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    Greater Mark of Magic Penetration (+0.87 magic penetration)
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    Greater Seal of Scaling Mana Regeneration (+0.065 mana regen / 5 sec. per level (+1.17 at champion level 18))
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    Greater Glyph of Scaling Cooldown Reduction (-0.09% cooldowns per level (-1.67% at champion level 18))
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    Greater Glyph of Ability Power (+1.19 ability power)
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    Greater Quintessence of Ability Power (+4.95 ability power)
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This guide is on how to play Zilean as an AP carry in mid or top lane, then migrating into a support mid to late game. Zilean has the ability to do large amounts of early to mid game damage and has insane utility. He can be used as one of the best AP carries, as well as support. This guide however will discuss about his AP mid role. [highlight]Reasons why Zilean should be used[/highlight] Game changing ultimate Never falls off in utility(he isn't limited to early game/mid game/late game) Best speed buff/Slow in the game Hard to gank during laning phases Ablity to farm wraith/wolf (in case the jungler is camping in the lane/ or you are losing the lane) Global XP boost [highlight]Problems Zilean may face[/highlight] Mana pool, Zilean suffers from Mana issues throughout the game (especially during early game) Lane push, one of the ways to counter Zilean is to walk near allied minions while bombed to force Zilean to push. No hard crowd control Squishy Bit team dependent

[imgext=http://img846.imageshack.us/img846/3681/masteriese.png] [.]21/0/9 Mastery build. This mastery page reinforces aggressive play, getting useful masteries in offensive like MPen, CDR, and some AP which will boost your damage output. [.]The 20% bonus time from neutral buffs will help since most of the blue buffs belong to you. This will enable Zilean to step outside of his mana pool. [.]Mana and mana regen masteries will help sustain in lane as well. [.]Butcher masteries to help with the last hitting since zilean has rather awkward auto attacking motion.

[imgext=http://img717.imageshack.us/img717/7745/regularb.png] [.]Magic Penetration Marks are standard for AP casters. It doesn't fall off, and helps ap mage deal damage throughout the game. It is also a rare stat to obtain due to only 2 items (Sorc. Boot & Hunting Guise) offering flat Penetration Currently in the game. [.]Scale Mana Regen Seals are essential because Zilean is mana hungry throughout the game especially early on without many items. Combined with catalyst or early dorans Zilean will have enough mana without having to recall too much. [.] 6x Cool Down Reduction scale blue is essential to Zilean. CDR is a must for Zilean, reaching 40% is crucial in his mid to late game. Combined with the masteries (4%) 6% CDR from rune page will gives him 10% CDR allowing him to achieve 40% CDR cap with only 2 items. [.] 3x Flat AP blue will add extra damage as well [.]Flat AP Quintessences will boost Zilean's early game damage due to .9 ap ratio on his time bomb. This is the standard rune page you will be using. Caution: Usage of this runepage will make Zilean very squishy. In order to achieve maximum utility out of these runes be offensive as possible ward side bushes, and learn to dodge skill shots. [imgext=http://img651.imageshack.us/img651/7074/53490913.png] Basically the same rune page as the previous one except the glyph. [.] 9x flat Magic Resistance will be used against rare counters to Zilean mid, Leblanc, Annie and Veigar. Using this rune page will make Zilean more durable at the cost of 40% cdr. Making Zilean opt to obtain blue elixir or blue buff more than the previous rune page.

