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  • 9
    Greater Mark of Magic Penetration (+0.87 magic penetration)
  • 9
    Greater Seal of Mana Regeneration (+0.41 mana regen / 5 sec.)
  • 9
    Greater Glyph of Magic Resist (+1.34 magic resist)
  • 3
    Greater Quintessence of Ability Power (+4.95 ability power)
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Hello Ladies and Gentlemen I'm Sarod, a german gold elo player maining Cassiopeia. I've recently started to create some guides on Youtube and tried to help others improve, as I feel it's more rewarding than playing myself. You are able to contact me / us via Youtube [( )Most of our videos are in german] or via facebook ( ). If you like this guide or if you don't I would appreciate any feedback you have have. Cassio is one of the most underrated and underplayed champions in the League. According to elobuff, I have a 70% win rate (awaiting new figures because of the new system). I have played her more than 60 times in ranked games, and she is by far my most played champion. I have an average of 11.9/8 - K/D Ratio with her in team ranked games. Why should you choose Cassio at all? Cassio is able to dominate and wreck a solo lane and snowball a whole game by winning the lane. She doesn't fall off at any point of the lane and is very effective in lategame due to her high ap ratios combined with the low cds. There are also very few counters to her, she is tremendously strong in lane. Spoken in [highlight]pro[/highlight] and [title]contra[/title] : + Cassio has a strong presence in lane + She is able to zone at objectives like drake and nashor or in lane + One of the strongest consistent ap damage dealers + High amount of movement speed and slow providing to an aggressive playstyle - Difficult to master - High mana cost if you aren't able to land combinations while keeping up the passive - Very reliant on your and the enemy position in teamfights - Items like Banshee's are tough to play against as they prevent poison from being applied - Attacking enemies not being poisoned with Twin Fangs (E) is nearly rendering you without damage. - No real escapes - You definately need flash. When should you pick Cassiopeia? Pick her whenever you want to, shes like any champion; the more you play the better you'll get. If you want to practise, I'd advise you take her against champions with short range such as Ryze, Swain and Vladimir. Try to avoid enemies with a gap closer, and be very careful of strong CC junglers like Maokai or Nautilus. This is a [highlight]work in progress[/highlight] and I shall be [highlight]adding more content[/highlight] as soon as I know what else you would like to know. I will also happily add replays or commentary when asked. Have fun, Sarod

The runepage stated at top is my main runepage for Cassiopeia, I'm generally using it against nearly every other AP mid. You could swap AP Quints for movementspeed if you don't start with boots. [imgext=] This runepage should be used against a full ad enemy team, if they got ap top or jungle get magic resistance glyphs. Haven't thought to much about this runes so if you got any other ideas maybe worth to try don't hesistate to write them into the comments. Marks 9x [highlight]Greater Mark of Magic Penetration[/highlight]: +0.95 magic penetration Seals 9x [highlight]Greater Seal of Mana Regeneration[/highlight]: +0.41 mana regen /per 5 sec. per level OR 9x [highlight]Greater Seal of Armor[/highlight]: +1,41 Armor Glyphs 9x [highlight]Greater Glyph of Magic Resists[/highlight]: +1,34 Magic Resist OR 9x [highlight]Greater Glyph of Scaling Ability Power[/highlight]: +0.17 ability power per level (+3.06 at champion level 18) OR 9x [highlight]Greater Glyph of Armor[/highlight]: +0,7 Armor Quintessences 3x [highlight]Greater Quintessence of Ability Power[/highlight]: +4.95 ability power OR 3x [highlight]Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed[/highlight]: +1,5% Movement Speed Rune Explanation This are usual caster runes with the slightly outdated mana regeneration seals you could use for almost every ap caster in the game. The [highlight]marks[/highlight] are quite set in stone and provide a nice boost of damage throughout the whole game. The [highlight]seals[/highlight] provide some mana regen which is desperately need early on to duel and farm in your lane without having cevear mana problems. Take armor against ad mids like pantheon or kha'zix is you'll probably get bursted without them. The [highlight]glyphs[/highlight] allow trading against other ap carries but you can swap them if you want to increase your damage or if you guess that you'll have a hard time against ad characters in your game. The [highlight]quintessences[/highlight] increase your early game damage so you are able to go for early kills. If you want to stay a bit more defensive take the movement speed which will provide some utility.

