Caitlyn Build Guide

[5.22] My Happy Little Caitlyn

Updated 1 year ago

Caitlyn, a champion whom many perceive as \"easy\". This is due to many misconceptions about her kit which is easier to be utilised in higher elos than lower elos, a common example is where they claim \"she has a high range\". They claim that because they have a high range she is easy to use, however many inexperienced players wont be able to be utilise the high range proficiently. I have created several other guides on another account which I've deleted due to them being very disorganised. I'll try to make this guide as brief as possible due to many checking out guide after they've lock in during champ select. [b]Strengths of this law enforcer[/b] High range Shoves the lane by using [img=skills/caitlyn/q.png]

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