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I wanted to makie a guide on Karma because people are often requesting either a guide or for me to play her on stream since our series vs CLG in the playoffs. Karma brings a lot of control in the early game, good roaming and generally snowballing the game through early game. Karma also has very good poking and burst later in the game when she hits her strong points. I hope you can learn a thing or two from my guide, and can read past my bad grammar!

Karma has a pretty strong laning phase especially her early levels are good going Q and E as your first two abillities. I recommend playing fairly aggressive with Q + autos but never go too far so you tank creeps. At level two you win against pretty much any champion since you absorb a lot of damage with your shield and can poke back with Q. Later in the laning phase just keep pushing them down and try using the AoE explosion on your Q to harrass.

In teamfights I recommend just peeling for yourself and your ADC constantly kiting back on doing damage whereever you can. If you can get some poke onto their carries that's great, otherwise you should just slowly kill their tanks and kite them with your root. Karma mid is played a lot like a support when the teamfight breaks out, you just wanna do damage whereever you can and keep your teammates alive with shields.

Thank you for reading my Karma guide, I hope you learned a thing or two from reading it, and it gives you some motivation to try out one of the rarer mid champs in the League! I think she's an awesome champion for winning your lane and snowballing that into a lead by pressuring and roaming. She's really fun to play and has a lot of burst and poke throughout the game. Again thank you for reading, and I hope you have an awesome day! :D See you in the Fields of Justice! - TSM Bjergsen

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