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From the Shadows - An In Depth Guide to Mastering Vayne

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Hello SoloMid users! I am yoonim, a Diamond ADC main (My IGN is GG Yoona LM). This is my first guide, so I'll be writing about how to play one of my favorite ADCs - Vayne. I'm aware that Vayne is a champion that attracts many players, most of which have seen flashy plays coming from extremely skilled players such as Gosu, Doublelift, Piglet, and others. My goal isn't to teach you how to make 1v5 outplays; my goal is to teach you how to master every aspect of Vayne, at every stage of the game, and how to WIN with her. First, let's address her strengths and weaknesses: Strengths: - Vayne is unique in that she is a strong duelist AND carry. She has the potential to duel almost any champion in the game if played correctly. - Vayne has a very strong ability in Silver Bolts that allows her to deal MAX %HP True damage. This gives her the identity of a tank killer - it's very hard to deal with her damage. - \"Fighting me is like boxing with shadows!\" When played right, Vayne is one hell of an annoyance to deal with, and a deadly one at that. - Vayne is known as a powerful late game carry. While she isn't the absolute strongest in my opinion, she scales very well generally, gaining power in the mid game and becoming even stronger in the late game. Weaknesses: - Vayne is auto attack reliant. She doesn't have any other sources of damage (a little bit from condemn). This means she's essentially one of the shortest ranged carries in the game, as other carries usually have higher ranged sources of damage. - Vayne is also PURELY single target, and she needs to hit the same target thrice before getting damage out of Silver Bolts. This makes her more mechanically intensive because you need to rely so much more on clicking accurately. - Vayne is countered by TRUE sight - if you're caught off guard by a sweeper or pink ward, you may get caught very easily. - Vayne is weak in lane versus many other carries. Her overall state in the game's balance relies on the viability of those carries. - Vayne attracts many players who are too focused on trying to make highlight-reel plays. This often results in games thrown and angry teammates. Don't do this. Go for the crazy plays, but go about it in a calculated manner. My goal is to teach you to learn the limits of Vayne that will allow you to make the right decisions.

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