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Bird's the Word (Anivia Mid S6)

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Hey, I'm angievulpix and Anivia is my favorite bird on the Rift! She was one of my first champs and I have always thought she has the most fun kit, having a skillshot that is hard to land, but also a free point and click nuke! Not to mention the troll egg. Overall, Anivia carries an extreme amount of burst, dps, and utility in her kit. I started ranked life in lowly Bronze in S4, but with over 600 games as Anivia and mastery level 5, with about 55% winrate, I climbed to Platinum in S5. ( This is my first guide ever, so please provide feedback. I love Anivia, and I'm not Froggen, but I do like the way I play her and I've had success with this build. [img=] Anivia fills an interesting hybrid role as mid, being a semi-tanky DPS mage that also carries HUGE burst potential. She is also a CC machine, carrying slows, stuns, a huge ice wall, and attack speed reduction. Anivia dabbles in the best of all worlds, being a burst mage, a DPS mage, a utility mage, and an excellent farming champion post-six. Two of her abilities have 100% AP scaling if used correctly and her ulti is a huge AOE slow and dps on a six second CD. Pros: Burst damage AND dps Semi-tanky Extreme utility with CCs Insurance policy with eggnivia Cons: No mobility SO SLOW Mana problems You want to deal huge chunks of damage? You want to wear down your enemy with constant DPS? Wanna half your laner's health when they come back to lane? Wanna troll people with random walls that materialize out of nowhere? Play Anivia, the Cryophoenix.

[b]Early game combo:[/b] [img=skills/anivia/q.png][img=skills/anivia/e.png] Wait for them to move towards a cs and fire Flash Frost (Q) where you think they'll stop to last hit it. If you think it will hit them, start moving towards them. As soon as it passes through them, reactivate for a stun and double damage. Since you've been moving towards them you should be in range for a quick auto into Frostbite (E) for a level two 200% AP + 120 + 110 nuke. [b] Level six basic harass combo: [/b] [img=skills/anivia/r.png][img=skills/anivia/e.png] Slowly reposition yourself into ulti range as you are farming. Once they take a step in to last hit, place Glacial Storm (Ult) on top of them so they are in the middle preferably. Quickly walk up to them and toss out a Frostbite (E), which should be easy since they are slowed. Deactivate your ulti and keep farming. OR E them first, then ult underneath to get them instantly chilled while Frostbite is flying at them. [b] Level six ultimate smackdown combo: [/b] [img=skills/anivia/r.png][img=skills/anivia/e.png][img=skills/anivia/w.png][img=skills/anivia/q.png][img=skills/anivia/e.png][img=summoners/ignite.png] FLASH IN IF NECESSARY. PUT ULTI RIGHT ON THEIR FACE WITH A QUICK FOLLOW UP FROSTBITE. WALL THEIR %#@!? AT AN ANGLE TOWARDS ONE EDGE OF THE GLACIAL STORM. AS THEY WALK THAT WAY LINE UP YOUR FLASH FROST RIGHT AT THE EDGE OF THE WALL, SINCE THEY'LL BE GOING THAT WAY, WHILE THEY ARE STUNNED WALK UP TO THEM AND SPAM LAUGH AS THEY TAKE ULTI DPS. AS THEY WALK AWAY, IGNITE AND A FINAL FROSTBITE TO FINISH THEM. BIRD IS THE WORD. [b] Wall trolling: [/b] If your opponent is next to terrain, angle your wall to be almost parallel to the terrain, but touching and slightly at an angle. They can't move o.O :3 blow them up. [b] Epic level four or three baiting combo: [/b] -Call your jungler to an unwarded bush on the side of the river. -Auto the enemy laner and take plenty of minion aggro so you are really low. - Get behind your minions like you are scared. -All of a sudden, walk towards the bush and engage them in a fight with a few autos in which they are high health and you are really low. -Put a wall behind them to look like you wanna fight. -As they walk towards you, throw a Flash Frost (Q) STUN into Frostbite (E) combo to do the crazy 200% AP + 290 damage, smack an ignite on and flash into the bush. -You'll be dangerously low throughout this so you must be very careful to get the combo off before you go into egg form. -While they are stunned, they will probably want to follow you into the bush, but then your jungler comes out and whoops their butt. First blood. -If the enemy jungler comes to counter gank, they will also try to go into the bush, only to find a full health REBORN ANIVIA and an enemy jungler...they die too...double kill. [b] Kiting combo: [/b] If after a team fight the enemy team is chasing you through the jungle, this is a great tactic. Wait until the lead chaser has slightly separated from the group. Drop a wall behind him and separate him from the rest of the team. The jungle is a great place for walls as it can completely cut off entire jungle paths. Flash Frost, stun, Frostbite him and he'll die after you drop your ulti behind you and he runs through it. Keep throwing Flash Frost, Frostbites if they keep chasing and they'll never catch you and you might get more kills if they are stupid XD

