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How to Bruiser Yidi to Diamond (6.1)

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[IMG][/IMG] [center][b][big]About the Champion[/big][/b][/center] Hello and welcome to my Master Yi Guide. This Guide covers Master Yi for the Jungle. Jungling is Master Yi's specialty at the moment. Thanks to Alpha Strike(Q) he is one of the quickest junglers. The reason that anyone would want to use Master Yi is because he is a melee carry who's kit is heavily focused on jungling. Also, it can be incredibly hard to get away from a Master Yi with red buff. He is a very fast jungler and has one of the highest DPS's late game. Given his unique skill set, he has the best chance to get a pentakill out of any other jungler and melee dps. Master Yi is very fun and easy to use. He is great for beginners who want to learn the basics of jungling and the game in general. However to use him at higher level play is one of the hardest things to do. As Master Yi you really need to know when to go All-in and when not. Master Yi is a high skill, very dificult champion to play efficiently at higher Elo's, you should focus on out-farming your jungle counter-part and focus on doing important and vital ganks for your team. Here are the Pro's and Con's for Master Yi. [b]Master Yi's strengths:[/b] - True Damage - High mobility - Can't be slowed down - Gap closer that evades skill shot abilities and drops projectiles - Can snowball out of control easily (Can carry games hard) - One of the most efficient split pushers - Farms easily and quickly - Strong damage reduction with Meditate(W) - Pretty much the best champion to start playing the game with (easy to learn, extremely powerful at low levels/elo but he still got a very high skillcap) [b]Master Yi's Weaknesses:[/b] - No pressure early game because he needs to spend most of his time farming instead of ganking - Brings no utility at all for teamfights (No CC) - Needs to take a lot of farm to be effective late game - Will be the number one priority target for the enemy team most of the time [b][center][big]About The Author[/big][/center][/b] Hello, I'm a german League of Legends Player since 2 years now and my favourite champion is Master Yi. I've played multiple times to Diamond 1 on EUW / EUNE. My overall winratings with Yi are around 80%. And my overall KDA is 11/3/6. I've scored around 80 pentakills in ranked games from Gold - Diamond Elo. [IMG][/IMG] [IMG][/IMG] [IMG][/IMG]

[b][big]Counter Jungling[/big][/b] Counter jungling is going into the enemy jungle and taking their creeps. You always want to counter jungle if the enemy team has a weak jungler and weak laners that can't stop you if you invade their jungle. An example of a weak jungler that has a hard time defending themselves is Amumu. This route is very dangerous now considering you do not hit level 3 upon completion of the enemy buff. Be very careful. Ask for a no smite leash on blue buff. Proceed to enemy red and take the buff using smite. After you gank top and continue on your normal route. If you are spotted or clairvoyanced at any time, you should back out of the enemy jungle immediately. If you successfully steal the enemy creep camps, it will leave their jungler crippled. When counter jungling, flash is a very important summoner spell to have. In the event that you get caught, you can flash over walls to try and escape. Early game the most common counter jungling is smiting enemy blue wraith. There is no one defined path to counter jungle. Use your creativity. For this instance, there are several junglers that will have a hard time killing the lizard red buff. You can ward the red buff or get your teammate to ward it so that you can steal the enemy red more effectively and possibly kill their jungler. Heavy counter jungling allows yi to force lanes to move and abuse weak junglers. If you take a lead early and can get an early wriggles always try to ward and start controlling their buffs. During the mid game make sure your Ultimate is up when invading. Having flash is a must when there are hard stuns or snares on enemy teams. If you know your team is stronger and you happen to be stronger than their enemy jungler, counter jungling helps force fights so you can further gain an advantage. This is how you choke an enemy jungler of all his map presence. If you can consistently bully him and force him to back you will be pulling yourself and your lanes ahead when the enemy comes to help them. Often times if you invade an enemy jungler while you have red you will almost always manage to kill them if they are weaker than you. [big][b]Ganking:[/b][/big] First, make sure your gank will be worth the time used. Master Yi is very farm reliant and cannot waste much time. Unless the enemy really has very little HP left or if your laner has tons of Crowd Control, don't gank without Red Buff. You will Alpha Strike(Q) and autoattack the enemy once or twice, then the enemy will simply run away and you will waste your time. When you gank, try to make sure you will either kill the enemy or at least make him recall so he loses experience/gold. Second, don't gank if you are too low on HP, even if your laner is crying for a gank. It is extremely humiliating to die to an enemy that you were trying to gank and to give them double buffs. You would feel stupid. Be especially careful about this when ganking middle lane since AP champions can burst hard... Third, try asking your teammate if they know where the enemy wards are (so you can avoid them). If you walk on an enemy ward, the enemy will just back off and you will waste your time. When you are going to gank, PING the enemy you are going to gank (multiple times if needed!). If your ally still doesn't get that you are ganking, then simply type ''Ganking X lane'' in the chat. Make sure your laner knows you are coming. Many ganks fail everyday because they are not well planned. If your ally is a little smart, he will bait the enemy, he will start fighting him. When the enemy has used his spells, join the fight and clean him up! If your ally insists that you initiate the fight because of some reason, then you have no choice. Run to the enemy with your ultimate and start hitting him. He will very probably Flash away and THAT's when you are going to use Alpha Strike(Q) on him to catch up. Then try finishing him! If you know the enemy has a ward somewhere, then try to find a way to gank the lane without being seen by the Stealth Ward.