[title][img=skills/zilean/p.png] Passive: Heightened Learning[/title] [number]Increases experience gain of all allied champions by 8%.[/number] [title]Explanation:[/title] One of the best passives in the game. It allows you to give your entire team an experience advantage. [title][img=skills/zilean/q.png] Q: Time Bomb[/title] [number]Zilean places a time-delayed bomb on a target. After 4 seconds this bomb will detonate, dealing 90 / 145 / 200 / 260 / 320 (+90% of ability power) magic damage to all surrounding enemies. Cooldown 10 seconds Cost 70 / 85 / 100 / 115 / 130 mana Range 700 [/number] [title]Explanation:[/title] Your only source of damage, yet simply devastating. A quick combo of QWQ will deal insane amounts of damage. Double bombing on low hp caster minions (blow them up near the enemy champion), or simply double bombing the enemy is great for harass. The bomb has one of the best ranges in the game, and it beats most carries' auto attack range, making it one of the best poking tools in the game. The bomb also doesn't pull minion aggro to boot! [title][img=skills/zilean/w.png] W: Rewind[/title] [number]Reduces all of Zilean's other spell cooldowns by 10 seconds. Cooldown 18 / 15 / 12 / 9 / 6seconds Cost 50mana Range 600[/number] [title]Explanation:[/title] Resets the CD on all of your skills. Spam this when you have used your ulti in order to have it up and running by the next fight. At level 18 with 39.9% CDR, Q and E can be spammed without a rest. [title][img=skills/zilean/e.png] E: Time Warp[/title] [number]Zilean slows an enemy champion's movement speed or increases an allied champion's movement speed by 55% for 2.5 / 3.25 / 4 / 4.75 / 5.5 seconds. Cooldown 20seconds Cost 100mana Range 700[/number] [title]Explanation:[/title] Free ghost for your teammates, and a toned down version of exhaust for the enemies. When using it to escape multiple enemies, hasting is the better choice, but if there's only one or two, slowing them down would be better. [title][img=skills/zilean/r.png] R: Chrono Shift[/title] [number]Marks the target with a protective time rune for 7 seconds. If the target would take lethal damage, they are instead transported back in time regaining 600 / 850 / 1100 (+200% of ability power) of their health. Cooldown 180 / 160 / 140 seconds Cost 200 mana Range 900 [/number] [title]Explanation:[/title] Difficult to learn it at first. Although it has a long range, knowing the timing of the ult can win or lose the team fight. In team fights, ult the most crucial member of your team. You can ult right before the target die in order to heal them, or when the target is low HP. It gives a Tryndamere ult effect, as the enemy has the choice of killing them and fighting the recovered version, or letting them live for 7 seconds while the ult is still on. Ulting a teammate that hasn't suffered major damage will only waste the ult.

start with [imgsmall=skills/zilean/q.png] to have some damage at the start. Then you have 2 choices you can grab [imgsmall=skills/zilean/e.png] at lv2 in order to have an escape tool, (incase of jungle gank or etc...) or If your enemy jungler is weak at early ganks (skarner for example) grab rewind for the extra damage. then grab another [imgsmall=skills/zilean/q.png] at lv 3 then get either [img=skills/zilean/w.png] or [img=skills/zilean/e.png] depending on what you choose to skip at level 2 after that follow this order [imgsmall=skills/zilean/r.png] > [imgsmall=skills/zilean/q.png] > [imgsmall=skills/zilean/w.png] > [imgsmall=skills/zilean/e.png] for maximum profit

[highlight]Starting items: [/highlight] [item=dorans-ring] or [item=boots-of-speed] + [item=health-potion3] Your starting item will depend on your lane match up. If your lane opponent has high mobility/heavy CC, boots are preferred. If not, go with Doran's Ring. [highlight]First shop:[/highlight] [item=dorans-ring] [item=dorans-ring] or [item=catalyst-the-protector][item=boots-of-speed] Your first base should be 2-3 Doran's Rings with HP pots to catch up or prolong lane dominance, or Catalyst + Boots for lane sustainability. [highlight]Misc. Early items[/highlight] [img=items/mana-potion.png][img=items/health-potion2.png] Buying these sets of potion will help you sustain through the lane before you can finish catalyst [img=items/elixir-of-brilliance.png] An under the radar item that should be discovered... If you are losing by 1-2 kills or 10-20 CS elixir will put you ahead of opponents mid damage. Coordinate with your jungler to take back the lead. It is also a great item to have if you are planning on ganking side lanes often extra CDR and AP will usually get you the kill you need. [img=items/quicksilver-sash.png] Is essential against veigar lane (he counters you) as he can kill Zilean before he can ult right after a stun. QSS can also be used against LB lane as it let you survive her combo, remove silence and strike