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Karma44 : Top Lane Karma (Patch 5.17 Update In Progress)

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  • 6
    Greater Seal of Armor (+1 armor)
  • 3
    Greater Quintessence of Ability Power (+4.95 ability power)
  • 9
    Greater Mark of Hybrid Penetration (+0.9 Armor Penetration / +0.62 Magic Penetration)
  • 9
    Greater Glyph of Scaling Cooldown Reduction (-0.09% cooldowns per level (-1.67% at champion level 18))
  • 3
    Greater Seal of Scaling Health (+1.33 health per level (+24 at champion level 18))
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I am keeping a current and updated youtube at https://www.youtube.com/user/ImproveYourLeaguePla with many commentary matchups being uploaded every few days. Make sure you check out and subscribe. [imgext=http://i.imgur.com/tmaSRvl.png] (Note: I can't stream currently due to my bad internet connection but maybe soon I will come back!) If you enjoyed this guide don't forget to check out and follow my stream at www.twitch.tv/mplyr , I stream a commentary heavy style and comment on a lot of what I do, you can learn a lot about the game and top lane overall from my stream! [imgext=http://i.imgur.com/SeiciUx.jpg] you can also check out my youtube channel @ https://www.youtube.com/user/ImproveYourLeaguePla , I post play highlights and guides! Subscribe there's more content to come soon! Disclaimer: This guide is not meant to be a guide you can Quickly read and understand , I laid out this guide in the way that I did because I want people to do the right thing not just because but because they understand the reasoning behind that action. Karma top, this is something you might not be used to as karma has always been a champ with a low use percentage.but since the rework I assure you it's not only something that is very real but also very powerful. While this guide is for Karma top, I play karma in support and mid as well and a lot of the advice here applies to those rules as well! In season 4, Karma is just as great of a support as she is a solo laner, take advantage of this with kite/disengage team comps!

I'm niko44 , I have been a high elo player for a long time, I have played competitively at the highest levels of play(played in the lcs studios summer promotion matches with team Fidelis) and I stream a commentary-heavy style of streaming at http://www.twitch.tv/mplyr , I stream very often don't forget to follow me! I climbed the ladder using jarvan IV as a top laner and after that branched out to others with Elise renekton and kennen being my favorites, as you can see I have a thing for lane bullies as I really enjoy completely dominating laning phase with a champion. I really can't remember what exactly led to playing karma top all I know is that after I tried her out I saw the style of play that I enjoy, karma was a lane bully and a very strong one at that, it surprised me how strong she was and how underplayed she was. So I set out to get to challenger in solo q with her, the closest I had ever been to challenger was 97 points and I was sitting at low diamond 1, a lot of karma games later I had made it to 97 points 3 different occasions. I didn't quite get to challenger but I had clearly made a point about karma's viability , and definitely changed a lot of people's opinion regarding her and became pretty well known for my karma. In this guide I will try to teach you all about karma top. I play karma in other roles as well(jungle karma is situationally strong depending on team comp, mid karma can be good as well, with support karma not being as strong as other supports in my opinion and well adc karma, not even once) but this guide will be about top lane and all my expertise there. In this guide I will talk about almost everything regarding top lane Karma. This Includes item builds, matchups, skill order, team fighting , and all that good guide stuff y'all love ;) [imgext=http://i.imgur.com/bqQf2IK.jpg]

5.13 changes update video: [vid=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yhWy_80dkCU] Let's give you an overview of what karma excels at, karma has been a pick that has been getting increasingly strong not only because other ranged lane bullies keep getting nerfed but because she has been getting buffed a lot of patches in a row, I believe she is in the peak of her power. Karma is a ranged ap carry lane bully who can build in a lot of different ways and most importantly she is finely suited to survive top lane unlike other squishy AP carries. Her speed boost and clutch heals allow her to survive ganks and even win in tower dives where you are outnumbered(check out the video below) , her low mana cost low cd poke allows her to bully out a lot of melee and ranged top laners that are hugely popular at the moment, she is also a good 1v2r vs the ranged adc and support because she can cs from afar and wave clear really well even with no levels, she also happens to be really fun to play because of her spammy and deceitful kit(huge heal at low amounts of health). Her teamfight presence is nothing short of amazing and her versatility is unmatched. Another thing that karma excels at that is very important in today's meta is sieging towers, with big bulk of damage your mantra Q can do and the low cooldown on your regular Qs, you can be sure karma is gonna be an asset in a tower siege. Check out this video showcasing Karma's great baiting ability [twitch]http://www.twitch.tv/mplyr/c/2651044[/twitch]

[center][title]PROS[/title][/center] [.]Ranged lane bully with a lot of winning matchups [.]Great with poke kite and disengage comps [.]Innately stronger at level 1 than others due to having empowered abilities available at level 1(through her ulti). [.]Great level 1 fighting potential not only because of high base damage(200 at level 1 with an empowered q but it slows and has a low cool down) [.]Snowballs really well in lane and transitions to a great ap carry. [.]As an underplayed champion, a lot of opponents won't understand her mechanics and the proper counterplay. [.]Lots of different item builds with different strengths , and all are equally viable and suited for different situations. [.]Great waveclearing [.]Great sieging capabilities [.]Excellent team fighting with lots of different options [center][title] CONS[/title][/center] [.]Tends to be naturally squishier than usual top laners [.]Needs both cdr and mana regen/mana pool to be most effective. [.]Has trouble vs sustainy and bursty top laners.

[imgext=http://i.imgur.com/jZAkgcE.png] [highlight]Quintessences: Flat Ability Power Quintessences [/highlight] Just flat ap feels like the best value for karma, gives you a stronger level 1 and helps as you spam a lot during lane and the extra 15 ap can stack up. [highlight]Red/marks:hybrid penetration[/highlight] The reason I use hybrid penetration marks is because when you compare them to magic pen marks you don't miss out on much and yet gain quite a punch to your auto attacks, you will be throwing out a lot of auto attacks not only for your passive but because of your range. [highlight]Yellows/seals:flat armor[/highlight] using 6 flat armor and 3 flat health is what I tend to do now for karma. Although if you dont have these runes, flat armor is fine by itself! [highlight]Blues/glyphs: flat cool down reduction/MR/Scaling MR[/highlight] Scaling Cooldown blues are the way to go now. With the changes in patch 5.13 cooldown reduction is tha tmuch more important for karma and I wouldn't not not run them for anything. I like getting to 40% cdr with only one 20% cdr item! As far as alternative to this rune set, the only swap outs you could do is run MR/MR per level if you are facing a magic based champion but even when I face them I use flat CDR as it is simply too good for Karma.

