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Why hello there. This is a non-essential part of the guide. You don't have to read it. This is my Gragas guide, of how I like to play Gragas in the jungle. I personally think that Gragas will always be one of the strongest picks in the jungle, unlike champions that require a specific item to heavily exploit. Currently he works very well with Cinderhulk, but in season 4 he worked well with the AP Jungle item, of which I am too lazy to look up the name for.

You want to prioritize ganking. Gragas' early ganks are amazing and can really snowball a game. They are almost on par with Elise's. GANK GANK GANK. But don't negate your jungle as you need to keep up in levels and gold with the enemy. If you fall behind and your ganks will fail, just farm the jungle. You don't really have to back after you get your jungle upgrade. You'll scale decently into the late game.

This is were teamfights start to happen. You should be pretty tanky if you get ahead, or fall behind. Read the situation: If you can split the enemy and knock one champs into you team, do so. If you can get a pick on an out of position enemy champ, do so (with either cask or body slam). If you can't get a pick, wait for an engage and peel away from your carries. Prioritize towers and dragons over kills, but be careful you can't ignore enemy damages just yet. You have great follow up on CC, so use it to your advantage.

You should, always be with your team here. Ward up objectives such as baron and dragon with your sighstone, as it can provide incredible vision control. You can easily bait out baron by sweeping the pit, then putting a pink in a brush and waiting for the enemy to go ward or to facecheck. Do NOT facecheck please. Don't you your ult to save yourself. If you don't see the enemy assume they are in EVERY brush. Stay with your team, that is the key. Push down objectives 4v5 if you've picked off a person (like in midgame). Your numbers should give you a clear advantage.

Gragas is always, and will always be an incredibly strong jungler. He utilizes his immense early game pressure and damage to snowball the game in your favor (just like Lee Sin). Unlike other early game junglers (like Lee Sin) he scales very nicely into the late game and your games should be clean sweeps if you play smartly and aggressively. A tip: Use your abilities aggressively. Better to feed and try to make plays, than to feed and not make any. BUT BE SMART!

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