back. [img=items/chalice-of-harmony.png] when you are in the lead after completing the ROA and before working on the death cap try to get chalice. It will help you roam more effectively and have more lane sustain. [highlight]Item choices after laning [/highlight] [item=rod-of-ages] Get this ASAP. It's a core item on Zilean as it covers all the stats Zilean needs (hp, mana, ap, and sustain). [item=mercurys-treads] or [item=sorcerers-shoes] or [item=ninja-tabi] The boot choice depends on the other team. If they're AD heavy, go for Ninja Tabi. If they're AP or CC heavy, go for Mercury's Treads. If the team is balanced or you are in the lead, Sorcerer's Shoes will give your bomb a huge boost in damage early-mid game. [img=items/athenes-unholy-grail.png] then [item=rabadons-deathcap] or [item=rabadons-deathcap] then [img=items/athenes-unholy-grail.png] After Boots and RoA, you have some choices to make. If you are still carrying the game by domination, grab Deathcap in order to prolong AP carrying. If you are starting to fall off and your teammates are starting to carry, grab Grail first to keep up with the team and start to go support route. [img=items/ionian-boots-of-lucidity.png] Will be core boots zilean will get during mid to late game. Wwitch the early boots with CDR boot after completing void staff or abyssal. [highlight]Luxury items [/highlight] [item=banshees-veil][item=guardian-angel][item=abyssal-scepter][item=zhonyas-hourglass][item=void-staff] After the normal build (RoA, Boots, CDR, and Deathcap), you have tons of choices for luxury items. My personal favorites are Abyssal and Zhonya's (after the Deathcap + Grail). They will grant you survivability and extra AP. Along with the stats, Zhonya's nets the user some time for Rewind to cool down, and Abyssal gives a useful aura. BV against CC heavy teams is great along with Mercury's Treads. Void Staff is for better nuking (after this you should switch the boots for CDR boots). GA will help keep you off of the radar and make your supporting a bit easier, as you won't get focused as much. also WARDS [img=items/sight-ward5.png][img=items/vision-ward5.png] A couple of well placed wards will save you from ganks, win team fights, and control baron/dragon. Always try to buy at least one ward every time you shop. Your teammate will love you for it.

Your strength as an AP carry relies on your early game. Bombs will be doing large amounts of damage before the opposing team has a chance to grab MR to mitigate the damage. Zilean also has a 600 range auto attack and decent AD at the start. Harass with Q and basic attacks when they are going to last hit. If the enemy is melee, like Kass, putting a bomb in your own minions will deny their farm. If you are facing someone with a shield or a heal, like Morg, try a quick QWQ on low HP minions near the enemy so they won't have a chance to block the first bomb or its damage. Always watch your mana pool as Zilean has high-costing spells. [highlight]1st buy[/highlight] [img=items/boots-of-speed.png] [img=items/health-potion3.png] [highlight]Leashing:[/highlight] Wolfcamp---> blue camp put a bomb on your jungler at 1:37 because wolf spawns at 1:40 Leashing blue I am surprised no one knows how to do this :/ [youtube]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Gw2peD618Y[/youtube] DO IT it only costs 1-2 minions and you gain loving jungler and faster/safer ganks. Wraith ----> red put a bomb on your jungler at 1:37 because wraith also spawns at 1:40 for red buff just auto attack and run [highlight]Laning[/highlight] (specific matchups are below) Last hit, ward side bushes, gank side lanes, steal/get blue, double bomb minions to harass > double bombing champions, Autoattack harass while Q is on cool down, and constantly communicate see mini map. Feel free to push the lane if you meet the criteria 1) Side bush warded 2) Both mid and jugler lacks hard CC 3) Enemy jungler doesn't have blink gap closer/flash (shaco for example) Always check your mana and don't stay in the lane past level 6 if you don't have at least 205 mana for ult + E. Enemy champion with high burst + stun A.K.A. Annie, Sion, and Veigar will give zilean most trouble during laning. Rushing QSS will solve this problem as well as jungle ganks. Enemy champions with blink + high burst Also gives Zilean trouble (but little bit less) grab an early Chalice after catalyst to avoid exploding. [highlight]Early game goals[/highlight] 1) Kill enemy tower/s (against gank heavy enemy mid like Leblanc) 2) Help side lane 3) Secure dragon 4) Secure blue buff [highlight]To avoid[/highlight] 1) Feeding: Only way Zilean will ever feed is when he gets camped by competent enemy jungler. In this case hug tower, farm wolf/wraith, and let your team take advantage of jungler free lanes. Also ward side bushes. 2) Letting enemy champion farm: double bomb the waves push it to the tower and make them lose the CS.

