Stance[/title] [number]Activation: On his next attack, Udyr swipes at his target, dealing normal attack and dealing 150% of his attack damage + 30 / 80 / 130 / 180 / 230 extra damage over 2 seconds as magic damage. In addition, It increases attack speed 5% less than passive for 5 seconds. Persistent Effect: Udyr's attack speed is increased by 20 / 25 / 30 / 35 / 40%. Half of this is persistent, the other half is activated for 5 seconds. Cooldown 6 seconds Cost 55/50/45/40/35 mana[/number] [title]Explanation:[/title] Your bread and butter on [imgsmall=skills/udyr/q.png] Udyr. The on hit Dot is [highlight]HUGE[/highlight], just don't forget to use it as effectively as possible in the jungle, so don't just go hitting a little wraith that's on 30 hp with this or you will see a slower clear time. This is also what makes your ganks so stronger and also the passive Attack speed bonus basically gives you a free [imgsmall=items/recurve-bow.png]. Allows you to push towers effectively and also gives you the ability to buy high damage items without the feeling that you don't auto attack enough due to low attack speed. I max this 1st for maximum damage to make my ganks as effective as possible as well as for a faster clear time. [title][img=skills/udyr/w.png] W: Turtle Stance[/title] [number]Activation: Udyr gains a temporary shield that absorbs 60 / 100 / 140 / 180 / 220 (+50% of ability power) damage. Persistent Effect: Udyr's attacks cannot crit, but he restores 10/12/14/16/18% of his damage as health and 5/6/7/8/9% of his damage as mana. Cooldown 6 seconds Cost 55/50/45/40/35 mana[/number] [title]Explanation:[/title] One of the best shields in the game, due to its low cd and innate life steal. Note to spam this with blue buff to keep healthy and also use it without blue buff a bit more as it also regenerates you mana on hit. I've used it so many times to save my life, so never underestimate its power and potential. You should activate this when your [imgsmall=skills/udyr/q.png] is on a 2 second cd so that you get more time in tiger stance whist still regularly applying your shield. The persistent effect acts like life steal so the hp regen is buffed by [imgsmall=items/spirit-visage.png] and it also gives mana back on top of the hp. Remember that you cant crit in [imgsmall=skills/udyr/w.png] but this isn't much of an issue because you shouldn't be building crit items anyway because flat damage is better because the ad ratio on [imgsmall=skills/udyr/q.png] is amazing. [title][img=skills/udyr/e.png] E: Bear Stance[/title] [number]Activation: Udyr gains 15 / 18 / 21 / 24 / 27% increased movement speed for 2 / 2.5 / 3 / 3.5 / 4 seconds. Persistent Effect: Udyr mauls his target with such force that they are stunned for 1 second. This effect cannot occur on the same target for 6 seconds. Cooldown 6 seconds Cost 55/50/45/40/35 mana[/number] [title]Explanation:[/title] Probably Udyr's signature move. This allows Udyr to stun any number of people every 6 seconds. Just that sentence I said right there is the making of a very good skill, but that's not all, the fact that it also provides a regular movement speed bonus is just insane. At rank 5 of this ability you can have 27% increased movement speed with a downtime of less than 2 seconds every 4 seconds. WOW, provides for so much versatility, and it provides you to be able to chase, run away, move across the map and it also makes it a lot harder for the enemy to kite you. However I do not recommend using this to move around the map in the early levels or without blue buff because the mana cost can take its toll and you really need that mana to make the most of your ganks. In team fight or when chasing try to stun when ever it comes off cd, this may require you to attack twice with it when you activate it as it might not have been 6 seconds yet however if you do do this then the person/s you are stunning will be having nightmares. Remember that tenacity items reduce the duration of your stun: the most common tenacity item is [imgsmall=items/mercurys-treads.png] and with it your stun lasts 0.65 seconds so pay attention to whether they have [imgsmall=items/mercurys-treads.png] or not because 0.65 seconds is not that long and you might get into a bad situation if you overestimate the stun duration.[highlight]NOTE:Do not initiate with udyr, you are not an initiator regardless of how much movement speed you have with [imgsmall=skills/udyr/e.png], you are a bruiser cross tank that does not have an initiation ability. If you are last pick in que, and your team lacks an initiation, do not pick udyr, pick someone who can initiate.[/highlight] [title][img=skills/udyr/r.png] R: Phoenix Stance[/title] [number]Activation: Udyr sends out pulsing waves of fire dealing 15/25/35/45/55 (+25% of ability power) magic damage each second to nearby enemies for 5 seconds. In addition, Udyr's ability power is increased by 16 / 24 / 32 / 40 / 48 and his attack damage is increased by half of that amount. Persistent Effect: Every third attack, Udyr engulfs enemies in front of him in flame, dealing 40 / 80 / 120 / 160 / 200 (+25% of ability power) magic damage. Cooldown 6 seconds Cost 55/50/45/40/35 mana[/number] [title]Explanation:[/title] Completely useless on [imgsmall=skills/udyr/q.png] Udyr, I only activate this if i'm farming a big minion wave as the aoe is nice for killing minions, however that's the extent of it's uses.