[title][img=skills/cassiopeia/q.png] Q: Noxious Blast[/title] [title]Explanation:[/title] This is Cassio's main spell to poke at a high range and to sustain your passive. If you land it your movement speed will increase making it easy to land a barrage of Twin Fangs (E) or just follow up or kite. Using it doesn't reveal your position so you are able to use bushes to get some time if you are fighting an enemy. [title][img=skills/cassiopeia/w.png] W: Miasma[/title] [title]Explanation:[/title] Miasma is your main zoning tool as most enemies hesistate to go into such zones (same as with lux e). It'll be your main poison applier as you are able to hit the enemy to nearly 100% (contrary to Q it hasn't got any delay). It also slows allowing you to follow up with Twin Fangs or kite. Generally avoid using it to much as it costs a ton of mana for the damage it'll deal if the enemy walks out of it quite fast. You are able to scout with it as it reveals fog of war so if an enemy walks to a bush follow up with it. [title][img=skills/cassiopeia/e.png] E: Twin Fang[/title] [title]Explanation:[/title] This spell should be considered the reason you are playing Cassio as it's able to deal a ton of damage in nearly no time IF you are able to cast it freely and the enemy is poisoned (also the reason for cleanse). It's outdamaging nearly everything but a fed ad carry. I recommend using smartcast for this spell. If you know your damage you can kill an enemy at level 3 using this spell but keep in mind it's very mana intensive to spam it and your mana pool is very small early on -> It's bad if you miss killing an enemy because your mana went empty. [title][img=skills/cassiopeia/r.png] R: Petrifying Gaze[/title] [title]Explanation:[/title] Your ultimate is a make or break ultimate having a really deep or literally nearly no impact on teamfights. If you are able to stun two or more people using your ultimate you should have a great advantage in a teamfight. You should not hesistate to use it for the slow if you are able to kill an enemy early on. Keep it up for objectives like dragon/baron. Tip: If you are premade with the team fake a retreat and ulti them once they are following you to increase to amount of stuns. Tip: If you stack up your passive before using it you reduce the mana cost significantly Tip: Enemies are able to dodge it or turn around as it's not instantly activated.

Recommended Skillorder : Q-E-E-W-E-R-E-Q-E-Q-R-Q-Q-W-W-E-W Against pusher : Q-E-Q-W-Q-R-Q-E-Q-E-R-E-E-W-W-R-W-W Skilling on Cassio isn't set in stone, it depends on your enemy and the situation. Most of the times I end up using the recommended order, yet sometimes I'm skilling Q a second time on level 4 if I'm being really aggressive. You shouldn't max Q as often as E to avoid pushing the lane; only against hard pushers like AP Yi, Lux or Anivia. You should normally max E, and concentrate on being aggressive and going for champion kills. However if the lane is rather passive, and more focused on farming, it is perhaps better to max Q.

Build 1 : [item=rod-of-ages] + [item=rylais-crystal-scepter] + [item=sorcerers-shoes] + [item=warmogs-armor] + [item=athenes-unholy-grail] + [item=rabadons-deathcap] OR [item=zhonyas-hourglass] OR [item=void-staff] Lately I started using this as I think it's more forgiving due to the bunch of lifepoints you are getting. Overextending and being slightly out of position isn't punished as hard as if you''d concentrated fully on damage. You'll be able to stay in teamfights for a longer duration making the damage equal or sometimes even higher than a full ap build. As I'm playing very offensive I start with boots to follow up enemies or, in combination with my poisons, escape nearly each gank. I continue with a Rod of Ages providing me safety by lifepoints while solving my early mana problems during longer duels. Rylais, the next item, will improve the amount of lifepoints even more while providing more slow. This new slow is also applied by your E making it extremely easy to land skills on your enemy for a longer duration once hitting them once and also reduces your chance of missing. Also your ability to kite is increased. Next on my list is a warmogs which I only build if I'm ahead as the level advantage and slightly better gear should be enough to kill enemies and I rather need to survive ganks or dives. If I have done poorly in lane, and my opponent is ahead, or they have a second Ap character, I often opt to build an Athenes which solves mana problems, reduces cooldowns even more, and provides good resistances against Ap champions. Building a Rabadons or a Void Staff will help to significantly increase damage. Build 2 : [item=sorcerers-shoes] + [item=rabadons-deathcap] + [item=rylais-crystal-scepter] + [item=void-staff] + [item=zhonyas-hourglass] + [item=athenes-unholy-grail] Before using the first build, I used to use this one. Building an early Sorcerer's Shoes allows easier ganks and increases damage. We then rush straight into a Rabadons, and then get some more survivability and utility with Rylais. To improve damage and penetration, we then build a Void Staff, and the  continue into a Zhonyas or Athenes, depending on whom on the enemy team is fed. The last item should then be the item that you chose not to buy first. A few comments to items I'm not using : [img=items/will-of-the-ancients.png] I'm not a huge fan of this item and I never was, I don't recommend it unless you have another ap character in your team building it so you can profit of two auras because 3 of your 4 spells are multitarget reducing the amount of spellvamp which leads to the conclusion that you could build straight hp and damage and profit more. [img=items/lich-bane.png] Lich Bane is not useful as you are nearly always casting spells or moving so you don't have time to include autoattacks and utilize the passive of this item. [img=items/liandrys-torment.png] Liandry's Torment seems to be quite popular lately and it seems to be a good idea to add another dot to your 2 dots (and maybe even ignite) in the beginning yet you should think about another thing. If you are concentrating on dealing damage with these dots you shouldn't be skilling like I do (concentrating on E) and you could die before you are able to kill an enemy due to the fact that you'll maybe dot them down but didn't burst them fast enough. I don't think this bit of hp and damage is worth delaying your whole build without giving immense advantage so I end up skipping this item.