As people are starting to grab MR, bombs will be doing less damage, but you will still be nuking. From here, start transitioning into the support role after Deathcap and a CDR item. Get involved in ganks, team fights, and always remember to save the crucial teammate over yourself if you aren't carrying. Build wise: At 20-25 mins in you should be finishing up death cap or working towards the CDR items (Grail most of the times). Mid game is controlled by Zilean. His ability to slow/haste multiple targets (well every 4-6s anyway), nuclear time bomb, and revive can make the game. Stay close with your team and help them take the lead. Speeding up your initiator along with a bomb over their head can be used to initiate. If the enemy team decides to initiate instead save your carry with haste or slow down their crucial member and focus on them. Ult can also be used to bait opponents team if they initiate on you (be careful not to get kited let them come). [highlight]Mid game goals: [/highlight] 1) Dragons 2) Buff/jungle control 3) Get some towers 4) Win teamfights [highlight]To avoid [/highlight] 1) Getting caught: Be sure to ward or stay where you have vision. Unless you know where enemy team is DO NOT FACE CHECK or stay alone. 2) Dragon getting killed: DO NOT JUMP IN if it is clear they will take it, let them have it and avoid useless martyrdom.

Now you are a support with decent poke. Haste your teammates 24/7 while slowing down enemies on sight 24/7. During fights, position yourself on the back as people will focus you out of rage. If someone is focusing you without hard CC, get near them, slow them while hasting yourself, and spam bombs as you kite them to your teammates. End game items [img=items/rabadons-deathcap.png][img=items/rod-of-ages.png][img=items/athenes-unholy-grail.png][img=items/ionian-boots-of-lucidity.png][img=items/void-staff.png] Other items are nice but these items are CORE Now for Luxury items Magic Pen. switch [img=items/abyssal-scepter.png] = [img=items/void-staff.png] CDR item [img=items/frozen-heart.png] = [img=items/athenes-unholy-grail.png] Final slot [img=items/guardian-angel.png]/[img=items/zhonyas-hourglass.png] If you are getting focused too much or if you have hard carry build tanky ap to sacrifice damage for more utility. ALWAYS stay near your team NEVER roam alone. Avoid going to bot lane when baron is up and keep the map warded. [highlight]Goals:[/highlight] At this point you are the play maker in the game. [.]With 40% cdr Your bomb and haste/slow is on 3s cooldown and ult on 30s, and always spam W to lower the Cooldown on the ult. [.]Fight in the small space is favorable to Zilean as double bomb hits more enemy. [.]Keep your team constantly speed up and make sure you guard the carry.

[.][.][img=skills/zilean/q.png] [.]Use it on squishies [.]Use it to clear minion waves [.]Put it on the initiators before they dive for extra damage [.]Use it on anyone about to die for insant explosion [img=skills/zilean/w.png] [.] Constantly use it when ult is down to bring it back up [img=skills/zilean/e.png] [.] Slow down enemy melee [.] Haste your squishies [.] Use it to ward fast & safe [.] Use it to chase (better to slow than haste) [.] Kite enemy to disorganize [img=skills/zilean/r.png] Few options for game changing ult [.] Use it right before death to ensure revive [.] Use it on low HP teammate/yourself to give enemy team options. To kill the person ulted twice. To give person ulted 7s trynd ult, or both choices. [.] Keep it and kite the enemy team because they will FOCUS you to remove the pesky ult.