[center][imgsmall=skills/udyr/q.png][imgsmall=skills/udyr/w.png][imgsmall=skills/udyr/q.png][imgsmall=skills/udyr/e.png][imgsmall=skills/udyr/q.png][imgsmall=skills/udyr/w.png][imgsmall=skills/udyr/q.png][imgsmall=skills/udyr/w.png][imgsmall=skills/udyr/q.png][imgsmall=skills/udyr/w.png][imgsmall=skills/udyr/w.png][imgsmall=skills/udyr/e.png][imgsmall=skills/udyr/e.png][imgsmall=skills/udyr/e.png][imgsmall=skills/udyr/e.png][imgsmall=skills/udyr/r.png][imgsmall=skills/udyr/r.png][imgsmall=skills/udyr/r.png][/center] In short, [imgsmall=skills/udyr/q.png] > [imgsmall=skills/udyr/w.png] > [imgsmall=skills/udyr/e.png] > [imgsmall=skills/udyr/r.png] Reasons for this is because [imgsmall=skills/udyr/q.png] provides you with the most damage, which helps you with clear time and the strength of your ganks, thus it is necessary to max this 1st. [imgsmall=skills/udyr/w.png] allows you to stay healthy in the jungle and also tank a lot of damage. It also helps if you get in a sticky situation when your ganking and it may just be the difference between life and death. Therefore I max [imgsmall=skills/udyr/w.png] 2nd. [imgsmall=skills/udyr/e.png] will be reaching its most useful part in the entire game, and it is most certainly better than [imgsmall=skills/udyr/r.png], therefore maxing [imgsmall=skills/udyr/e.png] next is the only logical option. It's also far better to get 5 points in [imgsmall=skills/udyr/e.png] then 5 points in [imgsmall=skills/udyr/r.png], because [imgsmall=skills/udyr/e.png]'s points are far more useful then [imgsmall=skills/udyr/r.png] points because you should never really be activating [imgsmall=skills/udyr/r.png] at all.

[center][highlight]Possible starting items [/highlight] [img=items/cloth-armor.png][img=items/health-potion5.png] or [img=items/boots-of-speed.png][img=items/health-potion3.png]. I almost always start [imgsmall=items/cloth-armor.png][imgsmall=items/health-potion5.png] because it allows me to stay healthier in the jungle, and I cannot stress enough how important this is. Think back to how many times you may have been killed because the enemy jungle went to counter jungle you and found you on low hp and just insta gib'd you. It happens to a lot of people, and I know because most of the time it's me who is the person who is doing the killing. I find that although your ganks are ever so slightly better with [imgsmall=items/boots-of-speed.png] and your clear time is inevitably faster due to less time taken to move between the camps, there is still no doubt in my mind that [imgsmall=items/cloth-armor.png][imgsmall=items/health-potion5.png] outshines [imgsmall=items/boots-of-speed.png][imgsmall=items/health-potion3.png]. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ [highlight]1st Time back[/highlight] [img=items/madreds-razors.png][img=items/boots-of-speed.png] The Items that you are able to get on your 1st time back can actually vary quite a bit. However I usually try to aim for [imgsmall=items/boots-of-speed.png][imgsmall=items/madreds-razors.png] because I feel that the bonus movement speed is necessary and the [imgsmall=items/madreds-razors.png] greatly increases your jungle speed. However sometimes you will not always be able to buy [imgsmall=items/boots-of-speed.png][imgsmall=items/madreds-razors.png] straight out. If this is the case I will always buy [imgsmall=items/boots-of-speed.png] as my 1st items before [imgsmall=items/long-sword.png] if i cannot afford [imgsmall=items/madreds-razors.png]. Note: that I will not buy [imgsmall=items/madreds-razors.png] without [imgsmall=items/boots-of-speed.png]. But then again you might actually have more g then you need to get [imgsmall=items/boots-of-speed.png][imgsmall=items/madreds-razors.png]. If this is the case I generally move onto buying to 2nd time back items or if i can, I will buy a [imgsmall=items/heart-of-gold.png] straight out. [/center] ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ [center][highlight]2nd Time Back[/highlight] [img=items/ninja-tabi.png][img=items/wriggles-lantern.png] Very rarely do I chose to get [imgsmall=items/mercurys-treads.png], this is mainly because I feel it delays my [imgsmall=items/wriggles-lantern.png] and then ultimately it delays [imgsmall=items/trinity-force.png] as it will cause a slower clear time without [imgsmall=items/wriggles-lantern.png], and because [imgsmall=items/trinity-force.png] is Udyr's main damage item, I feel that delaying this impacts on his ability to take the game into his own hands more than what I think you can really allow. However that said, if they have a heavy ap team I do choose this over [imgsmall=items/ninja-tabi.png] because they will just burst your hp down otherwise. You can always choose to swap [imgsmall=items/ninja-tabi.png] our for [imgsmall=items/mercurys-treads.png] late game when you start to focus at peeling the enemy from your carries. I rush [imgsmall=items/wriggles-lantern.png] because you do a lot of auto attacking in the jungle and as a result it makes a noticeable difference to the clear time. [/center] ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ [center][highlight]Core Items[/highlight] [img=items/trinity-force.png][img=items/warmogs-armor.png] I consider these items essential on Udyr for a number of reasons. Firstly the [imgsmall=items/trinity-force.png]: this item works so well with udyr because it provides so many useful stats. Although it is quite expensive, for its price it still makes a you cause a bigger impact on the game then any other item/s that add up to its price. Note that when building [imgsmall=items/trinity-force.png] I always build [imgsmall=items/phage.png] 1st because it provides the best stats and it gives you stronger ganks when you don't have red buff. After I get [imgsmall=items/phage.png], I choose either [imgsmall=items/zeal.png] or [imgsmall=items/sheen.png] depending on the situation. If I can buy [imgsmall=items/sheen.png] straight off, whether its the time back after getting [imgsmall=items/phage.png] or at the same time as buying [imgsmall=items/phage.png] then I choose [imgsmall=items/sheen.png] because the passive provides a nice damage increase, however if I am forced to buy parts of items then I go for [imgsmall=items/zeal.png] because the [imgsmall=items/dagger.png] and [imgsmall=items/brawlers-gloves.png] are more beneficial then [imgsmall=items/sapphire-crystal.png] and [imgsmall=items/amplifying-tome.png]. After I get [imgsmall=items/trinity-force.png] I usually go for [imgsmall=items/warmogs-armor.png] mainly because it puts me on about 3-3.5k hp(depending on which level I am and whether I got [imgsmall=items/heart-of-gold.png] or not) and I generally have enough damage due to [imgsmall=items/trinity-force.png], which allows you to delay other damage items like [imgsmall=items/maw-of-malmortius.png] and instead get tanky items like [imgsmall=items/warmogs-armor.png] and [imgsmall=items/randuins-omen.png]. [imgsmall=items/warmogs-armor.png] is also better then [imgsmall=items/frozen-mallet.png] because its cheeper and you already have the on hit slow from [imgsmall=items/trinity-force.png] which is bound to take affect considering Udyr's high attack speed from [imgsmall=skills/udyr/q.png]. [/center] ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ [center][highlight]Boot Options:[/highlight] [img=items/ninja-tabi.png][img=items/mercurys-treads.png][img=items/sorcerers-shoes.png] The almost always get ninja tabi on Udyr for a few reasons, however there are also times where I find that they are not really suitable for the game, or later in the game I might choose that because I have certain items and the other team has certain items then a different boots option might be more suitable. Because I have already talked about why I pick [imgsmall=items/ninja-tabi.png] over [imgsmall=items/mercurys-treads.png](in the 2nd time back section), I feel that I should go straight into why I may pick [imgsmall=items/sorcerers-shoes.png] and when I pick them, as some people are probably thinking that it is quite strange and I also don't really want to be all that repetitious. So the reason I would choose [imgsmall=items/sorcerers-shoes.png] over [imgsmall=items/ninja-tabi.png] or [imgsmall=items/mercurys-treads.png] is only if the other team is a high hp tanky team. The reason for this is because if they are a high hp tanky team then I will buy [imgsmall=items/madreds-bloodrazor.png], and because both [imgsmall=items/madreds-bloodrazor.png]'s passive and [imgsmall=skills/udyr/q.png]'s on hit effect are both dealt in magic damage, then the [imgsmall=items/sorcerers-shoes.png] will [highlight]usually[/highlight] be a lot more beneficial then the other boot options because usually against a high hp tanky team the team will lack damage and as a result resistance items are less vital. I've also been wondering about other boot options lately such as [imgsmall=items/berserkers-greaves.png] and [imgsmall=items/ionian-boots-of-lucidity.png], however as I suspected they are not all that useful. The reason that [imgsmall=items/ionian-boots-of-lucidity.png] are not all that useful is because in your build you will be getting a fair bit of cdr anyway because of items like [imgsmall=items/randuins-omen.png] and [imgsmall=items/frozen-heart.png] and so with blue buff you will be capped at 40% anyway. And the reason I don't pick [imgsmall=items/berserkers-greaves.png] is simply because the bonus attack speed is hardly noticeable