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Guide to Graves (Patch 5.9)

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Hello, this is my first guide ever and I hope that someone will appreciate it. I know that this guide isn't that good, but I was in hurry because it is made for a school-project, anyways I hope you will enjoy. Graves is a short-ranged marksman who is excepitonally strong during the Mid Game and early stages of the game. He is a lane bully who packs a punch. Graves-players should often be offensive in the laning phase and Graves thrives in combat. I have been playing Graves the last season or two as my go-to marksman, before I started playing him I was pretty much the worst marksman in my group of friends, but now I am one of the better. PROS - Has huge burst - Has a dash - Attackspeed steroid - Tanky, for a marksman - A very good attackanimation - A \"blind\" that slows - Fun playstyle - \"Easy\" to learn CONS - Suffers when behind - Falls of in Late Game compared to other marksmen - Bad positioning can lose an entire teamfight - No hard CC - Very low base attackspeed - Short range

I really hope that I have included everything that I have used in this guide here... BOT - Bottom lane MID - Middle lane TOP - Top lane ADC - Attack damage carry, often marksmen, usually deals the most damage in late game CC - Crowd Control, pretty much anything that weakens your opponents, mostly impaired movement DOT - Damage over time, a single spell/item that does damage over an amount of time CS - Creep score, how many minions you have killed, often determines how much gold you have earned AD - The damage you do with autoattacks and some spells, most marksmen scale with AD AP - The damage you do with most spells Ult/Ulti - A champions fourth ability, the one you level up at 6,11 and 16 Jungler - The role in which you use the jungle as main income and experience, usually ganks more than any other role Gank - When another player comes to a lane in an ambush Pick - When you kill a lone enemy that is out of position Splitting/Split-pushing - To only be in one lane and keep pushing it while everyone else isn't there Feeder - A player who has died a lot compared to what he has accomplished Fed - A player who has accumulated a lot of gold, mostly from kills

If you use the standard starting items and the runes and masteries from this guide you should have 70 attack damage and ~0.70 attack speed. This should let you farm minions with ease, assuming you know how to check a minions HP (clicking on the minions). You have two goals to try and achieve in your lane, to get higher CS than the enemy and to kill them as many times as possible. To achieve your goals you have to concentrate on last-hitting minions and trying to keep your passive up while also poking the enemy. Your [img=skills/graves/q.png] is great for this purpose. You should also try to trade often with Graves, as your burst with only the Q and autoattacks is very high. Graves's level 1 is very strong compared to the other marksmen. Combined with a support that has hard CC you are almost guaranteed to burn your opponents summoner spells or kill them. Other than level 1 your next powerspike is going to be when you get your [img=skills/graves/r.png] at level 6, if the enemy is in lane and doesn't have full HP you should try killing them instantly. IMPORTANT NOTES - Try kill/force away your enemy to get an early Dragon buff, make sure your jungler has smite and doesn't die to the Dragon - Keep your lane warded, you might only be able to place one ward pre-9, but put it to good use - Keep your lane warded 2, buy a [img=items/vision-ward.png] on your first recall if you can afford it, place it in a safe spot preferably in the river - Don't waste too much mana if you can't kill/damage your opponents, you need to have mana when they run out TIPS AND TRICKS - When farming with [img=skills/graves/q.png], try hitting your oppenent with it too, even if you only hit one bullet - [img=skills/graves/e.png]>[img=skills/graves/q.png] into your opponents face to trade with them, they will often fall back unless they have some hard CC - You can increase your trade potential by cancelling an auotattack with [img=skills/graves/q.png] and then autoattacking again

You are usually in this phase of the game after the Laning Phase is over. Key goals to the Mid Game are to push Towers, farming and grabbing dragon buffs. With Graves I like to have the support roam with me to mid once a Tower has been destroyed at bot. If you are ahead by a lot and aren't afraid of dying you can also stay at bot to make enemies come at you, you can kill them and go fast to the dragon and kill it, with the help of your jungler if the enemy jungler is still alive and you don't know where he is. If you lose lane there is two things you can do during the Mid Game, either farming up alone or grouping with your team, who hopefully are doing better than you. To farm alone you must keep your surroundings warded at all time, you don't want to sink in to a bigger deficit because you are dying avoidable Deaths. When you are grouping with the team you are most likely going to get picks, try getting an assist on those, and pushing Towers. You should try to farm whatever yyou can when grouping the team, every little gold is going to help you. If you won lane and are feeling that you are ahead by a lot you do not need to group, but grouping is always a secure way to do things. You can probably kill anyone on the enemy team with the help of your support. If that's the case you can try split-pushing to either pull away enemies from your team or to simply push if they don't care about you. It is still important to ward whenever you have the opportunity, preferably at jungle objectives and intersections. Tl;Dr - Grouping is always good - Pushing Towers and getting objectives are essential - Try getting picks - Keep on warding

In Late Game you should pretty much do the same thing as in Mid Game, but you should group a little more. It is very important to not get picked off, unless it allows your team to take objectives, due to the high Death Timers. Buffs are in my opinion very important because most people usually have at least four items completed, so the buffs add to their power. If you can get hold on any buff (red, blue,dragon or baron), it is good for you. As Graves both red and blue helps you incredibly much, but if someone else is in desperate need of blue you should give it to them. You should keep pretty much all areas around you warded to avoid surprise teamfights. For example: if you and your team is pushing bot you should have the nearby jungle and the entrance to their base warded. Always keep wards on jungle objectives so you know if the enemy takes it or not, if they take it and you can not intervene you should push something instead.

There are two main ways to teamfight with Graves. 1 - You play safe and attack anything that you can reach without putting yourself in too much danger, use [img=skills/graves/q.png] and [img=skills/graves/r.png] to deal as much damage as possible by hitting multiple enemies. [img=skills/graves/w.png] should be used whenever needed, often at the beginning. You should use [img=skills/graves/e.png] to dodge and to reposition yourself so you can deal more damage. 2 - Your goal is to delete an enemy carry from the fight, someone you know you can burst with your [img=skills/graves/q.png] > [img=skills/graves/r.png] combo and preferably less than three autoattacks. Your [img=skills/graves/e.png] should be used to get in their face and to escape if you managed to kill to opponent. You have to be cautious so you don't just jump in and die without accomplishing anything. Afterwards, if you survived, you should continue fighting with the previous mentioned style.

This has been my Guide to Graves, preferably your enemies, and I hope that someone has found it helpful, even by the slightest bit. I am probably not going to update this guide, but who knows? I am still going to keep Graves as my go-to marksman even though he sometimes might not fit the meta. PS: I know that this was a pretty bad conclusion, so don't hate me. Sources: - Used for some text

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