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A Current Way to Freelo Your Way to Victory

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Hey guys I'm Col Frogfoot, currently a Diamond player, Kassadin main atm. Kassadin is honestly freelo, and I'll let you know why as we go through this guide. First thing you should know is players might BM you for no reason at all other than they don't see him played at LCS (I assume). Just ignore those ignorant players for the time being. For the best understanding of said freelo check out the \"how to play kassadin\" section

Farm boi. If you don't die by 6 and get decent farming. You've won lane. Don't take stupid risks. Help your jungle out if they are getting invaded (if you don't have a big minion wave, in which case back ping them and w.e.). Q and E are easy farming utilities. I basically only last hit/ set up minions to be last hit under my tower. So because of this I don't die. When I need to go get a minion and I am not too low health yet I will Q the enemy as I go for the last hit. If it would be bad to 1v1 in the matchup (such as yasuo, zed, etc) I will just use Q as a farming utility. In good matchups (Yasuo is listed as easy but not a good 1v1 early game obviously) Q the enemy as much as possible while still only last hitting minions. The wave will push towards us still and we get them low for a jungler to gank.

You got 6! Nice. Now you can basically neglect midlane. When you hit 6, if you haven't backed, back and then gank a lane. Then go mid, catch the wave, and gank another lane. Your opposing mid laner will usually be sitting mid hitting your turret blaming his teammates for dying and that he signaled that Kass is missing. But good thing no one really cares about those pings. So if you can get a couple successful ganks while losing your mid turret most likely, this game will be easy and you can likely carry.

We only get better as the game goes on. Pop the squishies. Jump in and Q+E for poke when theres a non life risking chance. If your team lacks engage, try to jump in and get a ~4 man E and then Q a squishy, hourglass, and let the TF take its way.

We don't like straight up brawls with enemies. Don't jump in first with balls of steel unless you have hourglass. Before teamfights look for safe opportunities to Q + E the enemy squishies. If tanks are the close ones to you throw a Q at them for w.e. poke but I usually won't waste E unless I know I won't need it for a bit. Tanks aren't worth our time. When the team fight begins once your tanks or other teammates are getting focused, jump into their squishy. If the enemy already popped their abilities we aren't in danger of dying to quickly. Although be careful about certain ADCs like vayne and kalista that can do a lot of damage quickly to us. Just look for a good opportuinity to go in, and go. We are pretty good in teamfights. And if you can find safe opps to jump NEAR their squishies and Q E them to do aboutb half their health will win your team teamfights if you can do it consistently. Also stay clear of those AOE ults. Its super easy to avoid an amumu ult and malphite etc. If you get hit every time you should consider uninstalling.

When you're in lane I just play safe. It's really easy. Farm with Q and W mostly. And E when you got that up. Mid laners push you in. Just farm and you win laning phase. This playstyle has almost reduced me to getting ganked successfully on maybe once ever 20 games. When you get 6 don't ult onto your opponent unless you are fairly sure the enemy jungler is not around. Cause if they are around and you burn your R, its alot easier for you to die. You can also ult to dodge skill shots such as Ahri E, Yasuo Q-nado, etc etc. You can ult twice while going to a lane. Try to limit your ult usage when at 3 or 4 stacks cause that sh*t costs a lot of mana. When you die in lane pre-6 its your fault. Don't be toxic. When your team hasn't hard fed (like we talking 0-8 scores) and you lose, its your fault you lost the game. REMEMBER: The minute you blame your teammates for your losing are the reason you aren't moving up in ranks. Personally tell your jungler to gank you once you hit 6. You don't need blue buff. Take it if they want, but I usually don't bother. We are not a 100-0 champion during mid- late game. You want to look for opportunities to rift walk forward and Q E a squishy. If you see a tank, just Q them, they aren't worth our time. Although when we find squishes in the jungle alone, we can look to kill them right there. Kassadin is good at coming back into fights after getting low. So when you get low and escape, look for opportunities to come back in. PRO GENERAL TIP: This saying has won me games I sh*t you not. \"If you people can stop talking and start playing the game, we might actually be able to win this game.\" Note: This only works if you have not been engaged in the toxic fighting between teammates. Most effective when you have said little to nothing all game.

Kassadin is a free/ easy carry to at least platinum 1. After you learn how to farm well, you can win games by roaming brainlessly. It is not hard for a silver player to become a plat level kassadin player as long as you throw your toxicity out the door and blame yourself for losing.

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