because you will have so much anyway because of [imgsmall=skills/udyr/q.png] and [imgsmall=skills/udyr/p.png]. [/center] ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ [center][highlight]Gold Per 10 Options[/highlight][img=items/heart-of-gold.png][img=items/philosophers-stone.png] The reason I have limited the GP10 items to just [imgsmall=items/heart-of-gold.png] and [imgsmall=items/philosophers-stone.png] is because [imgsmall=items/avarice-blade.png]'s crit strike chance is wasted on Udyr because he cant crit whist in [imgsmall=skills/udyr/w.png] and [imgsmall=items/kages-lucky-pick.png] is just pointless on Udyr because you don't really scale with ap. 99.99% of the time I will chose [imgsmall=items/heart-of-gold.png] over [imgsmall=items/philosophers-stone.png] because [imgsmall=items/heart-of-gold.png] can just sit in your inventory giving you gold whilst still making you tankier and you will always be sure that you made a good purchase because it can always be upgraded into [imgsmall=items/randuins-omen.png] at any time if need be. However [imgsmall=items/philosophers-stone.png] is not in the same position as [imgsmall=items/heart-of-gold.png] because if you keep it in your inventory your either forced to sell it and as a result it will be less useful then [imgsmall=items/heart-of-gold.png] or you can turn it into [imgsmall=items/shurelyas-reverie.png] which is ok, however I would only consider that if my team was unlikely to buy one due to having a bruiser bot lane. [/center] ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ [center] [highlight]After Core Items[/highlight] [img=items/randuins-omen.png] [imgsmall=items/randuins-omen.png] is a pet favorite of mine because it acts like [imgsmall=items/frozen-heart.png] which also gives you hp. I will always buy this if I get [imgsmall=items/heart-of-gold.png] early because it's just amazing on Udyr and part of it has already been purchased. [imgsmall=items/randuins-omen.png] is also amazing on Udyr because it can help solve you issue of being kited easily via the chance of a ms reduction effect when you are hit by an auto attack. [img=items/frozen-heart.png] [imgsmall=items/frozen-heart.png] is another item that I love getting because its borderline op, however I don't get this if I got [imgsmall=items/randuins-omen.png] unless this is one of my last items because otherwise i'll be delaying Magic Resist items a bit too much. [img=items/force-of-nature.png] I prefer getting other Magic Resist items on Udyr unless of course they have huge amounts of ap, or high damage, mobile ap carries such as [imgsmall=champ/ahri.png] because the bonus movement speed is very helpful in catching them. [img=items/guardian-angel.png] I get this item if my team has enough damage, and I replace [imgsmall=items/maw-of-malmortius.png] for it. What I really love about [imgsmall=items/guardian-angel.png] is that it allows you to go balls to the wall in a fight and tank a tonne of damage, die then whist your [imgsmall=items/guardian-angel.png] is taking effect, more then half the time their carries will just sit around your body waiting to finish you off whist the rest of your team starts eating their team alive. [img=items/maw-of-malmortius.png] Probably my favorite magic resist item because it just dominates so many teams that build around burts casters. It also gives heaps of damage and if your team lacks in damage it can make you a real threat in team fights. Believe it or not its quite scary when a bear comes charging at you with 4k hp and almost 300ad, considering tiger stance will give a DOT of 750 damage before counting in resistances. I usually buy this as one of my last items, however it can be built at any time after [imgsmall=items/trinity-force.png], especially if you want to snowball the game when you are already far ahead. [img=items/madreds-bloodrazor.png] I get this when im versing high hp teams, with champions like [imgsmall=champ/volibear.png] in it because the passive does a considerable amount of damage when you regularly have over 2 attacks per second. I also usually swap [imgsmall=items/ninja-tabi.png] for [imgsmall=items/sorcerers-shoes.png] after I buy [imgsmall=items/madreds-bloodrazor.png] because both the [imgsmall=items/madreds-bloodrazor.png] passive and [imgsmall=skills/udyr/q.png] DOT are magic damage and the bonus +20 magic penetration can make a big difference in damage. [img=items/banshees-veil.png] I usually buy this if they have a heavy ap team after buying [imgsmall=items/trinity-force.png] yet before [imgsmall=items/warmogs-armor.png] and/or if they have a strong initiation that can be hard to avoid such as [imgsmall=champ/ashe.png] and [imgsmall=champ/sejuani.png] ultimate's. The