Mouse over the skills for a description [title][img=skills/karma/p.png] Passive: Gathering Fire[/title] [title]Explanation:[/title] Her passive is a simple reduction of cool down whenever you do damage with a skill to a champion, reduces the mantra cool down by 2 seconds for each damaged champion, now this means that theoretically 1 Q can hit 5 champions and instantly reduce the cooldown of your mantra by 10 seconds. Auto attacks apply half the cooldown reduction(1 second for each auto attack) so this means whenever you can you should be trying to throw out auto attacks.remember the passive apply to all your skills so a mantra'd e can also potentially hit 5 enemy champions for a big cooldown reduction.this passive is what makes karma great in extended fights, where she can get multiple mantra'd spells off in 1 fight.this passive is also excellent during laning where you will get to reduce the cd a lot and often use a mantra charge once every 20 seconds even at early levels. [title][img=skills/karma/q.png] Q: Inner Flame[/title] [title]Explanation:[/title] Karma's Q is a skillshot line nuke that explodes on impact and has a small aoe radius when it hits, it has a decent amount of base damage(70/125/170/215/260) with .6 ap ratio on a pretty low base cooldown(which gets lowers with levels) and it slows for a flat 25% at all levels. When mantra'd Q will have a added damage on impact(25/75/150/225 with a .3 ap ratio) and forming a 250 radius circle when it hits or at the end of the skillshot, this circle slows targets inside it for 50% and after 1.5 seconds explodes for extra damage(50/150/250/350 with a .6 ap ratio). This will be the ability you will be leveling over everything, Karma's staple, a low cooldown skillshot that is actually pretty wide and has a long range.this skill combined with your 525 auto attack range is what allows you to be such an effective lane bully. In lane you will use this skill a lot to harass the lane opponent a lot of times they won't even be able to respond 7s cd you won't be waiting much longer to unload your next Q although it won't be empowered with the high cooldown mantra has at level 1(42s base). When your mantra is level 4 your empowered Q does 850 damage with a 1.5 ap ratio if the explosion hits, that's a lot of damage that you can potentially get off multiple times a fight. [title][img=skills/karma/w.png] W: Focused Resolve[/title] [title]Explanation:[/title] Karma's W is a leash that pulses for 2s for a total of 60/110/160/210/260(.6 ap ratio) damage while the target is leashed it is also revealed  if the leash is not broken it then roots for 1/1.25/1.5/1.75/2 seconds). A mantra W deals extra damage(75/150/225/300 damage) and instantly heals you for 20% of MISSING HEALTH and if the leash persists at the end heals you again for 20% of MISSING HEALTH. This skill is not only a great peeling tool vs melee champions as well as a good source of soft cc but empowered is one of the best baiting tools in this game, if played correctly you can use an empowered w to to trick the enemy into thinking he can kill you and quickly turn the tables on him. Another thing about empowered w  it deals more damage than a mantra'd Q  if you don't get the explosion off however unlike empowered Q a mantra W is single target spell, so choose wisely. A neat thing about W is that it persists through things such as vlad pool,Elise rappel, and continues even if you or your target use hourglass. [title][img=skills/karma/e.png] E: Inspire[/title] [title]Explanation:[/title] Karma's e is a shield for 80/120/160/200/240(.5 ap ratio) for 4 seconds.it also speeds the target up for 40/45/50/55/60% for 1.5s. When mantra'd the shield does 60/140/225/300(.6 ap ratio) damage around the shielded target and also shields champions around the shielded target for half the amount and also speeds them up by 60%. A targeted shield with a good amount of base damage a pretty decent ap ratio and a speed boost?!What's not to like? With a good amount of base damage and a mini Shurelia's once empowered, it's never bad to mantra your E in the middle of a team fights it has a big possibility of hitting multiple people and lowering the mantra cooldown by tons.You can also use it as you run away or as you are trying to engage. An important thing to note about your E is that to use its full effectiveness you must learn to use the self cast key bind for whenever you want to shield yourself, no excuses :). [title][img=skills/karma/r.png] R: Mantra[/title] [title]Explanation:[/title] Karma's ultimate is given to her at level 1 and when used her abilities turn into mantra'd versions(their cooldowns are not reset) which are more powerful and have a variety of different effects depending on which skill the mantra charge is used on. Remember the mantra'd version of each spell increases with damage as you level your ultimate which you can level at 6 11 and 16 so with karma(unlike jayce) every time your ultimate is available to level you should level it as it is a big boost in damage and a big reduction in base cooldown. An important thing to note is that once triggered you have 8 seconds to use the mantra charge. Now that you know Karma's skills you can see that Karma's power lies in her choice , she can pick what she excels at, depending on what she needs.this requires quick on your feet thinking to make the right decision in the right situation. Knowing her kit you may now be able to see why she is better at top lane, she has all the possible things a top laner would want and to be able to do her full combos she needs space to be ale to move around.

[imgext=http://i.imgur.com/fyG5RkK.png] You will be leveling Q over everything.The reason is because you are looking for damage and Q provides the most on the lowest cooldown. Your W has too high of a cooldown to ever be worth evolving first, however you will level it second, because again, more damage means you do what you do best better ;).Pick up a level of your shield at lvl 4 and level it last.Don't forget to level your Mantra(R) everytime you can, it increases mantra'd abilities damage!

