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| Kog'Maw |The Underestimated ShredMasterâ„¢ | Season 4 Patch 4.8 |

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Hello everyone HatTrickz here again bringing you another guide and hopefully it will help master another champion. Well lets get started by talking a little about kog'maw and why I think he is very strong but under appreciated. This champion is hardly ever played anymore and the reason being is because all of the adc's that have gap closer and escapes seem to be the new fan favorite. I am going to tell you that kog'maw doesn't need an escape or gap closer because he makes up for it with long ranged damage that shreds threw everythang :)~! [b]Pros[/b] -Kog maw is a very strong late game. -His range along with his hybrid damage is so strong. -Tank shredder -Super range on his ult + autos -Sexy passive -Very strong slow that can help him escape or get kills [b]Cons[/b] -No built in flash -Hard early game -Hard to get used to positioning -Uses mana very fast [Blue buff is almost a must on him late game] -Needs a good cc/ or peel capable team to be most effective.

With kog'maw as well as many other adc you want to farm heavy. On kogmaw it is a must to farm very very well. You need to be able to farm up a lot and try to focus on fighting because you early game is pretty week. There might be times you can get kills and snowball which would help you a lot but unless you get ganks or have a fantastic support its highly unlikely. At least untill your first back you should be trying to get every cs and not missing any to get harass in. After you back and get your life steal it will be better to trade as your csing because it should end up in your favor since with your W you have high enough range to just sit back and heal off minions if you end up getting low.

Try to coordinate with your jungler and mid lane on when you guys want to dragon. Kogmaw shreds dragon and baron so your want to take atvantage of this and shove your lane then run to dragon. Make sure you and your team are on the same page tho because it will be a waste to shove your lane and not end up going for dragon. With kogmaw you can actually position yourself on the other side of the dragon wall and still be able to help with dragon since your W gives you really high range. Its a good thing to do because if someone jumps on you more then likely your either gonna die or have to use flash. Mid game you still want to be farming as mush as possible but you also want to be grouped with your team and look for towers/objectives.

This is where you shine baby. Your late game damage is so fucking high and the range you have to be able to position to where your not in harms way is amazing. Make sure your sticking with your team and dont be bunched up just incase a fight erupts. You dont wanna be caught in with all of them otherwise you wont be able to do anything. In late game you do baron very fast and with your ult you can poke down anyone who is getting to close to the baron pit. If its a carry that u happen to be hitting with your ult they will most likely run away or end up dieing.

You want to stay in the back and shred whoever you can reach. Your aim is to kill the carry's obviously but if you cant reach them then dont put yourself in a bad stop to get them. Instead shred whoever it closest to you and be using your ult to hit their carrys from a far distance in between auto attacking. If a bruiser jumps on you and no one is peeling because there busy then just blade of the ruin king and flash away then throw down your ooze and kick his ass. If you happen to have exhaust then just exhaust him and kick his ass and if exhaust runs out and he is still in a position to kill you then blade of the ruin king ooze and kite.

This is a very good comentary and game to watch if your looking to learn kogmaw. I really recommend you watch this. [vid=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KR_xcv9sV3M] Penta kill: How to position [vid=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_WuKI2YyxYs] Stealing Objectives [vid=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wTk9-tPg9vA] Full game by ImaQtpie with commentary. [vid=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qzxcWJvR65Y]

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