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AP Nidalee Guide Patch 5.11

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Hello people! I am Ironjack, a Nidalee main. One of the first things that got me hooked on Nidalee was her ability to do so much damage at once, and the ability to run from enemies and juke them at every corner. I find Nidalee as a champion that is more leaned towards waiting to see an enemy's mistake and act upon it, whether it be positioning or misjudging a fight. Nidalee is a great champion for patient people, who like to also do tons of damage (Sadly without trinity force). Do you think you have what it takes to master the mind of the cat? If you have any recommendations or comments, please leave them below thanks :)

Early game is not great for nidalee until she gets some items. If you are fighting a very squishy target, you can go in around level 4-6, but it is safer if you are not confident to have some ability power. Try to farm up as much as you can and let yourself be pushed near your own tower, so you can get easy farm while making it hard for the enemy jungler to gank you. As I have said, use your q for farming at times, but try to always be at least over half mana, as it can be very dangerous with low mana.

During the mid game, your spears do a lot of damage to squishy targets, and you will have lots of opportunity to roam bot lane for some kills. Try to place wards in the bushes near baron and dragon for the enemy jungler position. Land spears whenever you can, and try to force objectives off their low health bars. Continue to throw spears at them if they stay in the lane, so they can not go in, or sit in a spot for too long.

This is very similar to mid game, but you will hopefully not be the only one doing the damage. You can fight in major 5v5s, but depending on the team comp it isn't recommended. This point of the game just try to poke and take all the blue buffs you can.

Before you team fight you want to try to lane a spear onto an essential target so you can pounce on them and kill them, so they don't have them in the fight. In the actual team fight, try to land a spear on squishy target and dive into them to get your burst damage so they have to run away. Heal your adc at the begging of the fight so they have increased attack speed, and heal yourself if you take too much damage. Another way you can team fight, is stay far away from the fight, and throw spears into the fray and occasionally go in for an assassination if you are not putting yourself at too much risk.

Since Nidalee's damage has been more spread out, her damage is not only in her Spear. Now in order to do the most damage to a target you have to do a bit more than throw a spear and hope for the best. Spear--->Cat form--->Pounce--->Takedown--->Swipe--->Pounce--->Human Form---> Spear If they are not dead yet, heal yourself, auto attack, and turn back into cat form to finish the deal. This is normally the best way to get damage off without Bushwhack. You can put a Bushwhack before the first spear, but it doesn't need to be there.

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