[highlight]Starting Items[/highlight] Season 4, the best start for karma top is hands down doran's ring. [item=dorans-ring][item=health-potion] It's just, with the doran's shield combined with the fact that most people run tp in the top lane now, and the cost decrease that happened a bit ago.It makes the most sense, allows you to stay in lane for quite a while without having to back, tho be careful you are still able to run out of mana! [highlight]Core items[/highlight] As mentioned earlier karma is a champion that has mana issues if not properly itemized and she also benefits hugely from cooldown reduction, for this reason pretty much every build includes an item that fixes your mana issues and an item that gives you cdr. After this the rest of your items vary depending on the situation or what you feel you need, lets go over it. These are the 3 main build paths , after you get these you are free to get whatever you need from the rest of all these excellent ap items,it all depends on not only what you prefer but what you need. [highlight]Athene's Build Path[/highlight] [item=athenes-unholy-grail][item=dorans-ring][item=sorcerers-shoes] This build path is used vs people who deal magic damage or mostly magic damage, Athene's is a super cost effective item for Karma as it fixes your mana problem gives you all the CDR you need and gives you resistance vs magic damage. A lot of the matchups in the matchup section specifies whether I'd get Athene's or not, However sometimes it is worth to build even against physical damage dealers, if you are stomping the lane. [highlight]Morellos Build Path[/highlight] [item=morellonomicon][item=dorans-ring][item=sorcerers-shoes] This build path is excellent against enemy laners who have sustain and don't deal magic damage(the MR is wasted).You can combine morellonomicon with Rod Of Ages if you want a good combination of tankyness and damage, just don't stack lucidity boots on top or you'll be wasting CDR! Morellonomicon became much better in season 4 because of a better build path and the resurgence of heal which makes the healing debuff very valuable. [highlight]Rod Of Ages Build Path[/highlight] [item=rod-of-ages][item=ionian-boots-of-lucidity][item=dorans-ring] Rod of Ages is a build path used when you need to survive burst and sustained damage, it is very useful vs people like Irelia, and chogath, however it can work in almost every matchup it's just a matter of losing damage(from having less magic pen) for tanky ness . When getting RoA make sure you get cooldown reduction boots as it is pretty necessary to have that bit of cooldown reduction. After you have gotten your core build path items you may proceed to build any of the items below, it all depends on what you need, do you need pure damage? Go for death cap into void staff then abyssal, maybe you need to bring down tanky targets , liandrys into void staff can be great for that. Or perhaps you need to avoid that pesky zed or Fiora ult, in that case zhonyas hourglass wouldn't be a bad choice.analyze the situation and get the most optimal items, every game is different!Mejais should only be used for snowballing situations. Lich bane is an item that can be used when ahead and you feel you need more damage on your combos, it combines well with your low cooldown Q. [highlight]After That Items[/highlight] [item=abyssal-scepter] Useful to round out your build with more damage and magic resistance. If you have Athene's and you get abyssal you are probably over killing mr so make sure you assess whether you actually need it.Id prioritize deathcap and void staff over this most of the time but that's just my style. [item=haunting-guise] What's useful about haunting guise is its convenient build path that gives you a good amount of health and ap.I build haunting guise when I know the enemy team is going to have multiple bulky people and its eventual upgrade(liandrys) will be very useful, and the health will help me out in lane. [item=liandrys-torment] Liandrys is a great item when facing a team of tanky people(for example singed top jungle nautilus, etc.) but it is not as useful when hitting the targets you'd like to prioritize most of the time (squishy targets such as ad and ap carries). The good news is that it makes you moderately tanky and it is extremely useful with your Q which slows and your w which roots. This item is highly situational, remember you don't always have to upgrade haunting guise into liandry's. [item=lich-bane] Lich bane is a great item to add damage to your combo and when you know that you will be able to get your auto attack profs out, however sometimes you are forced to stay at a safe range poking with your 950 range Q where a Lich bane won't be too useful, analyze the team comp you are up against and the one you have and make sure you know whether you will be able to use Lich bane or not. Goes better with Morellos build as it adds a bit of mana. [item=mejais-soulstealer] Highly situational item only used for snowballing however it is pretty easy to get stacks with karma as a simple shield will grant you an assist on whatever the shield target does much like Janna(who people love to get soul stealer on). I feel like if you're playing top you won't have too many opportunities to collect multiple stacks for it to be worth it most of the time but its not a bad item. [item=rabadons-deathcap] One of my favorite items on Karma because it simply adds so much damage, usually my 2nd item is between zhonyas or deathcap due to how much I value sheer damage.goes well with your 2.1 ap ratio(when using mantra'd Q). [item=rylais-crystal-scepter] Situationally good when you want health and ap, however this is an item I don't get unless my team absolutely needs a tanky champion which happens every once in a while.the passive is useful on your w but the rest of your spells will only apply the lesser slow and w has too high of a cooldown to be the sole reason to get this item, [item=deathfire-grasp] Very similar to lichbane, only pick this item if you know you will be able to be in the 'fray'. It's cool because it puts you at 40% cdr without wasting none of it, and it can definitely setup some cool 'assassinations'. [item=void-staff] Void staff is usually my 3rd or 4th item but it is an item not worth building if the opposite team is not itemizing any MR however this is rarely the case. A pure damage item that makes you better at your main role which is damage :). [item=zhonyas-hourglass] Pretty great item to build when you needed the seekers armguard for laning phase, with An amazing active that naturally counters some top laners(Fiora,zed).the great thing about zhonyas is that you don't lose much ap from building it over deathcap.

As mentioned multiple times before karma is a great level 1 fighter, don't be afraid to let your teammates know and be ready to exploit this.Karma can also be good to harass the enemy jungler while they do their blue(if you are purple side) resulting in a forced smite as much junglers won't know how to properly react. You can also wait in the river bush as the opposing laner shows to lane, to smack him in the face with a mantrad Q which starts the lane off with a nice advantage in your favor. If you are blue side and leashing the blue for your jungler, prep your mantra charge at 1:47 so you can save seconds off the cooldown.(although you don't necessarily need to use your mantra to leash if you want to start the lane with your mantra up.) In the case that you are getting invaded you can simply wait in a defensive bush, and smack the team with a mantra Q as they come in they are usually all bunched up and will take heavy damage and perhaps deter them from actually invading. In an offensive invade be ready to throw your empowered Q where it will hit the most targets possible, and be ready to keep throwing out your Q which only has a 6 sec cooldown, in super long fights you will even get to throw out 2 mantra Qs if you auto properly and hit multiple people with your non mantra'd Qs. Check out Karma's level 1 potential ;) [twitch]http://www.twitch.tv/mplyr/c/2844929[/twitch][vid=https://youtu.be/yhWy_80dkCU][vid=https://youtu.be/yhWy_80dkCU]