You will do nearly the exact same thing that you did Early game except you jungle faster, your ganks are deadlier and you have to start controlling dragon. Give your AP Carry the blue buff if he needs it. It's usually worth it. I personally like to get the first two blue buffs for myself and give the next ones to my mid laner unless he can't make use of it (Example: Katarina) Look for Counterganks at Top, Mid and Bot each time you've completed your jungle route from the top to the bottom or other way round. Go and gank every lane where your team mates got CC whenever your Highlander(R) is up. Get a Vision Ward if you want to camp a lane/clear dragon enemy vision. It's almost necessary unless you know the enemy really can't contest dragon. You and your team should always watch dragon to control it when it's up. Please don't underestimate Dragon's value. It gives every member 200 gold and a bunch of experience. 200x5=1000 global gold. That's a little more than 3 champion kills! Notice how I said ''Control Dragon''? Sometimes it is best NOT to try to kill dragon because the enemy team can gank you, steal dragon and kill your team... That's not good at all... If you want dragon, make sure the enemy team is not MIA (missing in action). Ward obvious paths to dragon, make sure your team is there and most importantly, make sure Smite is up so you can finish off dragon with it without any fear of losing it. If you can't get dragon, simply defend it and deny the enemy team dragon. Try to get Towers, you can melt towers within seconds. Dont use your Highlander(R) to destroy towers, always keep it for an escape. If the enemy sends only 1 Guy to defend that tower you're pushing and you've got your Randuin's Omen already. Just jump with Highlander(R) on them and get a free kill. Always ward the enemy jungle area before you do that. [b][center][big]Dragon[/big] Spawn Time: 2:30 (Respawn time: 6 minutes)[/center][/b] The Dragon is the second most powerful neutral monster on Summoner's Rift in League of Legends. Killing the dragon gives experience to killer and nearby allies. If the Dragon is slain, it will respawn after 6 minutes. When killing the dragon, check that the enemy team has not warded the area to avoid ganks. In fact, ganks at the dragon are pretty frequent, as your team will be weakened by it and with limited escape paths. A good gank at the dragon may result in a lot of deaths for your team, with the dragon kill being stolen by the enemies. Try to keep a ward in the river near the dragon to know if it has spawned or is being killed. This ward also provides vision of enemy champions switching between the middle and bottom lanes. It is not your responsibility as \"Ryze\" to ward drake but you may do the favor for your team and ward it if you are ahead on gold just to help out your team. Killing the dragon is one of the jobs of the jungler. He may require help from the team, especially from the bottom or the mid lane. This is one of the reasons why there are usually 2 champions in the bottom lane, with the top lane being solo, when there is a jungler on your team. Fiddlesticks, Lee Sin and Shaco are examples of junglers that are capable of killing the dragon alone at early levels. The jungler can't kill the dragon before level 5 so there is not much to worry. Try enlisting the help of your mid lane and/or bottom lane allies temporarily for an earlier and easier kill. Slaying Dragon Reward Slaying Dragon grants Dragon Slayer (buff). The first four stacks of Dragon Slayer are permanent, while the 5th stack only lasts 180 seconds. DRAGON'S MIGHT: +8% attack damage and ability power DRAGON'S DOMINANCE: +15% damage to minions and monsters DRAGON'S FLIGHT: +5% movement speed DRAGON'S WRATH: +15% damage to towers and buildings ASPECT OF THE DRAGON: Doubles all previous bonuses and your attacks burn for 150 true damage over 5 seconds. This stack only lasts 180 seconds. [center]\"Pulling dragon\"[/center] Attacking it and then backing away to lead it out of its lair can be vital! If it remains in its lair it is possible for an enemy champion to Smite from across the back wall, throw a projectile spell and generally steal the last hit if they realize that your team is attempting to defeat the dragon. This is especially important when playing on Red side.

