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Rocket carry

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Jinx is a really strong laner and extremely strong scaling AD. With just a two items she can deal insane damage to the tankiest targets. Jinx is an insanely strong laner that mixes the elements of other champion’s kits together to make hers awesome. She has the range and traps of a Caitlyn, the in your face damage of Graves, the aoe of a Sivir, the global aoe damage of Ezreal, the execute of Riven, and the clean up of a Kha’zix! Kind of... Pros -High poke -Huge attack steroid -Good waveclear -Really good zoning -Good clean up -Easy farming -Execute global ult finisher Cons -No movement ability without a kill

Trapping the enemy and then using [img=skills/jinx/w.png] on them guarantees that you land your [img=skills/jinx/w.png] while they’re rooted. You can also use your [img=skills/jinx/r.png] after trapping them if they end up low enough Try to use [img=skills/jinx/r.png] as a snipe across the map, or a finisher in a teamfight. It does insane damage to carries since it does more damage the less current health they have and farther it goes ramping up to 950 damage. Shooting it point blank will make it do less damage though so keep that in mind. Make sure you always switch to your minigun when the enemy is within range of it. Your minigun will always do more damage but your rockets are always safer. If you want to stay out of range of an assassin swap to your rocket and try to auto them down after landing a [img=skills/jinx/w.png] on them. Save your [img=skills/jinx/e.png] for when you jump ontop of you and keep it as your escape. A trick to using your rocket auto attacks is when you see the enemy going for a cs and you see them hiding behind creeps is to auto attack the creep where they’re going to attack and hit them for full damage without even targeting them.

Laning phase, You should try to push the wave down so that you kill the wave faster than your opponent. Therefore your creeps stack up and you’re able to auto attack them down while they run from them. Any time they go for a CS while you don’t have a creep to kill as well, switch to your rocket and auto attack them. Move back immediately afterwards to avoid any retaliation from creeps or champions. At level 6 your ultimate becomes available and you can now start looking for snipes across the map. Try to watch the enemies movement when they’re low to see where they are going to back. Once your support hits 6 as well, if they have cc you can kill someone during the duration of that cc with your full combo.

Poke people down with rockets and [img=skills/jinx/w.png], snipe low targets with [img=skills/jinx/r.png], farm up as much as you can, and push down turrets when given the opportunity. You literally kill turrets faster than any other champion in the game so capitalize on it. You even have a safe route from your passive to get out when you finish it. I would prefer to be mid lane farming so ask your mid laner to swap lanes with you past 15+ min and you'll have easy farming, dragon control, and the best route for pushing down turrets if the situation pops up.

Be extremely careful with your life since deaths at this point are extremely impactful. You can get a huge amount of objectives just off of one death. If you're poking with rockets at this stage you should never be in range of an initiate while doing it. It's okay to poke the enemy ADC or someone with no CC but just be wise with it. If you do decide to poke down initiators make sure to have both of your summoners up. Otherwise you will instantly die to their entire team.

Deal as much damage as possible to the enemy beforehand with [img=skills/jinx/w.png] and rockets to get an easy passive proc when the fight starts to escape enemy assassins and clean up. Make sure not to overextend against initiators. Even being barely within 800 range of an annie is not safe.

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