For specific matchups refer to the matchups session but in this session I will explain laning in a very general sense. Laning with karma at top lane can be very simple, you are a lane bully, the way you do this is using your superior range and your low cooldown abilities to best most of the top laners out there.Karma has 525 auto attack range, this is only 25 below most ad carries, she also has a passive that encourages auto attacks, if you are following my rune setup you also have hybrid marks, so if you're not using your basic attacks during the laning phase you are wasting potential. When laning , use your mantra as soon as possible for maximum damage, remember if you're not getting your mantra Q explosion off you're better off using mantra W although that's only if you are able to get the whole leash duration off remember it deals damage over the leash' duration! Before your 1st back your mana pool won't last too long but it can outlast most of the frequent top laner item starts, harass them out or possibly kill them force them to back early push the wave , take your 15 cs advantage(equivalent to the gold a kill would give you) and buy your items. When your jungle comes in for a gank, you can easily set it up by using E on yourself, and W on the enemy laner, if you want to guarantee the root goes off you can always flash in to make sure if they flash it won't break the leash. Most of the time if the enemy doesn't ward you can kill the enemy laner with your jungler, so let him now! If you find yourself forced to play defensively, you can always save your mantra so you can Mantra W in any dire situation, it's a life saver, it is very possible to survive a gank from their jungler with a mantra W, remember you usually want to use it before you are ignited for maximum heals! Always consider what position expending your mantra charge will leave you in, are you going to be vulnerable if you use it for harassing? [center][title]1st Back[/title][/center] What items you get on your 1st back can make a big difference , and which items you want to get depend on which ones you started with, who you are laning against and what the rest of the enemy team looks like. If you are getting an Athene's you'd want to be getting a chalice of harmony on your 1st back usually coupled with a dorans ring or boots, if you are looking towards RoA a catalyst might be the right option, if you needed a seekers armguard maybe it'd be x2 cloth armor and a dorans ring. This is all flexible and it depends on the above factor and how much gold you actually have when it is convenient to back. Always weight your options and go for the most beneficial combination of items. [center][title]Ward Options when Laning [/title][/center] [imgext=http://i.imgur.com/Wo89aZh.jpg] #3 is usually the best option when you are purple side, protects you from a gank thru the river but their jungler can still go the long way(you have to rely on mid to ward properly to avoid that) #2 simply spots the enemy jungler when you are blue side and hopefully prevents him from sneaking in for a lane gank. #1 is a great compromise between warding the tribush and the river, it can protect you from ganks coming from both those directions but gives you less time to react.

Karma's Midgame is her strongest point, this section again talks in generalities, everything varies by game and the situation within those games. After you've done enough laning maybe you have taken their tower and don't have much to push without exposing yourself, karma can be an excellent tower pusher, you can roam over to mid after shoving out top and with your top laner you can probably set up a kill on the opposing mid laner or push him out cause he fears dying and obtain a free tower. Dragon and Baron are objectives that force people to concentrate onto choke points, this is excellent for Karma as it gives you a natural way to catch the enemy team with your AoE spells.It always depends on how top lane is going and who exactly you're going against to know whether its worth heading down for dragon but if you have harassed out your opponent and will have plenty of time or if he himself is leaving your lane you can head down too as it is not a bad idea to look for a fight around dragon when you are Karma. You can also continue to push your lane with proper ward coverage, attracting jungle attention and securing your team objectives or getting your team extra turrets, do so safely! Midgame you can also be looking for pickoffs sometimes you may spot an ad carry farming alone , and karma certainly has the ability to solo ad carries 100-0.If appropriate call for your team to group as 5 and siege a tower, as you can poke to your hearts content and make the opposing team engage unfavorable fights. Karma is extremely strong at sieging towers with the damage she can put out with 1 single mantra'd Q and the incredible range it has. When your team is sieging try to land mantra Qs on ad or ap carry to force them off the tower as the poke can be quite powerful. You have to be careful when your mantra is down and you are prone to getting engaged on during a siege, this is why you have to make sure your Q lands on the right target during a siege poke, as you might be punished for it if it doesn't.

[highlight][center] \"Karma's late game is strong\"-voyboy after being in a 50 min game vs my karma[/center][/highlight] I know it's a simple quote, but voyboy knows his stuff, and what this quote is meant to show is that he had a misconception that she didn't have a strong late game, but witnessed my Karma late game and realized it. Karma is still a great champion even after 35+ mins. While you are no longer at your peak of Mid game, it doesn't mean you are weak. Late game can simply be an extension of Mid game in the way that the same things are happening, just there is longer respawn times and bigger item builds. If The enemy team is attempting to siege one of your towers you have 2 options, Try to poke them with your long ranged Q or simply clear the wave with your Mantra Q.If your team has an opportunity to initiate into a team fight that you will win with enough poke then do that, but if your team can't win team fights at the moment then focus on clearing the wave! If your own team is attempting to siege then the midgame sieging section still applies, not much has changed now that it's late game except you need to be more careful about dying as it will last longer ;). As Karma you can also split push late game as you can wave clear quickly and are able to 1v1 almost anyone most of the time(Depends on the game, analyze your situation!). Ward well and attract the enemy's attention, if you can duel whoever shows up do it!But if there's multiple people coming just let the rest of your team pressure other towers! When teams are doing the so called 'Baron Dance' you can have a lot of opportunities to throw out great poke and discourage them from even thinking about it.If you actually catch the enemy team doing it, you can take advantage of the fact that they will bunch up to land a great mantra'd Q that hits multiple targets for amazing damage(thanks to baron magic debuff) and either get them off of it or have your team follow up on it for a teamfight that will probably end in your favor! P.S.:Remember to look at the damage dealt to champions stat at the end of the game, As karma you will often and should often be at the top or near the top of damage dealt thanks to the fact that you deal heavy aoe damage and have low cooldowns on it.