Cassiopeia got a real advantage during laning phase against nearly every other ap caster with her only problems being mana cost and the lack of an escape. Noxious Blast, the Q, is dealing nice damage from a save distance. try to hit your enemy with it. You should only use it on creeps if you enemy is pushing so try to keep the creeps in the middle of the lane. If you are landing your q on the enemy follow up with a wave of twin fangs (E). You maybe don't kill your enemy but you should be able to force them to flash. If you realize you don't get them to this either save your mana and concentrate one ither farming or roaming. Miasma, your w, should be only used to push or get a save poison apply. It's to much mana to spam it early on and not reliable enaugh damage wise. Once I hit level 3 I'm playing really aggressive, yet keep an eye on your mana and passive stacks as nothing is more disencouraging than seeing the enemy escape with low live because you run out of mana. If he also got pots it's very unlikely you are going to kill him in the near future if you aren't going back or getting bluebuff. Also watch out for ganks out of the jungle as you are probably being a bit overextended and pushing the lane which is making you extremely vulnerable to ganks. Buy wards and ward atleast one side of the river and stick to it. Also watch out for enemy movement it's rather strange if your passive enemy is now trying to duel you. Considering the farm you should concentrate on autoattacks if the enemy is not pushing and you don't need to leave your lane soon. If you are pushing to much you just deny yourself the kill on your enemy. I'm not that good at farming either and concentrate on disabling my enemy keeping him at a lower cs than me. As long as I leave the lane with more cs and / or kills I reached my goal to leave the lane in a better state than my opponent and probably be more effective. It's also very easy to deny your enemy once he is scared of you or atleast got respect.

Cassio needs to be played really agressive and if you are able to get an advantage you should be able to snowball complete games. Try to roam by going over the enemy jungle onto their lanes so the retreating enemies are walking into your direction to ulti them. Also try to keep moving as you are able to kite quite well with cassio due to your movementspeed. As soon as the laning phase is coming to it's end you should try to do some last ganks if you got an advantage. Coming through the enemy jungle onto their lane is a good way to kill the enemy lane if they are pushed to far ahead as they'll run into your ultimate while retreating. Keep areas you are moving through warded if you could be killed by enemies visible at the time you start roaming around. You should play really offensive as every tiny advantage you get is starting your snowball to roll. Once being in fights keep moving, you are able to kite enemies with your slows and movement buffs and avoid being damaged by melee enemies doing this. From now on don't waste your ultimate if you aren't 100% sure you are able to kill the opponent with it as teamfights and fights for objectives are of greater importance from now on.

During teamfights you should stay back, even if you are building tanky, and poke the front row of your enemies. Watch your mana as you should have about 75% mana left once the real clash starts. Concentrate on the closest targets and be patient with your ultimate as you shouldn't use it until you are able to stun atleast 3 enemies or their mvps. Now try to focus their carries while avoiding damage by constant movement. Don't waste your flash to engage if it doesn't provide an immense advantage as you would burn your escape. Your positioning is of great importance as it's deciding about a fine ultimate and you being easy to focus or not. If your enemies chase you you can also engage a teamfight with your ultimate but you should be confident that your team is reacting fast enough to take down some of the stunned enemies. If you are playing with multiple aoe stun ultimates try to delay them so don't use all of them at once but use them one after another to increase the time your enemy is forced to stand still. Try to only fight in areas you are able to keep vision as your E, the key of your damage, needs vision on the target.

To sum it up you should discover in which phase of the game you are better than the enemy and emphasize on it, if the enemy got a stronger early game focus on farming if not be freakin offensive. If both champions are equal... well damn it may the best win! If you got more questions or comments just message me on facebook or youtube. I'll try to improve the guide in the near feature and add an english youtube video. Also I beg you to excuse my english as I wrote it in a hurry and I'm not that proficient in the english language. I wish you fun and the best of luck in your games! Sarod Facebook : Youtube : // GERMAN YOUTUBE GUIDES // YOU COULD TURN OF SOUND IF YOU WANT TO CONCENTRATE ON THE GAMEPLAY // ENGLISH VIDEOS COMING SOON // [youtube][/youtube] [youtube][/youtube]

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