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Darius!!! The Top Lane Carry! S5

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This is my first guide. I will update some more explanations and more later. Let's take a look at some of Darius' primary pros and cons: Pros: Extremely strong laner, can only be bullied by champions with very strong kite (in many cases you can work around this with move speed quints and proper bush control). Despite common conception, he has strong AD scaling.. Still does respectable damage if you build him full tank. Probably the most satisfying ultimate in the game. Excels in 1v1 situations. Highest base armor in the game, compounding his incredible level 1 fight. His bleed is an excellent source of damage, and one that's often underestimated. An excellent lane/tower pusher through his Q and W. Great at picking people off with Flash/Pull. Cons: Easily kiteable in team fight situations, you will often NEED Flash to stick to a carry. Can be very mana hungry if you spam his abilities. Naturally pushes lane through his harass. No escape. No built in sustain. He does fall off late game due to his lacking mobility, but you can work around this with certain builds. No inherent defense other than high base stats. What Does Darius Do, and When Should I Pick Him? Obviously, like all champions, there are times when you should and shouldn't pick Darius. The primary thing you want to look at it is who you'll be laning against. Laning phase is undeniably Darius' strongest phase of the game. He is a champion designed to win lane, and if you do not you are immensely behind. So with that in mind, don't pick Darius into an obvious counter. It may go without saying, but there are certain champions that will absolutely dominate you (read more in the matchup section), and you wont be accomplishing anything by picking Darius into them. He just isn't the type of champion you can spam queue and or first pick and expect to crush every game. Another time you want to avoid picking Darius is if the enemy carries are very mobile. The other team is running Lucian/LeBlanc? You may not want to pick Darius here, even if you know you can dominate your lane. As stated above, one of Darius' main weaknesses is being kited. In the proposed situation, you will have to basically global either one of those champions. If you don't, it's highly unlikely you'll ever touch them again in that specific team fight. Don't fret, though. While that all my sound bleak for potential Darius players, he is an absolute monster in laning phase if you get a good, or even average matchup. Darius is probably the hardest snowballing top in the game, except for maybe Riven. If you absolutely want to crush your lane, while transitioning into an assassin mid game and a tank late game, Darius fits that role. He preys on immobile carries as well. The enemy team decided to run Twitch with a Xerath mid? Strap on your carrying boots, because you're about to go to town on them. Overall, if I had to define Darius' in game roles they would look something like this: Levels 1-11: Lane Bully This is when you're strongest, and this is primarily when you should be picking Darius for. If played correctly (except for 1-3 specific matchups) Darius DOES NOT LOSE LANE spare very few champions (Kayle and Kennen, basically). You need to shut down a global threat, or deny farm to a hyper scaling bruiser? Darius is your guy. Levels 9-13: Assassin Oddly enough, there's a small window in the game where Darius serves as an assassin. What I mean by this, is if you're ahead enough and have your core damage items (Hydra + Tri), you can literally pull in anyone on their team and nearly global them inside of a Q/AA/W/AA/AA/Ult. His damage output is like an assassin's in this regard. Of course, his mobility is not. Levels 13-18: Frontline When all the dust settles and you make it to late game, this is the category Darius falls into. He's simply not mobile enough to be an assassin, and do the \"hit and run\" style of killing carries. He functions as frontline because he's got both great peel and dive, meaning he does above serviceable damage to both tanks and carries.

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