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Kassadin - Void Walk Into Their Back Line

Updated 1 year ago
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Hey all, and welcome to my Kassadin guide. I've noticed that the guides here for Kassadin are ageing and I'm not terribly pleased with the amount of content they have, nor the accuracy of their opinions, especially since guides are meant to be geared for competitive play AND for new players. So I took it upon myself to improve the current knowledge base of the Void Walker, or at the very least foster intelligent, critical discourse surrounding him. Am I a great Kassadin player, then? Well, I wouldn't say so, at least relative to the entire population of League of Legends players. What I am good at is fundamentals, theory, and mathematics. This guide is meant to be optimal build wise; game play is in general deferred to the skill and methodology of better players but will still be covered (however difficult it might be to transcribe from text). In any case, I hope to guide the reader WHY to build X item or do Y action, not just when or how; this generally improves a player regardless of play style or champion select (but this will foremost be a Kassadin guide). [b]So, why play Kassadin?[/b] Kassadin has a unique identity in League of Legends. He is historically known to be a hyper carry Anti-mage with his strong base damage, high ratios, and immense mobility. When he was strong, he was oppressively strong, and it was dark times for every other mid laner. Obviously, he was plagued with balance problems; it seemed to be fated that he was in a state of perpetual strength or weakness. Whatever. He's still fun to play. His current state as of patch 5.15 is [b]circumstantially, competitively viable [/b]; he is played in top level games, but he's definitely not blind pick friendly, he has clear weaknesses, and he doesn't reward the player as well as other mages for being mechanically better. Even when he's picked, he will not put up DPS numbers like Viktor or Azir (or basically any damage oriented mid laner), nor is he utility oriented like Lulu or Orianna. Why is he played, then? Mobility plays a huge role in it. There's simply no champion that can blink every 6/4/2 seconds. None. Yeah, he is definitely weaker now than the terror he was in previous seasons, but it still doesn't change the fact that no one else can get from point A to point B in the velocity that Kassadin can. His chasing and flanking is virtually unmatched. [b]Strengths[/b] ++ Incredible mobility / One of the strongest flanking and chasing champions + Mechanically easy / No skillshots + W boosted AA damage + Has some form of resource management + Kit aids defensive play + Decent base stats / stats per level + Post level 6 near impossible to gank with decent ward coverage [b]Weaknesses[/b] - Some of the worst base damages in the game / Extremely reliant on items - 150 attack range - Passive can be utterly worthless in some match ups - Resource gated easily - Mediocre 2.0 Total AP ratio - Very game play based / Rewards intelligent play rather than mechanical play - Relatively weak laning phase - Like Nasus, enemy mid laners can abuse lane strategies (along with their inherent champion strengths) - Restrictive wave clear and weak farming capabilities / E requires stacks to be casted - Reliant on RoA, a time stacking item Just by looking at his strengths and weaknesses, you have a pretty good idea of why he's not played all that often. Or, you can take away that mobility is incredibly good in this game, seeing how Kassadin is still picked in competitive play despite all these weaknesses. Both are correct. In this guide I hope to cover how best to make use of his strengths while mitigating his weaknesses as much as possible. With the aforementioned list, you cannot expect to hyper carry a game every time with Kassadin. You simply don't have the numbers. What you can expect, however, is being an immense threat to the enemy back line, and that's why people still play him. If you pick Kassadin, you're picking him to break the vulnerable in the enemy team.

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