[img=champ/ahri.png] First and most importantly, constanlty moving and keep out of the minion wave. When she uses the Orb and heart, you side step to Left or right. Secondly, land your double bomb combo minions near Ahri. Ahri is easy to fend off untill lv6. Keep harassing her pre-6 to insure better mid game. Until she gets a revolver her lane sustain won't be greater then Zilean. She isn’t going to sustain her through Zilean's bombs(though always keep in check of both you and her mana), and you can wear her down. After Ahri turns 6 she can dive you in for her E Q W R R R ignite combo. Make sure you have enough mana for both E and Ult. Try to bait her Q and E by making yourself easy target, and as soon as she launches her skill shots hasten yourself and dodge + bomb. [img=champ/akali.png] Pink wards are crucial, a pink ward will likely let Zilean win the lane. After warding, you can harass her down as she tries to last hit. Keep pressure on, get Negatron or multiple dorans as soon as possible to keep your maximize survivablity post lv6. When Akali hits her Q on you, don’t stay in range of her until the debuff wears out. Since Akali is melee bombing your allied minions can deny her as well. Take some distant from her and always keep incheck of your mana pool. [img=champ/anivia.png] Don't fall for global Egg taunt she has. Grabbing boot to start with will ensure lane domination. Basic boots lets you out of her slow Q (becareful they sometimes go invisible ._.), and you should be able out harass her Pre-6 no problem. She has same if not more mana problem as you. Keeping her away from blue buff will destory her early games. Post lv6 let her just push with ult, and ask for jungle gank so she can’t just do her R + E combo on you. [img=champ/annie.png] Rarely seen these days, yet Annie is solid pick against zilean. Her Q has less mana cost then zilean's Q. So in order to win the lane before level 6 harass many times as you possibly can. Watch Annie’s count on her passive. You might want to back away if she can stun in about 2 spells. Post level 6 she can Flash ult Q W ignite for instant kill; however, early investment in MR will help you avoid death and save time for your ult. Don't underestimate Tibers btw as he deals AOE damage around him (most people only believes he just auto attacks =/). Quick Silver Sash will ruin her combo allowing you to ult and strike back while her skills are in cooldown. [img=champ/brand.png] In order to out damage him grab boot + pot first, dodge his pillar of fire and bomb him. Stay away from minions that are burnt as he can splash you with his E. If you can dodge his stun and pillar you will beat him in lane. Don't be in middle of minions as they will slow you down and let you get hit by pillar. Grab early negatron---> QSS or stack dorans ring inorder to beat him. [img=champ/cassiopeia.png] Cassiopeia can only do tons of damage if she can get a Q off on you. Her basic combo of W Q and then E spam will leave your health bar low. Solution? Grab boots and dodge her slow and Q Don’t let her get a Q off on you. Never stay still and always move around. If she lands her Q immidialy use E on yourself. If she hits you with Q and comes close lands your double bomb on her, and she will run away. Dodging Q is easy listen to snake hissing and her hand moving this is the sign that Q will explode. [img=champ/fiddlesticks.png] Does lane stick even exist? Stay behind minions, Q harass, Haste away from drain, and you will easliy win the lane. [img=champ/fizz.png] He can dodge your time bomb damage with his E so play defensively. When yellow aura shows his about to attack you right as he charges and Q you double bomb the minion near your or himself. If his ult lands on you DO NOT USE FLASH use it after it knocks you upward because it travels with you. [img=champ/galio.png] "counter to every ap mage" or so he thinks. First of all Galio is melee!!!!! ALWAYS harass him with auto attack (be careful not to draw minion aggro) it will deny him. Q him if he gets near you. When he hits lv6 don't be near his tower let him push, and practice alt + R short key and use it when he flashes. Double bombing minions will also catch him off guard (no shield). Try to dodge both his Q and E. E is faster and harder to dodge yet deals low damage(he will rank it up later on) so if you got choice between getting hit by either one get hit y E and avoid Q. E yourself as soon as his wings moves upward and you hear the sound of him breathing that is the warning he will use his Q. [img=champ/gragas.png] Great burst damage, free escape, and hard CC thankfully, Gragas isn't common atm. He will hit his Q if he aims where your at (just like lux's E it's almost instant almost undodgeable). One easy trick to dodging his Q is go towards the direction barrel is rolling from (unless you are going near him to harass, side step is your BFF). Stay tiny bit away from minions when he E to avoid damage. Movin in circular motion around him also enables you to dodge his E as well. When