Kindred Build Guide

May Death be your Ally (in-depth guide to Kindred)

Updated 1 year ago
Skill Order
Dance of Arrows
Wolf's Frenzy
Mounting Dread
Lamb's Respite
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Hey guys I'm TheSlimyBoss and this is my first ever guide! Kindred is a mobile ranged AD jungler that can change a teamfight drastically. Pros: -Amazing clear after a few items -Can know where other jungler is using passive and minimap smartly -Can blow someone up -Has a game-changing ultimate -Mobile Cons: -Clear can be hard early -If used wrongly ult can ruin a fight (like Bard) -Mana starves early if you spam abilities (fine with blue) -Somewhat useless if behind or played wrong

Early game is where Kindred is at it's weakest. Clearing camps will be troublesome until you get an item or two and your ganks won't be that strong (but ganking a lane is almost always a good thing!) Try to kite the camp with your Q while in Wolf's Frenzy. Using Mounting Dread can do a lot of damage to a camp so don't forget to use it! Do not forget to mark a champion you're going to be ganking before you do it! If you mark them while you're attacking the mark won't work because it takes a while to kick in.

Mid and late game is where Kindred shows their true power, once you've got Sated Devourer and trinity force you're ready to gank anybody and everybody. You have very good objective control because of Lamb's Respite. The enemy does damage but they're not tanky enough to take yours. Make sure to use Lamb's Respite effectively to save your team or to kill theirs.

Late game is somewhat the same as mid except everyone is either tanky, or does a lot of damage (this includes you). Make sure that if you have a lead to control Dragon and Baron and to get turrets. Do not be afraid to use your ultimate to take turrets or inhibitors.

In teamfights you have a lot of damage, but you're also squishy. Play like an adc, taking down the enemy health behind your frontline and using your mobility to kite the enemy. Do not only use Lamb's Respite to save yourself, if at least 2 people on your team are below about 25% you can use your ultimate to save them (try not to use it while the enemy is really low because it will save them also.

Thank you for reading my first guide! I hope this covers any questions you have, and if it doesn't don't be shy to leave a comment! If you have anything you think I should change or anything to add make sure to tell me! If this guide helped you out leave a thumbs up so others can see it too!

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