Master Yi is one of the strongest Champions when it comes to Lategame. Everyone is farmed up. This is not exactly the best time to team fight as a melee champion since you're going to take a beating but there are a few things you can do to give yourself an advantage. Always travel together. If someone on your team is going off to solo push a lane, know that someone on the enemy team is probably headed over to assassinate them. Use this knowledge to your advantage by herding your team to stay within range of one another. Alternatively if you've reached the point where you can 1v1 anyone on the enemy team (happens often), you also have the option of split pushing to give your team an advantage. They'll have to send more than 1 champion to take you down which would give your team a numbers advantage elsewhere on the map. Note that solo queue teams are notorious for blowing split push attempts by following you so careful with this ;) If we must facecheck some area (lack of wards), it will be you that does the face checking specifically because you've built tanky and you're not going to get burst down easily. If you're lucky enough to have a real tank on the team, let them lead. Make sure your team is right behind you to take advantage of the enemy team focusing you or your tank. [b][center][big]Baron[/big] Spawn Time: 20:00 Respawn Time: 7 minutes[/center][/b] Killing the Baron gives the \"Hand of Baron\" buff to all living champions on the team, which lasts 4 minutes total (Runic Affinity (Mastery) doesn't work on this buff). This buff gives massively increased attack damage and ability power as well as an aura that promotes nearby minions and a recall time decrease. When Nashor is killed, each player on the team is also granted the following: 600 global Experience Points (given to each person on the team) 800 local Experience Points (shared between nearby allies) 300 Gold to each team member plus 25 Gold to the slayer of Baron Nashor. Dead team members will NOT respawn with the buff. Furthermore, this buff is the only buff in Summoner's Rift that does not transfer via kills. If a champion is killed with this buff, the buff is destroyed and cannot be taken again until Baron Nashor respawns. Due to the debuffs that the Baron can apply to you, it is highly recomended that you have full vision of the enemy team, as the stacking debuff applied (25% x 10 times = 250% Damage Increase) renders your team EXTREMELY vulnerable to AOE magic damage casters since the increase in magic damage devastates your team from any source of magic damage (including most global ultimates). Baron Nashor is immune to all forms of Crowd Control. Killing him should not be attempted until mid or late game. Due to its power you should not attempt to solo it, this feat is usually not possible unless you have a full item build with a lot of survivability. Killing Baron with a team is fairly simple. Baron primarily attacks the target closest to him so you can distribute damage by positioning characters closer or farther away from him. The enemy team likely will have a ward placed to see when yours initiates on Baron. If you do not destroy these wards with the use of a Vision Ward or Sweeping Lens, they may be able to assault your team while you are weakened by Baron and subsequently steal the \"Exalted with Baron Nashor\" buff/kill several players, putting you at a disadvantage. Baron Nashor's \"Hand of Baron\" buff is given to the team that deals the killing blow on Baron. This mechanic means that even if one team is incapable of directly fighting the enemy team, a jungler with the Smite summoner spell can possibly swoop in and steal the Baron with a well timed Smite. This is almost definitely a suicide mission and is an extremely high risk maneuver. However, successfully stealing Baron can turn the tide of a game dramatically. Being able to steal or prevent the stealing of Baron (or other key monsters) is also the main argument for junglers to always have Smite, even if they can deal with monster camps without it. In the same vein, Champions possessing abilities with a considerable range can attempt to do the same with less risk by dealing the killing blow from a distance. However, this is difficult to attempt because perfect timing and clear vision of the battle are required to pull it off. Some Champions that can do this are: Draven, Ezreal, Gragas, Janna, Jayce, Jinx, Kog'Maw, Lux, Nidalee, Varus, Xerath and Ziggs. The key moment to do Baron is when the enemy jungler is dead or you have aced the enemies.