reason I get [imgsmall=items/banshees-veil.png] after buying [imgsmall=items/trinity-force.png] yet before [imgsmall=items/warmogs-armor.png] is because it supplements me with enough hp to replace [imgsmall=items/warmogs-armor.png] without being magic resist starved. [img=items/youmuus-ghostblade.png] If I get [imgsmall=items/youmuus-ghostblade.png], it will generally be to replace [imgsmall=items/wriggles-lantern.png] late game if my team lacks damage and I am still getting kited a bit too much; however this is certainly not one of my preferred items because it's only really good in rare situations on Udyr. [img=items/last-whisper.png] Enemies stacking a bit too much armor? Can't do enough damage? Then this is the item to get. Like [imgsmall=items/youmuus-ghostblade.png], I only really get this as a replacement of [imgsmall=items/wriggles-lantern.png] late game because there are plenty of other items that outshine it. But it does provide a lot of damage on [imgsmall=skills/udyr/q.png]'s proc and it can be seriously be a game changer if they are stacking a lot of armor. [img=items/the-bloodthirster.png] Saving the best to last? Not really, but it is a very good item on Udyr, and I either pick it up when my team is really starting to snowball ahead of as a replacement of [imgsmall=items/wriggles-lantern.png] late game. Gives bonus 100 damage with all 40 stacks and therefore without counting magic resist is gives a bonus 150 damage just on [imgsmall=skills/udyr/q.png]'s proc, and as a result should not be underestimated.[/center]

Early game you want to focus on rushing to level 4 to get [imgsmall=skills/udyr/e.png] then gank as much as possible whist you still have red buff. Also if they have a slow jungler, after getting blue buff its a good idea to go to their red buff and pull if behind the baron pit and kill it there as it will decrease your chance of getting caught and it also allows you to flash over into the baron pit if you need to. And when ganking try to go round the sides to catch your target from behind for easy [imgsmall=skills/udyr/e.png] stun. However sometimes you are forced to just gank from the river area which is no issue, just try to gank the most pushed lanes if this is the case. You can also go from behind your teams turret into the top or bot lane brushes to suprise your enemies. Its also good to keep note of their blue buffs respawn time because you should aim to steal their 2nd blue buff every game as this will put you in a far better position in terms of how well you can clear the jungle and gank, as well as affecting the enemies mid lane and putting your mid lane at an advantage. Strengths of early game : [.]High single target damage [.]Strong ganks [.]Good at stealing buffs [.]Can easily bust enemy jungler down if caught out with low hp Weaknesses of early game: [.]Slower clear time then other junglers [.]No Aoe damage [.]Prone to counterjungling by champions like [imgsmall=champ/shyvana.png] [.]Needs [imgsmall=skills/udyr/e.png], therefore if he gets counterjungled it will take longer for him to get the ability to gank [imgext=]

I consider mid game to be around the end of laning phase, and at this stage of the game you should well and truly be on your way to getting your [imgsmall=items/trinity-force.png]. At this point you should be doing a fair bit of damage and focusing on catching as many people out as possible, dueling and snowballing your lead(if existent) as much as possible. I recommend getting an oracles by now if you didn't buy one early game otherwise you will find it very hard to sneak in dragons, which can ultimately win games, and also just eliminating wards will allow you to catch people who foolishly face-checking brushes(believe me, it happens a lot in lower/mid elo). You also have a potent ability to push lane due to the huge attack speed bonus from [imgsmall=skills/udyr/q.png] so never underestimate how quickly you can destroy a tower when your lane is already pushed. Again like early game you should still be focusing on taking buffs but at the same time make sure that you be cautious. For example, when you go over to their blue buff get your closest lane to protect you and the other lanes with mid lane to go get your blue buff so that you can secure both buffs and hence start to snowball even what might be a very slight advantage gradually in your favor. Strengths of mid game: [.]High damage output [.]Fantastic counterjungler [.]High burst damage [.]tanky [.]can solo dragon easily [.]pushing and split pushing Weaknesses of mid game [.]Easily kited as champions start to buy [imgsmall=items/phage.png] and cc becomes more potent [.]Only really has 3 abilities to use. [.]Can get caught counterjungling easily if careless.