[b] Extreme burst [/b] Anivia is extremely squishy early game...BUT has potentially the most insane level two burst. A Flash Frost (Q) with the double damage into a Frostbite (E) which also gets double damage from being chilled by the Flash Frost does about (120+110+200%AP). With runes, masteries, and a Doran's....330 damage...but of course there is Magic Resist :P [b] Try hard to CS [/b] Really focus on trying to farm in between harass, because Anivia has a slow attack animation which makes it really hard to time last hits. However, remember that if an opportunity presents itself, go for the Q - E combo to get a good chunk of health out of your enemy. [b] Trust the EGG [/b] You can play EXTREMELY aggressive with early game Anivia, as most midlaners can't kill your egg by themselves after they've blown ignite and all their cooldowns. You can easily get first blood by baiting a fight and having your jungler come finish them off as soon as you turn into an egg. Also if they're stupid you can just sit under tower and wait for a flash ignite combo and then laugh as you ignite them and they eat three tower shots as Eggnivia sits peacefully under tower, being reborn and getting first blood. DO NOT GO AGGRO ON THESE CHAMPIONS THEY CAN KILL YOUR EGG: Syndra - Her Q cd is pretty short and can probably kill you Fizz - His autos man, they do additional damage and missing percent hp Orianna - Low cd on the ball and autos Early game, don't be afraid to die under your tower, as you will come back with FULL HEALTH, it's like a free recall, except you have the same mana. You should flash away if you think you're going to die with ignite ticking on you so that you will be safely reborn under your tower.

[b] Farm and shove [/b] Stay in your lane and shove shove shove. Grab as many blue buffs as you can and just continously take out waves with an Ulti, Flash Frost on the line of minions, dealing double damage to the ranged casters and Frostbiting the cannon. You will rack up extreme farm and force your laner to sit under tower and cry, diverting TONS of jungle attention to you. Too bad you can just stun them and walk away. If you miss, you can slow them. If they still get to you...wall them. As Anivia and other lane pushing monsters (Ziggs, Malz, Mord) always keep good ward coverage. [b] Roaming [/b] Honestly roaming is only an option if you have your Sorc's with Alacrity, since it takes FOREVER for Anivia to fly everywhere without movespeed -.- Her ganks are really good though, and a bot lane roam almost always ends up in a double kill since you're stacking your CC on top of your support's. [b] DRAGON [/b] Dragon fights are your PURPOSE IN LIFE. You can wall and ult to zone enemies out of the pit, trap them inside, or sneak dragon REALLY fast with the constant DPS from your ulti.

[b] Offensively: [/b] Shove lanes extremely hard. Anivia arguably has the best waveclear in the game, second to maybe Ziggs :P Take a hard pusher like an ADC or toplaner with you and barrel down a lane towards the inhibitor, as an Ulti, Flash frost, Frostbite to the cannon will usually take out an entire wave in a second. [b] Defensively: [/b] No one can siege vs. an Anivia. She can single-handedly protect a tower with her insane waveclear, forcing dives in order to take turret. But'll have to kill her twice...under the tower. Just be careful if they bring an entire team with them to dive you o.O [b] Baron: [/b] The Baron pit is where you excel. Your wall can completely close off the entrance/exit to the pit, close the entraces/exits from the river, and easily split the ADCs who hang around the pit from the tanks inside the pit. Your ulti touches almost all of the pit and like Dragon can be used to zone or to take Baron quickly. Or just throw it in the middle of the pit and watch as the enemy team slowly gets picked off one by one.

[b] Offensive: [/b] Throw Flash Frosts at the ADCs to damage the back line and stun them for your bruisers while keeping enemy bruisers at bay with your ulti. Putting Glacial Storm in the path of a chargin Volibear makes him quickly turn around. Split that annoying Sona from the rest of her team with your wall so you can quickly kill her. If you are really ballsy, flank the enemy ADC and land a perfect combo on them while protecting yourself with a well placed wall. A Ult-E-Q-E combo late game is a dead ADC [b] Defensive: [/b] PEEL PEEL PEEL. Anivia is a great peeler, slowing any chargin Garens or stunning that Irelia that just jumped on your ADC's face, then slowing her attackspeed and putting a wall between them that the ADC just shoots through while Irelia walks around will prevent your ADC from dying. If the other team is looking for an engage, use wall and Ulti and flash frost to keep them away and you should disengage. If the Leona jumps into your team, block out the rest of the team with wall and walk away from the Leona XD or kill her o.O

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