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Kha'Zix Jungle. (Post Q & R Changes) Path to Diamond!!

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NOTE: There are 2 rune pages and mastery pages on this guide. I recommend you look at both, but keep in mind that I prefer the first rune page shown at the top of this guide. Hi my name is ClRE and I am a Diamond 1 jungle main. I was Diamond 1 season 3 and Diamond 1 in season 4. Kha jungle is a lot of fun to play and is an incredibly strong solo queue pick at the moment. The way I play Kha is full damage to assassinate the enemy carries as soon as possible. Playing Kha takes a lot of patience and smart decision making because of the fact that he is an assassin, as well as incredibly squishy. On a side note, his one and only skin is one of the coolest in the game. When you evolve R and E he looks super sweet!! Later on I will explain how to properly team fight with Kha to get the most out of his damage and skills. ---> my stream. come watch some time! I usually play Kha if he isn't banned or if I do not feel like playing Lee Sin. [b]Helpful Tip[/b]: Please skip to the EARLY GAME section where I talk about killing wraiths. Yes, wraiths. EVOLVE R then EVOLVE E then EVOLVE Q OR --> Evolve E first and R second. [img=] My Kha stats so far this season. [img=] I love you REGI :D My win/loss sucked in this pic LOL had a bad start to S4. Back in Diamond 1 now. This pic was AFTER the Kha changes though. PROS: -High Damage (ability to 100-0) -Carry/Assassin jungle (huge impact in the game) -Fairly easy to carry from the jungle -Snowballs really hard -Excellent team fighting abilities -So much fun getting the reset and hoping all over CONS: -Squishy -Carry/Assassin jungle. Which is a Con if you cannot carry or assassinate anyone :D -Requires a SMART player. What I mean by this is that it is not always easy to get fed and STAY fed -Weak early on (compared to some current popular jungles) -Can fall behind quickly when rushing damage, in which case just KS people for gold :D lol

NOTE: Early levels when you clear wraiths. They do it wrong in the LCS, trust me. Do NOT kill all 3 small wraiths first to get the big one isolated. Use W and Q to kill all 4, focusing the big one first ~11 seconds to clear camp by focusing big wraith first ~14 seconds to clear camp by killing the 3 smalls then isolating the big Start at the buff closest to your bot lane for a stronger leash, SMITE IT, head to a small camp (wraiths red start, wolves if blue start), then head to your next buff. Your smite will be up again. From there, everything depends on what the enemy does. You can go for a level 3 gank, or just farm a few more camps for level 4. If you manage to get level 4 before the enemy jungler, find a counter gank and you will give one of your lanes a huge lead. Early on, Kha will be pretty weak. You will need to farm quickly to get your spirit stone ASAP. To jungle Kha, you need to be very patient because falling behind is not an option. Try to get at least one gank in before your first back, but be careful because most other junglers will win any 2v2 or 3v3 situation early on, unless they make too many mistakes. Not to say Kha can't win a 2v2 early, it's just that most of the time everyone is in a huge minion wave fighting so there will be no isolated target to hit. WHITE WRAITH IS YOUR BEST FRIEND!!!! It is all alone, meaning that your isolated Q will shred it.

[b]Isolating your buffs![/b] You will see a lot of Kha players pull the Red/Blue buff away from the 2 minions to get the additional Q damage. I ONLY recommend doing this on the RED buff. Pulling RED into the bush is a lot easier because it is a larger bush. Getting it isolated is far easier to do with red than it is with blue. Sometimes you will start at red buff lvl 1 meaning that since you get a leash, there is no need to isolate it. When you get to blue (assuming you started red) just kill the buff straight up. Step back into the small bush to get vision, but the blue lizard itself does not need to be in the bush with you. This will NOT get the buff isolated, but I do recommend getting vision of the bush. You need to kill it ASAP in case the enemy jungler comes to cheese you. It will take too much time to get the buff isolated and then kill it. Keep in mind that you will only be isolating your RED buff once, maybe twice (the second time being at around 7:15, assuming you started red). Once you get tiamat, the combination of your W, tiamat procs, and auto attacks with tiamat will end up killing the 2 small minions without even touching them. This will lead to the buff (both blue and red) isolating themselves. Comment if this is confusing at all lol.