Late game you act as a tank, you wait for your team to initiate and the you run in and stun people. At this stage of the game you need to have an [imgsmall=items/oracles-elixir.png], and try to start baiting baron attempts, because if they come near the brush an unexpected stun can easily turn a fight into your favor, and then it will allow you to get baron and/or push lanes or even go for game. Due to the high respawn timers you can't just go throwing your life away, you have to play cautiously and fight with you strengths. Take as many dragons as possible because you can easily solo it in almost no time, and because you should have [imgsmall=items/oracles-elixir.png] you shouldn't have any issues with being caught out. Stay with your team and keep them alive, and remember that the lives of your carries are more important than yours, yet with this being said don't just go throwing away your life if the chances are you carries will escape from any tricky situation they might be in. Note that at late game you do fall off a bit. Strengths of late game: [.]Very tanky [.]moderate damage [.]easy to apply regular cc [.]split pushing Weaknesses of late game: [.]Easy to kite [.]can be melted if your positioning is bad [.]cannot initiate like other junglers can such as [imgsmall=champ/shyvana.png] [.]Cannot carry team late game

In team fights early game, the best thing you can do with Udyr is to just rush at their carries, stun them and just put out all your damage onto them, however as the game progresses you lose the ability to do this because if you do just run in the ad carry with just melt you and with the help of the ap carry you wont be alive for long. Therefore in the later stages of the game your role in team fights is to peel enemies away from your carry, and luckily for you due your [imgsmall=skills/udyr/e.png], this is quite easy. You should only really be leaving the premises of your carry if your chasing or you can quickly burst down a carry. Just remember that even though you should be focusing on protecting your carries, if you ever get an opportunity to quickly kill one of their carries, you should do so because your life is far less important then a carries because when you die, you cant tank, however when they die, they cant do damage. So the moral of this story is that protect your carry unless you get a chance to kill theirs. Strengths of team fights: [.]Can tank a lot of damage [.]Can regularly apply cc [.]Can deal a decent amount of damage with [imgsmall=skills/udyr/q.png] proc [.]Can effectively protect your carries Weaknesses of team fights: [.]Can get melted if badly positioned [.]Easy to kite if they have a high cc team [.]No aoe damage

Udyr actually has quite a bit of versatility in terms of jungle routes, and so I will try my best to outline what these routes are and when to take them. NOTE: When at the base when you start the game, activate [imgsmall=skills/udyr/q.png] so that you can get use the proc on the 1st camp but don't activate the stance again until the dot expires because the 2nd attack will only reset the dot. [highlight]Route 1:[/highlight] This is the most common start with [imgsmall=skills/udyr/q.png] Udyr as it allows you to keep healthy in the jungle via spamming [imgsmall=skills/udyr/w.png] and it also is the fastest route and as a result you will be able to hit level 4 and get [imgsmall=skills/udyr/e.png] as soon as possible. So here is the Route: 1)Start wolves, and get you team mates to help you kill them before blue spawns. 2)Go to blue and get you mid lane to leash it(unless it is very awkward for them to do so, for example [imgsmall=champ/fizz.png] and if so get the other closest lane to leash), it does not matter how strong the leash is. After you kill the blue buff rank up [imgsmall=skills/udyr/w.png] and kill the two small lizards with it to regenerate hp. 3)Run to wraiths and kill the big wraith quickly with [imgsmall=skills/udyr/q.png] and spam [imgsmall=skills/udyr/w.png] as much as possible to keep [imgsmall=skills/udyr/p.png] on 3 stacks. 4)Go to red buff and kill it with or without smite(most of the time it will still be on cd) 5)Kill the two golems, focusing on killing the big golem 1st so you take as little damage as possilbe. 6)Go back to wraiths, you might have to wait at max 5 seconds for them to respawn. 7)Go back to wolves 8)Gank at one of the closest lanes, whether it be mid/top or mid/bot. [imgext=] [highlight]Route 2:[/highlight] I usually do this route if my team attempts an invade on the enemies blue and it fails, and because I may not be able to get to blue before it spawns I take this route. 1)Kill wraiths if you were at the camp at 1:40, if not start and step 2. 2)Get your mid/bot/top lane to leash you, whichever one is more convenient and when you get to level 2 rank up [imgsmall=skills/udyr/w.png] and kill the two small lizards with [imgsmall=skills/udyr/w.png] activated to get some health back. 3)Clear the wolf camp 4)Clear the blue camp and then rank up [imgsmall=skills/udyr/e.png] when you get to level 3 and gank the closest most pushed lane. If both lanes are pushed do not rank [imgsmall=skills/udyr/e.png], instead continue jungling like you would in route 1. [imgext=] [highlight]Route 3:[/highlight] I only do this route if i'm on the blue team, and if they have a slow jungler that starts at blue such as [imgsmall=champ/gangplank.png]. So here is the route: 1)Notify your top lane to not push his lane at the start because you wish to do an early gank. 2)Get your team to help you kill wolves. 