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The Art of Writing: A Guide

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In this digital age, it is easy for young people to forget about the art of writing. Gone are the days of going to the bookstore to get new pad papers, notebooks, branded pens, pencils and crayons. If generations before had coloring or writing stories as a past-time, adventures nowadays are found in the online sphere. Laptops, tablets and mobile smartphones abound, it is an endless string of possibilities from the newest game or the latest torrent release. The problem with this is that we lose our sense of quality time in exercising our brain. In the advancements of technology, it is hard to keep up with old traditions.So tell me, what then is the edge of a stylus pen over a branded pen, for example? Does the latter underperfom over its precedent? Quite frankly, a branded pen can only do so much as write, but a stylus pen, given the proper device has endless options and features you can use. From editing photos to random doodles on your tablet or even down to creating funny memes that go viral on the internet, there is so much use for the evolutionary model of the branded pen our parents and grandparents have come to know. However, having this luxury of technology should not stop us from getting to know our writing history. From unique stone and chisel tools, the very first pencil ever invented, fountain pens, ball point pens and so on, these branded pens we see in the bookstores and pen stores today are symbols of human intellect. The very core of the existence of our technologies are centered on these and we must not forget our roots. Even though the fast paced world around us is going off at a speed faster than sound or light, we must not lose sight of the art of writing. This art is endangered to be lost, but is something that is definitely worth [url=\"http://google.co.uk\"]saving[/url] Why is it worth saving, you may ask? The art of writing is worth saving because this exercise and practice helps sharpen the brain. This task carefully connects our mind's thoughts, ideas, creative impulses and random musings into lovely works of art on paper. The transfer from your simple branded pen down to your sheet of limitless possibilities opens up a world of art, passion and freedom of expression in one realm. The marrying of ideas is a sacred process meant to elevate human thinking. It is time to preserve this beautiful art, it is time to start writing [b]again[/b].

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