Olaf Build Guide

Olaf Preseason 4 Jungle Guide

Updated 3 years ago
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Hello Ladies and Gents. This is my first guide and it's on how to build Olaf and play him in the jungle. In his guide, you'll know what his job is in the jungle as well as his strengths and weaknesses in the jungle. I am LongChopStickz in League of Legends, high platinum elo player, and a jungle main and I'm gonna teach you on how to play Olaf!

Most of the time, Olaf's job early game is to be a control junger. That means denying the enemy jungler ganks and farm. Focus solely on farming and destroying your enemy junger. If someone overextends, gank them to show olaf's ganks are no laughing matter.

Mid game is around 15 minutes into a game. At this point you should have some cooldown reduction items. Focus on ganking mid and bot more because with your ult and ghost, you should be able to leroy jenkins any carry and destroy them. Top laners are usually just too tanky to be worth ganking at this point. Once you have leroy jenkens their bot lane carry and mid, take dragon and put down towers quickly with your vicious strikes and passive.

Late game is around 35 minutes into a game. At this point you should have your core items and should be able to tank a lot of hits. If you're tanky enough, just taunt their carry by allowing them to hit you and say\" that tickles\". It will lower the enemy team's morale very quickly and force them to play passive. Focus on staying with your team or split pushing with your undertow.

Playing Olaf in teamfights is very simple. There are two things you can do in teamfights when you play Olaf. Ghost and ultimate into their carry and zone them from your team. Or you can simply focus on peeling for your fed carries by spamming your axes and lifestealing off their frontline to stay alive.

Olaf is a very strong control jungler and amazing farming jungler as well. Focus on bullying weak duelist junglers and putting map pressure by ganking at the right time. Once you reached a good amount of items, you can towerdive people very easily because you ignore all their cc so make sure to gank bot and mid tons of times when you reached this stage. Once that is done, take dragon and push down their towers with you bererseker's rage and vicious strikes.

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