This section is an outlining of various possibilities, I can't simply say this is what you're gonna get to do every team fight in every game, I can only outline possibilities and eventualities, just remember analyze the situation and do what you think is better, if it doesn't work out, adapt and try again until you really know what the best thing to do is. Practice makes perfect. As an ap carry with a lot of damage, your role is to throw this damage out on either as many targets as possible or on the most important targets but this is not the only thing you can do, you could even limit yourself to exclusively peeling for your ad carry if this benefits your team the most. What is most important is that you're proactive in team fights , make a quick decision based on the current situation, as aforementioned maybe your team has no dedicated peeler or an assassin has been gunning for your ad carry and losing you every fight, you could dedicate yourself to peeling for your adc then after allowing him to survive , get into hurting the rest of the enemy team. Perhaps the situation is that their ad carry is really ahead and obliterating your team, and all you need to do is make sure he dies so your team can win a team fight, a mantra Q that hits him can probably zone him off the fight or guarantee he dies(a mantra Q that does full damage often takes 70% of a carry's hp.). When team fighting, make sure you take advantage of your amazing range , you can stay on the outskirts of battle even if you are low HP, safely assisting your team with Q slows and E shields.And if somebody attempts to go for you when you are low, you can use your mantra W to heal yourself and simply run away. Another situation you might find yourself in is that you had a rough laning phase and can fallback on playing a quasi support role and hoping that's enough for your team to win fights. Remember all the versatility you have in your kit, your different mantras, you can start off a fight with a mantra e for damage avoidance and aoe damage while throwing out your q for slows and damage and when your mantra comes up again thanks to your passive you might be using a mantra E again for the disengage or maybe the chase or perhaps you will be using a mantra W to save your own life or a mantra Q to finish off or slow targets. Don't forget that karma can be best in extended engagements where you kite the enemy and get multiple mantra'd Spells out. If you are running Zhonya's Hourglass don't be afraid to run up to the middle of a fight to act as an demi-initiator by letting the opponents focus you and making them stand still like fools after you use your hourglass active to drop their aggro.This can often be very effective, and although you might die after, it is very likely to lead your team into a winning teamfight. If you are running Lich bane, don't forget that if you're not using your Spellblade procs you are not being as efficient as you could be!Make sure you are throwing autos out but also make sure you are not completely exposed to the enemy!