3)Go to blue and get a hard leash because you want to save your [imgsmall=summoners/smite.png] for the next step. After you kill blue rank up [imgsmall=skills/udyr/e.png] so you can move around the map faster and also for your top gank. 4)Run to their red and pull it back to the place indicated in the map in the early game chapter and use your smite to finish it off(note that at level 2 it will do 470 true damage). 5)Gank top 6)Proceed with normal jungle route like in route like in route 1. [center]Here is a Chart for smites damage, however if you hover your mouse over its tool-tip it will also show you how much damage it does. [imgext=][/center] [imgext=] [highlight]Route 4: [/highlight] This route is actually 2 routes however it goes by the same principles. 1)Evaluate whether the enemy jungler will start at either blue or red and whether they are a fast or slow jungler, and if they are a slow jungler then proceed to step 2, if not then do one of the above routes. 2)once you have identified whether they start, go to the buff that they don't start at(blue if they start red, like [imgsmall=champ/shyvana.png] and red if they start blue like [imgsmall=champ/amumu.png]). 3)Take wolves or wraiths(whilst leaving one little one) depending on where you start. 4)Get the buff and kill the little lizards so you know the respawn time of the buff and run back to your jungle. 5)Proceed with route 1. [imgext=]

I will go through every matchup I played against with [imgsmall=skills/udyr/q.png] and give you an overview of what I thought about it with my own experience, so if its a little bit off then please notify me in the comments section because I can only right about what I have experienced. [img=champ/alistar.png] [highlight]Opinion:[/highlight] Because he has very strong ganks, you should probably start with route 4 staring red and then when you get to level 2 pick up [imgsmall=skills/udyr/e.png] and get ready for to countergank mid because chances are he will go straight to mid, however if you wait more then 10 seconds just go back to jungling because the chances are he will either gank elsewhere or wait till hes level 3. Verdict: Not a hard matchup at all but just make sure you keep an eye out for where he is to either countergank or avoid getting counterganked. [img=champ/amumu.png] [highlight]Opinion: [/highlight] Similar to [imgsmall=champ/alistar.png] in that he will start blue and as a result you should start his red however by invading his red, you will instead be delaying his level 4 which is quite important because thats about the time he get bandage toss. Verdict: He ganks better then you if he gets a free ride in the jungle and as a result you need to punish him and even if possible catch him out of position and kill him. [img=champ/drmundo.png] [highlight]Opinion:[/highlight] I actually haven't versed a [imgsmall=champ/drmundo.png] so as a result i'm going to give a bit of a hypothetical. Because he has a very fast clear time I can actually see him countering you because he will be able to counterjungle you easily and take all your wraiths, thus delaying your level 4 and your ganks, however if you do catch him counterjungling you should easily beat him in a 1 on 1 because chances are he will be on lower hp because of burning agony and therefore you should be able to burst him down with [imgsmall=skills/udyr/q.png]. Verdict: I believe this would be a skill matchup. [img=champ/gragas.png] [highlight]Opinion:[/highlight] Yes I have versed a jungle [imgsmall=champ/gragas.png] and I must say it was a very easy matchup. With [imgsmall=champ/gragas.png] you want to do route 3 and counterjungle him as much as possible because he wont really be able to do anything to you. Also take all his blue buffs and then he will be in a world of pain. Verdict: Easy, destroy him and show no mercy. [img=champ/leesin.png] [highlight]Opinion:[/highlight] Actually happens to vary quite a bit and your experiences are heavily influenced by the skill of the [imgsmall=champ/leesin.png]. If he counterjungles you, which is what he should do then call all your team mates to swap him, and don't fight him in a 1 on 1 because he will win quite easily, however if he takes exhaust then he wont really have any escapes if 3 people swam on him. Verdict: Hard matchup, fight with caution and hope that he doesn't utilize his strength and take advantage over you. [img=champ/malphite.png] [highlight]Opinion:[/highlight] I find that this matchup is a stalemate and that neither of you will really be counterjungling each other, mainly because he is not that great at counterjungling and because if you get caught in his jungle then you will not win or escape because he slows you heaps and you cant fight toe to toe because of his huge attack speed debuff. Verdict: Medium to hard lane, be cautious and if you counterjungle either make sure that you ward up or that you know where he is on the map because hes ganking or laning while a champion may have gone back to base. [img=champ/maokai.png] [highlight] Opinion:[/highlight] Start at his red however go do not go near mid lane because he will probably insta wraiths, however you should be able to avoid him and take it easily whilst he goes and gets blue. His ganks are strong so he will probably focus on that so counterjungle him whenever he goes to gank. Verdict: Medium. Punish him when he ganks and gank when you know that he is not close by. [img=champ/nautilus.png] [highlight]Opinion:[/highlight]YOU HAVE TO COUNTERJUNGLE THIS GUY! The reason [imgsmall=champ/nautilus.png] is considered such a good jungler is because so many people just let him jungle with ease, but you cant allow this! Start at his red and then take his golems and delay