he ults and you go near his tower simply Haste away from it w/out attacking him. When he E towards you, slow him down and double bomb him. He is also an easy target for Q when he drinks his bear. When he tries to last hit bomb your own minions this will deny him melee minions a he can only farm caster minions with his Q. [img=champ/heimerdinger.png] Heimerdinger is annoyance at best. His 300 base Movement speed will doom him if he over extends/push which he will. Don't be afraid to constantly engage him single bomb will out damage his turret and missile. To get rid of the turret double bombing the minions near the turret. When setting up a jungle gank slowing him down is more favcrable then speeding up yourself or the jungler. [img=champ/janna.png] Janna is one of the best mid champion in the game. After she gets some AP she can clear entire creep wave with just one Q. During mid-late game her shield will shield 500+ damage every 6-10seconds with just 300+. Her life saving ult will heal over 1000 with just 300+ AP. She can clear jungle creeps after she clears minion without losing much life. Her innate speed buff + her built in heavy CC will make her ungankable as well. In other words she is pain in the neck. Lucky for all of us she is almost never used at mid; however, incase she shows up this is what you have to do. Ward enemy wraith camp, and coordinate with your jungler to catch her surprised. When you do this frequently she will stop farming minion waves. Gank side lanes often getting your teammate fed is better worth losing the mid tower. Constantly be aware of her position because janna can easily turn the out come of the teamfight. Try to get an early kill Janna needs some degree of farm before she can kill of entire creep wave. Having early 1-2 kills will allow you to deny Janna.Also do not dive janna she can easily get kills under the tower. [img=champ/karthus.png] same thing as Cass dodge his Q and there won't be anydamage. Save your ult when he tries to ult you at lv6 it will roughly do about 250 damage. Always communicate with your team as well to avoid free kills. Staying in karthus lane instead of roaming push him to the tower instead of roaming to avoid free farm karthus. [img=champ/kassadin.png] His early game is worse than Zilean by far. Q and Auto attack him if he ever get near the minions. After dominating pre6 go grab negatron cloak ASAP. It will make you unkillable while enabling you to continue harassing without much risk. When he tries to roam or gank other lanes out of frustration keep pushing. With constant lane pressure, he will be grounded in your lane in order to not lose tower. [img=champ/katarina.png] Harass her if she comes to last hit with her skill or auto. Deny her entire laning (negatron let you ignore her entire laning). If she comes and ult you simply haste away from her. Always call mia/ping to avoid kat getting fed off of teammates. [img=champ/kennen.png] Don’t get hit by his Q and that’s the general idea. In word of best kennen player in the game "Igoignaxio" Zilean counters kennen. When he auto attack to apply his passive double bomb him, and haste away inorder to avoid the stun. You won’t be able to have sustain in lanes with Kennen on the lane, so just be aggresive and send him back first. Zilean will out damage him in lane. When he gets ult and flash or ghost towards you activate your ult just incase and try to hug tower untill effect is gone. Quick Silver Sash will deny him early kills/open oppertunity to strike back when he ults. [img=champ/leblanc.png] start w/boots and be aggresive. You have advantage at lv 1 try to Q her as many time as you can. After she hits lv2 stay behind your minion wave and focus on farming. Grab chalice before lv 6 inorder to avoid instant kill by LB. Ask for switch with tanky top if you can't handle her lane. When she uses her W Q R E combo you can dodge R proc and E damage by speeding up your self an moving back ward. this will open about 7s time fram to strike her back. Try to buy many Healthpotion as possible to deny her snowballing. Jungler should help you out with this lane to make LB useless. [img=champ/lux.png] She is annoying yet she won't out damage you unless she snares you. Dodge her snares by constantly moving and harass as many times as possible. Be aggressive and force her out of the lane. [img=champ/malzahar.png] Stack ring for surviablity as he deals one of the highest single target damage in the game, or QSS to walk away from his ult laughing. Malz will push the lanes to tower most of the times, letting your jungler have easy access to kill. When he use his E on minions thats your queue to harass him with the bomb. [img=champ/mordekaiser.png] One of the difficult lane, out harass him by being aggressive before his revovler during laning. once he gets revolver play defensively and focus on farming. Unlike malz morde have option to go jungle while lanes are pushed so jungle ganks aren't realiable. If he ignite and ults you simply revive yourself and go recall. You