With the build i recommend you, theres a lots of changes to Master Yi's abilities in teamfights. You can take a lots of damage while you're still able to deal a lots of damage to the enemy team. There are 2 different ways to play Master Yi in the teamfights: [b]1.[/b] If the enemy team got really strong bruisers like Shyvana, Trundle, Renekton or Jax who are ahead of your Carry's. In this case I would recommend you to wait for them to engage on your Carry's. At this point you want to pop your Highlander(R) and if you cant reach them use Alpha Strike(Q). immediately after using Alpha Strike(Q) you can turn on Wuju Style(E). If you've got your full build for example a Shyvana will die within 2-3 seconds. If your Carry's are still alive after that, what should be the case in 90% of all games, you can go for the rest of the enemy team and the teamfight should be won. However if you end up very low with your HP after you did get the kill on the enemy bruiser/tank use your Meditate(W) immediately and wait for your Alpha Strike to come off cooldown. You can do this again and again since you get resets for every kill or assist. [b]2.[/b] If your Carry's are ahead to their bruisers/tanks, you can just go for the enemy's carry's. You just have to be careful that you don't split yourself up to far away from your teammates together with 3 or more enemy's. And if you want to go for the enemy carry's you should always wait aside or in a bush for the enemy's tanks/bruisers to engage on your team. After they engaged you can come from behind or the side and kill their carry's one after one. However not every Teamfight will end up like in these 2 situations, thats why you have to practice playing Master Yi in teamfights. A lot of people have no idea to play in teamfights as Master Yi, and they end up losing the game for their team, even if they have carried in the early game with scores like 10-0-x they still lose the game because of their really bad decisions at teamfights that make them easy targets and most of all completely useless. Displacements and heavy stuns destroy Master Yi. But when you use your ultimate you get insane attack speed and insane movement speed, together with the build i recommend in that guide, you turn off most of Master Yi's weaknesses in teamfights. The best part is that your Highlander(R) makes you invulnerable to slows which are 80% of the game CC, yeah good news for us. Together with our build we're really tanky now and we still deal tons of damage, which most of the teams just can't handle with. Unlike other melee bruisers you are really special, you are unique, Master Yi's playstyle is completely different and there is nothing you can do to really change that. All you can do is practice, practice and practice.

