Kindred Build Guide

Kindred the Solo-TOP marksman champ

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Skill Order
Dance of Arrows
Wolf's Frenzy
Mounting Dread
Lamb's Respite
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[img=] [center][b][i]Hi, I’m Ten2a and I’m a gold rank player. I know, my elo isn’t really high but I think I’m pretty good in creating new builds and teaching how to make the most of the champions. I found out that Kindred is a really good Top-Laner, lot better over the more usual Kindred ADC in Bot-Lane. With this guide I’ll teach you how to use this extraordinary champion in Top-Lane to carry your Ranked in SoloQ.[/i][/b][/center]

During early game, use your long-range attacks and your Q to poke the enemy and push the lane. By doing that you will also have time to go into the jungle, go hunt for your stacks, and become stronger. Be careful! The enemy will also try to steal your targeted neutral monster. In this case is always useful to buy some extra wards or ask for help to your teammates. If you are winning your lane, use your teleport to help other lanes or to spend more time into the jungle.

Mid game will be more difficult. Try to roam and gank other lanes with the help or your jungler. Try also to farm in the jungle and push all the lanes to obtain more objectives. If you can, try to take part to all team fights and mark the champion that you think that will be easier to kill.

During late game, stay with your team and use teleport combined with your attack speed to take more objectives, like drake or turrets, as fast as possible.

In the team fights try to stay slightly behind your frontline and close to your carry in order to save him with your ultimate if needed. If you see that the enemy carry is exposed, jump on in using your Q and E.

If u have stacks and kiteing with Q is GG EAZY! Stay tuned, I will soon update my guide adding more details! If you already have some questions, I'll be happy to reply you.

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