I'm gonna talk about specific matchups and judge in whose favor it is as well as overall how to play the matchup. Just because it favors one champion over the other doesn't mean you are 100% going to lose or win this matchup, matchups still need to be played properly to either win hard or survive or tie it. Karma vs zed [imgsmall=champ/zed.png] In favor of:karma This matchup is the perfect enemy for karma, you should be able to harass zed out early combining your auto attacks and q harass , throw out Qs at the minions when he gets close to melee last hit, you should be able to force him to last hit with his shuriken only, and whenever you have a good opportunity you can force him to W as an escape by offensively going for a W into Q combo. Once he is level 6 you have to keep him low enough so that going into you is not an option, however should he all in you, a mantra'd W should be able to not only allow you to survive but to turn the kill on him, your w leash persists thru his ultimate 'dash'. Consider getting an hourglass as your 2nd item, as later on he might be able to assassinate you but zhonyas active prevents that. Karma vs jarvan IV[imgsmall=champ/jarvaniv.png] In favor of:karma Make sure you take control of this lane at level 1, harass a lot at level 1 so he can't instantly all in you when he is level 2. Keep track of levels, don't let him rush 2 when you are 1 he might be able to kill you but if you are both 2 an empowered W will quickly turn the tides in your favor after his initial burst of e->q combo. Lane is a breeze if you perform your lane bullying duties, use your auto attacks a lot and keep him scared, be on the lookout for ganks as j4 is good at setting those up. Once he is 6, he has gained a big burst of damage, an arm guard and a dorans ring should be enough to protect you, after that you can do Athene's or Morellos depending on your liking or the rest of the enemy team. Another option vs a j4 is going the rod of ages / Ionian boots route. If you snowball the lane however items shouldn't be a big issue as j4 can have a lot of trouble coming back from a bad laning phase. Karma vs vlad [img=champ/vladimir.png] In favor of:karma At first glance, this might look like a hard matchup and going by pure theorycraft I thought it'd be one too. However it's actually rather easy thanks to the time and gold it takes for vlad to actually have a good amount of sustain(needs a revolver) and it helps a lot that your w leash goes through his pool(he can never kill you). Take control of this lane early, auto and q harass even if you take vlad's q to the face, be aggressive and you can harass him out of lane rather easily when you do this he will try to q the minions for health and that let's you double up on your harass and force him back to base. Pushing and harassing him at his tower can be effective too. If you snowball your gold lead you will even be able to beat him in 1v1 duels. Here's a complete match of me vs Dyrus playing vlad in solo Q [twitch]http://www.twitch.tv/mplyr/c/2607175[/twitch] And another vs another vlad [twitch]http://www.twitch.tv/mplyr/c/2834851[/twitch] Karma vs renek[imgsmall=champ/renekton.png] In favor of:Karma but not by much This matchup can play out tied depending on how renekton builds.early laning phase you can dominate him by throwing Qs when he cses and auto attacking whenever possible, stay out of his slice range that way if he wants to perform his standard e in->w->q->e out combo he has to use both e's to stun you, that way you can outtrade him as he tries to retreat. Once he is 6 you have to do a lot of poking before you can kill him and it is really up to him to make an over aggressive extension when poked down for you to be able to kill him, a spirit visage build can make it even tougher as he will have a lot of sustain.the good news is that it is unlikely he will be able to kill you as well. Karma vs kennen[imgsmall=champ/kennen.png] In favor of:karma It's become a trend as of late that kennens are usually going dorans blade, as karma this is very good and will make the lane easy for you, do a few poke Qs(a mantra Q to start off at level 1) before you go in for a W auto attacks->Q combo which can completely zone him as all he has is a dorans blade and no real sustain. Any other starting items such as boots 4 are a bit harder but you still have the superior range on your Q as well with yours being easier to land and the lane shouldn't be too hard. After he hits 6 you have to watch out as his damage can be quite strong, make sure you don't let him all in you with his ultimate until he is low enough that you know he will die if he does. Karma vs jayce[imgsmall=champ/jayce.png] In favor of:Karma Much like kennens, jayce often start dorans blade, and you deal with this matchup the same way.dont let him hit you with his cannon form Q and he shouldn't be able to outtrade you. If he starts dorans simply start out the lane by poking hard with an empowered Q into more Qs and when you hit level 2 go hyper aggressive and force him to back off. As a lane bully you have to exploit a dorans blade start.if he starts fairie charm, he is much weaker in the damage department and you can simply poke until he has no sustain, just don't let him hit you with his cannon form Qs hide behind creeps, and go when it's down. I recommend a dorans shield start vs a jayce. Karma vs jax[imgsmall=champ/jax.png] In favor of:Karma Jax only source of csing is his auto attacks , just exploit this by auto attacking every time he tries to cs, if he tries to leap at you with counter strike, q him throw out your w and e and walk away while counter harassing him, he shouldn't catch you in his stun but if he does he should be rooted a bit away from you unable to take advantage of it. It should be quite easy to turn any aggression from him into something advantageous for you. Any of the build paths can be good vs a jax, Athene's is not a bad build vs a jax as he does a fair amount of magic damage, and a rod of ages path wouldn't be bad either. patch 4.14: Karma wins this lane harder than she used to before thanks to the jax nerfs ^_^. Karma vs Irelia[imgsmall=champ/irelia.png] In favor of: Tied (BUILD ROA) This matchup is all about how you build. Irelia is one of those champions who can all in you past a certain point and kill you even if you have been winning lane hard if you don't have enough hp to withstand that. Start with a dorans shield and go for the rod of ages build path. During early laning phase , she is just a melee bruiser , abuse this by auto attacking whenever she cses and land free Qs whenever you can, the trick to laning vs an Irelia is to force her to use her gap closer on you rather than on a creep close enough for her to get on you, do not stand near low hp creeps where she can get her q reset off. When she is lvl 5 and above is when you have to watch out for her damage but if you did your job before that, she should be low enough that she can't all in you or she will die, after you back to base, the lane should be plenty easy as long as you build correctly(rod of ages) to withstand her damage. Take advantage of her weak early laning and build properly and you can snowball this lane rather easily. Karma vs aatrox[imgsmall=champ/aatrox.png] In favor of:aatrox Aatrox simply has too much sustain for you to deal with, he can also rather easily all in you at lvl 2 where he will get you low enough that even if you turn the kill on him he will revive with his passive and kill you after, if you can try to command the lane from level 1 as that is your best shot, however keep track of when he hits 2. Start with dorans shield and just turn the lane into a farmfest as its really all that you can do, if the aatrox knows what he is doing it will be plenty hard for you to bully him out and once he gets a vampiric scepter/bilgewater it becomes very difficult for you to outpoke his sustain. Luckily for you, you are karma and can easily farm from safety and turn any lane into a farmfest. Ask your jungle for help if aatrox is being hyperaggressive with his knock up. Karma vs Khazix[imgsmall=champ/khazix.png] In Favor of:Karma Khazix much like zed gets manhandled by karma. At level 1 don't let him cs and auto attack as much as possible while landing Qs, get him low enough so that he can't leap to you at level 2 for an all in. If you take control at level 1 you can easily zone him for the rest of the laning phase. Remember if you suspect he will jump at you stand near a creep to avoid isolated Q damage. Karma vs Shen[imgsmall=champ/shen.png] In favor of:tied He won't kill you you probably won't kill him. Shen has too much built in sustain and damage avoidance for you to dent him especially with spirit visage being an attractive choice for him, although any laner that delays a Shen from building sun fire first is a winner in my book. If you can take advantage it'd be levels 1-3, but with most shens going dorans shield these days it'd be pretty challenging. Make sure you push whenever Shen is out of lane/Mia that way as soon as he ulties out you get a tower out of it. You can easily harass him at the tower with autos+Qs. Abuse the fact that he has no aoe wave clear and slowly push down the tower, also helps that he will eventually ultimate out of the lane. [twitch]http://www.twitch.tv/mplyr/c/2926706[/twitch] Karma vs lissandra[imgsmall=champ/lissandra.png] In favor of:tied early, later on karma Lissandra can be a tough matchup because she can harass you through the creep wave with her ice shard(REAL?), you