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Hello, I am[b] AHumbleSinner[/b], a Diamond Galio main. I have played Galio for 3 seasons off and on, and recently, I have been playing him almost exclusively and to great success. Additionally, I have been doing this with a slightly different setup from most other Galio players or guides I've seen. Contrary to popular belief, I find Galio to not be situational, but rather find him fun and potentially strong in many situations. Regardless of the role you play Galio in, you can count on having a champion that has TONS of utility. Every one of his abilities provides fairly significant utility. He is unfortunately difficult to master though because in essence, all of his abilities are skill shots. If you mistime his ultimate or shield, you can end up looking pretty. silly. I am currently 7th in the world on Galio by the aggregate website LoLSkill. with a win rate of 55-46 in Season 5. In all truth, part of my purpose in playing so much Galio has been to succeed on something viewed in the main as weak. I generally do this in games that I play; I enjoy making challenges for myself and potentially proving wrong the prevailing wisdom. I will try and keep this writing interesting, but I am a senior history major anne frankly, thats not my forte. ;) On Galio himself, he is strongest in either mid or top as a mage-tank. If he is built as a straight tank, in most situations, he ends up lacking the damage to be a real threat and if he is built straight AP, his difficult to land spells and low AP ratios will make him highly inconsistent. Also, recently, I have begun playing Galio support in ranked as well as mid and top. This has actually been fairly effective, but it is different enough from lane Galio that I feel it would deserve another guide. Anyway, the purpose of this guide is to extend some of the information I've gained from years of experience, to the general player base. I hope you enjoy the Galio! This is my first guide of any kind, so I would appreciate your feedback. :)

Early on, you will want to cs as well as possible, while dying as little as possible. If you feel confident in the matchup, you can harass your opponent, but be careful not to run out of mana doing this. My goals for farm are generally 50 by 7 minutes, 90 by 10, 180 by 20. Don't feel bad if you don't meet these kinds of goals however, I am a skilled, practiced player who plays lane passively to focus on farm and even i frequently fail to get these numbers. The key to landing your q's on enemies is to launch the ability when they go to last hit. They will be stuck in their animation if you time it right and thus unable to dodge. Use your e minimally to farm or harass. The rule of thumb i go by is that i only use my e if i will get 2 minions with it. Level 6 is a very strong point for Galio as you can flash ult your opponent for significant damage. If you time this with a jungle gank, you have amazing kill potential. Contesting dragons is another strong point for Galio early on due to his AOE damage and ultimate.

Mid game is where Galio first starts to become a force. Level 9 is a power point for Galio due to the high base damage of a maxed q. You want to use Galio in the mid game for high wave clear. I use teleport generally to group with my team for towers or dragons at this point. Bulwark + ult in particular makes Galio an amazing diver. Especially because the taunt on your ultimate doesn't draw aggro till it finishes channeling. After you have sufficient mana, Galio's wave clear is extremely strong. For many opponents, pushing them under tower can make it harder for them to cs or roam. This is especially important vs. assassins. You want to be sure to ward when you do this however or else you will be ganked often.

I find late game and teamfights to be Galio's strongest points. With a thornmail, Rabadon's and Athenes, you will deal huge damage while healing and having high utility. Any time you find enemy carries grouped and your team is nearby, use flash + ult to destroy your opponents. You can use your wave clear and teleport to keep your waves pushing and your towers up. Map control for Galio is important and fairly easy, as long as you can convince your team to cooperate. If you can get to the late game while either even or ahead, you will be in great position to dominate your opposition and win.

In teamfights, you can take several different roles. You can engage with either an E into ultimate, or more likely a flash ultimate. You can poke with Q and E and you can protect your carries with W. Whether at dragon, on towers or in the jungle, Galio is incredibly strong in teamfights. Assuming you can land your abilities. This is really the main challenge with Galio: finding ways to land abilities on your enemies, and having allies who cooperate. Galio is a good champion to play if you enjoy complexity and multitasking in game. Tracking who to shield and who to hit with your max cdr abilities is a fun challenge. I generally use bulwark on myself unless an ally is being focused in a fight because it not only heals you significantly, but increases your damage as well. Galio is really rewarding to play though, landing a great ultimate can truly win games and shielding allies changes fights completely, often without anyone else noticing. On Galio, teamfights are definitely your best and most fun aspect of the game. I especially enjoy the psychological element which Galio brings to teamfights. The enemy team will always be anticipating your ultimate. You have great presence, even without doing anything. Simply from the threat of your flash ult.

Galio is a difficult to play, difficult to master, but ultimately, extremely rewarding champion. I have more fun winning games with Galio than possibly any other thing in League. He doesn't usually carry overtly but rather gives his team the support they need to \"carry\" games. I have been thinking of making a Galio guide for literally years, because the NA server has few people who play him and in my view almost no one who plays him optimally. I don't mean to be arrogant in this statement, but simply to say that I believe he is a champion stronger than many give him credit to be. In order to succeed on him, you must farm effectively, land your skill shots, play cooperatively and make strong map decisions. If you can do these 4 things, he is an incredibly strong champion. Sorry for any places this guide is confusing or unclear. For those places where it is sparse, or leaves you asking questions, please leave a comment. I have no experience making guides, but do have tons of experience playing this stonecold killer. I would love to help you in any way that I can! Either way, I will continuously work to update and expand this guide. Consider it a starting point, a place where your input could be vitally useful.

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