his level ups as much as possible but at the same time don't spend too much time in his jungle or he will just make your jungle his own. Verdict: easy - hard. He is hard if you don't punish him but if you play the game right and make his life difficult then your life will be easy. [img=champ/nocturne.png] [highlight]Opinion:[/highlight] The problem with this guy is that he is hard to counterjungle because he is just so strong and yet he also has strong ganks. The way I play against a nocturne is that I try to get my lanes to snowball as much as possible via my ganks before he can get to level 6 and that way if they get far enough ahead even a gank might not be able to bring them back into the game: Verdict: Hard matchup, counterjungle with caution and get [imgsmall=skills/udyr/e.png] at level 3 and gank alot. [img=champ/olaf.png] [highlight]Opinion:[/highlight] He eats you when he has blue buff, and as a result he will start blue buff, so start at his red buff and then play like you usually would versus an average matchup. Verdict: Medium - hard. Counterjungle in early levels only with caution and then play as if he is a easy to medium matchup and then you will find he is easier and fight only if the numbers are in your favor. [img=champ/shyvana.png] [highlight]Opinion:[/highlight] Probably the hardest matchup for you because she counterjungles you like crazy and if you catch her in your jungle, shes so fast anyway that its not that big of a deal for her. My advice is that you ward your jungle and when she goes into your jungle, go into hers, and keep your buffs in your hands or she will be able to take the game into her own hands. Verdict: Very hard matchup however your pain will be influenced by the other players skill level, and you will learn to cope with her as you verse her more and more. [img=champ/udyr.png] [highlight]Opinion:[/highlight] lololol your best counter is yourself! Know that if they are [imgsmall=skills/udyr/r.png] Udyr then he will probably beat you because his clear times are so fast and as a result he can counterjungle you better then you can counterjungle him. My advice is similar to that of what i said with shyvana in that you should ward your jungle and when he enters it go and counterjungle him but either way he will come on top because he will be able to clear more camps then you can. Also you should focus on ganking and counterganking because you are stronger then him and also if you do catch him in your jungle you will win. Verdict: winnable but hard if they are [imgsmall=skills/udyr/r.png]. [img=champ/warwick.png] [highlight]Opinion:[/highlight] Nothing really all that hard about [imgsmall=champ/warwick.png] because he cant to anything until he is level 6, and as a result you should be delaying his level 6 as much as possible and also ganking lanes more then you usually would so that they can snowball ahead. Verdict: Easy - Medium, just try to delay his level 6 as much as possible. I know that I have left some out, but that is because I haven't versed then enough with any jungle to make an accurate estimate on the difficulty of the matchup, however if anyone does play [imgsmall=skills/udyr/q.png] then I would appreciate it if they could tell me a bit about what it is like.

Here is a Video of me playing Udyr, it outlines a lot about how I play with Udyr. Pay attention to how I try to camp around lee sin's blue whenever I think its about to spawn, my route and also the method in which I gank. Note that I get quite greedy with some of my ganks as I do some foolish tower dives so don't do that, and also I know that I play really quite dumb near the end but that's because the game was already essentially over and they had next to no chance of making a come back. This is also a normal game which I just quickly went into que for and the reason I sit still for a while at base a lot is because my shop lags heaps when I have lol recorder installed and so I installed it just to play 1 game and record that so that you guys could get an idea of how I play Udyr. You quite sure that you need lol recorder to watch this and so I have also put a video below of stonewall jungling with udyr for the people who cannot watch this video, however I do recommend watching my video because if you pay attention the the whole game then any of your unanswered questions will be answered via closely looking at my play style. [youtube][/youtube] I remember watching this a while ago, he starts with different items then me however the route is the same and it shows a decent amount on how you should jungle in the early levels. All credit to stonewall008 for this video. skip to about 2:15 for the [imgsmall=skills/udyr/q.png] part.

Note: I'm Australian so just swap the day area with the month area for dates to get the american way of date notation. [highlight]8/2/2012[/highlight]: Added change log, and fixed up a few incorrect facts

This is one of my 1st guides, and I very much hope you enjoyed it if you did read it all and I know that most of you probably just skipped right to the final comments thinking tl;dr, but if you did read it and you did enjoy this guide and you try it out then you will have made me a very happy person. I put a lot of time and effort into this guide so if anyone has any suggestions please make a comment below and tell me what I can do to improve so that I will also be able to improve my future guides to come. I hope you try out this build and I hope that the league of legends community can enjoy [imgsmall=skills/udyr/q.png] Udyr just as much as I have. [center][imgext=][/center]

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