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Gragas Full AP Midlane

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Hey guys, today i show you how you can dominate midlane with the new Gragas! 1. You have to Bully the enemys since Level 1. 2. Try to bring them on low health with your Q at Level 1, so you can all in them at lvl 2 with E or W i would pref E. 3. Don't be Scared in Midlane you are the one that deals more damage and got more sustain. Health Points: 434 (+ 89 / per level) Mana: 221 (+ 47 / per level) Damage: 55.78 (+ 3.375 / per level) Attack Range:125 Armor: 16 (+ 3.6 / per level) Health Regen: 7,25 Mana Regen 6.45 Attackspeed: 0.651 Movement: 330

Play very aggressive cause you got the advantage as Gragas because you got your sustain passive and reduced dmg from W. 2nd Try to roam when you are 6 bot kills should be easy even when they are hugging turrets, may even try to go through the jungle from behind cuz you can skip walls with your E. Try to take Wraiths and Wolves for more farm can help you win the lane even more.

You can be Game Changing just because of your E+Flash combination. Your ult can be used to defend your team, to zone the enemy team and oneshot someone with your full rotation of skills. I personally prefer to oneshot the adc / apc but it can be a mistake to wait to long, because your team could've been killed in that time.

The enemys should've learned that you can oneshot them all now so be carefully if you try to go in from behind or out of bushes and stuff. Usually they will always stick together as a team. What you can do is wait until your team engaged so maybe 1 of their tanks trys to make a play and leaves the backline open for you to oneshot them (it can happen because many ppls including myself sometimes loosing focus after like 40minute games). Another thing is tell your team that u want to engage with ur ult to kick the tanks away and get over that way on the enemy backline. But I prefer the comming from behind or doing the #Fat in Bush style and wait until someone is splitted from team and or out of position.

Typical same thing what I said above. Just that you should decide if you will protect your adc to win the game or be the key to destroy the team to win. The all in of Gragas is strong but if the enemys survive due to face of the mountain or iron solari your basically fked inside of their team and u can do nothing to escape there really. So try to stall out the fight like throwing some Q's to make them low and play the fight out slowly u can still win the fight if you and your adc are alive. Keep that in mind that your rotation can oneshot like 90% of the apcs/adcs.

For everyone who likes Gragas and Misses the Time when you played him in Midlane alot go and try it, its very good. For everyone who is new to Gragas you have to play some Games until you find out what you can do or what you can't do. GL HF - Twinrova EUW

1st of june 2015 Yasuo Matchup and Runes Update. Removed RoA adding it back after buffs. Removed GA. Added a new Build. 17th October 2015 Update: Added new Matchups + Updated old ones. 9th November 2015 Update: Overall Update. I will do another one in preseason with all items in. 19th December 2015 Update: Added new masterie page! Add my Friend Fat in Bush on EUW hes a Gragas pro!

Here another Gragas Main ( He is really good ) made Video about the laning phase from Gragas and putted some tips in. Check it out: Here is his Channel:

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