Nocturne Build Guide

A Better Rengar, Crit Nocturne From The Jungle

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Thanks for checking out my Nocturne guide. About me: I have been playing since the beginning of S2. I picked up Nocturne in early s4 because Meteos said on his stream that he was the easiest champion to carry low-elo with. S3 I got plat, s4 I finished plat but got diamond in the preseason. When I first started playing Nocturne, I just copied ninjaken's build and his runes/masteries. I think that's the way to do it if you want to play him as a teamfight/bruiser. This season I have a new take on him that I believe is more effective in solo queue. This guide will be teaching you the most efficient ways to destroy the solo queue ladder with the most broken build on Nocturne. This season's stats, crit master noc: [img=] Last season's stats, not critting enough noc: [img=]

Krugs>red>chickens>blue>scuttle then back or gank if your top laner is getting dove. Gromp>blue>chickens>red>scuttle If your bot wants krugs/gromp Red>chickens>wolves>blue>scuttle Blue>wolves>chickens>red>scuttle This also works if you are expecting a cheeky invade at your buff lvl 2 Alternatively, you can start top side if your bot wants krugs/gromp. Change your route to fit your teams needs. IE, your top wants to start your wolves or chickens. Always go for scuttle before backing early game. This helps keep your laners safe while you are not applying pressure. If you aren't applying pressure than at least alleviate the enemy's pressure by giving vision. When you hit level 6, you will be wanting to use your ult, preferably on one of the longer lanes (top/bot). Top is risky because they can take drake, and bot has the most gold and arguably the most important lane. Use your best judgement on which lane to ult. If it is going to be bottom, go through lane and wait at the tower. The bushes/river are most likely warded, waiting at tower gives the best chance that you haven't been spotted. Usually your support will tell you if the lane brushes are warded, or they will sweep one for you. If they don't then you might as well ask them. Sometimes you don't need to get that close and can just wait for them to duke it out before you dive headfirst on their adc.

You never stop farming. You usually only gank when your ult is up, but you can still have pressure on lanes. Top lane is a great lane to gank because it is so long and one person is almost always overextended. If your ally is the one overextended, you can go through lane and countergank when their jungler comes. It only takes a bad trade and the enemy might think he can kill your ally and chase him down the whole lane to his tower. If you're sitting in that bush then it's free money. I think lane brush ganks top are really underused and you can easily make some freelo off of abusing these types of ganks. This is around the time laning phase is cashed and you'll want to start split-pushing.

You should try your hardest to end in the early/mid game but the late game comes with a double-edged sword. People start to build things like zhonyas and stay grouped a lot more. Grouping is not ideal for you because you rely on the chaotic skirmishes of solo queue. The good news is death timers are huge and your biggest strength is killing their adc. Someone is going to be pushing out a side lane at some point in the late game, and chances are they won't bring their whole team for back up because they'll only be there for a short time. You need to play off of these kinds of mistakes. You should be able to solo their adc 1v1 even this late, but you don't have very long to do it because their team isn't far. If you're against a vayne make sure to bring the red sweeper.

You want to avoid teamfights generally, as this build is really squishy but skirmishes and 1v1s are going to go your way. You can teamfight in the same way master yi or katarina does though. Just wait for the enemy team to blow a bunch of major abilities and wait for the adc to make a misposition and you can jump in on him. You want to make sure their team is committed to something else and no one is just standing around waiting for you to jump in. It can be difficult if their graves has an alistar just waiting for you, but most players get distracted at some point, by one of your allies or whatever. All it takes is a couple of moments of not being there and you can kill them. After that, their whole team is going to run you down and you can usually make it out because of the movement speed and because you deleted them in 2 hits. If you can't find a squishy out of place then you will have to be patient and let some people get low before you go on janitor duty. You don't ever have to teamfight if you can split-push correctly though.

I am not trolling and honestly believe this is the most optimal way to build Nocturne for solo queue. If you want to get carried build tank. I think that this is another way to learn the game as well. I built Xin Zhao like an ADC during last preseaon to get diamond. Your mistakes get punished much more harshly when you are built glass cannon, so you have to play better in order to succeed. This is not the same for building tank, as it is much more forgiving. When asked why faker didn't take magic resist against ap midlaners, he said because he knows how to dodge.

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