WHITE: Good ward placements in enemy jungle Purple: Gank paths for purple side jungle Blue: Gank paths for blue side jungle Red: Gank paths for either jungler [img=] As you can see, there are a ton of different options when it comes to ganking. Mid lane has the most arrows, but that does not mean ganking mid is easy. There are a ton of options to take yes, but there are also many paths the mid laner can take to escape your gank. Also, since mid lane is in the middle of the map, there is a rather high chance that the enemy jungler will be close for a counter gank. Lane ganking from all 3 lanes. This is not as difficult as some people think. When you run in with your R on, you cover a lot of ground. On top of that, you can use your E to close the gap even faster. River ganks are sometimes harder because that is generally where people ward. In that case, you can always jump OVER a wall into the river bush and then you will not be seen. This is similar to what J4 does. Be creative!! Just do not feed enemy lanes. Kappa.

By now I am hoping you will have your elder lizard/hydra and be level 11. Once you are level 11, you become a monster. Keep in mind that dragons die incredibly fast to Kha because of the isolated Q. Play your skirmishes properly by jumping on the isolated target (usually) or a target with low health. Jumping on a weak target will almost guarantee a reset on your E. Play safe, you are squishy. This is a good time to attempt to poke people with your W. It doesn't do crazy damage, but when you hit the slow it makes it easier for year teammates to punish that slowed target. Around mid game you want to make sure that you have taken down all 3 outer turrets. Once you take down those turrets, it gives you better access to the enemy jungle, making it really easy to counter jungle, or rotate to a different lane. If you have ward coverage of the enemy buffs, it can be easy to pick someone off who gets a little too greedy for a buff. Keep timers on dragon at all times. If you have a timer, you can sit in the pit right when dragon spawns and kill it in 5 seconds with your team. Many times this will lead to a massive team fight, so make sure you do not trap yourself in the pit, or jump over the wall making yourself useless in the fight. Remember, if you do not kill at least 1 carry before you die, you have failed your job.

Assuming late game means you are full build, this is your time to shine! Control the map with wards as usual (team effort), and do not get caught. Keep in mind that Kha can kill baron quickly with his isolated Q, but do no lose the game in the pit of throws. Late game is solo queue is a head ache because everyone needs to be on the same page. Be careful, and try not to put yourself in front of the team. If you die with Kha before killing AT LEAST one of the carries, you have failed and your team will lose the fight. A lot of different strats come into play here. If you have a Shen top or a champion with tele then your pushes will typically be with 4 members. In that case, make sure there is a ward for your ally to tele to. Do not stand in front of your team!! One Ashe arrow to the face, Syndra stun to the dome, or a Darius pull from hell will end your life and the team fight will be a nightmare.

Ever gotten a penta kill before? Well just because you are playing Kha does not mean you will get one. Time and time again I see people get fed on Kha, then lose team fights because they are greedy and impatient. NEVER EVER EVER jump in first on a fight. They will focus you and kill you way too fast. Stand behind your team, or off to the side. Pretend you are fiddlesticks if you wish. Let your tank or basically anyone besides yourself engage the fight. After the fight starts.... STOP AND WAIT A SECOND. The enemy adc might step too far away, in which case you jump on them and 100-0 that fool. Get the reset. Jump to the next person. That is one scenario. Another is when the enemy bruisers go in on you or your carries, fight them for a second. They will get low fairly fast, and there is a chance that you will too. Cool thing is that you can kill squishy people in 2 shots anyways so when the bruisers dive, jump over their stupid heads and DELETE the enemy carries. Your 3 ult procs are so helpful in late game teamfights. If you are able to get all 3 procs off that is really good because that means 3 more passive procs!!!

I do not recommend Kha jungle to someone totally new to the role, but it is way fun. The biggest thing that I cannot stress enough is that you need to be patient. Playing an assassin like Kha is not for everyone. Thank you for reading my guide! If you liked it or have any questions please comment below.

I made my first account at the very end of season 1. Season 2 was when I started playing ranked and ended somewhere around 1700 elo. Since then, I have gotten much better at the game. Season 3 I was a Diamond 1 player for most of the season. When I started playing ranked I had no idea what role I wanted to main, I just wanted to play the game. It didn't matter what role I was in because I had several champions that could fill each position. It was around the time that I unlocked Lee Sin where things changed. I played him in a few normals back in S2 and loved him. Since then I have considered myself a jungle main. Easily played well over 2 thousand games in the jungle. I play this game too much.... but there is still so much more to learn!!!

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