have to get creative with your positioning to be able to harass her however as squishy as she is once you land a few harassing Qs you should be able to dominate lane as long as you don't let her harass you down as well, in an all in situation whoever poked the most pre-engagement will come out winner. Build an Athene's unholy grail. Karma vs rumble[imgsmall=champ/rumble.png] In favor of:tied Anybody with a spamable shield that has no resources is annoying to lane against when you're a lane bully that relies on poking. Laning against rumble is all about exploiting his weaknesses,his shield lasts only 2 seconds leaving you a 4 second window to harass before its up again, his flamethrower is quite unreliable for csing so make sure you exploit when he goes in to auto attack or when he uses his q to cs you then have a 3 second window to harass where he cannot harass back, also if he overheats make sure you punish him for it but don't let him auto you and finish you off when the overheat ends. Rumble has more than enough damage to win in an all in but if you position well you should be able to disengage most bad fights.it is pretty easy for you to set up a jungle gank vs a rumble. Karma vs lee sin[imgsmall=champ/leesin.png] In favor of:lee sin This lane is quite hard to win, since lee sin can level w, ignore all harass and once he gets a vamp scepter it gets much harder, and lets not even talk about hydra when he becomes pretty much unpokable, you have a chance to take control of this lane early, don't let him land kicks and try to harass him out levels 1-3. Now while I said this lane is in favor of lee sin, I do feel like he should not be able to kill you but if he builds and plays it right you will not be able to kill him either. If he builds anything other than hydra then you have a hope of being able to bully him out of lane. Karma vs rengar[imgsmall=champ/rengar.png] In favor of: Karma Rengar has a lot of damage if he comboes you right, but after his rework I feel like this lane is way easier for Karma, then again almost nobody plays rengar top anymore.. Use your E to prevent him from harassing him with his bola strike(REAL?), and keep your distance from the brush, as you don't want to give him a free gap close.the way to play this matchup is the way you play vs matchups who can just out duel you, poke him to the point where he can't go on you or he will die.before he hits 6 you can easily set up ganks on him with your jungler. Another way to deal with this lane is to keep him pushed to tower and harass him while he cses , although you have to be very careful of the opposite jungler ganking. Karma vs riven[imgsmall=champ/riven.png] In favor of:karma Riven does have many gap closers but the more gap closers she uses to get close to you the less damage she has. Take proper advantage of your range and make sure you harass her every time she goes for a creep.use your q on creeps when she goes for cs so she is forced to shield or miss the cs. The trick when laning against riven is you gotta maintain the proper distance if she tries to get close to you throw out your W and try to play the distance of the leash so she can't actually get on you or even run, your W guarantees that she commits to a bad fight or uses her offensive ability to run away. After 6 you need to be bulky to survive her bursty and consistent dps, go for a seekers into morellos into haunting guise or go for the rod of ages path. Make sure you never blindly facecheck where a riven might be, the way a riven can kill you is if you let her be next to you without using any abilities . Karma vs ryze[imgsmall=champ/ryze.png] In favor of:karma slightly Even before the 3.10 nerf I'd say that karma has the edge in this lane. Your long poke range is just too much for a pre6 ryze to deal with. It is far too easy to poke a ryze to a point where you can force a kill on him as he has no reliable escapes. Pre 6 you may also push the lane up to his tower where you can throw out free auto attacks and Qs while he is slowly forced to cs with his Q and autos. After he gets a few items you'd be wise to not engage him until you have poked him enough, if he is substantially poked he will try to ult and spellvamp off your creep wave just make sure you nullify his sustain by using spells on him after he's used his own on creeps. Athene's or rod of ages build path are both good against ryze. Karma vs singed[imgsmall=champ/singed.png] In favor of:Karma unless its proxy singed. Karma's strong early laning and long range is a natural counter to singed weak early lane and short range, your w is also a very effective ability to stop a pre rilays singed from kiting you. If singed is laning normally the lane is rather easy, auto attack and harass with Qs a lot and you will bully him out rather quickly , even at later levels you will be able to have a lot of control over the lane as singed doesn't often build sustain. The problem is if singed starts proxying , he goes in between your turrets to farm the creeps before they reach the lane.this is only a problem if he starts proxying at lvl 1 as you have to pick between attempting to kill him or farming the wave at your turret, if this is the case coordinate with your jungle for an early gank and after you have a chalice of harmony the proxying is not a issue anymore as you have virtually unlimited mana. Athene's into haunting guise into liandry into void staff is the build I'd recommend vs a singed especially if they have another front liner/tank. Karma vs teemo[imgsmall=champ/teemo.png] In favor of:karma Teemo is very good vs people who rely on autoattacks, lucky for you for karma autoattacks are an added bonus and not wholly necessary to do well in lane, teemo is very susceptible to getting poked down early levels and you can pick your engagements vs him as he won't instantly gap close to you. Keep him poked, and go for the finisher.use your shield to avoid his poison and don't expect much jungle help as teemo is a hard champion to gank. He can become hard after a few items if he builds a lot of sustain, if you are no longer able to duel him you can simply farm the waves from safety, you will be more useful than him in team fights. Karma vs xin zhao[imgsmall=champ/xinzhao.png] In favor of:xin zhao Xin is everything you fear, somebody with an instant gap closer and tons of damage, plus a knock up to keep you close to him.this lane can be very challenging to survive, but keep your mantra for your W And save your shield cooldowns and you should be able to escape most bad fights. Ask for help from your jungler as xin can be easily ganked but make sure you do not die while setting up the gank. Karma vs wukong[imgsmall=champ/wukong.png] In favor of:tied While wukong can be very similar to xin in the fact that he has an instant gap closer and a lot of early damage, he does not have any sort of cc until lvl 6, abuse this to the max, bully him like you would if he goes in for his harass combo make sure you fight back with your own while staying safe, remember your w reveals stealthed targets so if he is leashed if he uses his decoy you will be able to see the real wukong. In teamfights use your mantra'd shield to avoid damage from his ulti and speed everybody away from his ulti. [vid=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S4RshiR6lMQ] Karma vs zac[imgsmall=champ/zac.png] In favor of:Zac Zac is an absolute nightmare to deal with as karma, he has too much built in sustain and loves to build spirit visage which is Karma's kryptonite. It's a hard matchup to be able to kill him but he should not be able to kill you if you build and play properly. You might be able to set up a kill on him if your jungle comes to gank, your W stops him from slingshotting away if the root hits as he is charging it(the slingshot gets cancelled). Don't die to jungle ganks as he can set them up pretty well.remember if you can walk over his blobs without taking punishment, do it! And if you kill him and he has his passive, hit each blob once then throw out a Q when they all approach each other. In teamfights your mantra E can save your team from deadly zac initiation if timed properly. Karma vs Warwick[imgsmall=champ/warwick.png] In favor of:Karma Warwick top is pretty easy to best these days. Simply bully him like you would all others, he will try to come up and use his Q on you, shield yourself from it and punish him for it, he will eventually run oom and be forced to back or die in lane. Be careful for jungle ganks when he turns 6 , simply ward well ;). When you transition into teamfights you will be a lot more useful! Karma vs chogath[imgsmall=champ/chogath.png] In favor of:Chogath Chogath is a pretty tough lane opponent you can outdo his sustain but it takes a lot of work and patience and if you don't build a bit of hp he can also burst or poke you out rather easily. Punish him for csing without getting hit by his spikes use a combination of auto attacks and your Q.watch out at lvl 6 for his huge burst and make sure to build bulky, RoA is a must vs him. Use your shield to avoid and outrun ruptures. The reason I rate this matchup in his favor is because he can effortlessly win it but it is not impossible for you to do so. Karma vs Darius [imgsmall=champ/darius.png] In favor of:Karma Whether you win this matchup depends on whether you maintain a certain distance from Darius, kite him and poke him in lane as you would a riven, don't get pulled in, punish his csing with autos and Qs and if he is chasing you to pull you, speed yourself and outrun it. When