are stronger then morde pre revovler try to gain early kills to create a leverage. [img=champ/morgana.png] Zilean is one of the counter to morgana believe it or not during laning. His Q will deal more then her spell shield while double bombing effectively removes her shield instantly opening her up for jungler gank. Her Q are easliy dodge able by side stepping. Don't stay near the minions to avoid getting your life drained. Constantly harass her using Q (take caution to avoid her snare) and force her out of lane. Double bombing minions near her can deal damage without letting her have time to use her shield as well. Also like Galio lane AUTO ATTACK HER zilean's 600 autoattack range make his Auto Attack solid offensive tools. [img=champ/orianna.png] Her Q can be dodged as long as you take distant from her. stay away from minions as thats where most of her strikes will go to. Play aggresive and force her out of the lane. Lane is easy to farm as well. [img=champ/pantheon.png] Ward side bushes to avoid jungle gank. Bomb the minions he last it to deny him. Double bomb minion when he comes near to scare him off. Getting early Chainvest will counter him. When his cirlce appears speed up and run to nearest teammate/tower. [img=champ/ryze.png] Play offensively, constant harass while keepping lane pressure will ruin his day. If he gets fed or farmed get QSS to counter him. [img=champ/sion.png] Double bomb minions as he tries to last hit to catch him off shield. Try to ward side bushes and push him to the tower to avoid his roaming. Putting bomb on nearly dead allied minions will also do the trick and force him to use his shield to farm. [img=champ/swain.png] Play defensively and dodge his snares. Focus on farming but when he closes up inorder to harass double bomb and walk away. Also keep lane pressure on to avoid having him with bluebuff at lv 6. When he ults let him push the lanes to let your jungler gank him. [img=champ/talon.png] Bomb the minions he last it to deny him. Double bomb minion when he comes near to scare him off. Getting early Chainvest will counter him. During teamfight slow him down when he is visible denying him escape. [img=champ/tristana.png] AP trist is easy lane for zilean. Zone her out with autoattacks and bombs. When attempting to tower dive bait her rocket jump first to ensure a kill. When she does her combo you can double bomb minions near her in air for maximum damage. If you are low in health and she tries her combo wait untill she is in mid air before ulting yourself. Because Trist will almost always use her skills Mid air and you don't want to waste your ult. [img=champ/twistedfate.png] Take some distance to dodge his Q. If you see cards floating in his head take step away and let him use up his W. after he wastes his W harass him out of the lane. Also if you catch him teleporting send him and his team timebomb. Push the lane to avoid him roaming. [img=champ/veigar.png] Pre 6 give him hell. Harass his blue ass out of the lane as 2 double bombing is enought for kill. After he reaches lv 6 rush QSS or mercury thread. when he stuns you ALT+R fast as possible inorder to avoid his instant gib. After his combo slow him down and constantly bombard him to oblivion. [img=champ/viktor.png] Avoid death ray poke and double bomb him before his shield is up. Keep disance to avoid getting stunned, slienced, and killed. [img=champ/vladimir.png] Kind of like kennen but more annoying he will out sustain you if you let him, so when ever he gets near you (w/yellow aggro on him) bomb him and walk away untill he has to recall (recall then to avoid lane pressure). He won't be dealing much damage so play aggresively and force him out of the lane before he forces you out. 1-2 early doublebomb on minions will ruin his sustain. Harass him as much as possible before he gets revolver. [img=champ/xerath.png] he will hit his Q if he is half decent 90% during laning, so just let him hit you from long distance (or dodge) after that rush in to him and double bomb inorder to avoid his E. Stay caution to avoid his E as he can almost instant gib you after 1 stun. When he goes into siege mode slow him down and circle around him while bombing. [img=champ/ziggs.png] Avoid going in middle of minions as his bomb will hit. His entire ult can be avoided with fast E. Follow him when he roams since he as little escape when slowed. [img=champ/zilean.png] Just stay away and last hit if he comes near you to harass harass him back. . . One who out farms the other wins the lane. Also try to avoid direct double bomb as he can do the same to you, double bombing the minions will give you longer range then enemy Zilean. [img=champ/zyra.png] Lightening fast burst so keep your health up. Avoid her ult by using alt + E fast as possible. Step on the seed if zyra is out of range to avoid them growing up. Double bombing the plant will remove them soon as possible. When tower diving avoid her snare or always have your ult up. Do not forget about her passive and dodge her last shot.