[b]Farm as much as possible AND Safely [/b] [b]Ganking when enemies overextend[/b] Anytime that you see an enemy overextending in lane, you should make your way towards that lane and try to gank. If they are passed or at the median where the creeps meet in lane, you have a good chance at ganking and getting a kill or at least burning the enemies summoner spells. Keep in mind that you should give a lane a lot of attention when the enemies don't have their summoner spells up. [b]Ganking when enemies are low health[/b] Any time an enemy champion is at low health, you should make your way towards their lane. At the same time, you want to be as stealthy as possible. This means that you're not running across lanes through creep waves or places that are obviously warded. When enemies are low health, you can potentially tower dive. If they back off before you can get to them, then you can help your lane push that tower and possibly destroy it before the enemy retaliates. Running with highlander from behind towers is risky but often times can catch enemy by surprise and create ganks. [b]Lane Ganks[/b] Yi's drastic movement speed allows you to often just run down the lane to rescue team mates. Unlike most junglers who have to wait in bottom brush to gank yi can simply wait by the tower. Once the enemies and your allies commit. Run in with highlander or ghostblade. Keep in mind you sacrifice a lot of time in your ulti to perform this strat. It is often successful. With the change to the duration this gank has become more reliable however highlander will not refresh ever. Mastery of this gank is needed when the enemy heavily wards. The following video will help you understand this. It is best used on bot lane but it is effective on mid and top as well. [b]Covering lanes[/b] When your allies are low health, you should make way to their lane immediately to alleviate them and allow them to heal. Otherwise, they can get dove on and lose the tower along with a dragon. Try not to alpha strike the creeps while holding lanes for you end up pushing and possibly setting your allies back. You also waste mana that can prove useful. If an enemy has died, push the lane to tower to deny the enemy of experience. [big][b]Taking Turrets[/b][/big] Master Yi is very strong at taking towers. Your bonus AD from wuju style will help as well. If the enemy leaves you unattended mid lane you can push straight to the tower and start attacking it as much as possible. Save your ultimate until you need to make an escape. The strongest part about yi's pushing ability is he can over commit to towers and get out safely thanks to his ulti allowing him not to be slowed. Yi can farm for the most part safely passed the first outer tower. You should push anytime your lane opponent decides to roam. Even if he gets a kill by taking his tower you give your team global gold and more control of the map because there is no longer vision and no safety for your opponent. You can use meditate to tank turrets but keep in mind the damage reduction is halved. You should be able to push where you please as you now have insane dueling potential and the ability to escape. Be careful as if you decide to all in someone with highlander it no longer refreshes so you have to be certain you are safe or they ill punish you. [b][big]Dragon[/big][/b] Controlling dragon is a crucial part of the game. Losing too many dragons can lose you the game through gold discrepancy. It is important to note that the respawn timer on dragon is 6 minutes. Knowing when dragon respawns can give you an edge in positioning your team and securing dragon before the enemy team can even get to it. Anytime an enemy champ in mid or bot lane dies or goes back to heal, you should contest the dragon if it is up and if your team is not low on health. This gives you an advantage in numbers and can force the enemy team into a bad fight that they don't want to commit to. Make sure you have smite and are ready to secure the dragon. Be careful when tanking dragon because it lowers your attack speed which drastically harms Master Yi''s Damage per second. [b][big]Baron[/big][/b] Much like controlling the dragon, controlling baron is more or less the same concept. Getting baron can turn a losing game around. Baron spawns at 15 minutes and respawns every 7 minutes. Baron is much harder to kill than dragon so it should not even be attempted unless your team has enough damage to kill it at a decent rate. Doing baron at a bad time can lose you the game, especially if you are intercepted by the enemy team. Unlike dragons, barons cannot afford to be lost. The baron buff greatly increases damage and regeneration. If you have baron, then you should push together with your team. If the enemy team has baron, then you should usually turtle at the towers. You can also use meditate to tank Baron. Baron will sometimes knock back and cancel your meditate. Often if you have enough life steal tanking baron is not a problem. You can also solo baron easily with a solid item build.

[center][IMG][/IMG][/center] Master Yi is a pretty interesting and unique champion, who can be considered a really great duelist in the mid to late game. His weak parts are ganking, the fact that he's got no CC, he needs to farm a lot and can get easily counter jungled in the early game. But if you can get over there cons and take advantage of the pros (like the fact that you can assassinate anybody really easily, bait the enemy team with your Meditate(W) and dodge abilities with your Alpha Strike(Q) he can be considered a really viable and strong pick.

21/04/2014: Guide published. 24/04/2014: Updated \"Itemization Details\". 30/04/2014: Updated \"Master Yidi's Nightmares\". 04/05/2014: Updated \"Skill Order\" and \"Skills\". 05/05/2014: Added Chapter \"Keypoints playing Master Yi Jungle\". 05/05/2014: Finished the Guide. 07/05/2014: Updated \"Master Yidi's Nightmares\" and \"Early Game\". 09/05/2014: Updated \"Item Builds\" because of Patch 4.7 changes. 09/05/2014: Updated \"Masteries\" and \"Runes\" because of Item Build Changes. 23/06/2014: Updated \"Item Builds\" because of Patch 4.10 changes. 23/06/2014: Guide got Featured. Thanks! 04/08/2014: Updated \"Item Builds\" and \"Early Game\". 25/06/2015: Updated \"item Builds\". 04/02/2016: Updated \"Item Builds\".

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