laning vs Darius you must build some hp, I recommend RoA but Morellos+arm guard path can be fine if you build a haunting guise at some point, it is dependent on how well you did in lane. [twitch]http://www.twitch.tv/mplyr/c/2845794[/twitch] Karma vs Elise[imgsmall=champ/elise.png] In favor of:Elise Haven't played much of this matchup since 3.10, but Elise has a lot of base damage and tools to deal with karma, with her range it is also pretty hard to land Qs on her. Don't forget your leash goes thru rappel, you want to use it right before she ascends so she is rooted when she comes down. You're probably better off farming a safely as it'd be pretty hard to win a 1v1 fight, unless you poke her extensively before hand Karma vs Fiora[imgsmall=champ/fiora.png] In favor of:tied Fiora is not a champion that is seen much her early game strength can be enough to duel you, however unless she gets her parry damage off she shouldn't be able to win, you need to fake her parry out then force a trade, if she is leveling parry first which sometimes Fiora does and you are not confident that you can avoid getting your autoattacks parried jut refrain from auto attacking unless you know it's down. After she gets a hydra her sustain can be pretty hard to outdo and if you don't build a little bit of all hp she can continuously all in you past 6. Karma vs Diana[imgsmall=champ/diana.png] In favor of:Karma Diana is pretty easy to handle as she can't really approach you until she is 6. Simply harass her out of lane with the usual combination of autoattacks and abilities and avoid getting hit by her crescent strike. This is a lane that you can easily take control of pre-6 and snowball it from there. Athene's with a single doran's ring into standard ap build is enough to deal with a Diana. Karma vs gangplank[imgsmall=champ/gangplank.png] In favor of:karma slightly Gangplank can't really afford to build too much magic resist or sustain so its easy for you to poke him out, however he will return damage with his parley which you can easily shield, the matchup is not so one sided in your favor, just maintain your distance and make sure you punish melee last hits which he will go for if he parleys you instead of the creeps. He can orange your root so don't rely on that cc to keep him locked down.even after 6 you will be the stronger laner and usually the stronger team fighter. Karma vs garen[imgsmall=champ/garen.png] In favor of:karma While garen does have a lot of sustain due to his passive and doesn't need to build damage to do damage, and is pretty tanky, he is not able to catch up to you.simply play the kiting game, autoattack harass when he cses, and kite back when he attempts to go in. Another thing to do vs a garen is make sure you keep his passive regen by doing damage somehow every 7 seconds [vid=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VPpibij8dp0] Karma vs malphite [imgsmall=champ/malphite.png] In favor of:karma slightly Laning against malphite is all about keeping his shield down.use your range to your advantage and poke him down hard, do not let him bring his shield back up but if he misses cs to do so it is well worth it. Push him to his tower where you can harass him constantly to keep the shield down, whenever he throws out his slow moving Q shield yourself to mitigate the damage. An Athene's as a 1st item is the only item you need to survive this lane and things shouldn't get tough unless you get jungle ganked, so ward well cause if malphite ulties you with his jungle there you are probably dead Karma vs Olaf[imgsmall=champ/olaf.png] In favor of:karma Lack of a gap closer seals olaf's grave in this, use your range to your advantage and poke him out, making sure you dodge olaf's axes, don't let him come up to you to use his vicious strike on you, play your distance correctly and keep him scared, even post 6 this matchup is yours for the taking as long as you don't let Olaf simply come up to you. Remember when Olaf turns on his W , don't let him autoattack creeps for life steal without punishing it Karma vs Nasus[imgsmall=champ/nasus.png] In favor of: karma While Nasus does have built in sustain he is a pretty weak laner and you should be able to bully him out rather easily, as he will spend most of the time farming predictably, do your karma thing. He will straight up counter build you cause of the hard time you will give him and at that point he will become extremely resilient to your damage, just make sure you don't let him kill you as he becomes stronger, as long as you bullied him early stayed ahead in cs and possibly took the tower, then you did your job, if he plays it properly and safe it is inevitable that he becomes unkillable by your hand only. But to do this he's had to have build spirit visage and other mr options which hopefully means your ad damage dealers will have an easy time bringing him down. Karma vs tryndamere[imgsmall=champ/tryndamere.png] In favor of:tryndamere It is a hard lane borderline impossible.you might be able to do something pre-6 but once he hits 6 or just simply gets a vamp scepter he can continuously all in you and sustaining any damage he takes off. Make sure you exploit his laning well before he gets sustain or his ultimate but after that you must farm from safety and wait for him to make mistakes. Start with a doran's shield and go for the rod of ages into hourglass build path. Karma vs udyr[imgsmall=champ/udyr.png] In favor of:udyr It's going to be pretty hard to kill udyr through the shield and lifesteal he has.he will probably be farming ignoring all you do.but he shouldn't be able to kill you. So just farm up and perform better in teamfights because you have the right kit to completely shut him down in teamfights, as he gets easily kited. Nothing really matters in this matchup, if udyr plays properly you won't be able to kill him but make sure you stay even in farm and stay on your feet for setting something up with your jungler Karma vs yorick[imgsmall=champ/yorick.png] In favor of:yorick Even if his ghouls didn't block your Qs I feel like he would win this matchup but they do and it is pretty hard for you to be able to poke him down when you can't connect your main damaging spell. Early levels when he hasn't backed is when you can make a move if that don't work out then you probably won't have much of a chance to kill him, just farm safely and pray that you can be more useful later on. While alone and laning you might not be able to do much don't discard the possibility of your jungler coming for a gank, as yorick can be relatively squishy and easy to kill when you outnumber him. When laning against a yorick , surviving should be a win in your book. [twitch]http://www.twitch.tv/mplyr/c/2927508[/twitch] Karma vs nidalee[imgsmall=champ/nidalee.png] In favor of:bruiser nidalee, unless its ap mid then karma can win Ap nidalee is a relatively easy affair, dodge spears and you're good to go, before the 1st back you can control the lane rather easily as ap nidalee mana pool can be easily exhausted, after items it's all about poking her while not letting her hit you with spears, as simple as that. AD bruiser nidalee is a bit more tough as she has more of a leeway in her build, she can go up to you auto attack hard and shrug off any damage with a quick heal especially if she heavily counterbuilds(chalice,spirit visage). Here's a vid vs a nid [twitch]http://www.twitch.tv/mplyr/c/2675929[/twitch] Karma vs Alistar [imgsmall=champ/alistar.png] Alistar is now getting played top lane, and I feel like karma is a pretty good counter to it, She does really well against it, simply harass him with Q when he tries to cs and poke him down, he is strongest when he is full hp and hard engages on you but you can simply shield away until ulti runs out and repeat the harassing combo. It is pretty easy to zone out an alistar starting from lvl 1 and beyond, all you need to do is watch the jungle ganks (don't get cheesed @ min 3:00) but if you keep him low enough this is not even a threat!I like to run ignite vs alistart because almost every game i have the potential to kill him as long as i have ignite. Most alis run TP so they won't be able to kill you but they have global pressure so make sure you get kills in lane to set him behind enough that the global pressure won't make a difference! Karma vs Gnar Gnar's one weakness is a clear lack of sustain. Karma can exploit this really hard.Your range is also a great asset and your E movement speed allows you to move away before he knocks you into a wall after a stun or a slow. In teamfights though he can prove to be more useful than you if not played properly. [vid=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GbYoQMzLjvg] (VIDEO OF MATCHUP COMING SOON)

Now that you know everything there is to know about top lane Karma, I hope your opinion about her has changed! She is a great champion that contrary to popular belief, can be very much viable in the current meta and is definitely in a great place at the moment! If you have any feedback on the guide or anything to say regarding Karma top, drop it down in the comment section below, thanks for checking the guide out! If you enjoyed the guide or simply want to check out my play go to my twitch channel at http://www.twitch.tv/mplyr and don't forget to follow to get an email whenever I come on, I am streaming constantly and consistently now! Also check out my youtube channel for plays and guides https://www.youtube.com/user/ImproveYourLeaguePla

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