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Gank me first pls. [5.11]!

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[img][/img] Hey guys, Transfer here. :D :D I've been playing league for probably about a year now and one of my first champion was Renekton. There are two kinds of build that people are usually going to follow. Full tank and Off - tank. Personally, I recommend everyone who plays Renek to go for the most AD you can due to is immense sustain , natural tanking abilities (ult) and movement. I am personally hoping to inspire fellow summoners to look to add Renekton to their champion pool!

In the early phase, you want to focus on winning your lane. As Renekton, you have one of the strongest early in the game, put it to use. Make sure to have proper ward coverage and simply bully your opponent with the E-W-Q-E- combo. Do not focus on roaming until you get your hydra and boots. From level 3, you want to go all in. Make sure you build fury from level one for that moment. You can literally burst up to 35% of their hp alone with a 50 + fury W.

Whenever mid game comes, make sure that you start roaming. With flash and E, you can easily gank mid lane for an easy kill. Another possibility is to just push your lane. You should be able to easily take their jungler and top laner at the same time if you have hydra and Dominus up.

As of late game, you ''should'' become more of a tank than a damage dealer, however, why not just do both? Usually , if your team is lacking an engager, you should engage with flash -w . Not only will you alone deal a unsubstantial amount of damage to their team because of your AoE damage but you will also erase their carries in 1 combo. Make sure that you go for their carries and squishies.

Renekton's role in TF is not only to act as a tank but as an initiator , and AoE damage dealer. Usually as Renekton, you should be the first one on the front line. With slice and dice, you can get just about to anyone, hopefully your team is going to follow you. Most of the time, the enemy team will just walk right by you. Take that as a +. Just dive up to their carry. With Dominus up, you can deal a substantial amount of damage not only to your primary target but to an entire team.

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