•Putting putting a second bomb to target that already has the bomb will activate the 1st bomb and let the 2nd on start ticking down. •Smart casting is a must on zilean (as well as everyone) •If enemy carrying bomb dies it will bomb will activate (if minions die do to double bombing it will deal both bombs damage near them) •Using your TimeBomb will aggro towers as it deals True damage (thoese count downs are damage :P) •Using bomb won't activate minion aggro •Bombing friendly target will allow them to carry the bomb to your desire location •Bombing a tank (malphite for example) that is ulting is a great way to start initiating •Zileans has one of the highest mana cost in the game. Watch your mana pool and try to get blues often as possible. •Zilean is a strong harasser w/good burst, yet he has problems with sustain damagers. Keep harassing them and make sustained laning impossible for them. •Use Time warp on enemies that are chasing you or your teammates if they are few in numbers •Use Time Warp on teammates or yourself if they are in mob. •Buffs are not lost when Chronoshift revives the teammate or you, •Placing TimeBomb on an invisible target will cause the bomb to also be invisible. (Try twitch bombing :P) •When ally is killed while under Chronoshift announcement won't be made, so no "Ally/Enemy has been slained •Placing ult right before death or near death has diffrent reactions. while ulting right before death shifts focus right into the dead person allowing easier teamfight, or in latter case enemy does not focus ones with ult and give them free trynds ult. [.]If allies are overlapped and it is hard to cick specific one. Click the teammate's portrait on the left side of the screen to avoid potential errors.

[img=items/archangels-staff.png] DO NOT GET ARCH ANGEL AA staff forces you to abandon either chalice or catalyst for tears. Which will make you squishy, abandon cool down reduction, and remove lane sustain. Mana pool and AP you get from Arch Angel is tempting, but it isn't enough to sacrifice your item slot for it. [img=skills/zilean/r.png] Using R early: Many new Zilean players make this mistake. When facing a troublesome enemy like Leblanc many Zilean player waste ult early, and leave themselves wide open. Always wait and judge the situation before using the ult. [img=summoners/teleport.png] Many players will be against clarity and think of it as a weaker version of teleport. Which is very true against many cases; however, to mana hungry champions in need of blue buff entire game (Anivia and Zilean) clarity can be a great tool. Clarity is on a 180 second cooldown unlike 300second cool down teleport as well making it more spammable. Map control and free recall home might be nice on Zilean, but the clarity will offer him extra chance for kills, sustain, and farm. [img=items/deathfire-grasp.png] Zilean DOES NOT need extra damage. Unlike traditional AP carries Zilean's role changes to supporting role as the game progress. Extra damage might be nice but it is waste of item slot. As cool down reduction item chalice will give Zilean much needed mana pool, and extra defense.

Thanx for reading on my guide to zilean. He was my first main and my best champion up to this date. I will try to fix this as time goes on. Feel free to leave comment and press like. http://www.lolking.net/guides/57995 Updated guide ^ Will update on this site soon as possible

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